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The following dreams include informative high level and night vision as well as some personal symbolic dreams.

Having a series of dreams that all speak of the same thing are prophetic and usually predict events that will happen and can not be changed. These events may be natural or man made.

The events the prophetic and informative dreams speak of are either happening or soon to happen.

Crazy Spaceship 10/12/2006
I was with someone and watching a spaceship on the launch pad when it launched.  The spaceship was very large and rather odd looking.  It was white with markings on it and it had SRBs.  I would guess it was as large if not larger than the space shuttle launch vehicle.

As we watched it rose slowly into the sky then something went wrong, it turned and began flying erratically.  It went over a hillside.  People were running everywhere trying to find some place to hide knowing the thing was going to hit the ground and explode.  When it went over the mountain we breathed a sigh of relief but when it came back over the mountain it was headed toward us and then the panic was on again.  We ran for a ways but this thing was picking up speed and turning toward us even more.  Realizing there was no way to out run the thing I stopped and stood beside a tree and watched it to see where it would go.
        I don
't know what this is; I get the feeling that if it isn't a real space vehicle then it must be symbolic of something else.  What ever it is it is large, it is white and that means what ever it represents it is news and it is intended to be a good thing that gets out of control.
Military On the Move Again 10/13/2006
I saw the military on the move in a big way.  I saw a long black or very dark looking submarine and if I were to guess from just looking it was a nuclear  Trident sub.  It was long with the tower toward the front.  It had a long aft section with a flat top like a Trident.  I saw a dark jet aircraft land on it for a moment then take off again very quickly.  The sub was underway and on the surface and pushing quite a bit of wake as it went.

The jet that landed on the sub flew to the land and moving very low very fast it crashed, tumbled then slid to a stop.  I was told the pilot survived the crash.

I looked up then and saw a huge movement of military vehicles including more jets like the one I had just seen.  They were all painted very dark nearly black in color.  The aircraft hand a wing similar to an A-10 but these were not A-10's.  They flew low to the ground and quite fast.

The trucks hauling supplies and equipment moved quickly on and off road.  There were other smaller vehicles and the jets flew along low to the ground with the ground troops.
        Almost any time I see military vehicles on the move it is either military or government related dream subject.

Night Vision 10/13/2006
I woke and went back to sleep again and now I am standing in a place with a lot of large supply buildings. I went into this one building that I saw people going in and out of and it was a theater.  I went back out and realized my daughters were with me and they were young again.

I went along the walk past some of the large supply buildings and saw that they were no longer full of things, though they were not empty.  I went to another building near the end of the row of large buildings and realized my girls had vanished.  I looked around and called for them and saw way down the walkway toward the road they had met with their mother and were coming back toward me.

I went into this building and saw this building still had some supplies along with 55gal drums.  It had doors on both sides and a window.  My wife and daughters came in and then a soldier came into the building with a gun and helmet with night vision.  He did some things near the 55gal drums then he noticed us watching him.  I asked him what was going on.  He took his helmet off and put it upon my head and turned on the night vision, then told me to look out the window.  I was amazed to see just how well I could see out that window with this new light-weight high tech equipment.  I flipped the viewer up and told the soldier that one day they will have vision equipment that could see right through the wall.  He just smiled like he knew something he wasn't telling.

        If my dreams run true about military activities, and it seems that's about the only thing that has run true in my dreams then the military is on the move again, this time very quickly and very black-ops with some super high tech equipment.  I would guess they or we are getting ready for a secret war.

The Beast Awakens 10/15/2006
I was standing in a somewhat prehistoric looking area at the edge of a crater looking hole.  There was a building and a big rock hill.  There was a handful of other people there.  In the distance in the crater I saw something move.  It stood and I saw it was a huge meet eating dinosaur similar to a "T" Rex but several times larger.  It had both eyes toward the front of it's head and they were very small for the size of the beast.  I told everyone to be very still and we all stood motionless as the monster looked our direction the looked around and began walking toward us.  Seeing the large bolder and thinking it to be a safe place I walked then climbed to the top of the large rock to get to a safe place.
        I think this beast had spiritual perhaps even supernatural implications and I think trouble follows that thing, perhaps some very big trouble.  We also note that I warned them of the beast and the danger.  The devil was also described as a great and old dragon like a prehistoric lizard type creature.

