Back In School Dreams

Over the years I'm sure everyone has dreamed they have been back in school.  I have these back to school dreams often.  They mean we are leaning something new or learning something new about something old depending on the dream.  Sometimes I say everyone should learn something new either about themselves, someone else or the world in general every day.  The moment we stop learning we become stagnant and no longer of value in this world.  When people become closed minded they think they all ready have everything figured out, therefore they think they don't need to learn anything new.  Realizing we make mistakes and have the ability to rectify them is a lesson in itself but it can be about anything.  Since we know this to be true the new things we can learn are endless.

It seemed like this dream was much longer but I can't recall the first part of it.  What I do recall is being in a school like the high school I remember as a teen.  The building itself and the town were completely different but I associated the location as Milton, IL with Pearl just 8 miles south.

I found myself in a school building I didn't recognize and began walking around to find anyone I might know and wouldn't you know it there wasn't one person in that building that I recognized.  I walked up to a young man who seemed to be having some problems and I told him something on the order of anything can be fixed.  I told him he wasn't a bad person.  He smiled grabbed me and kissed me right on the mouth.  I was shocked, pushed him back gently and said "I'm not gay."  He said "Oh that's all right, we can still be friends can't we?"  And I said "Yes, I guess we can.  Anyone who treats me well I'll treat them well."

There was another young man standing to the right watching who never said anything but when the gay guy and I began walking this other young man followed us everywhere.  He was wearing darker cloths and sometimes actually appeared as a living shadow but was never more than a few steps from us at any given time.  At times he would stand right beside us but never said anything and it was as if the gay guy didn't know the shadow like person was even there.  It was as if I was the only one who could see the shadow person.

So the gay guy and I began walking and found ourselves outside, it was night time it was cold and there was at least two feet of fresh snow on the ground.  I said "I missed my ride again."  I looked at the snow.  "It's cold, my home is 8 miles south of here and while I've walked it in the summer I know that's not a good idea tonight.  I've got to call someone to come get me."

So the guy says the weather is crazy.  I said "Yeah, it was 105 yesterday and bright now it's dark, freezing cold with two feet of snow."

The guy says "It's the bad time."  Or something to that effect and I said "The Great Tribulation is upon us."

I pulled out my cell phone which looked like an older phone I have but don't use anymore.  I opened it and the 10 digit keypad wasn't there.  In it's place was a set of 8 or 9 symbols in a row and under that were 3 more symbols on the left side also in a row.  "Oh shit, here we go again!"  I've seen this set in dream phones many times and most of them looked just like this one.

The gay guy asked me what was wrong and I told him my phone had changed and this wasn't the fist time, it had done that before.  I said "I can't call anyone on this thing I don't know what those symbols mean.  I need another phone."  So I asked him to borrow his and he lay it on a suitcase in front of me.  I picked it up and opened it and saw the same thing.  I said "how can you call anyone with this thing, where's the numbers?"  And he said "It's a..." And told me the type of phone it was and in the dream I heard him clear but it was not a word I recognized.  And he said "That's the kind of phone we use in this place."
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I gave him his phone back and said "Wonderful, we are in another dimension."

"They have a 10 digit phone in the office."  He said pointing.

I said "Lead the way."

He lead me into the building and as we entered the entire area was larger like a roller skating rink and there were older students skating on 4 wheel skates that were different and the wheels were tapered on the outside edges allowing them to literally skate in a bank around a corner.  The wheels were slightly smaller and set closer together than normal roller skates.  I said "oh shit, this isn't good."  The skaters watched us as we passed into another room but they did not follow.

In the next room we turned left and then straight and there was a desk with a handrail behind it.  A girl was squatting behind the desk near the handrail.  I do not recall seeing a chair behind this desk but thought it was odd that girl was positioned as she was.  I told her I need a phone with 10 digits and she said "right here."  She pointed at the wall type phone mounted on the hand rail.  I noticed two or three others moving in from my right watching.  She said "what's the number" and I gave her our house number for the house we live in now.  She dialed it and I heard a woman's voice.  I said "let me speak to her."  I spoke to the lady and it was not my mother's voice, it was someone else.  I asked her what city she lived in and she told me and it was a city in North America but a city I had never been to before.  It was clear as could be when she said it and like the type of phone the gay guy mentioned I can't remember the name of that city.  I thanked her, told her to have a good day and hung up.

Now the girl who had been squatting beside the phone stood and asked me what was going on and I began to explain how I had come through some kind of dimensional warp to end up in their world.  I told her I was from another place where things were similar but not the same.  We walked around the handrail into a larger area where the other people had come from who were watching us.  I continued to tell the story as we walked across this room to the far side and into a smaller rectangular corner area.

