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The more I learn the more I see how little I know.

I am not very intelligent.  I am not highly educated.
My mind is like a child, hungry to learn more.
I am only a signpost pointing passing strangers toward the people and the things they should be interested in.
People have been sending their dreams and voicing their concerns from all over the world.  I've posted a few of their dreams in my examples pages.  I've posted excerpts from their messages on my Spiritual Things site.  I've been having strange dreams and nightmares myself.  Over the years I've had numerous powerful prophetic dreams foretelling tremendous natural disasters and war.  I've seen people living in caves.  I've seen small groups of people moving over the land through the forests from one place to another trying to survive while government soldiers search for them.

Many churches have taught for years the people of the church will be raptured and will not endure the hardships placed upon them by the Great Tribulation.  A handful of churches teach their people to be ever ready and not to count on the rapture for different reasons.  Some say the rapture will come during the Tribulation while others say it will come after.  That it is important for people to endure these hardships for a spiritual cleansing.

The prophecy says "clean out the temple."  Translated this also means clean out yourself.  Get rid of the petty problems and distractions that exist in our lives and turn our hearts fully toward God.  It will not make any difference how rich you are today because tomorrow your money will have no value.  Your wealth and fame will mean nothing.  A bag of gold or jewels will not buy you a loaf of bread.  The beast respects no-one.  Be kind to those you meet because you do not know who they are or who will be there to help you when everything goes terribly wrong.

People ask me what I think about the rapture.  I tell them this.  An angel of the Lord came to my bedroom one morning and woke me to deliver a message.  In the message the angel said "You shall witness two great escapes."  He did not tell me what they were but I know I will recognize them when I see them.  Escape from what?  Escape to where?  Some will be taken in the twinkling of an eye.  Some will be taken to be with God and we know from Revelation 14 the first to be taken will be with the Lamb in order to return to fight against the anti-Christ AKA the Beast.  It does not say exactly when or exactly where.

The prophecy tells us to keep our lamps trimmed and burning.  It tells us to pray our flight will not be in winter.  It tells us it comes like a thief in the night.  We know a lot of people will be running for their lives when this day comes.  Since you can't be sure you will escape through some miracle you should follow the advice that is given.  Keep your lamp trimmed and burning.  Be ready to leave on a moment's notice. We are given another clue that says "when they say peace then run for the mountains."  There will be no peace.  A multitude will die.

I know that before the people of the church can be made ready they will be cleansed through tribulation.  They will be brought into the one heart, one mind and one spirit which will bring unity among them.  Rich famous people will not give up what they have so easily, but it shall be taken from them.  Your fancy cars, your big fine houses will not mean anything when this time comes.

We now live upon the threshold of the events that have been foretold.  WW 3 is just around the corner.  The Great Tribulation stand beside it.  The anti-Christ will take his place on the world stage. Events you've read about but never thought would happen will unfold right before your eyes.

Giant Flying Navy Ship 11-24-2008
I was standing with some other men near a large body of water when a giant flying ship came over us and landed in the water.  I said "that's a Navy ship."  Then it took off and flew away toward the south.
        No one said what Navy it belonged to.  It's no doubt speaking of some massive very advanced Navy ship or Navy project of some Navy on earth.

NOTE 11-25-2008: I saw the news today where the Russian Navy has a HUGE cruiser doing military exercises on the coast of Venezuela.  I figure this is what the dream is talking about.

The School Basement - 11-25-2008
I've been having all kinds of strange disturbing dreams as many are all over the world.  This is just one of many dreams I had last night that holds a message for those who care to read it.

I found myself walking around inside a school building.  Others were doing the same and all of us wondering why we had been transported to this place.  None of us knew how we got here or why.  People were wandering around trying to figure out the mystery of the building and why we had been brought here.

Schools in dreams represent a time of learning.  Some of us do our best to learn important things when we can but the majority of the people watch their TV sets and could care less. These I see in the school are people like myself, people who want to learn and to understand spiritually based things.

As I walked around I found a staircase leading into the basement, I began to follow it down.  Some light came in from above and I saw the floor was abandoned.  It appeared there had not been school on this floor for a very long time.  Then I looked on down the stairs to see another floor below this one where it was very dark and no light came in from above.  I walked to this floor and found desks, bookcases and even a set of box springs from a bed had been placed across the entry to prevent anyone from entering this level.

Having a flashlight I continued and made my way around the barricade into a kind of foyer.  I passed through a large opened doorway into a wide hall like area.  I saw desks had been turned over on the floor and some pushed around in various positions.  It was evident chaos had hit this floor.  When I reached the far end I saw a door on the left and another straight ahead and these were also blocked to some degree.