Storm Destroys Cities 10/21/2006
This started off like I was with my family and we were about to attend a graduation ceremony.  I went outside of the building where we were and saw dark clouds looming in the southwest.  The wind was picking up and I took to the air to see what was going on.  When I looked around nothing I saw was familiar.  I took off up the hill looking the buildings and city over trying to find something that would give me a clue what city this was.

This went on all night long.  I would wake up and go to sleep again and the trip continued.  I saw one very large natural looking bridge crossing a big ditch that had highways down the middle of it.  All kinds of buildings lined both sides of this ridge.

I flew until I came to a fairly old and moderately tall building beside an other that had antennas of all kinds all over it.  I landed on the building that didn't' have the antennas and looked back to see where the storm was.  The dark clouds were fast approaching.  High wind and lightning.  I looked for some place to hide but not seeing any I hunkered down on top the building where I was and watched as the storm hit.

As the rain came down and the wind hit visibility went to a few feet.  I could see things flying through the air now and then but mostly heard the sound of the destruction around me.  This went on for awhile and when it cleared up I looked around and a lot of the buildings were completely gone!  I looked over where the building had been that had all the antennas on it and the only thing left was the foundations in the ground.  The place was clean and the building was gone antennas and all.

I flew for miles through various cities seeing where some buildings had been destroyed, some were completely gone and some were completely untouched by the storm.
        I realize we are under constant impending threat but I get the feeling this is a storm of a kind that will make serious changes among the population of the world.  I couldn't be sure where this place was.  What I do know is that building with the communication towers represents a massive form of communications.  What ever that is it will be completely eliminated.  For all I know it represents a bulk junk mailer getting what they deserve.  I just don't really know what it represents other than some place that does a lot of "transmitting" of something.

The Captives 10/22/2006
I believe this is a series viewpoint informative type dream.  I was viewpoint with one of the newest captives but couldn't tell if it was a young woman, child or young man.  All of my information came from the viewpoint of this one person.  I was not myself in this series of viewpoint dreams.

I was viewpoint with someone in the country.  There was a small two story white house with a big window facing the yard.  A person standing in that room could see a large area of one side of the yard, I'm not certain if they can see the gate or not from that window as I was viewpoint with a captive.

There is a very serious anti-personal fence and gate around this place.  The place appears to be at the very end of a gravel road.  The man who owns this place does not like it when people drive to the end of the road and turn around and leave.  He is very paranoid of outsiders being near or seeing his place.

The gate is reinforced.  Anyone who was to drive down there and see this gate would say "that's a great deal of over-kill just to keep someone out."  The thing is he's not just keeping people out, he's holding people inside.

In the yard are two old beat up but still usable camper trailers.  He keeps the people least likely to escape in these trailers quite a bit of the time and he or someone watches them from that upstairs room through the window.  The people being held in those trailers can sometimes see they are being watched.

He had some of his captives dig a hole on the hillside above the camper trailers and they dug it mostly by hand and then mixed concrete by hand and with sticks in what looked like one of those blue plastic children's wading pool.  At this time one of the captives jumped into an old truck on the hill and tried to drive it through the fence.  The man ran after them and was very angry like he was going to hurt or kill this person.  The person I was viewpoint with saw all this and ran to help the other two captives who were mixing the concrete in the pool and then put it into the cellar.  When the man gets angry he hurts his captives really bad.  I sense a great deal of shed blood in this awful place.

They had a real bad time getting the concrete into the cellar.  This cellar can't be seen from the road.  You can see the hillside but the door leading to it doesn't face the road, it faces the edge of the property.  He positioned this cellar so that it could not be seen from the road.  This is where he keeps his captives who are more likely to escape.

Another thing I noticed was the captives had no shoes.  I could see them considering climbing the chain link fence and looking at the barbed wire at the top but they decided against it.  I saw them attack the gate on several occasions but were not able to break or open it.  At one point I thought they might succeed in getting it open but when they didn't leave I considered they had failed.

It was getting dark when the viewpoint I was with was heading toward a camper trailer.  This person was considered among the least likely to escape which is why I consider I was viewpoint with a younger person, perhaps a female.  It was then I saw the child come from the house to one of the trailers.  Curious I followed the child into a camper trailer and began asking questions.  I wanted to know what the man's name was who was holding us captive.  The little girl said she just called him daddy.  I considered from the looks of this poor child that no father would do that to their own child.