I pulled out my phone, opened it and showed her it was like their phones and described what it should look like if it were from the place I came from.  I said "like the phone on the handrail."  Then I said "I gave you my home number but the lady is in a different city and that's not mom so there's no use in me trying to walk home because even if I could get there it would still be this dimension.  It wouldn't be my home.  I said "no, the only way for me to get back where I belong is to solve this riddle."  So she asked "Riddle?"  And I said "Yes when this happens I must accomplish some task, meet some objective and or learn some lesson before things return to normal."

"Your kidding me!"  She said.  "How long does that usually take?"

"Anywhere from 24 hours to as long as a week."  I answered.

I looked at the symbols in my phone again.  "And these symbols will be the key to help me solve this case."

I looked at them and there wasn't one symbol in that phone that was familiar to me.  It was for all intensive purposes alien writing.

This is without question the most important part of the dream series.  I wish I could recall the first parts and any previous dreams but for the life of me I can't.  All I have to work with are the symbols in this part of the dream.  #1, The phone means communications are involved.  #2, is the symbols.  Therefore we conclude the form of communications involved in this dream is symbolic.  I will conclude therefore the dream is speaking of itself as it is a symbolic form of communications.

I will also conclude the objective of this dream is to decipher the message in the dream and find the meaning.

Key symbols.

Gay guy who is sad feeling bad about himself.  He thinks something is wrong with him.  He knows he's different.  The concept of being gay in a dream can also be symbolic.  It can represent anyone or even a concept that isn't considered by others to be quite right.   Meaning normal people don't generally accept what this gay man represents.  Generally when the symbol is female it represents a concept or something other than a living human.  If the symbol is male in my dreams it often means there's an actual person involved.

Sometimes people find my websites and reading them will find answers to their questions.  Sometimes they disagree completely.  Sometimes I dream about them in dreams very similar to this one.  Besides myself in this dream the two main characters are the gay guy and the shadow man who's never far from the gay guy.  These two are the same size, same silhouette and move together.  Where ever the gay guy goes the shadow man follows but never speaks.

A kiss in a dream is often a thank you message and in this dream it's from the man who is viewed as being not quite normal.  He's saying "thank you" to me for something I've said, most likely on the website.  Likely we have never communicated otherwise.  The only way I know of this guy is via this dream.  The only way he knows of me is via something he's read that I wrote.

Outside the school we talk about the weather and how the day before it was 105 and bright and now it's cold, dark and 2 feet of fresh snow.  This is a warning of bad times soon to come.  It's like what ever the darkness represents happens literally in one day.  Everything from that moment on is a warning of bad things to come upon our world.  Not only that it was mentioned in the dream and I said "The Great Tribulation is upon us."  The Great Tribulation will be the greatest disaster human kind has ever known since the great flood of Noah.  In fact humanity has never witnessed the likes of it.  Even those among us who are aware of the coming troubles are not ready for what will come.  Only a few have taken measures to provide for themselves and their families and when this thing comes it will present new situations to these people that will show them they are not as prepared as they think they are.

Darkness        = Things not clearly seen or understood.  We can't understand or predict what will come upon us.
Cold               = This includes war, famine, hard times and disagreements among the people.
2 feet of snow = Hard to travel.  No food.  Difficult conditions.

I try to call home and find out my phone or method of communications now is nothing but symbols / symbolic.  One might guess the phones and methods we now use for communications will be non-functional.  One might speculate that people who are able to have any knowledge of things to come or method of communications will do so via symbols and perhaps even dreams.

Returning to the school building for another lesson we are looking for a phone that is familiar to me.  A form of communications that is previous to the things that are being foretold.  We see people skating.  I say "that's not good."  And what this means is people who skate are getting by without being ready.  They are "skating by" without knowing what trouble they are in.  The wheels being narrow and smaller indicate restrictions these people are under.  They watch us but they do not follow us.  They will seek their answers and solutions in another place.

In the office we find a desk with a girl squatting near the floor beside a handrail.  She's not actually seated, but she isn't in clear view of those outside that office door.  She's hidden behind that desk.  She's not actually seated therefore she's not resting, but she is working in this position.  You know how hard it is to remain in a squatting position for long?  It's much harder than standing.  She could represent an actual person or an entire network of people who are working doing what she does in this dream.

