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The dreams continue! Many warning of hard times to come in the very near future.  Some speak of secret government black ops & laboratories, some of famine.  Some talk of a "dead" world and some reveal the paverbial end of the road.  All warning dreams of things that may be happening now and more to come.
Examples 11 beings on 1-9-2011

When I first began this project I intended to not only share vital information from prophetic dreams but to help people become aware that dreams can foretell future events.  I had no idea how many people would actually find these pages and value the information here as I do.  My thanks to all of you who write me to tell me your dreams and to those who read the dreams and have ideas what some of them may be speaking about.  Yes if I get your message I will do my best to respond. :-)

One of the prophecies speaking of the end of the age says there will be unexplained deaths of animals world wide.  This is happening at this time and so far all the explanations we have heard are speculations that may fit one set of deaths but not the others.  One of these and I must admit I was one of those who thought the birds and fish dying in AR was the result of fracking going on in Guy, Ar.  Problem was the wind was in the wrong direction the night the red winged blackbirds died and the fish died over a 100 miles to the west.  The very next day I see on national news that strange animal deaths by the 1000's have been taking place on a global scale. What ever it is it seems to leave no trace.  The PHDs who examined the birds say they met with blunt force trauma, they were beaten to death.  Sure flying into a tree building or windows can kill a bird.  Falling out of the sky into trees buildings and the ground can also make those same marks.  It's not an explanation, it's only a theory and overall does not answer the question "what is killing these animals?"

Why would 40,000 devil crabs wash up on a beach?  Did they fly into a tree building or window?  How about the fish dying by the thousands in various places, did they fly into a window?  All these animal deaths at the same time on a global scale and if the same thing caused it then there's an Earth connection, so what is it?

At the same time an airport in Miami, FL closed down to renumber their north south runways because the earth's magnetic pole has moved a full 10 degrees!  Some fish, birds, reptiles and certain mammals use the earth's magnetic fields to navigate.  If the signals change or if the animal is unable to recognize them it can beach itself and die.  But could this have killed all the fish, crabs and birds?  Maybe its connected and maybe something else is causing it.

We keep watching our dreams and the news to gain more information about these things.

If you had a dream that you think is important please tell us about it.
Dream Series with bad fruit, travel, worms, tornados.  3-31-2011

This is one of those dreams that come in a series they are all connected to the same subject and they are all a warning about something.
The Rat!
My wife and I asleep wake to hear the sound of something running around the room on the floor.  She said "what is it" and I said "It's a rat, a great big one!"  The next thing I knew she jumped out of bed grabbed this rat that was the size of a rabbit.  I said "don't let it bite you it will make you deathly ill!"  I grabbed it by the neck thew it on a table and killed it with my bare hands.

It's Rotten!
To start with I am not clear on some of the things as this was the first dream of the series I recall.  I was in a place seemed to be traveling and I remember having a great big stainless steal black powder pistol.  I remember picking another cylinder like the one in my gun from the ground and seeing it was made in another place yet it was identical to mine with the exception of the "Made in" location stamped into the steel.

I told someone, showed them the two and then went thorough a building outside where I found a pickup truck and a table.   On the tailgate of the truck I found a paper back and in that bag I found 4 partially pealed rotten fruit.  I closed the bag and pushed it back.  I said "that stuff is rotten" but in the next second I had a piece in my mouth and it tasted awful.  I wanted to spit it out but couldn't.
Jerry and the Cave
I found myself in a cave and my old friend Jerry Leap was there.  Without much question the smartest person I know who I can call friend.  He had a stone work bench but there was nothing on it.  I looked closer and saw there were 3 sets of lighter colored stones equally spaced upon the work table.  There was a back that also went upward on the far side of the bench.  Likewise there was three more corresponding lighter stones in the back.

We were suppose to go somewhere and he went to get something.  The next thing I knew I was down deeper in the tunnel when I heard a loud noise sounded something like a car running without a muffler and it was racing and loud.  I thought "OMG Jerry has gone crazy!"  I turned looking back up the dark tunnel and seeing a rectangular room to my left and a column that looked like a big tree going from the floor into the ceiling I got down behind it and waited until the sounds stopped.  I walked across this room and climbed up on the other side then returned to where Jerry was working.

