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The Dream Language, Symbols

This page could expand into an entire dream symbol dictionary.  For now the first part of this page is for generally describing a few symbols and how and why they are interpreted as they are.

Dreams most frequently speak in symbols.  One thing represents something else.

Establishing the Meanings of Symbols
Now and then I'll have someone challenge me as to the meaning of a symbol.  It is important that you understand how symbols are established.  I will give an example.  A person asked me the meaning of a snake in a dream.  I told them the snake represents something the dreamer is not aware of.  So this person said "What do you say to those who believe the snake is a healing spirit of the earth?"  To which I answered "I will tell them they are deceived."

As with the bird the type of snake is also important to the meaning of the dream message and subject.  The size of the snake and type, poison or not, it all has a meaning.  But no mater how you view the snake weather as good or evil it does not change the actual meaning of the snake in a dream.  It will always represent something that is going on the dreamer is not aware of.  The meaning of the snake as a symbol was established from the Garden of Eden and it was established by God.  It's meaning will not change no mater what the dreamer thinks of it.

The sparrow may be seen as cute by many or all at any given moment in time but the sparrow is still a sparrow and by nature they carry parasites and they are nasty little birds.  It makes no difference if you love them or hate them the meaning of a sparrow in your dreams will be the same for you as it will be for me.  It is a messenger with ill will and it will do harm where ever it goes.  Not by intentions but by nature you understand.

In the Bible we read there were prophets of God and there were false prophets.  Being a prophet and seer back then was big business and anyone who had some idea how dreams were used to foretell events could be in big demand.  Every king had a room full of them.  Prophets of God on the other hand were rare and didn't get along with the false prophets.  While the prophet of God was looking out of his prison window the prophets of Baal were jeering and smiling because they loved to tell the king what the king wanted to hear.  "You will be victorious in battle my lord."  To which the prophet of God called out "You will see, he will be killed and the dogs will lick up his blood from his chariot."

The big difference between the two is the prophet of God told it just like God had established it while the false prophets told it how they saw it and preferred to see it.  They told it how their king would want to believe it then when the king was killed they just moved on.  If the king wasn't killed but they were found out they were put to death.

Birds represent messengers.  The type of bird seen in a dream is directly symbolic of the type of message and spirit that is delivering the message.

I dreamed I caught a nasty little
sparrow last night as it was in flight.  I grabbed it out of the air with my left hand then moved it to my right hand.  A man watching said "that's amazing."
And I said "I caught that nasty little sucker."

The sparrow while small and sometimes cute is a nasty little messenger that means no good in the spirit world. It carries mites and bird parasites.  It makes its home anywhere it can bringing its troublesome little friends with it.

You can read an example of the sparrow on example's page 8.

A single sparrow can move into a martin house and all the Martin's will move out of that house.  A sparrow will build upon another birds nest and completely transform it into something unusable by any other bird perhaps with the exception of the starling.  The starling is also a nasty messenger.  The spirit that is associated with the symbol does the very same thing to people.  When it moves in it does not like to share space with good spirits therefore it must drive them away by any means necessary.  This isn't done by intention it is done by the nature of the spirit.  The sparrow doesn't stop to think that it's parasites will drive the good birds away from it's nest, it just does what it does and the parasites do the rest.

The Owl is a night bird of prey and is often associated with death and witches.  Seeing one in your dream is a warning of something bad.  Owls are not bad, they are just birds but the symbol of seeing one in your dream is a warning.

Each type of bird has it's own meaning and birds like the Eagle often will represent the country that as adopted that as their national bird.  It's a day bird of prey and it hunts in the light.  It doesn't use the darkness to cover its actions.

Chirping noisy birds often represent people who are doing a lot of talking.


Houses often represent situations or events of some kind.  The condition of the house will directly reflect on the event the dream is speaking about.

For example recently I've had dreams with structures and houses in them that are speaking of a very unpleasant future event.  You can read about these structures in the 2012 area of this site.  Briefly I will describe a rounded tent like structure where everyone is walking on the second level and no one is on the surface/ground.  The upper area is constructed using what looked like half inch plywood.  Not something you would want to walk on very high off the ground but that's all there was.  It means 1) no one on the surface of the Earth.  2) shaky unstable, uncertain situation during that event.  The tent means "temporary" and also "unsubstantial / not solid."

In another dream I went to a house where the doors were open and there was a big hole in the side of the house.  This is an event that is being spoken of that is not a good thing.  It is a warning of something to come.  We look at the rest of the dream to find out what it is speaking about specifically if possible and learn that sick people will not be able to get their meds as a result of this event.  A very serious warning dream.

In another dream I am standing on a hillside overlooking an area of a city with tall buildings.  Among them I see a rather large building completely on fire.  The dream is saying this is the end of something big.  It might be the end of a business.  It might also be saying the earth itself is going to burn.  The earth being represented by the building and the building being on fire can mean the earth itself on fire.  Of course we must also understand that fire tests things and something on fire is in some kind of danger even if fire itself isn't the case.  Any item seen in a dream may be literal or symbolic or a mix of both.


A car, motorcycle or personal sized boat or even a small airplane can represent a person's body or their life.  Generally the dreamer will see things he's familiar with.  A person who's never sat at the controls of an airplane will most likely not dream of flying an airplane.  Ordinarily people dream about things they have some experience with.  The exceptions to this rule will include the possibility the dream is not a personal dream, but may be a viewpoint dream experience or a night vision.

Beasts of Burden

Another very common dream symbol is the symbol of the horse.  The horse is a multifaceted symbol.  This means it has more than one meaning depending on what part of the horse you see.  The general meaning of the horse as a symbol is "power."  From the very beginning the horse has been a beast of burden used by people for various load bearing tasks.  Today we still use the term "Horse Power" and give it meaning by saying things like "235 HP."  That HP stands for horse power.

The horse carries things and in prophecy we read about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.  The horses therefore carry the messengers of death.  Horses carry things.

The horse's mouth is a term that makes reference to the fact that looking into the horse's mouth is to know the truth about the horse.  A person buying a horse who knows anything about horses knows the approximate age and condition of the horse by looking at the horse's teeth.  If they are badly worn the horse is not young.  If they are in good shape odds are good the horse is younger.  Then the people may haggle over a price.  A person buying a horse who doesn't look into the horse's mouth is not a wise person and may over-pay for the animal.

The horse's back.  Seeing the horse carrying something refers to the load bearing message of the dream symbol.  What does the horse carry?  In the Bible we read of the four horses of the Apocalypse.  We also read they carry the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.  This is the load the horses carry.  You will notice how the Bible names each of the riders according to their purpose.  And the pale horse's rider is "death."  Now death is seated upon a pale horse.  The meaning of the symbol is simple.  Death rides a pale horse.  Death is the intention and purpose and the horse is the method by which death travels.

The horse's rear end is frequently a message about someone.  We use the term "Horse's ass" for a reason.  It means someone who's hard to deal with or someone who's being stupid.

The horse's feet are also a symbol that have meaning but usually the feet are mixed with other symbols and can have certain variations.  The feet of the horse would generally refer to the ability to carry a message just as the feet of the prophets were directly related to the ability to carry God's message to the people.  My foot prints on the Internet are these pages which you read.  This page represents one foot print.