I began walking back the way I had come but I had not gone far when I heard something behind me.  I stopped and shined my light to see several shadow people enter through the side door in single file.  These had abnormally large heads and I realized they were all wearing what might have been Halloween masks.  As they gathered near me I saw one with the mask like a gorilla, another like a clown, and others were strange animals or misshapen cartoon style human heads.

Now light came in from somewhere and I could see them all clearly.  I said "You are all spirits."  One standing near the guy with the ape mask nodded in answer.  One a female came to me and sat down in the chair near the side door.  "What are you?" I asked but she did not speak.  Her hair was red and she was wearing a dress with something over it, a kind of coat.  I began taking her outer garments off to see who or what was hiding underneath.  The more I removed from her the smaller she became until she was about a foot and a half tall and looked like some kind of voodoo doll.  She was now lifeless just like a doll and I held her in my hand.  Then I placed her on a desk and began walking out the way I had entered.

I walked until I reached the box springs blocking the doorway.  I stepped around it and started up the stairs then I looked back and realized these are lessons about demons and spiritual things.  The darkness had been illuminated to me and know there are things in the darkness that people seldom see.
        What do you think the dream is saying? Is it saying there's a time of evil coming and it will be a lesson?  Sometimes we must open the package to see what's in side.  There are certainly deceptive people in this world and we trust a lot of them to make decisions that impact our world in a very large way.  I have learned that in the past I have trusted certain people about certain things thinking they were doing the right thing only to discover they had another agenda.  God has revealed pieces to the puzzle to me but in such a way that I was not able to see until later what the picture really was about.  On the other hand I know who's in charge in the end and it's not the people wearing the masks.


My friend Lori had another interesting dream that I thought was a good example for this page.  Any time dream events can be tracked on the news makes a good example of a prophetic / informative dream.  These dreams come to people completely external to their own lives.  Dreams like these infuriate the PHDs who say that such things are impossible.  Maybe they are, but they happen just the same.

Evil In The House 1/10/2009
By Lori
I had such a disturbing dream last night and I do not know how to possibly describe it.  The best way to describe it, I was taking a back road into Indianapolis when I saw this large, old farmhouse that was vacant.  I was drawn to the house and even remarked in my dream that I was drawn to it the same way that I was drawn to my current house and I knew that I had to have it. 
The house was being crowded with the typical urban sprawl and new subdivisions cutting up what had once been cornfields and woods.  Still, despite how crowded and busy the area was becoming, I wanted the house.
I went inside with my boyfriend to check it out.  The house was open because the realtor was set up in a little office inside just to try to sell it in this economy.  An old woman owned the house and she lived alone.  She was wanting to sell the house and the house was going to be sold rather cheaply.  The starting price was $25,000 that they were asking.
The house was absolutely fantastic with all the woodwork of an 1800s Victorian house.  It was 4 stories (3 stories including the attic) and there was also a basement.  It was roughly 6,000 square feet.  I even said in the dream that I would dread heating the place because my current home is 3,000 square feet and it's a nightmare to afford the heat. Still, I was drawn to the house and had to have it.
I tried to convince the realtor to sell me the house despite the economy and not having anything down.  I told him that I have a motorcycle that retails for $7,000 and is a 2003 when only 6,000 miles on it.  Odd that I would describe it in a dream, but I really do own such a bike.
Just then, the old woman appears and is delighted to see me as though I was a long lost relative or friend she had just ran in to. 
The realtor left because she said that she was going to work with me for the house.  She showed me around and the rooms were fantastic.  There was one room that was a little narrow, but long with hardwood floors and it was all set up for a home theatre.  There was a master bedroom that had this huge, private bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub.  There were so many bedrooms and room - it was just a massive house.  Still, I knew that I had to get rid of my current house and move into this one.
This is where the dream turns weird.
While being shown through the house, I notice that this white, wooden door suddenly closes on its own as we walk past it.  That one sign gets me nervous and I ask about the house and she said that there was nothing to be afraid of.  We continue to walk through the house and ascend the stairs.  As we get to the stairs leading up to the attic, I stop and did not want to go up there.  I felt as though something was wrong.  The woman mentioned something about someone once having used a Ouija board up there and I told her that I didn't want the house.  She then told me "Bad spirits do not hide themselves in white light" which I had thought was a weird quote, but I knew that she was wrong.  There were flashes of white light in the house, but it felt more like a trap....like the fish in the darkest depths of the ocean use their own body-generated light to draw in unsuspecting prey.   I don't know why I was so nervous about the house.
The dream skips some scenes and goes right to showing me living in this house.  I am throwing a large party to celebrate something when I notice the people from the party were moving upstairs as though being called.  They were drawn to it.
Something happened and people were screaming
.  People started running away.  There was so much chaos going on in the house.
My boyfriend managed to run to the front door, cross the porch and run to the street.  We escaped the lure of whatever evil was in that house.
Someone arrived and asked what was going on and I told them that the house was a good and quite house until there were people inside and it became charged, like the house woke up.  They didn't believe me.
We walked back to the house and into the front living room.  There was this light system in the house that I had previously been aware of.  There were two lights...red and green.  At the current moment, the light was green and I told them (the person we ran into and my boyfriend) that as long as the light remained green, that it was safe to be in the house.  As soon as the light turned red, there was an evil presence near by and we had better get out of that house.
As we stood there, the light turned red and we ran out of the house. 
There was a river across the street from the house and there were people fishing there and totally oblivious to what was going on around them.  The house stood as though a dark eye watching them.  There were some minor currents in the river as the water fell over large rocks in its path and created little rapids.  Everyone was more focused on the large fish swimming.  The water was very clear and the fish tempted everyone. 
I said that I had to get out of there and was trying to figure out how to get rid of that house when I woke up.
 I know that reading it, it doesn't seem like much...however, as I had said, I don't know how to describe it and the dream itself was absolutely terrifying to watch.  I don't know how I can write it down and for it to make sense.  The house felt alive and was like a Venus fly trap for souls.  I don't know what it was about the white light that shined in the house; however, it was not a good white light.  It was misleading.  I do know that and was aware of it in my dream and that I had to stay away from it.
Currently, I do not have anything going on in my life where my subconscious mind would be warning me that I am being fooled or deceived.  I have no health concerns and the only thing that I had to drink prior to falling asleep was a coke about three hours before falling asleep.  It's just weird that I would talk about my real life as well in the dream and recall it in such accurate detail.  So much for dreams being abstract....
My original message to her contained the following.
Since she has tracked the dream and we know what it is about I can highlight key symbols and remarks.
This is a warning dream about an event of some kind that contains a complex set of symbols.

