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Crocodile Hunter 10/15/2007
I was in a zoo that I've never seen in my life.  I was milling around and finally found a little girl that looked familiar some how.  She was playing with an animal.  Someone called her Bendi.  I thought "It can't be!"  I turned around and there stood Steve Irwin looking straight at me.  A young boy ran past me and into another room.  I looked at Steve and said "You are dead! How in the world can you be here looking as if you are alive again?"  He answered "I don't know."  I asked "Do you have business here?"  And he said "I am afraid for my children."  Then letters appeared lit up on his forehead.  I could not read the language.  I asked him "What does it say."  He said "What does what say?" I told him "The letters on your forehead."  And he answered "It is in ancient Arabic. I don't know what it says."  The letters looked like Sanskrit, not Arabic but he said the message was in Arabic.  Then I heard a voice say "the lion that killed Steve Irwin has not killed anyone since that time."  Then I understood that something being mentioned as a lion was on the prowl again and looking to kill someone.
        My first thoughts when I woke were he was killed by a stingray not a lion.  Then it occurred to me the stingray wasn't the source or lion it was only the device.  The thing that wanted Steve dead wasn't the ray, it was something else, something that controlled the ray to make it strike him.  Now Steve's spirit or ghost says the same thing is after his children.
        I can't say what this thing is but I can say it is spirit.  It is something that has influence over the animal world.  It is something that Steve Irwin has defied in the past and beaten over and over again.  It is something that is jealous of Steve and his abilities.  It is something that hated Steve in life and hates and fears his children.
        I was given a clue or clues.  He said "ancient Arabic." The thing is ancient, very old.  I know the letters and language is Sanskrit which is much older than Arabic.  I think this was the language of Samaria.  This was a city and people who it is said built their city upon the edge of ancient Eden.  This is a place where the four rivers of Eden once joined at the edge of the sea.  This spirit is most likely just as old as Eden.  This might not mean much to me but it might mean something to Steve and his family.  I don't know what to do.  I can't contact them.  I can only hope this is "Just a dream."  Then again Elvis spoke to me in spirit, why couldn't Steve Irwin?  If someone else is suppose to know about this then I shall post it in my dream site and let God lead them to find it.  A respected award winning author and psychic medium said...

S.C. Fires 10/24/2007
I was viewpoint with someone who was taking pictures of and watching the smoke from the Southern California fires.  This man took pictures of three columns of smoke coming up from the fires.

Later I was in a bait shop in a wharf beside the ocean and still watching the fire now and then through the windows.
        There's not much to say about it.  I was standing there watching the fires and smoke from the fires from not very far from them.  Other people were also watching.  I believe it is a viewpoint from someone watching the fires.
10-25-2007: This man appeared on TV on the news this morning talking about the three fires he caught in one picture.
Camera Man 10/24/2007
I don't know if this guy was the same guy in the last dream I was viewpoint with or not.  This guy was in a bar that also had a bait shop in it.  At first there wasn't very many people there but as it got dark people began to fill the place.  This guy I was viewpoint with was drinking a beer and talking with the bar tender.  Then a man came in who looked just like Mel Gibson wearing regular cloths and a red ball cap.  He sat down next to me and got a drink.  I patted him on the left arm and asked him how he was doing and how business was.  He smiled and said everything was fine.  It was like we knew each other.

Now I saw I had two expensive cameras with me and I told someone I was taking pictures of the fire damage.  Someone showed me a picture of a farm truck submersed in about 3 or 4 feet of water.  The guy behind the wheel was wearing a red motorcycle helmet and he was eating something.

I began talking to one man who was seated to my left at the bar.  I had another beer.  I got my cameras and headed for the door but this guy stopped me blocking the door and insisted that I have another beer.  Another man moved up from behind me to my right.  I realized I was in some kind of trouble.  I put my cameras beside the door and told the man I shouldn't have another beer because I felt something bad would happen if I did.  The second guy insisted that I have another.  When I turned around the first man was taking my cameras apart.  I nearly panicked.  I grabbed what was left of my long telephoto lens and realized it was ruined.  I moved back and bumped into the second man.  I moved toward the door and looked back toward the people at the bar.  Less than half the people were there now and most of them cared less about what was going on with my viewpoint.