The handrail is also important and that's where this phone is.  A handrail mounted on the floor can do two things and one is to help people by giving them something to hold onto.  It's a symbol of hope.  The other thing is that it can separate one area of a room from another.  An example may be to say those who go to this handrail are not those who are just skating by at this time in history.  These people are looking for something to have faith and hope in.  There are a bunch of people out there skating but only a few of us find our way into this room.

There's a phone on the hand rail that I am familiar with.  A form of communications that I understand is available here.  She wants to help, I give her my home number and she dials it.  A woman answers but it's not my mom.  This lady is in a city I've never been to in my life, but it is a real city. This may be symbolic of the city or it may be saying this is a situation I've never experienced in my life.

It was right after I spoke with this woman on the phone that I realized I was in another dimension, another time that was different.  I realized I had to decipher the symbols in order to understand the communications that I was given.

Does anyone have any ideas what this dream is speaking about?  My E-mail address is posted at the top of the page for those of you who are not in our dream research group. :-)

The Man Behind the Pulpit
Sometimes I have dreams about other people, many times they are people I've never met.  Sometimes they are people who read in my websites.  Some of them are people I may have received an E-mail or message from but do not actually know other than what I see in my dreams.

In this dream I see a man standing behind a pulpit and he has a glass of what looks like milk but has a slightly yellowish color and he says "I won't believe it."  Then dumps the glass out upon the pulpit.  Now I say "Ronny, you know better than that."

We are seeing this man behind the pulpit like as if he's a preacher.  Anyone who preaches anything may be viewed with these symbols.

Jesus gives us the meaning of some symbols in the bible. He passes the cup around the table and they all drink from it but in that day of the Last Supper he tells them they can not drink from the cup he drinks from on that day.  He's saying this one thing he must do alone and that was to die on the cross for the sins of humanity.

A cup can be a punishment or a reward.  It can even represent a correction.  It can be a truth about the person who holds the cup and in this case the man holding the cup refuses to believe a truth about himself.  We notice the contents is like milk, it's almost white (pure) but not quite.  There's something wrong a fault in his thinking that needs to be fixed.  The problem is he can't fix it because he refuses to believe there is truth in the cup that was given to him.  Meaning he can't see what's wrong in his own thinking.  He can't see what's wrong with his own teaching/preaching.

The fact I called him Ronny could very well mean people know him as Ron or Ronny or Ronald.

I think he means well but does not realize his own mistakes or the flaws in his teaching therefore refuses to correct that flaw in himself.

Learning About Ourselves
Consider this a message to everyone in that those who God holds near are they who are humble of spirit.  These are willing to consider they are flawed and in need of making corrections that begin in the way they think.  A very big part of our existence in life is to find and accept our own flaws and correct them.  The saying that God helps those who help themselves is also relevant here.

We know that when we are young and learning we tend to take some truth we have discovered and think we are smarter than we are, when in fact we have only just begun.  There have been sayings and jokes about such things for 100's of years.  You want the world's problems solved, vote for a teenager while they know everything.  Because those who are young and learning about things tend to stop learning at some point and begin thinking they have the world figured out.  Those who survive those years however will pass through a point look back and wonder how they could have made the mistakes they made while they were so "intellectual."  As such I have a saying "The more I learn the more I see how little I know."  It is at this point a person can once again begin to learn and realize the truths that are hidden from those who believe they have the world figured out.

There was a reason why Jesus frequently spoke in parables and riddles.  When I asked people why he did that often say "so it will be easy for them to understand."  But when asked Jesus answered, So that in seeing they do not see and in hearing they do not understand.  Therefore the truth could be presented to the self righteous and they would not comprehend the message.  Among his friends however he would explain the meaning of so many of these things.  Why?  Because his friends were receptive to his words and knew him for who he was, the Son of God the Creator being incarnated.  To them he revealed secrets and messages those on the outside could not comprehend.

Anytime I reach a point where I think I understand something a little bit better than I should I return to God in prayer and ask Him what I'm missing.  Because in my heart I know I missed something and I need to slow down, get down, get humble and ask God for guidance.  If you do the same you should do well.


The Big Show /  A Nation In Trouble
I was with my wife shooting video of a major production that had literally 100's of actors working in a massive building.  I had no idea how large this building was at first.  I had two cameras and one was my GoPro.  I recall some of the commands and orders being given to the actors on the tall stage.  This stage was a good 5-6' above the main floor.  The walls were covered with light colored, egg shell or off white curtains.

Some of the actors were required to rehearse in other rooms because of the size of the production.  I told one of the actors on stage consider themselves lucky they can work on the actual stage.  I turned around and my wife was missing.  How many times has that happened in my dreams?  I've lost count.