The house is not new it is something that's been around for awhile. (It was a business.)

The old woman represents a symbol
rather than a single person.  She could be mother earth or she might represent "America" or "freedom" or something like that.  She also represents a spirit that is directly related to the subject the dream is speaking about.  She might also represent an administration like Bush leaving the White House.  These are just examples but I hope something here will help you click on the meaning of the dream.  (Women in dreams are frequently symbols.  Churches, businesses, hobbies, anything that people invest their time and efforts into.)

The house itself seems to represent a series of events that all revolve around a single subject.  The house represents the subject and main event.  (Business in trouble. Man in trouble.)

The big fish represents a person that is well known or rich or both but any way you look at them they are important and directly related to this subject and series of events.  This is some one everyone is watching to see what this person is going to do.  Might be Obama.  (The news...
INDIANAPOLIS -- Federal authorities on Wednesday charged an Indianapolis-area investment manager accused of staging a plane crash to evade personal and financial ruin.  Marcus Schrenker, 38, was charged with faking a distress call and wrecking his plane.)(Please note the man  was rich and well known.)

The lights of course are signals to the public. (People involved in this business were warned they were in trouble.)

The river flowing past is a flow of information.  It could also represent a flow of money.  (The news flowing, Internet and cash flow as well as literal meanings are all involved in this dream subject.)

The rocks sometimes represent truth as long as they do not represent a water hazard.  We note the rocks make the water move faster.  They speed up the flow of something.  (The rock/truth that exists in the stream is a warning symbol for the fish/man in that stream.)

The fact the water is clear means the subject is "clear" and in the open where everyone can see into it.  It's not confusing or hard to see the main flow and what's in that flow.

We know there's a spirit responding to the people involved in the subject.  We know from the dream that as long as no one is there everything is calm.  This thing what ever it is affects people and can't do what it does without them.  (It took their money.  It couldn't have hurt them if they had not become part of the situation.)

Because of the number of people in the dream I'm going to say it's prophetic and involves and affects quite a lot of people.

See what these things bring to mind and let me know.

Lori Responds saying..