I looked to see the first man had totally dismantled both of my cameras.  It was clear he didn't want anyone to see the pictures I had taken.  I looked and in my right hand was another beer half drank.  I didn't know where it came from so I began asking who's beer it was and they said it wasn't theirs so it must be mine.  I did not drink from it.  I wanted to leave but was afraid to go outside.
        There is a chance these are viewpoints with actual people who are watching the fires in southern California.

Highway Bandits 11/1/2007
I was driving down a very large highway in a very large city and someone else was with me.  I was talking to someone on the cell phone when suddenly two of those drifter cars attacked us.  The drivers were wearing masks.  They made a LOT of noise and smoke with their cars then when they had us pinned to the wall they jumped out with what looked like machine guns and they fired them on semi-auto.  I told the person I was talking to on the phone that we were being attacked on the highway by men in drifter cars wearing masks and to call the police.

Somehow the bandits made my power window go down.  One guy actually shot his gun right through my driver's side window several times but he didn't hit me.  He said "get off the phone."  It was at this time I noticed my passenger had crawled into the back seat and was trying to hide in the back.

Trying to think I spoke to the guy and ask him what he wanted.  He answered in English with a Latino accent.  I asked him if he wanted money.  I told him he could have anything he wanted but please not to hurt us.

He didn't ask for money, it was like he wanted something else at least at first.  Then we were talking and I was standing outside of the car on one side of my open driver's door and he on the other.  I looked back down the road and saw the traffic had completely stopped and there were cars blocking the traffic.  There were people standing on the highway.  This highway was several lanes wide and ran through a very large city.
        If it's not a mixed viewpoint I don't know what it is.  I can't imagine someone being so bold as to attack someone on a huge highway like that.  Sure they might shoot someone going down the highway but stop them like that would be stupid because they could be caught in the process.
        I can't match this to anything in or near our lives.  This is not where we live so it must be about someone else.  I would say to watch the news because if these guys are real sooner or later they will be on the national news.

The "IT" 11/12/2007
It was not fun dreams last night.  I was viewpoint with several people in night visions and some of them were being attacked by the spirit that some call "The It."  The "It" is a demon that rapes people's psychic and soul and turns them through attacks and lies.  This thing turns people into homosexuals through this process of repeated attacks.  It tells them they are different.  It tells them it is all God's fault.  It lies to them until they believe it.  There is no peace within them because of the "It."  They become the clones and children of the "It."  They become the soldiers of the "It."  The things I saw were so horrific and personal that I can't bring myself to describe what I saw.  It starves and hates and eats yet is never filled.  It burns and lusts and there is no end to the agony.  These are the things it brings as gifts to those who accept it.

In viewpoint night visions I see things that are accurate and true from a spiritual perspective.  This is not the first time I've see what happens to people when this demon attacks them.  I have walked in the spirit and see various kinds of spirits and what they do in nature and to people.  When I tell people what I have seen and experienced the demons curse me and tell me to shut up.  There's nothing they would like better than for all messengers of these truths to drop dead.  Their greatest advantage is that people can't see them and can choose to believe what ever they want to believe in.  Most people do not choose to believe in the truth of these things.

Toxic Transport 11/13/2007
I spent what seemed like several hours inside a chemical factory.  The place generally had some high security but tonight the security was minimal with only a few guards here and there.  I worked at this place for awhile.  I drove a tractor for awhile there to and it had something wrong with the clutch or transmission.  It was hard to shift.

Near the end of the dream a man who I took to be the boss asked me to transport something for him.  He took me to a building that had a big door in the back.  There were RR tracks behind the building.  There on some tracks was a flatbed RR car with huge yellow orange canisters on it.  These were filled with something extremely deadly.  I transported these down the tracks to another location and met someone else at that point near a river or stream.
I think it's another information viewpoint.  I believe that what ever this is it actually does exist and is being moved illegally.  What they intend to do with it I don't know.  The fact the water or stream was there is very suspicious.  This could be a chemical or biological weapon.  This looked something like the edge of a city or the edge of a farming area.  The field the rail car was parked in might have been a corn field.