The next thing I knew I was driving a motorcycle up a hill in the night in the rain with Jerry on the back.  He said "Look for 17th street.  I got to a main intersection and looked up the hill and my memories said that's the way we had come from.  I looked but there were no street signs.  Thinking to find one I turned right following the traffic up the hill when I felt something touching my left hand.  I looked to see a fishing worm coming out of the end of the handlebars.  I knocked it away and began looking for some street signs but there were none. I thought about turning around and going back when again I felt something touching my left hand.  This time there was a bunch of fishing worms.  I pulled over and jerked them out of there.  More worms came out.  I was parked on a side street higher up the hill but the road I was parked on went back down the hill.  Now I realized Jerry was no longer with me.

I continued to pull wads of worms out of the left side of the handle bars until smaller white worms that looked like larvae began to come out.  I moved back turned the motorcycle around pointed it back up the hill and a car pulled up beside me and stopped.  A man in the car was watching me.  He said something like "what in the world?"  And I said "I have never seen anything like this in my life."  I refused to touch or pull them anymore.  I set on the back of the seat watching them fall to the ground in the rain.  At this point when I woke I realized the dream was warning me about a sickness and that being connected to going on a trip.  We were scheduled to go to MO on Friday and the moment I woke I said "I'm not going anywhere after a nightmare like this."

Now I found myself driving a car or SUV down the highway and came to an intersection.  It was night time, it was storming and I could see 4 large tornadoes in front of me.  There was at least 2 or 3 others in the vehicle with me.  I pointed at the funnel clouds and said "I don't want to go that way."  I turned around and started out the other way to get away from the storms and behold several more tornados appeared in front of me going that direction!

I said "they are all around us.  The only thing we can do now is find shelter from them."  I watch as one came near a little town that reminded me of Detroit, IL and it vanished over the highway.  I pulled toward a parking lot or gas station on the left and saw utility vehicles all over the place.  I couldn't even get off the highway!  There was a ditch to the right and no where to go on the left.  A bucket truck was parked facing me on the left side of the highway.  To it's right my left was another ditch filling with water about 5 feet deep.  There was a big man behind the wheel of that truck.  The tornado spun up again on the right side of the highway and I said "we got to find shelter now!"

Suddenly I was moving forward again and I hit the breaks hard, we slid right into the front of that truck.  The big man got out and said I hit him.  I said "Yes and I had both feet on the breaks when I did."  The smaller twister moved along the right side of the highway and vanished again.  My vehicle was now parked hanging front over the ditch and had it not been for the service truck we would have been in the ditch.

The big guy smiles at me like as if he was an old friend and he seemed to recognize me but I did not recognize him.  I see a small service truck come into the area and it slid into the ditch on the far side of the road.  We ran over grabbed this little truck and pulled it out onto the road. The tiny little man that was in it looked like a midget and he was terrified.  He jumped out of his little truck climbed into a larger one and buckled himself in.  He said he wasn't going back to that little truck again.

Dreams like these are warnings about serious troubles.

The rat like animal carries diseases.  It's a type of demonic responsible for unclean spirits.  We were warned of evil that is lurking intending to make us sick.

are symbolic of the actual unclean spirit / illness.  Bacteria or virus even cancer can appear in dreams as worms.  Frogs and certain other things also represent illnesses.

I'll try to come back to add more details when I get time.  Right now I'm busy and company on the way.

Vicious Barking Growling Dog Attack! 6-1-2011
Last night I was in a large city that I didn't recognize where I saw a steam train go up the middle of the street and saw the street decorated with red bricks.  My daughters were with me and we started out of a big building into the area outside.  We saw people going about their business and people entered a tunnel like area heard a loud growl and ran the opposite direction as hard as they could.  I began backing up watching to see what it was when a large black dog came running out barking and growling at everyone.  People were literally climbing anything they could to get away from the dog.  It acted like it had rabies!  When it turned toward me I backed into the big building again and held the double doors closed with both arms.  Finally I hear a woman's voice as she talks to the dog and then grabs it and leads it away from my doors.