I took my camera off to remove my coat thinking it was a lot warmer now than it was when I came in.  I began searching and asking people if they had seen my wife but not one of them was any help at all.

I began wandering the building and saw it was full of massive rooms all full of actors working.  One room looked like a massive dining hall and it was filled with waiters and servants lined up down both walls.

I find a place where a stone staircase went into the ground and I went down there.  It was comfortable but it was in fact a cave.  There was a machine running down there that looked like a really big heat pump or air-conditioner.  I sat down beside it to rest a moment when I saw a tiny little child and when I say tiny and little I mean it.  This child was about the size of a new born baby but it was dressed like a child perhaps 4 years old.  It was seated against a stone wall but when it saw me it stood and began walking toward me until it fell into a hole full of crystal clear water.  I leapt and got it out of the water before it drown and holding it as you would a child I turned to see some people coming down the stairs.

These people were of foreign decent and they were searching for their child.  I gave the child to them and told them what I had seen and how I had saved the child.  They thanked me and they went back up the stairs with me following.  At the top they had to climb over rocks as someone was trying to seal this area off to the public.  When it was my turn I literally levitated out and landed then looked at the rock work being done to close that area off to the public.

I continued to search for my wife and finally on the far side of the building way down a long hallway I ran into her.  I said "I been searching for you everywhere, where did you go?"  And she said "I'm always with the whales."  I followed her through a curtain into the whale room and yeah, she vanished again among a bunch of people lined up standing against a wall.  This was a fairly dark room and it was hard to see very far in it but something important was going on here and my wife was right in the middle of it.

What we have going on here seems very much to be political in nature.  Teams of people getting ready to put on a big show for the public.  Cameras are there no doubt and also the dream is saying write this down.

The basement is made of stone and very very old.  This represents the foundations upon which this government was established.

In the basement we find a tiny child but it's older than it looks and it's lost and in trouble.

The air-conditioner is something that is working to "clear" and "filter" the air.  This might be viewed two ways and it may have been put there to keep the government pure and fair.  Or it may be bad publicity is being filtered out.  It's a clean up machine / effort.  Perhaps they don't want the public to see what filth and secrets are hidden here among these actors.  I try to look at things both ways when possible but since this thing is really old and in the basement I'm going to say it is just as old as the basement and trying to keep the politicians from taking advantage of the public.

The child gets up and tries to walk to me but falls into one of the many shallow pot-holes in the floor.  I save it and turn to see foreign people enter who are in search of their child.

I get the feeling this child represents the new nation herself.  America is not all that old compared to other nations of the world, it is still a child.  It tried to walk but fell and it needs help now.  It's drowning.

Our forefathers were foreigners who established the basement and foundations for this nation.  The people who returned for their child are not happy with the results and they are taking their child back and out of this place.

When leaving we see someone is trying to hide and seal the staircase that goes into the basement.  Someone wants to prevent anyone from knowing what is down there.  They don't want people to know what happened in the past and want to restrict and prevent people from going there.

We are witnessing the end of an age as the child is removed.

Continuing my search I find my wife who tells me she is always with the whales.  The Whales are the largest ocean animal we know of and fish and ocean life represent humans in certain ways.  The big fish are the leaders of nations.  This wife that keeps vanishing represents a spirit that keeps an eye on the people in charge.  Following her into that room with the whales I find it's very dark in that room.  The darkness is symbolic of things not clearly seen.  It's symbolic of things that are of a dark nature and not good.

I speak of the Great Elders sometimes and I am aware there are three groups of 12 here now.  They have been evaluating the human condition on earth.  They have been reviewing the progress made by various nations.  They are not very happy with what they see.  There are certain things that tend to protect certain things like nations.  The Bible says we are the salt of the earth.  Jesus said we who are His children preserve the earth.  What will happen when the salt is gone?

There are some who have tried to preserve America by doing certain things that are not clearly understood by the masses.  They don't want religion to control the government but they do want God to do something to save America.  There are people out there now working hard to tell us what is allowed in the constitution and what isn't.  They are very vocal in their efforts.  They want to remove every reference to God they find.  They don't want people to pray for the government of the USA because as they say that's unconstitutional.  Some may have good intentions but they are not enlightened people.  They have no idea who did what or why or what their own efforts will do to make things worse.

Freedom of speech tells me I can pray for America if I want to but these people would take even that right from us if given the chance.

God bless America.  Say a prayer for her people she is very sick and pray you are not too late because they who came to give us that child have returned to take it back.

