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Understanding Your Dreams
Numbers 12:6

In the Bible we read that God gave certain people a special understanding of dreams.  Joseph who had the coat of many colors was one of these people.  His God given knowledge of dreams saved his life and gave him special favor with Pharaoh.  God had a reason for Joseph having authority in Egypt during this time.

Dreams speak in a dream language using a combination of literals and symbols.
  The symbols will have meaning to the dreamer.  Some symbols are universal and have the same meaning to a wide number of people.  Other symbols can have personal meaning.  This means they will only have the correct meaning to the dreamer.  When you mix combinations of literal, symbolic and personal symbolic into a dream it becomes a "composite."  These dreams can be very difficult for a person to understand without help.

When a dream uses literal language there is no need for interpretation.
  The problem is knowing when a thing seen in a dream is literal or not.  One method I prefer is trial and error.  The more a person records and tries to understand their dreams the better they should get.

People ask me frequently how to remember their dreams.  The answer is "wake up and write them or record them on a voice recorder."  The more you record your dreams and try to understand them the more your dreams will try to communicate messages to you.  The more you work with your dreams the better you should get at understanding them.

Tell someone today that God spoke to you via clear voice and see what kind of response you get from the religious community. They've been taught and have come to believe that God doesn't speak to people anymore.  Their excuse for this is "We have the Bible."  They think if we have the Bible God doesn't need to speak with people anymore.  What Jesus said in the Bible contradicts what these people say.  He said when God lives within people He will be their guide.  He will communicate with them on a personal level.  The entire purpose for the Creator to be incarnated was to create a bridge between the lost humans and God the Father.  His own spirit became the Holy Spirit upon ascension. 

The truth these people do not want to accept is that God is not speaking to them and they consider themselves worthy.  The truth is God stops talking to people who refuse to listen
The people who are most likely to refuse to listen are people who honestly believe God doesn't speak to His people with a voice anymore.  Who are they, they are religious oriented people who call themselves by their God's name.

Visions, dreams and night visions are a common medium God uses to communicate with His people.
  This is why this website exists is to help people understand the truth concerning these things.
Dream Dictionaries
A dictionary is a handy thing to have if it's somewhere near correct.  You can find nearly correct dream symbol dictionaries on various websites online.  There are symbols that quite a few dream dictionaries get wrong.  Most of those having major errors are written by or found on pagan websites.  When I point these things out to those who have these symbols wrong they want to argue it is a mater of interpretation.  They believe these are personal symbols that will only have a correct meaning to the dreamer.  Since such things do exist I can't argue with them, however I will explain here what those symbols are and what they actually mean.

The symbol of the snake is ancient who's origin dates back to the first astrological charts.  The "Serpent Holder" is the constellation right between the archer "Sagittarius" and "The Scorpion."  The position of this constellation is at the heart of the galaxy.  The Mayans went to great length to show the serpent coming down from one of their sacrificial pyramids into the earth two times per year.  The Bible depicts the Serpent in the Garden of Eden living in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  It was the serpent who the devil was inside of who tricked Eve into eating the fruit then taking it to Adam.  This resulted in them both being transformed and being kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  In Christian symbols the snake is a bad thing.  What does it actually mean?  It means something the dream is speaking of the dreamer is unaware of.  It means something is hidden and the dream wants the dreamer to become aware of it.

Pagans believe the symbol of the snake is a healing spirit of the earth.  What if they are wrong?  What if the snakes in their dreams are trying to tell them they are wrong?  What if they are trying to tell them they are in communication with something highly deceptive?  It doesn't make any difference they will not change their thinking.  The nature of the animal is what gives the symbol meaning in a dream.  A snake has never healed anything.  It is a stealthily carnivorous cold blooded animal that comes in many varieties.  They all have the same things in common, they sneak around kill and eat things.

The dragon is referred to in the Bible as being a symbol of the Devil or Lucifer.  The dragon and the snake are related in meaning.  7000 years ago our north star was Thubin, the dragon star.  Could this have some meaning?  We also know that at sometime before Adam and Eve Lucifer was playing God to a people perhaps in our solar system.  He was playing God to someone when he and his followers were cast down to the Earth from the heavens.  He was the deceiver before Adam and Eve were created and placed in the Garden of Eden.  Many Christians believe Adam and Eve were the first humans God ever created.  To believe this they must throw away several other Biblical details, one of those is who was Lucifer and who is the Devil and what was he and his followers doing that got them into trouble in the first place?  Yes there's a constellation of the Dragon.

The Chinese and some pagans believe the dragon is a good symbol.  They worship the dragon just like the Mayans did the giant snake.  Kinda makes you wonder what the connection is between the dragon and the serpent.

Another thing you might like to know is the ancient Mayan calendar says a GREAT disaster will take place on Dec. 21st 2012.   That's when their calendar ends.  Apparently they believed this would be the end of the world.  The other thing you might like to know is this event takes place as the sun rises in the constellation of the Serpent Holder.  Another thing you might be interested in is that one of the formerly lost prophecies of Nostradamus predicted the same thing at the same time and he knew nothing of the Mayans.  Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet predicted something similar on the same date.