High Wind 11/17/2007
I was back home in Pearl beside the old house.  The Foreman house was gone and a new two story house built on diagonal south east to north west across the segment of land.  The house was VERY big and nearly filled the lot.

The wind was blowing like crazy but the skys were scattered clouds.  I flew from where I was and landed near the end of the driveway.  The wind was coming from the south west very hard maybe 50-60 MPH.  I looked at the sky and didn't see any black clouds.  I flew back to the front of the home house.
        When spiritual energy changes it is just like a weather front, it changes pressures and increases conflict between the two fronts.  Forces of nature and the forces of good and evil cause conflicts and wars on earth.  When the effect is between good and evil the effects can be observed among the people in other ways.
People act and react according to these spiritual winds.  When Jesus was talking about people in regards to these subjects he said a person who is not anchored in truth is like a ship without a rudder blowing in the wind.  The wind takes them where ever it wants them to go.  Those people who are not anchored in truth are driven by their emotions that are driven by the spiritual winds.  People who are anchored in truth have a rudder and can defy the spiritual winds to a great extent.
        Sometimes these forces are selective to certain people but when they are global everyone can feel the effects.
        The fact the sky was nearly clear in the dream has a meaning and perhaps it means we should see this coming, what ever it is.  The wind coming out of the south west should also have a meaning.  Sometimes the direction has to do with where the trouble is being caused.  Sometimes it is where the trouble will happen.  As we see in this dream this is how the dream language expresses itself to the dreamer.  Figuring out what the dream means is up to the dreamer and sometimes is not easy.
        In some cases we are given other clues as to the subject area of the dream.  I receive powerful images of great disasters on the earth both natural and man made.  I remembered someone else's dream talking about the four horseman of the apocalypse. These bring war, famine, pestilence and death.  I saw floods of people fleeing to other countries like rats from a sinking ship.  I see places where many families living in small spaces at the heart of a HUGE problem.  Over population and area to small to support the people.  I see people who are preaching "have babies" and "Let's take over through numbers" as being a HUGE part of the problem.  They will destroy the very thing they seek to steal from others.  I get the feeling something bad is on the front as pressure fronts like these produce storms that bring about change.

Suburban Soldiers 11/18/2007
I was viewpoint with a bunch of soldiers doing a military exercise in a housing neighborhood.  The viewpoint was so real and complex that it couldn't have been anything but a viewpoint.  I was on foot working with a team of others and had a commander.  It was night time.  We were searching for something or someone.  We handled explosives and rockets as well as our guns.  We traveled through a drain tunnel at one point to get from one place to another without being seen.
        Viewpoint of military exercises.  There's nothing to interpret really.  If it is symbolic which I doubt then it's just saying the government is busy doing things behind our backs.  Since we know they are always doing things like that it's nothing new.

Dark City Short Tail Feathers 11/19/2007
I had a strange dream at 5:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.

I was in a large dark city and it was like night time or dusk or heavy clouds as everything was shades of gray.  I was walking along trying to get to a safe place.  I could hear a scuffle nearby, people yelling and fighting.  I moved quickly and made a path around the sounds so they didn't hear me.

I made my way north east across a main highway in the city and to a large brick building.  I went in and found my room.  I went to bed.  I had dreams in my dreams.  In those I dreamed I went back to Joplin, MO and asked for my old job back, a job I had more than 30 years ago.  The manager there was an old friend of mine and gave me my job back.

Now I woke and wondered where in the world I was.  My little room was in the front of a big old building near a highway that ran north and south.  I walked out it was still dark and I could see the ceiling had to be at least 30 feet above me.  Now and then around the room there were windows and some of them didn't look outside some of them looked from one room into another.

I walked around the room wondering what in the world was going on.  I found my way into another room and there found an old friend of mine Jerry Leap.  I would have to say he's perhaps the most insightful and intelligent person I know.  He's kinda like Einstein in some ways but isn't color blind.