He had done something to the little girl's mouth.  I can't explain what he did but it was disgusting and cruel.  I can't tell you why he did what he did to her.  I don't know if it was a punishment or something to prevent the child from calling out for help.  I asked her how old she was and she said eleven.  I was then curious if he had done anything else to her and began checking her over for scars or other wounds.  She said "daddy plays games with me."  And began to describe sexual abuse this child had been going through in the house with this man.

        I woke several times during this series of continuing dreams.  At the end I was praying and asking for answers.  Who is this guy?  Where is this place?  But I was not getting any more answers and could not return to sleep after learning about the little girl.
        I believe this is a viewpoint informative dream sent to me by someone who is being held captive just as the dream shows.  The dream was in such detail that it was as if I were there in person, except I know the person I was viewpoint with wasn't me.
The man who holds these captive is perhaps in his 40's or early 50's.  He is about 5'7-9" I'm guessing and has dark hair.  The people he abducts are smaller younger people who can't put up much of a fight. He blindfolds them so they don't even know where they are being kept.  They do not know the man's name.  He has abducted teenage boys and girls for his purposes and desires.  I believe it was a boy who tried to drive the truck through the fence.  I think at least one of the people mixing concrete was a teenage boy.  I think the other might have been a girl but these are the ones he keeps locked up in the cellar they dug.  I never saw the person who tried to drive the truck through the fence again.

Collage 10/24/2006
I don't know what to say about this one other than the fact I spent most of the night dreaming that I was in another city that I didn't recognize.  It was a beautiful sun lit day.  Now and then there were a few people with me who seemed to be my friends.  It was a beautiful place on the edge of a city.  I could see miles of countryside and fields in the distance when I flew up just above the treetops.  Now and then some of the people who saw me fly were astounded and acted like they had never seen such a thing before.  They talked among themselves mostly about me but not directly to me.  I could hear some of the things they were saying about me but didn't really care.

About half to three quarters the way through the dream I realized my friends and I were on a mission to get something from someone at the collage.  My friends were people who were on a like quest, a quest for truth, but they were not people I knew in person.  Now and then I would speak with some of them but we were all searching for this truth independently and now and then would share information with each other. 

I wasn't sure where all the buildings were that were part of this collage.  I walked toward the road.  Trees lined some streets making it hard to see where I wanted to go.  In order to get my bearings sometimes I would fly up above the trees and look for the buildings I thought were of interest to me.  Sometimes when that happened people on the ground would see me and some would talk about me behind my back.

Sometimes when I saw the people talking about me were not friendly I would fly away from them until I could find a place where no one was watching then I would land and walk around like everyone else.

Now I found another large building that was connected to this collage and I went inside.  I saw some of the same friends there also searching.  I remember parts of this but not clearly.  I remember going upstairs to see someone and then I came back out and instead of walking down the stairs I flew over a balcony and landed in front of the door.  I had gotten something I was looking for and two or three others who I considered friends had noticed and were curious what I had discovered.  Some of them followed me right out the door.  Two or three of them spoke to me and two of them were women.

Others who had seen me fly inside the building came outside and talked among themselves as they watched to see what I would do next.  One or two of them said they thought I was an alien and one of those asked me where I had parked my spaceship and if I would show her my spaceship.  I don't remember what my answer was but I do remember I told her something then turned around and flew up high into the sky looking for something else, perhaps looking for my spaceship I don't know.
        I have dreams like this where I am in a city or country and flying around searching for something or someone.  I think it's a personal dream and might be trying to say that I find something that I'm looking for soon.  Schools of any kind represent a learning experience.  The higher the school the higher the learning experience.  A collage means a school of very high learning or lessons is involved in the dream subject.

Storm Sucks up Tree 10/30/2006
This dream seemed to take up several hours but I'm sure it wasn't that long.  I'm just saying that if the events that took place in the dream were played out in real time it would take longer than the dream actually took I think.

I was once again in a strange place that I do not know of in real life.  There were some people living in a house on a slope among some trees near a field.  A road went by not far to the east from here and a driveway came in from that road.  People here treated me well and some of them adored me.  Two of the kids wrecked a little motorcycle and were trying to push it home.  I came to see why the little thing wouldn't run and saw they had wrecked it and the gear shift and suspension system were damaged.  I pushed it back to the house for them and began trying to find something to bend the gear shift back in place.  One of the kids was trying to help me and I sent him for some tools.  Then this other older man shows up and begins telling me the shift was all right.  I looked and sure enough it had straightened out.