The symbol of the owl is another the pagan world views as being completely different than I do.  The in the bible a demon known as the Lilliath was translated as a screech owl.  It isn't an owl, it is the symbol of the Night Hag.  It is also a symbol directly connected to witchcraft.  As the snake and the dragon the pagan world likes to believe that seeing an owl in their dreams is a good omen.  That's fine if you don't believe in God or believe a demon or the devil is your god, but if you don't then pay close attention.  Witches don't believe in God or the devil.  They believe in spirits they call elementals.  Pagans believe in lots of gods as well as demons.

You might be like many and say the Night Hag doesn't exist but try to convince someone who's seen this ugly demon seated upon their chest.  It's not funny, it's not a myth, it's real and it is a demon.

Sometimes it isn't enough to say "this means that" etc.  Sometimes we need to understand what certain symbols represents.  Birds in dreams are always "messengers."  Ever heard the saying "a little bird told me?"  Some legends, myths and sayings are based on truth.  If you see a bird in your dream be alerted that your dreams are trying to inform you of something.  The owls is the messenger of the Night Hag.  Native Americans and country folk have believed for years if an Owl landed on your house then death of a friend or family member would follow.  While an actual owl landing on your house is nothing to be concerned about seeing an owl in your dreams is.  Actual owls can be helpful around the farm by keeping down the pests like rats and mice.  The dream meaning of an owl is actually a warning message that "vermin" of some kind may be invading your space, checking up on you and your family.

The type of bird seen in a dream is directly related to the type of message the dream is speaking about.  Crows and ravens have also been associated with death and warning symbols in dreams.

You may dream of a little bird when someone is talking about you behind your back.

Through the Bible God gives us the meaning of certain other symbols.  The pig for example means "unclean" even though you won't be condemned by God for eating pork.  It has been my experience that seeing a pig in a dream directly relates to someone who God considers an unclean person.  Once when I asked God about a certain preacher God showed me the preacher with a pig's head preaching his unclean message to his congregation.  I asked God about another man who was molesting his stepdaughter and putting on obscene displays to his family in the living room.  God showed me this man also as a pig that walked upright down a blade of ice and was swept up by a flood that took him into the underworld or hell.  Simply put God was saying the man is unclean and evil and will die and end up in hell.

In order to correctly understand your dreams you will need build a good foundation and understand several important rules.  Who you believe God to be will be directly related to how you understand or misunderstand your dreams.

1: People dream about the things they think about the most.  If you want to have prophetic dreams read the Bible and get as close to God as you can.  Ask God to help you understand your dreams.  Expect God to answer and look for that answer most likely in a dream.  Odds are high that your dreams are talking to you about personal things.  On the other hand you can have prophetic dreams about natural disasters, war or anything that might affect you and your friends and family.

2: It's not your dream's fault if you have an incorrect understanding of a dream or symbol in your dreams.  It's not God's fault for sending you a bad message.  It is your responsibility to gain a correct understanding of your dream symbols.

3: Understand that some symbols have more than one meaning depending on how it is used in the dreams.  Symbols are the words that make up a dream message.  Words and symbols can be used in multiple ways.  They can be used in "IS" and "IS NOT" meanings so be careful how you analyze your dreams.

4: Yes the devil can send you dreams.  I was against the idea for awhile until I had one where the devil was literally trying to make a deal with me and when I refused he threatened the lives of my entire family.  I remembered where the Bible said God sent a lying spirit to deceive certain people who disobeyed God's commands.

What About Dreams That Foretell Future Events?

Dreams come to us in several different formats.  The majority of our dreams are normal symbolicThis is the normal language of dreams.

In days of old when the prophets received their messages from God in dreams they had a limited set of symbols to deal with.  Today we have a massive set of symbols. Then as today those who are closer to God should have a better understanding of their dreams than those who are not close to God.

Storms, people and animals are common dream symbols that have existed from the beginning.  These are basic root symbols.  A storm can then represent a type of test or tribulation. It's a warning dream that may be either symbolic or literal.

By reading and studying the dreams listed in the Bible you can gain a fair rudimentary understanding of how dreams and symbols work.
  If the seven skinny cows come up from the Nile and eat the seven fat cows we are dealing with seven good years followed by seven bad years of harvest.  Therefore we come to understand the cows are symbols of food and harvest.  These are still symbols that are used today.

The bird ate the bread from the baker's pan he held upon his head.  He did not understand and the dream was saying the bred upon his head represented his head or flesh.  He was beheaded.  Not a symbol one should see today.  Birds are messengers.  The type of bird we see is the indication of the type of message being sent or delivered.  What the birds do in the dream is also important.

