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(This is my disclaimer: The following information is theory based on one person's observations from life experiences.)

Since I was a young boy I learned that not all dreams were the same.  Some dreams were not worth remembering or trying to understand while others were.  Some dreams were so real I didn't know I was dreaming and in some dreams I knew I was in a dream.

As we read the bible we learn there are different types of dreams and dream like experiences.  We learn in Numbers 12:6 that God speaks to His prophets in dreams and visions, making Himself known in a vision He speaks with them in dreams.  We learn this method of communication is referred to as "dark speech."  This dark speech uses a symbolic language.  Not everyone has a clear understanding of the meaning of dreams and sometimes the best we might do is 50% accuracy.  If you are doing 50% on at least some of your dreams you are doing better than most.

I refer to the categories of my dreams as the following.

DreamsGeneral dreams produced by the daily activities and concerns of the dreamer.  These dreams may or may not have anything important to share with the dreamer.  They are a product of the subconscious mind processing the activities of the conscious mind.

     A general dream can serve useful purposes in that it can help the dreamer resolve problems and puzzles from their daily lives.  We may be working on a problem during the day that ends up being resolved by our subconscious mind processing the information without the limitations of our conscious mind.  We may not even realize it but when we return to that job or problem we have been dealing with suddenly the answer comes to us "out of the clear blue."  Sometimes we say "the answer was so easy" and then not realize it was our subconscious mind that resolved that problem for us.  How did it do that?  Because it works independently of the limitations of our conscious mind.  It doesn't have the same limitations as our conscious mind.

Level 2 Dreams
: Higher level dreams involve the processing of information that goes beyond our own knowledge.  They carry information again from our subconscious mind about things we don't have the personal knowledge of.  These are a kind of hybrid level dream that bridges the physical with the spiritual.  These are the types of dreams that can inform you of things that may touch your life in some way but have to do with others in your life.

     Informative level dreams can tell you when something important has happened in someone else's life, someone you know.  These dreams may use a mix of literal and symbolic language and like general dreams if you don't dwell on it somewhat you will forget you had the dream.  These dreams may speak of a birth, death or accident for example but can cover a much wider range of personal subjects.

Night Visions
: High Level Dreams move into what I call night visions.  Like the lower order of dreams they can use a mix of symbolic and literal dream language.  These dreams can seem so real you can't tell you are dreaming into the lucid dreaming experience where you know you are in a dream.  These dreams can touch upon any subject and can range from personal into things you have no awareness of.  I categorize these types of dreams in the following levels ranging from the basic night vision into the higher order of night visions.  These are the types of dreams that can bring prophetic messages to the dreamer.

While the lower level night visions can deliver prophetic messages to the dreamer and can be a mix of symbols and literal leaving you to wonder what the dream is speaking about they can and will deliver information as well as prophetic types of messages.  I term information type high level dreams as telling us of something that is about to happen or something that has happened to someone or about someone we know.  These can be dramatic life changing events for the people being spoken of in the night vision and can directly involve the dreamer.

The highest order of night vision will span into the spiritual realm and can be either informative delivering information to the dreamer or they can be prophetic in nature predicting things from days into weeks, months or years from the time the message is received.  Prophets of old have had these seeing events 1000's of years into the future and yet they expected the event to take place in their life time.  It's a good thing they wrote them down so that we today could consider their words and how they came to receive such a message.

Many of those who analyze dreams from the physical perspective fail to grasp the full understanding of how dreams are received and processed by the subconscious mind.  Those who fail to understand the connection of the spiritual to the human mind will not be able to grasp or understand the full scope of the subject.

Spirit is energy and we as humans are body, mind (soul) and spirit.  We are made up of these three main components.  Some ask why is it from the earliest times people have believed in a God or thee Gods without having any physical knowledge that such a being or beings existed.  The answer to this question is multifaceted. There is no accurate single answer to the question, because some of the gods people worshiped weren't gods at all, they were highly intelligent space traveling aliens.  At the moment we are not concerned with the aliens, but we are concerned with the other God, the one referred to as spirit.

Weather or not you believe that spirit is God you might consider that Jesus referred to God the Father as being spirit.  Some of us recognize this God as the Cosmic Mind, or Cosmic River of Life, or Cosmic Mainstream.  Some consider this Energy God as being dark matter, an energy in the Cosmos unseen, unpredictable, yet exerting great force upon matter and physical things.  Weather or not dark matter is this Father or if it is a product of the Cosmic mind we must consider that energy is eternal.  It can't be destroyed, but it can be altered and transformed into other formats.  It operates on it's own frequencies.

Consider that if energy can not be destroyed and our spirits are made of energy, that is the part of us that exists forever.  Our soul and our spirit are connected and they exist within us and communicate with our minds.  All things in the cosmos are connected in some way.  The Cosmic mind is a river of information and now and then our spirits and soul will touch this river of information and we have prophetic night visions.

The Native American Indians
, some tribes more than others were closer to understanding these things than many modern day scientists or religious teachers.  The Indians understood that all things are connected.  All things must exist in balance.  Without balance there is chaos and war.  Politics and religion tend to throw things out of balance because they are controlled by humans and these humans exist in a constant state of imbalance.  They impose their imbalance upon others and nature expanding their discord upon their surroundings.

All these things affect the Cosmic Continuum and cause disturbances within that energy flow.  When we have a high level night vision that foretells future events we call these prophetic dreams.

Everything in the Cosmos especially those closer to us have cause and effect upon the energy flowing through nature.  Any living thing having awareness has spirit and therefore touches this river of information and can have dreams and night visions that can speak of past, present and future events.  As the prophet once said, "nothing is new under the sun."  Everything that has been will be again, with some variations.  We are not the first we will not be the last.

I saw both shuttle disasters before they happened
and knew exactly what it was about because I had seen the Shuttles in these night visions.  These were prophet night visions.

I've been viewpoint into ultra secret underground bases
and I've seen military and aliens in some of these locations.  These are high level informative night visions.

The man who discovered remote viewing
who was hired by the government and worked at Write Patterson AFB training other remote viewers discovered it because he had high level viewpoint night visions that he learned were in fact accurate.

Since alien beings are also living things they touch this Cosmic River of Life.  This is how it is possible for one of us to have powerful realistic viewpoints even with alien beings near us, on spaceships or far across the galaxy.  It is possible.  It is possible for us to view into other dimensions / realms.  Enoch (seventh generation from Adam) was taken by an angel who looked like a man into the heavens and there visited multiple dimensions.  On the second and fifth levels of the heavens he wrote that he saw giant beings greater than the great giants that walked upon the Earth.  He saw these beings in two different dimensions.  These were the same alien beings who took to wife the daughters of men on Earth who created giants, giants like Goliath.

Paul was familiar there were other spiritual things that happened and once while telling of an experience he said "weather in spirit or vision I know not," because these types of spiritual experiences were so real that sometimes we just can't tell the difference.

I've been OBE (out of body) on multiple occasions and saw myself laying in bed.  I've seen other spirits moving around me and around others in various locations.  While this isn't a dream or night vision type experience I feel it is important to share that such things can and do happen to some people, and to point out these are not dreams or night visions.

A full blown vision happens while one is wide awake.
A high level night vision is just as informative but happens while one is asleep.

I hope you find this information and this group helpful in your quest for answers.
Blessings to all who visit this place.