Thinking my work was done there I walked around to the front door and realized it was getting dark, a storm was coming.  I stretched out my arms and began flying low over the yard and under the tree limbs when I look out and saw realized this beautiful attractive sweet young thing was back and standing in the yard.  I knew her from several years back, in fact it seemed like it was quite a few years in the past but she had not aged at all.  She had a friend watching and there was another young man flirting with her but I could see she had her eyes on me.

As the wind picked up I began flying higher and wanted to just shoot up above the trees as I have done many times in the past but something was wrong.  I flew around the square shaped yard that was surrounded by trees on three sides but was open to the North that crossed the driveway.  I came near her as she walked out into the yard and watched me and saw this other fellow trying to get her attention but she would not even look at him and he was getting frustrated.  I flew closer and made a circle and s
aid "She likes to fly with me."  She smiled at me and still had not even noticed this other man trying to get her attention.

Again the wind picked up a notch and I circled the yard trying to gain altitude and did gain some.  I was flying out there half to three quarters of the way to the top of the trees.  I went south and went up turned and came back to the north dipping down low and picking up speed.  I passed the two in the yard and crossed the road into a larger field where I saw a small tree had been up-rooted and was being sucked up into the dark gray sky.  I shot up past the tree and went straight up until I saw what I took to be the dirt that had been pulled up with the tree and was higher even than the tree as it tumbled in the air.  At this point I realized the energy pulling at this tree and that dirt was very great and wondered if I had not flown into something dangerous.  I turned and dove back toward the ground but by now I was so high I couldn't even see the ground.  A moment later I relaxed and realized I was weightless and couldn't tell up from down.  I wasn't frightened but I was disoriented and curious why the spirit wind had sucked up the tree and the dirt like that.
It's a symbolic dream with a message using the symbol language.  The kids (young) riding their motorcycle and broke it got my attention.  That's something that someone else broke that I help them with.  First I take it back to their house to the driveway and ask for tools to fix it with.  While the kid goes for the tools this other guy shows up and says there's nothing wrong with the "shift."  The shift is a key symbol at this point in time.  Something that motivates someone is broken and a "shift" (change) must be made.  It seems that I was the reason the shift and "fix" or "change" was made but I didn't see it happen.
That wind really is the spirit wind and it changes just like the physical weather does and when it changes it causes changes in the physical world and in people's lives.
        The tree wasn't all that big; if I were to put it in the terms of years I would call it a "teenager."  It was uprooted.  Trees are also directly connected to people and the "things" that people do.  I can't be certain if this tree represents the thing or the person who did that thing, but it comes to an end at this point in time because of the spirit winds that move things and people from one place to another.
        That girl is someone or some thing that I've rescued in the past and she remembers me fondly.  The guy trying to get her attention now is not of interest to her.
        I expect that tree that was sucked up is directly connected to what ever the girl symbol represents.  When I think about it that tree being sucked
up like that may represent something that brought the girl back to this place I saw in the dream.  Think about it.  First the kids and the little motorcycle, the thing that motivated them, they wrecked it they broke it and that caused a "shift" to take place.  That's when the spirit wind began to blow out of the west, but it churned the spirits like a whirlpool.  Then the girl shows up and this guy is trying to get her attention.  She's looking at me.  Once again as in spirit dreams from the past I find the energy that propels me upward to see that tree has been sucked up roots dirt and all by a powerful spirit.
        I have a strange feeling it may not be long until we discover what this is about.
06/11/18: Events that followed, my daughter Laura kicked her boyfriend/fiancee out then he apologized and she let him come back again.  I would have thought the tree might be a political figure but any political figure I can think of doesn't match the small size of the tree in my mind.  I realize the president is in certain trouble as repercussions to pasts decisions and actions he's made in Iraq.  For some reason this doesn't seem to match the dream.

Giant Spaceship. Orion? 11/14/2006
I was at a country fair that father was conducting.  Quite a few of the towns-folk were there.  Father had a new machine that was some kind of construction machine like I've never seen before.  It had digging things all the way around it and in the center had a control room for several people.  He said the control room computers could calculate vector graphics.

As I inspected the machine I flew up and landed on one of the digging arms and looked into the control room.  Some of the people watching were astounded to see me fly.  Several others however seemed to be fans of mine and were not surprised but they followed me around talking about me and my special abilities.

This machine had me intrigued and I wondered what in the world such an advanced special machine might be for.  I flew down and landed on the stage and the group that followed me around came to the stage to see and talk with me.