Many times we have dreams with important messages that have no time line that we can relate to
.  We may feel that something impending is going to happen today or tomorrow because of the impressions given to us by those dream messages or night visions when in fact that message is talking about something that may be years to come.  I saw the cost of California fall into the ocean and it was such a powerful night vision that I felt it could happen any time, and in fact it could but it hasn't happened yet.  Could this night vision be symbolic?  Sure it could.  Could it be literal?  Sure it could and from what I saw in that night vision, people fighting fires and a children to said "I can't find my home. I can't find my parents" I believe it is literal.  The night vision also expressed God's anger with some large cities in CA.  They are evil and evil spirits roam freely among the people, influencing them to do things that are against God and against the truth.  In the past God has sank quite a few evil cities below the waves and I believe He will do it again.

One of the reasons why some have a bad opinion of people who believe in God talking to people in dreams is because far to often they try to put dates on the messages that end up being proven wrong.
  People who receive messages of these kinds should never put a date on it unless God gives them the correct date.  But Jesus himself said "
No one will know the day or the hour." But he said watch for the signs because these events will in fact take place.

When I was told in a night vision that 12 of the 24 Great Elders were returning to earth I have no way of knowing just where in the Galaxy they are or how long it will take them to get from there to here.  All I know for sure is "they are returning."

  I hope to get around to working on the dream symbol dictionary on this site soon.

Following is a message I posted on BigOrb.com for some people who were talking about a dream.  Since it is a valid message for this website I felt it should be shared with people who visit here.  It's not edited yet and perhaps deserves its own page but for now here it is.

There's quite a bit of truth in what you say. Many times dream researchers and people who write the books on dreams and their meaning may find a valid clue and write it down thinking it is the only meaning for a certain symbol. Later they may discover the symbol has more than one meaning and ultimately discover the general meaning for that symbol. Likewise as with many authors they end up constantly revising their work.

Most symbols have general meanings and by combining symbols and how they are used in a dream we may glean some insight into the meaning of the dream.

I wrote the original DreamLink dream symbols file way back in the days of the computer BBSs but I've revised it many times since and without question have improved it.

Sometimes dreams literally use symbols that refer to themselves. For example a bird in a dream is a general symbol and it means "this is a message for you." The type of bird seen in the dream represents the type of message. As with the saying "a little bird told me."

The general meaning of a horse in a dream means power as in "horse power" but a horse has many other parts that can either apply emphasis on the meaning of the power or can change the meaning completely depending on what part of the horse you see in the dream.

You may see the horses behind or you may see it's mouth each having it's own meaning.

I recall while editing my book of symbols when I had made a slight error in my judgment I had a powerful night vision in which I found myself in a stable and there was a horse. The dream was lucid and very vivid. Then the horse began speaking to me and literally gave me a horses symbols 101 lesson while in the dream. Needless to say I revised my symbol dictionary.

There are two or three basic symbols that you can check when looking for a good book on the meaning of dream symbols. Certainly you can check to see if it says anything about horses. ;-) Check the meaning of snake and owl. Some say a snake is the healing spirit of the earth while others say it is a symbol of evil. Some say owls are a symbol of death and others say it's a symbol of wisdom. It's neither. Neither is the snake a symbol of something exclusively evil nor is it a healing spirit of the earth.

The meaning of dream symbols are derived by their natures, their attributes (colors or if the sake is poisonous, etc) and how they are observed in the dream. The basic meaning of most symbols are primal.

A snake's basic nature is move and see without being seen. It can apply to anything the dreamer is not aware of. Now generally there is some concern by the spirit of subconscious mind or the dream wouldn't have made an attempt to make the dreamer aware of it.

Snakes by nature can be deceptive. If you see one in a dream scan the world around you expecting to discover something you were not previously or fully aware of.

Owls are bird and that makes them "messengers" of type. Night bird of prey. While owls have been marked as omens of death if they are seen visiting a house an owl by nature is a night predator and for the most part eat rodents and small animals. For the most part they would provide a service to a farmer by killing rats and mice unless they are killing their livestock. By nature the message is saying "night bird of prey" and the message is a warning. It doesn't usually mean death visits the house but it could. The size and color of the owl seen in the dream are also important.

Dreams will also sometimes exaggerate their symbols sometimes in order to gain a dreamers attention. Sometimes dreamers place more importance on the meaning of the dream because of this.

Water is one of those symbols that can have various meanings depending on the size of the body of water and what it's doing. The sea/ocean as represented in the Bible represents the entire world or people of the world. And out of it comes the beast having seven heads and 10 horns. The beast we read is made up of nations and the leaders of the nations are the seven heads and ten horns.

If the body of water is moving it has another meaning. If you see a stream flowing by it simply applies to something that flows. The Internet flows information like a great river. The mail flows. Information flows, etc.

Standing beside a pool of water watching people in the water depicts involvement in something as a "pool" and people in the pool means they are all involved in the same thing. It could be a job, it may be something else. Being outside the pool means that person is not involved but rather observes. Being in the water with those people represents joining them or being with them.

Being overcome by water or drowning or having a drowning feeling can apply to anything in the dreamer's life that is out of their control. Bills for example can place a dreamer in this kind of dream. Warning dream.

Being swept away by a wave is being suddenly overwhelmed or caught by surprise.