Jerry was asleep on a mattress on the floor.  I woke him and realized I was wearing a black ski mask.  I pulled it up on my head like a hat.  He asked me what was wrong.  I told him I had left my wife in another city and I knew I wouldn't do that and didn't know why I had.  I said "I don't remember what happened. I don't remember coming here.  I don't know why I'm here.  It's like I have missing time and missing memory."  He said he understood and he lay back down again and I lay beside him looking upward at the ceiling.

Now I saw a bird above me in a window.  I woke Jerry again and pointed and the bird flew away.  He said it was a certain kind of bird and he knew the bird by name.  The bird returned to the window and he reached up and grabbed the bird without ever getting up.  He gave the bird to me and I looked at it.

The bird had a large mouth but it didn't bite me.  Jerry said "Check it's roots."  I said "What?"  I turned the bird around and he said "Check the tail feathers."

I saw it had VERY short tail feathers and they were in a perfect line.  There was only about 10 to 15 feathers and they could be counted with ease had I decided to do so.

When I woke the thing that stuck in my mind was looking at the tail feathers. What could it mean?  Then a thought came into my mind almost as if someone were speaking to me.  The thought said we "Time is short."  Then I realized we are living on the tail end of time as we know it and that time is very short.

This was a symbolic prophetic dream dealing with the last days of time and civilization as we understand it.  It's all about to come to an end very soon.  If I don't miss my guess it will come without much warning if any.  The disaster will be like a train wreck of world wide proportions.

The next thoughts that hit my mind said the Mayan calendar ended in December 2012.  I believe they said it ends on the 12th of December.  My birthday is 12/12/1951.  If their right about what they think the calendar ends on my 62nd birthday.  That would be on 12/12/12.

I see me removing a black mask and this means "face is revealed." Face being revealed means truth will be made known about this dream subject.  Of course this truth will only be revealed to certain people via a channel or passage between these people.

In this dream I see a dark time in history.  I see small gangs attacking people where ever they can for anything they can take.

Time is short, very short.
Floating Boxes 11/24/2007
I watched a field to the north from a distance.  There were huge boxes in this field and a few men were working.  Then I saw a balloon rise up from the ground and lift one of these boxes into the air.  It floated slowly toward the north east.  As I watched one by one these boxes took to the air but the last ones had no balloon but they floated as if they did.

I turned around and saw two other men watching with me.  I reported to our boss what we had observed.  He said "track them" because he wanted to know where they were going.  I told him they went north east.  He took us to a creek and commanded at least to separate groups and scolded to of the men over something.  He gave me a tracker and told me to follow the boxes and report their location to the men on the ground.

I followed from the ground for awhile.  In the end of the dream I was also floating in the air.  I had a small tracking device in my right hand that showed me the direction of the nearest box from me.  They were still moving north east.
This is a kind of viewpoint symbolic dream.  That means it's a mix of symbols and informative info and it has valid information about something external to the dreamer.  If there really are mystery boxes moving north east they look like the kind of big boxes that move on rail cars.  Why they are flying like they are has me a bit stumped.  The one thing you can be certain of what ever is in them has a certain impact or importance.
        A few days ago I saw what might have been chemical or biological weapons being moved to a place near a flowing stream.  Now I see this strange dream. I do not know exactly what it is about because I have no way to track them unless I see them on the news.  It appears these things are secret and not likely to be seen on the news, unless they are put to use.

Condemned Haunted Building 11/27/2007
It was day light but like a cloudy day outside.  The lights were on inside the building.  I found myself investigating inside a very old haunted prison with several other people.  At first look this building didn't look like a prison.  From the outside it looked like either a business or apartment building.  From the inside however it was a very different story.  There were bars on quite a few of the rooms.  None of the bars were locked for me though and I was able to go almost anywhere I wanted to go.

While there were others investigating this building I was investigating on my own.  Now and then I would pass the other group sometimes going the opposite way.  Sometimes we investigated side by side.  Sometimes they would investigate a room on one side of the hall and I another.

It was clear that many things had been removed from the building, things we could have used to learn the meaning of the building and what was about to happen to it.