I visited with them for a little while and treated them all as friends even though in my mind I don't know who most of them were.  Then I got up at the microphone and began to make an announcement.  I introduced myself to those who didn't know who I was and told them I had a very special treat for them tonight, as it was getting dark very quickly and the area lights came on.

I said "You have all heard of UFO's and amazing alien craft before but some of you have never seen one up close.  If you would look directly over head you will see my ship."

As they looked up a giant dark blue triangular ship appeared low in the sky over us.  Three great big white lights were positioned under it and three glowing orbs of light hovered off each point.  The people gasped in awe of the great ship about 100 or so feet above them.

A few moments passed as I waited for the crowd to settle down then I said "Now you all can see it and you know it exists.  Now I'm going to go one better and give anyone who wants to go inside a free tour of this ship."  I looked to my right and saw two or three men standing there with a can of spray paint and they began to paint a white circle on the ground.  "Anyone who wants to go on the tour may step into this circle and be transported into the ship."

Some were apprehensive and some literally ran to get into the circle.  As the circle was full of people they vanished and reappeared in the control room of the ship.  This ship is very similar to the one in my novels.  Each group had their own tour guide and were taken to various places inside the great ship.  Each time a group would go up another group would gather in the circle.  Most of the people decided to go up and see what was up there inside the ship.  They saw astounding things they thought they might never see.

Finally I transported up into another control room and this room was not something in the ship in my novel.  This room had a big table in it with a 3D image of the stars, planets and our ship in it.  I could see the stars and began wondering of the location of the ship and two others there, one woman said "look here" and pointed at a smaller screen on the edge of the table.  I could see the dark figure that represented our ship.  I saw controls that could move and expand the view into the larger screen but then I woke up.

Usually when I see earth moving equipment in my dreams and father having to do with any of it there's about to be some serious changes going on here in real time earth.

Another odd thing that I realize from this dream is these people who went to the ship seemed to be people who were being rescued from the event the machine represented.  I never saw anyone transported back to the ground and I never went back to the ground.

Dark Tunnels, Strange Sky 11/18/2006
I found myself in a dark tunnel, though I could see it was not pitch dark. I wandered around trying to find my way out. I had memories of Father working on something, a construction project of some kind. I remember massive machines moving earth. I remember a machine that was broken but was being repaired. I had no memory of how I came to be in these tunnels.

I wandered through the caves and tunnels until I came to a tunnel that looked like it had once been sealed up. It had water in it and a set of rail road tracks on the floor that I could see through the water. The far end of the tunnel was caved in. I went back the way I had come and continued on until I found my way out into what looked like a construction site. I saw some men working with machines and others walking around and talking. I saw immense buildings in the distance and all around us were tall buildings.

I asked two men what was the city I was in and they acted as if I must be crazy not to know where I was. I walked across the broken dirt toward a road near some trees. Another man came near and I asked him what was the name of this city and he looked at me an laughed, must have thought I was crazy. I told him I didn't recognize any of the buildings. I began to walk along the sidewalk by the road up the hill and then stopped and looked around and this man had followed me. He asked me "You really don't know where you are?" I said "No, I found myself inside the tunnels below this place and wandered out into this construction site." The man said "You are in New York City."

I looked up at the sky toward the north then the east and I saw the sky was white like snow or ash. In the east was a thing like a ditch and in that ditch I saw a human body. Toward the north I saw a ball looking thing in the sky against the white ash or snow. Then I looked at the man and told him what I saw in the sky. He looked concerned.

It seems that it might be a prophetic dream perhaps of a future event. The fact that I got the name of the city was something in itself, quite a lot of the time I wander all around in my dream trying to figure out where I am and never do get a name of the place.

I was about to pass this off short, but again we see the symbols of Father and a construction project moving earth. These symbols have been appearing in my dreams more frequently.

It might be considered odd that I started out in the tunnel with all those memories. Then I had to find my way out of those places. I have heard there are tunnels and subways under New York that have been closed off, but some of the tunnels still exist and were not filled in. I could see the rail road tracks through the clear water.
The earth moving equipment means "earth changing" event.

The sky very disturbing in this dream. One might relate this to a "sign in the heavens" of a future or possible future event. The fact I saw the dead person face down in that ditch was also disturbing. I saw this to the east. To the north I saw the round or ball shaped thing. It was also white or whitish.

I had the feeling the white stuff was ash rather than snow but I can't be sure. Then the body in the ditch vanished, but the ditch was still there.

