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A friend of mine wrote concerned about the war in Gaza.  She said...
Sure wish there could be a modern day LAWRENCE OF ARABIA who could quell this misguided war in GAZA ! Scary, isn't it ?

And I answered....

It is but it's all been set up long before to keep war against Israel and tensions high against Israel and the Jews. If you go back to the point when the Arab nations were born from the illegitimate son of Abraham it makes a little bit more sense. Haggar was the servant of Sarah. Sarah was very old and baron yet God promised her and Abraham would have a son. When the Lord and two angels came to visit with Abraham Sarah overheard their conversation and when the Lord said this she laughed but God heard her laugh. She laughed at what God said about her having a child at her old age. Any woman would I should think but it got her into a bit of trouble.

Then it was Sarah who gave her servant the Egyptian woman Haggar to Abraham to give him a son. This was a HUGE mistake and Abraham argued against the idea but then finally at the begging of his wife he gave in and took Haggar who had his son Ishmael. The father of the Arab races.  These became the enemy of Israel from the very beginning.

Now Haggar poked fun at Sarah for not being able to give Abraham a son and so she wanted the Inheritance promised to the first born son. Meanwhile Sarah did give Abraham a son just as God had promised and the conflict between the legitimate son and the illegitimate son escalated until Sarah insisted that Abraham send Haggar and her son away. Abraham didn't want to but it was clear by now that Sarah had a great deal of influence over him and would make him do what she wanted done.

The symbols are very real. The legitimate and the illegitimate sons of Abraham produced two great nations. The sons of Israel finally were allowed to return to their home (70 weeks of Daniel) and this became their inheritance. The illegitimate children of Abraham do not recognize Israel's right to exist based on the fact their father Ishmael was the first born son of Abraham. The deciding vote however goes to God because Israel was born by the promise of God and is the rightful legal heir.

Since God and Abraham both abandoned the Muslims they do not recognize the authority of the God of Israel or what the prophecies say regarding such things. As a result they ignore what can't be changed and they rewrite what they choose to rewrite. The hatred among these people runs to their very core for many thousands of years. This is why they continue to fire rockets and fight against Israel. The prophecy says they will do this until God Himself returns and settles the argument.

That's the basic story and the meanings of the two sons. The other story runs even deeper. God could have given Sarah that child to start with and prevented all of this war. The truth is he knew Sarah and what she would do if He withheld her child from her. Thinking of Abraham and her both being very old and having no child to leave their inheritance to she made a choice to give him a son by her servant rather than to have no son at all.

God could have prevented all of this but He didn't. All of this is His way of fulfilling the prophecy.

Jesus talked of these very things. And when we see the armies gathered all around Israel then be warned the time of the end is near.

This is the stage where we are right now. Now there is another thing to understand. These things are set up like dominoes and they are intended to trigger a set of events that will bring about the one world government that is run by the anti-Christ. This will set into effect the Great Tribulation. All these things must come before the return of our Lord. They are all part of a great and powerful purification process. When people must hide and pray constantly for their survival they will come to realize all these material things they have trusted in are not substantial. They must realize what is important and this will continue for 3.5 years. Many will die, murdered at the hands of those who should be protecting them. Others will find their way to hiding places. Some will literally be transported in the blink of an eye into hiding places prepared for them by angels. These are the ones who God will protect and they will be a key part of those who will rebuild the earth under a new system of government.

When people talk about the raptures they fail to realize exactly where these people are being transported to. They fail to understand what will happen first, second and third. They fail to realize when the prophecy says "transformed in the blink of an eye" will actually take place. Being raptured means being transported from one place to another. An angel woke me one morning and told me I would witness two great escapes but never told me when, where or what. Two raptures / transportations are mentioned in the book of Revelation. I believe was also mentioned by Jesus but can't recall exactly. Being transformed in the blink of an eye is becoming immortal. All of these things will happen but many trust in them to save them and I know for a fact a lot of those people aren't even saved.
Right after this message another friend wrote...
Hi Bryon - hope that y'all had a great Christmas and New Year.

I've been watching the news as of late with the whole issue over Israel right now. Remember the dream that I had sent much earlier in the year where I had a vision in a dream where I told my boyfriend that I had to be video taped while I repeated words being sung by only people that I could see? The words that I remembered were "Judah wears the crown when our Father calls us home" and that was the first time that I had ever heard (or paid attention to the name Judah)

Shortly after that dream, I had another where I had seen a city from a bird's view. That dream, it was as though I was being illustrated the Bible. Which is weird, because I am not a religious person. But, I understood the dream. In that same dream, I had heard a voice say "All shall perish but concrete" and I had heard that there was going to be two bombs, "Adam & Eve" because "They were the start of Man and shall be the end of Man"

I said then, that when Israel is attacked, that's going to be it - there's going to be something big. I had thought that something was going to happen around Halloween after having the Judah dream in the spring. I was worried about the election. I had seen people in costume which made me think of Halloween.
Most of the best messages sent to people from God do not come to me through highly religious people.
This lady who has been a long time friend of mine via E-mail makes mention that she is not a religious person.  Yet you can clearly see her messages come to her from God and agree with the prophecy that says Israel will never again be displaced from their promised land.

In this world there are two basic types of people, those who are thought and logic driven and those who are emotionally driven.

More intelligent people are driven by their logic.  They like to verify things and base their decisions on facts.  They are able to look into the past and find answers for the future.  These will not follow empty logic.  They tend to test things before they make decisions and sometimes their testing requires years of research for them to form a conclusion.  Now and then they realize they make mistakes and they back up and admit it both to themselves and to others close to them.  They know how to repent when they make a mistake.