Suddenly all the lights went out and it was like a dark stormy day.  I looked around to find myself alone, the other people were gone.  I realized I was being allowed to see things the other group was not going to see.  I continued finding my way into levels and rooms that were not originally accessible.  I began to find things that had not been removed or hidden.  I found one room that was filled with test equipment for working on electronic equipment.  This room had quite a few shelves for temporary storage of electronic equipment.  There was a heavy duty work bench filled with equipment used to work on the electronic equipment.  I found both large industrial soldiering irons and smaller ones.  I was amazed at the equipment I saw on this bench.  It was clear the equipment was advanced and some of it was very expensive.

By now I realized I was either on the fifth floor or above and realized the others had not been allowed above the fourth floor.  I went out of this room into the hallway to find offices to my left.  I realized I was now walking along the hallways of a corporate level of the dream subject.  This level had both offices and apartments and other things on it like the technical room I had been in.

I went around the floor and went up another level.  I woke and went back to sleep and found I was still in this building going from room to room.  Suddenly the lights came on all the colors came back and I thought "I'm in another time zone."  I continued on and it went dark again.  On the higher levels I found nothing but office rooms with some strange configurations.  This part was confusing and fuzzy.  Like what are beds doing in offices with business desks in them? 

About then a warning went off in my head and I knew this building was scheduled for destruction.  I began to run down hallways and staircases as fast as I could until I found myself on the second floor with no way to get to the first floor.  I couldn't even find a staircase to get to the first floor and the elevator wouldn't go down from here!  I had to think fast.  I jumped into the elevator hit the up button and jumped back out again.  As the elevator went up I jumped into the shaft and ran out on level one.  I was in the front of the building but couldn't get out.  I ran down the hallway to the back door which was open and I ran across the fenced in back yard as fast as I could to the far right hand corner.  I looked back to see the building implode and fall into a pile of dust right before my eyes.

I don't always understand what a dream is about when I first have it or when I first wake up.  Sometimes I get the gift and sometimes it doesn't come to me for a few minutes or until I write it down.

This is a prophetic informative night vision with very specific meaning.

1)        The place is a conglomeration of businesses that use a lot of electronics.
2)        The place is haunted. Being haunted means there are evil spirits there.
3)        Living apartments and offices mean their home lives and business lives are connected.  They take their personal affairs to work with them.
4)        The other people investigating are aware there's a problem in this business but they do not know just how extensive the problem is.
5)        I was allowed to go onto the higher levels and see deeper into the dream subject and problem.
6)        It's a very dark place but I can see.  Now I find their rooms where they work on electronics.  This is symbolic of more than one thing.  This business uses a LOT of electronics. They have computers, communication systems.  They have movie and TV production systems, they write and publish novels.  They pass laws and sue people when they feel threatened.  These are some very powerful people.

Quite a lot of symbols have more than one meaning depending on how and where you see the symbol.  A bed is usually for sleeping on but sexual things take place there so it's usually in the most personal room of the house.

They have beds in their offices.  In this business the people take their private life to work with them.  What they do carries over into their business through the TV and movie industry. These people are homosexuals.  They have an agenda and that is to display their "wares" in clear view of the public.  They are constantly testing the water by putting things specific to their sexual orientation into TV shows and movies where ever they think they can get away with it.  They are trying to desensitize the viewing public to what they do and what they are.

I don't know just how high I was seeing but I was around level seven when the light flashed on again and I realized this building was going to be destroyed.  I ran for my life to get out of there.  For those who work in this building there is no escape.  This is why I had trouble finding my way out.  They can't get out the front.  Those on the higher levels can't even get to the first floor to get out.  For them it's a one way trip.  I was there by special invitation being allowed to see what is to come and this is the only reason why I was able to get out.  I don't work there.  God is speaking in this dream saying that when it's time this kind of thing will be destroyed and will no longer be tolerated.

We know from prophecy as the Bible says as it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be in the last days before the second coming of the Lord of Light.  In these cases the earth had been over run by demons controlling people who did vial things.  God's solution was to destroy them.  He's saying that when it happens again He will destroy them.

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Some dreams are messages from people who have passed.  Some of them have concerns, fears, and unfinished business.  They are posted usually without editing and appear just as they do in my dream journals.