The Witch and the Demon 2/16/2007

I dreamed about the witch and the demon and their curses upon several people all night last night, one dream after another.

The witch is a woman and the demon, well it's a demon and the two are so related they might be viewed as one entity.

The witch put a curse on someone along the highway and another man was watching some how and put a counter upon that curse.  The witch realized what had happened and put another curse upon that same person.  Once again the other man put a counter upon the witches curse and this time put as it were to Indian scouts with bows and arrows.  The witch watching some how knew every move the man made to counter or thwart the witches' efforts.  She captured the two scouts and only the bows and arrows were left.

Now I saw another meeting and the demon was apparent but unseen.  The demon has motives and the witch is a vessel.  I couldn't' see or hear everything that took place.

Black Cat 2/16/2007
I went straight into another dream and now I am on the farm I remember as a kid.  I stood at the north west corner of the farm house against the west side and levitated high to the roof and looked all around.  Something was north west.  I searched even the roof for a black cat or familiar.  I knew the witch was using something "familiar" in order to block every effort of those who were trying to protect the man who the witch was cursing.

I must have had around six dreams all with information about the witch, the demon and the curses.  They are after someone specific and they do not hesitate to take out anyone else that gets in their way.

Update 2/26/2007
The two dreams posted above.  It was a series of dreams not just two but I listed the two most important.  The dreams are high level informative dreams.  This means they convey information to the dreamer in symbolic or literal or combination language.

Upon telling a young man (18) of these dreams he began telling me about someone named "Tempest" and I said "Tempest Lowe" and he said "yes."  I had a series of memories flash through my mind.  This is one of about 3 people who I know who has a demon of such power that I could actually feel the evil inside her three inches from her shoulders.  Then the young man who calls himself "Crow" tells me the girl is a witch and into the darkest of crafts.  All of a sudden I realized who the witch and the demon were.  As he continued to tell me his story of knowing Tempest I realized he was the one the other man was trying to protect, but couldn't'.  The demon and the witch knew everything the other man did to try to help Crow.  Then I realized that "Crow" was the familiar and the young man who the other man was trying to protect.  There was no way to help him as he was the cause of his own demise.

Within hours of realizing this Crow quit his job then admitted he quit because he was doing drugs while living at our house and I told him he had to leave.  He packed up and left taking with him John Ross, Jeff and Kristy.  Then Crow left the group and Kristy said she has not seen him in days but she understands what happened.

Usually when a demon sends someone to me and I realize they have a "shadow entity" with them the demon will withdraw that person from my presence because they know that person and their shadow will no longer be able to serve them against me.  This is not a "full possession."  The demon is not within that person, but their "shadow entity" or "spirit implant" is within them.  This spirit implant gives the demon the ability to see through the eyes of the infected person as well as to influence them through their emotions.  The infected person usually is not aware they have been infected.

Shadow Entities
The witches are aware of the shadow entities, they call them elementals but they do not realize the dwarf and reptilian shadow entities are the results and the creation of demons.  They can not become aware of this truth because their religion does not believe that demons exist.  To acknowledge that demons exist would mean they must also admit that God and the devil exist.  To do so would be to admit their beliefs are in error.

Shadow Entities are being observed by people in various places on earth at this time.  More spirits will be observed by the living in the days to come.

The Spiritual Realm
I will share some things concerning the spiritual realm in this segment.  For now understand the majority of the demons and shadow entities exist in a place some people call hell and others refer to by other names such as "The Underworld" and purgatory.  This place actually does exist and a hand full of people including myself have been allowed to see it and then tell what we have seen to others.  I refer to it as the underworld because it exists below the world we are aware of.

In this place there are demons and monsters the likes of which the common human mind could not possibly comprehend.  A time will come when some of these terrible things will be unleashed upon humanity and some people in this realm will see them for what they are.  Others will see what they do and blame nature and God for the things these creatures do upon the earth and to the earth and the people of the earth.  Many of these people will not see the actual "beast" or actual spiritual entity.  Many will not believe because they can not see them.  In one place they all agree and realize the earth and humanity is in danger of extinction

More people will witness both UFO's and spirits of many kinds.  People will witness shadow entities and realize these things are real.  They will realize that something is changing, something is knocking upon the door to our understanding of reality and it's only a mater of time before it enters our realm and makes itself known.

I have quite a few very important things to share on this page.
Dream Link Domain Site
Dream-Link (at)
Evil Spirits, Demons & Witches Exist

They are frequently misunderstood and therefore discounted by many as being fictitious.  Once you understand what they are and what they do you can observe their activity in people around you. This section of this site will help you understand some of these things.
Spiritual TV Shows and Programs dealing with the Paranormal have been coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches.  These things were foretold to me more than ten years ago and at that time I thought I was suppose to be part of that aspect of the message.

As it worked out I did help finish one show "The Ghosts of Piper's" and have another "Spooky Places" that is still in the box.

In 2008 Laura and I did Haunted Nevada with Bill Brown from KTVN Reno and professional psychic medium Vickie Gay.  I hope to finish Spooky Places because I hate to leave things unfinished.  I have since come to realize that my place in the picture is not in making the shows but rather sharing my own experiences with others via either video, web or book format.

I run about a dozen websites and the and websites deal with spirits and the paranormal.  There are areas on there that warn about all the paranormal teams out there who exist only because they watch TV shows about the subject and wanted to ride the thrill wagon with those they admire and worship on the screen.

Within the scheme of created things there are three main elements.  The physical, the spiritual and the Soul.  The only beings that actually have a soul are those who are capable of thought.  Those who are self aware who are able to ask the question "who am I" and then seek the answer.  These have a soul and these are held accountable for their deeds.

Animals have spirits and therefore they have energy and when they die like people they exist in the form of energy unseen to the human eye.  Yes an animal spirit can haunt a location but more likely to leave residual energy imprinted upon the fabric of the environment.

Witches acknowledge that spirits of all kinds exist but do not believe in God the Father or the devil and the existence of "evil."  Witches and wiccans believe they as conscious thinking living beings have the ability to control and manipulate what they refer to as "elementals."  In reality if they could actually see these "elementals" for what they really are they would realize that demons exist.  Can a witch manipulate some spirits?  Yes.  Can demons manipulate witches?  Yes.  In fact there's no person that demons like better than those who don't know what they are dealing with.

I have several true stories that I would like to tell on this site and the spiritual things website about witches, demons and demon shadow entities.  The following are dreams about a witch, a demon and two other people.  The demon controls and uses the witch to plant its seeds into other people in the following dreams.

You can find links on some of my sites to locations that show what these things look like and that they can be captured on video, but it is rare.  Go to and search for My Ghost Story and look for one that says "creepy sleep".  The first segment of this show a lady actually captures one of these spirits in the video as it messes with her in her sleep.