Emotionally driven people are just the opposite.
  They love short-cuts!  They hate spending an hour finding the truth let alone years!  They are quick to jump on the proverbial wagon without testing anything to see if it's true.  You can tell right away who they are if you listen to how they talk.  These are the ones who speak very emotionally about the things they like or do not like.

I asked a man the other day if he watched Fox news and he said "OH MY GOD! I CAN'T STAND IT!"  This is a man who is emotionally driven despite the fact he thinks he is driven by logic and good sense.  He thinks he tests things to know the truth before he speaks but he is blinded to himself.  He can not see himself how he appears to real logic driven people.  He can't see the truth and facts he has over-looked in coming to his conclusions.

A logic driven person will watch both Fox and CNN in order to find a balance of the truth between them.
You should know who you are. :-)

Not long ago I heard a person say "Why doesn't the world wake up and realize all the worlds problems are being caused by the Jews?"  This is another misguided emotionally driven person who has a spirit similar to that of Hitler, they just don't know it.

A few months ago a man told he hates Cesar Millan.  He said "He's arrogant and full of himself and treats people like dirt!"  As much as I hate defending a TV personality Cesar isn't an actor despite the fact he's being manipulated by his producer for making money.  So what does Cesar do that makes this man angry with him?  The one thing he does he gets results.  He trains people and rehabilitates dogs and his methods work even if this man doesn't like it.  I think if the truth were known this man hates Cesar and has fabricated his own image of the Dog Whisperer for his own satisfaction.

The majority of the people while given the ability to think, reason and make informed decisions many choose not to.  When Cesar did the show where the woman thought her dog was a reincarnated person tells us that some people are not as smart as the dog.  If that happens to be true then I expect stupid people will be offended when faced with that truth.

So the man tells me "I can't even talk with my friends about these things but I can always talk to you and you never argue."  And I said
"That's because when I am talking with someone who is emotionally driven I tend to tell them things they want to hear or I deliberately avoid saying things I know will offend them." (Not the exact quote but it was what I was saying.)  If I wait he usually says something like "you know what I'm trying to say?"  And I can say "Yes" to that without actually agreeing.

It is possible to have an intelligent discussion where the two parties disagree, if both parties are in fact intelligent logic and truth driven people.  It is not possible to have productive arguments if either or both parties are emotionally driven.

Recently I discovered that a very offensive man has returned to a paranormal forum that I visit now and then.  He tell us he's this and that and how he was in the military for 7 years and had a top secret clearance.  Then wants to recruit remote viewers so he can "see behind enemy lines" to "snipe" the enemy.  Just as quickly he calls everyone in the forum "sheeples."  I've had friends and relatives in the military and who have been in the military who have had top secret clearances.  I can tell you up front not one of them talk like this guy does and won't offer to admit they were ever on a black-ops in mixed company or in a public place.

To understand spirits and how they use and work with and against people is to understand the people themselves.

Recently our youngest daughter came in to tell me how a former friend of her's has gone completely hostel toward her.  I've known for a long time that girl is spiritually and mentally damaged but until now could not explain that to my daughter.  She goes to set things right and this girl calls her all kinds of names.  She's gone completely emotionally driven and it's all hate coming out of her.  My daughter wants to know what happened, what went wrong.  I explained to her that when a person is cursed by a spirit or person that curse/spirit goes out from them toward their intended target.  If that spirit is unable to expend it's energy against the targeted person it must find someone else to "smite."  Usually these spirits return to the one who sent them out and take out their revenge as many as 7 times greater.  So her former friend cursed her but our daughter came home, the safest place she could come to for protection because the angels here know and protect her.  When the evil spirit came after her the angels sent it back where it came from thus the curse literally backfired on the one who sent it.

I know those who are very religious and divot who believe that every miracle from God must be unexplainable.  They range from those who choose to believe the mistranslation/misconception that God made everything in all the universe in just 6 of our days.  Why?  Why would God care to make Galaxies further than the Hubble Telescope could see if we were the only beings he made everything for?  Truth is these people do not enjoy intelligent questions if those questions challenge what they have chosen to believe in.  Thus they have built their houses upon the sand even though they think the ground they stand upon is solid.  As such the prophet wrote "Nothing is new under the sun.  Everything that has been will be again."

They do not like questions like...

How long did it take Adam to name all the animals God created and brought before him?

How long was Adam in the Garden of Eden before Eve was made?

How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Who did Cain marry?  Who was God afraid might kill Cain after he killed his brother Able?

If the earth was made in 6 of our days why did God scatter all these dinosaur bones all over and within the earth.  You must realize if we found a few of those bones we have missed billions of them that we will never see.  If God does nothing without purpose why did He make those things we can never see?

The words translated as "void" and "without form" are better translated as "destroyed" and "in ruin."  Look them up and see for yourself.  The earth had been destroyed and God was restoring it, making it "new" again.  There are two creation stories Genesis 1 and 2.  They describe two different things.  The first describes the first creations while the second describes a recreation.

What have we learned from this page?  Emotionally driven people are people who are driven by spirits rather than actually controlling them.  These were mentioned in the Bible as it was said they are like a ship without a rudder that is blown where ever the wind decides to blow.  They also build their houses upon the sand and when the rain comes the houses fall down.

So there you have the truth.  But on these pages people come looking for the truth and I do my best to be open and share with them.  Naturally people read my pages and hate me for the things I say especially when I say something they choose not to believe in.
Israel, Dreams and Prophecy!

It's just about time for me to ask some of my trusted friends for some help on these pages.  :-)
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