Three Snakes Dream 8-31-2011

I found myself in a house not recognizing anything in it.  There was an attractive woman who in the dream I took to be like my wife.  The living room and kitchen was like one large rectangular shape.  The front door entered between the two.  A hallway lead past the kitchen from that area and on the right was a large bathroom.  There was a table or counter structure between the bathtub and the sink area.  On it was a 50 gal aquarium with two large black snakes in it.

I checked the lid and they were fine and secure and seemed happy enough.  I left went back out into the kitchen area and told the lady the snakes were secure.  I can't remember if I woke here and went back to sleep but the next thing I recall was her screaming that one of the snakes had gotten loose.  I ran into the bathroom and saw it swimming in a tub half full of water.  I caught it and boy it was angry.  It had a light colored odd shape on it's head now with a dark spot in the center.  I could draw a picture of it but it was circular but not a circle.  The light color was off white and yellowish.  The dark spot was black or nearly black.  I put it back into the tank and saw the other snake had the same markings now and there was a baby among them about a foot long with the same markings on its head.

I woke went back to sleep and I'm right back in that house again.  Now there's people and children all over the kitchen and living room and the kids are like rug rats they are everywhere.  The stress level was going up like crazy and I didn't like it yet it was as if I knew all this was suppose to happen.  I noticed the snake tank was now on a shelf like thing in the living room near the front door.  Quickly I checked to make sure they couldn't get out then I returned to the kitchen area where I watched the people.

I saw a man enter and was looking around and when I saw him move to the opposite side of the room from the door I noticed a display counter there and the only glass in it was in the front.  There was no top, no sides and no back on it.  To my shock I saw a 10 gal aquarium in that display case and one of the large snakes was in it.  The lid was sideways and one of the big snakes was out in the display case and the baby was also loose.  I ran to it and saw the big one strike at the man and as it did my left arm went out fast as a snake can strike and I grabbed that snake by the head and held it's mouth shut.  I reached in and grabbed the small snake and placed him in the same hand and held them both with my left hand so they could not bite and could not get lose.  I asked the man did the snake bite him and he said "he nipped me."  I saw no blood on the man's face and turned my attention to the tank with the other snake.

I realized I couldn't put the other two snakes back into that tank I had to hold them until I could find somewhere else to put them.  I began working with my right hand to cover the tank so the other snake could not get out.  I fixed the lid then saw a small hole in the lower area facing the front but I was working from the back and I covered that hole as well.  Still holding the other two snakes with my left hand thinking I had about all I could stand.  I said "these snakes are angry there are so many people here they feel their territory is threatened.

I woke rolled over went back to sleep now I'm outside.

I'm outside and it's night time and there's a field beside the house.  I hear rapid gunshots and ran to see several men with military looking guns had killed one of the snakes and I said "thank God."

Snakes are secrets, things that people are generally not aware of.  Soon as you figure out what the snake represents the next time it appears in a subject it may be something else like a cat or some kind of bird you never can be sure unless you know what the snake represents.

What kind of snake it is also gives clues to the meaning and these were just harmless blacksnakes that changed and went very angry.  they were out to bite someone and their attention was on the others in the room rather than on me.  I felt as if I had been their keeper long enough and I wanted rid of them.

The symbol that appeared on their heads was alike on all 3 snakes.  It was circular but had a wavy side on the right looking down on the snake's head and it was rounder on the left side.  There was a dark round dot in the center.  Yellow and off white indicates something that intends to be pure and truthful but it isn't.  It's deceptive in nature and now it's ready to bite someone.

I can see these snakes represent two older secrets perhaps two secret groups and they are joined by a much younger one that is kin to the older ones.

I think about it and I think as long as the symbols were not visible on their heads the snakes were harmless and contained.  Being upon their head like that means of the mind, and the way they think.  It's almost like they were exposed to the room full of people and that's what made them angry.  "You don't belong here, this is our secret!"  Kind of thing.

These snakes had caused me so much trouble that I was happy to see someone shooting them in the last dream.  It was clear they had caused problems for others as well and I was not alone trying to contain the things.

Maybe it is, maybe not but I've been working on two pages on that expose certain things about secret groups like the Free Masons, the Knights Templar and others of their kind.  It is possible this dream is speaking about them being angry that I have exposed some of their most secret things to the online public.  I didn't start this, there are full length TV specials, some of them 2:55hr min long without commercials!  I didn't create those specials but I am privy to some information those shows don't reveal details about and I am explaining such things on those pages I'm working on.  I don't know if that's what the snake represent or not but when we have dreams like these we need to consider what the dream might be speaking about and put that on the list of possible things.

God bless,

Going back to school in a dream means there is a lesson to be learned. :-) Concerning the dream subject.