The past three days, the nation has been watching and waiting to see what was going to happen to a man from this area...Marcus S. (can't remember his last name, but check out his town's website www.atgeist.com)
This man has a $4 million dollar home in a suburb of Indianapolis and on Sunday, he had taken off from Anderson Municipal Airport (very close to my home).
He owned and operated three businesses and was recently raided due to allegations of his stealing much money from clients. 
He owned a few planes and took off from the Anderson airport and flew to Florida.  Over Alabama, he called a distress call that his windshield had imploded and that he was bleeding.  He, then, bailed out of the aircraft and was just recently caught hiding in a tent at a KOA campground.  He tried to fake his own death.  So that would represent people watching, an affluent man, etc.
It might be the start of a whole lot of woe. 
Yes, this man's thievery affected a lot of people and none of it would have happened if he didn't have the business nor took part in greed (thus, the house was fine when no one was there).
Yes, this was a very clear situation.  It was quite obvious that he had bailed and lied before his plane even crashed.  It was escorted by military planes as it went down near a residential area and it was reported that the windshield was in tact and that the door was open to the plane.  No one was inside.
There was information shared as well because he then decided to e-mail a friend of his to say that it was all a misunderstanding, etc. etc.  More and more information is being broadcasted on the news about his man.  The day before his home was raided, his wife filed for divorce.  Last week, he lost a $500,000 settlement against one of his businesses.
I had this dream the day before he took off from Anderson.
He doesn't have an old farmhouse, but it's a big 3 level house surrounded by water...Geist Reservoir to the back and Fall Creek to the front (which by the way, the water of Fall Creek is clear and fast moving and does contain small falls created by rocks in the water).
Now, how much clearer could those symbols be with what has currently happened in this area.  Now, I just need to figure out why it was so important to invade my dreams...
BES> I can't tell Lori why these kinds of dreams come to people who are not directly involved in the dream event or situation, I can only say such things do happen all the time.  Why would I have had multiple dreams of the space shuttle disasters when I don't work for NASA?  I don't know but I had those dreams and understood what they were talking about from the very first one simply because I saw key symbols that revealed locations and things to me in those dreams.  I can't tell anyone why I've seen so many natural disasters and wars, some have happened and some have yet to happen.  I can say that I believe there is something I call a cosmic consciousness.  The energy being sent into that medium can be received by the living in various ways, usually in dreams.  This cosmic consciousness does not see time the way we do, and is in fact timeless in that respect.  For all practical purposes we could say this cosmic medium is God the Father's own journal.  Perhaps it is God's method of knowing the end at the very beginning.  His way of knowing, telling and fulfilling prophecy.  His way of sending those messages and warnings to His people where ever in time or space they may be.


Lori 1/15/2009
I walked into a church and as soon as I walked in, there was a room to my left in a hall and there was an alter there, like the small chapels in hospitals.

BES> Churches represent anything that might be church or religion related.  Things that bring people to church, etc.
BES> Moves to the left represent either something physical or sinister.  Sinister = Something bad.
BES> Hallways represent transitions times. The start and end of the hallway represents the duration of the event.
BES> Alters are related to churches and represent an offering or a time to pray.

Kneeling in front of this alter, dressed in a black dress, was Virginia's mother and she was praying. How I knew it was her mother, I do not know. But I do know that it was her.

BES> These symbols verify the previous ones.  When multiple symbols in a dream verify other symbols we have a better idea what the symbols mean in the dream.

She didn't look up and her back was toward the open door and I kept walking down the hallway.  At the end of the hallway, I had seen Virginia and we just opened up a conversation as we always had before. I told her that I hoped that she had enjoyed her Christmas (weird, huh?) and I told her that I was glad to see her and I gave her a hug. I could feel the hug.  Then, she said that she had something to show me. I was shown an image of a place that looked like downtown Alexandria. All the stores were empty. The windows were empty. Everything seemed quiet.

I said "Why are you showing me this empty town, it shouldn't be empty"  and then she said "It will"

Then, I woke up
BES> These last symbols are very clear and literal in meaning.  "The stores are empty."  It's quiet.  No one is there.  It is a time of morning.  It is a time of poverty.  It is a time for praying.  Please notice she speaks as if this is something yet to happen, as in "it will be empty."
At this point I'm going to remind our visitors we have been watching dreams talking about a terrible time yet to come.  There are events that stack up against each other and they are directly related to poor management on behalf of the humans in charge.  We have one problem and we rob from one store to pay another passing the visible problem from one location to another.  If we have a gas crisis we rob from the food supplies to make bio-fuels causing a food shortage.  Once the food supplies are depleted we encounter either war or a natural disaster of epic proportions that further depletes or exhausts our food supplies.

Our dreams are telling us the majority of the population is oblivious to the impending disasters that are fast approaching.  The children will play trusting their leaders will take care of them.  The truth is our leaders are the cause of the problem, not the cure.  They sometimes try very hard to give the children what they want rather than what they need to survive.  They tend to cater very much to the industry / big business when they should be supporting necessary businesses that supply things humans needs to survive.  We can live without fuel for our cars but we can't live without food, clean water and waste disposal and some climate control.  Medical help is always important but in a time of serious need it is critical.