Trees Ripped from the Ground by Storm 11/20/2006
I was laying at the back door of the old farmhouse in fetal position with my head toward the East looking south.  There was a fenced in yard but it wasn't the same as the real one.  There were adult size trees scattered here and there around the outside of that fence.  I could hear rumbling like a train or tornado but could not see the storm in the sky.  Suddenly the sound increased and the tree at the southeast side of the fence went straight into the sky with dirt flying and it vanished.  The sound subsided and I realized something serious was taking place here and now.

Scary invisible storm I thought to myself. I was afraid to get up or to try to move to safety.  "Just stay here and keep low" I thought "I'll be all right."   Suddenly the rumbling sound became loud again and I looked in the direction of the sound toward a fairly large tree just over the south fence.  I saw the turning motion of a powerful invisible force as it turned around the tree then pulled it from the ground quickly throwing dirt and sucking the tree dirt and all into the sky out of sight in the blink of an eye.

The sound subsided and I lay there looking at another similar tree just over the southwest corner of the fence.  Suddenly the sound came again and once again the turning motion of something invisible became visible as it turned around the tree then ripped it up like the two before it.  The sound faded and I sat up and looked around wondering what had just taken place.
        I frequently have dreams that are so far beyond me personally that it's impossible to track most of them.  This event seems to be saying it is about to put an end either to someone or something or both.  Not one but three of them in a row.
        At this time I'm not really sure what it is about but in the past when I have had similar dreams about being on the farm either "farm" or "earth" or "earth changes" or "God" as in the "land owner" are usually involved.  Some how these things affect a great number of people in some way, meaning that I believe it is prophetic in nature and not personal.  Most likely a very high level prophetic night vision.
Huge Stadium Seating 11/21/2006
I found myself, wife and both daughters on an escalator that was miles long and headed across the desert toward a wall that rose up out of the earth more than a mile high.  There were others on the belt moving along with us but as large and wide as this belt was it could have held many more.  The belt must have been around 10 feet wide, but it was miles long reaching up into the sky to the top of that wall.

I could see this one going up to the wall and another to the left coming back down from the wall.  I could not see anything under them holding them up as they left the ground.

The belt like thing we were riding upon was moving right along but it wasn't going real fast either and it took awhile to get to the top of the wall.  When we got up there I saw more people and there were some HUGE seats to the right facing in and smaller human sized seats to the left of a central place.

When I first saw the HUGE seats I wondered who they were for because they certainly were not for humans.  I saw some of the people literally walking around on top of these seats like walkways.  I also walked on one of them and looked around.

Looking back out from where we had come was nothing but desert, and the two ramps coming and going from this very high place.

I followed others into a central place and saw people working in a kitchen who were just getting started.  It was clear an event was to take place here and all the seats were facing down toward the desert and the rest of the world, of which we could see for many miles.

I spoke to a man working in the kitchen and saw people lining up for what was about to be served.

Just past this location was an open flat area with a stage and a band was setting up and woman singer was on the stage talking with people via her microphone.

Now I walked a few more yards and saw an area of seating built the right size for humans and a few people had found their way out into this area.  Everyone was looking toward the desert which seemed to be south west.  Of course we could see for many miles from south east around to west.

The next thing I knew people were getting on the belt that takes them back down and I saw my daughters standing near the down thing.  I heard a voice saying the belt was now active.  I saw people leaving before the final act took place and I said "That must be embarrassing."  The singer walked up behind me and stood to my right and said "It sure doesn't help the bottom line."

I saw our daughters get onto the belt to go down and my wife waited until I got to her but then I heard the song "Macho Man" and woke up.
        The one thing that stands out most in this dream is the fact there's a HUGE bleachers overlooking the desert from a very high place as if the desert is the stage and a huge event is about to take place.
        The structure itself was constructed on top of a mountain in the desert and looked as though it may have taken thousands of years.  The entire place looked as if it were made of stone.
        I never saw any giants but it was clear the first set of seats we saw was not made for humans, but someone at least twice as large as humans if not larger.  This has the implications of greatness for who ever is to set in those places.  Though we notice I never saw them at that time.
        Food was being served at this place but many times food in dreams represents information that people take into themselves.
        At the same time we have a band setting up and a singer.  This compliments the food and represents some kind of information being given out in a very high format.
        Everything in this dream looks like something is about to happen and quite a few people are being notified of the event that is to take place down below that high place.
        There's something important about people leaving before the last information is given out.  People walking out on the speaker/singer before the last bit of information is given out.  She said it wasn't good for the bottom line.