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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
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Remembering your dreams.

The most important things you need to know about your dreams is they are like people.  They will talk to you if you listen and try to remember.  They will stop talking or making sense if you don't listen.

The moment you begin to pay attention to your dreams by writing them down then your dreams will begin to make more of an effort to reach out to you with information that will be of value to you.

Start a Dream Journal

First things to do are get a pen and pad and keep it by your bed.

Second choice is to get one of these new digital recorders.  They are fairly inexpensive and work really well.

The moment you begin recording your dreams you will see a change in your dreams.  The information contained in the dreams will change.  The frequency of your dreams will change.

Another tip you might like is to remember you dream about the things you think about the most.  If you want information about something specific you might try meditating and praying for information about that subject.  I can't guarantee you will get results right away or that you will understand all of what you see in your dreams.  I can say the more you practice the better you should become.