I had some nightmares all night but this particular one has certain symbols in it with clear meanings.

A dog in a dream can represent all kinds of problems from the mundane to the confrontational variety.  Since the dog is barking you can just about bet it represents a problematic individual who's more or less speaking their mind and offending people as they do.

When I slammed the doors on this one I'm preventing the person from having access to something that belongs to me.  I don't want this trouble maker in there simple as that.
Update 6-5-2011:
I had become friends with a handful of new paranormal investigators in Arkansas.  Because of them I joined three new FB groups on line.  Because of this barking dog I was wrongly accused of "Playing with demons" and "sending demons after people."  Thus we have our barking dog scaring people and the dog is in fact a demon who hates me and doesn't want me telling people what I know about the demons.  As a result I was booted from all three groups.  And people want me to explain why I don't tell them all that I know on my websites.  HA! Try it, see what happens.

The day wasn't over before I met this person on Face Book in a chat.  Frequently I friend people when I have no clue who the are.  I write novels, I run a dozen websites this one included and I try to help people with various kinds of problems if I can.  I can't be highly selective previous to knowing who someone is unless they give me a reason.

Today my friends I met someone who claims to be an angel.  OMG! I've got a real life angel on my FB friends!  I should be thrilled!  So why aren't I?

I've had encounters with real prophets of God and real angels of God and I know they both have a protocol.  1 they always know who they are going to see.  2 they always reveal something given to them from God that will identify them to me in no uncertain terms.  Angels are purpose driven.  They do not exist without purpose.  They are nothing like humans.

Jesus said test the spirits do not take them at their word and if you are not testing everything and everyone you are not doing what Christ told you to do.

Like the CIA the angels and prophets of God have protocol.  Secrets they know that won't be recognized or figured out by a poser.

Angels walk among us all the time sometimes they even take human form and you won't know one of these if you met them because they very rarely identify themselves as an angel.  I'm talking 99.999% of the time they won't so don't hold your breath.  If someone introduces themselves as an angel in human form you would be well to suspect they are mentally ill, playing a joke on you or high on some kind of hallucinogenic drug.

Since angels do exist on earth and I have been contacted and had personal visits here at the house I try to give everyone a chance to prove who they are.  Of course the angels who came to the house to see me could move through the walls and that's not something a human pretending to be an angle can do.

Now she tells me the Book of Enoch is a bunch of lies no better than the book of Mormon.  Now this is an insult to compare a book written by Enoch 7th from Adam who walked with God did not die and was taken into heaven by angels to a book that has no significant value at all like the book of Mormon.  (I know, God showed me the tombstone with the name of the Mormon church written on it.  He's not a fan either.)  A fallen angel (demon) would say that but not an angel of God.

She said God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra because the queers were trying to screw the angels, not because of what they were doing to each other.  Yes they intended to but these people were so perverted and corrupted by demons they didn't care who they screwed and that's why God sterilized that entire area.  It was a habitation of demons and yes they were mostly homosexuals but that wasn't where they stopped being evil, that's just where they began.  Yes homosexual people will defend their mental state against biblical records where God destroyed their kind in the past.

She said Hell's not real, it's this earth we live on that's hell.

Nope, hell is real and so are the smoldering pits full of souls, I know I've seen one up real close.  There are documented cases where people who have had NDEs have returned to say they were in a pit like this during the time of their death.  Not everyone sees a pretty light.

She said "Lucifer is not real, he was created by religion to scare people."

Truth is Lucifer was real, an arch angel in fact in charge of a great creation work in our galaxy
.  The North Star was named after him and it is called Draconis / The Dragon Star to this day.  When he found out what God wanted the humans for he hated God for it and the humans who God had created.  Decided to throw a wrench into the works and pretended to be God to the people he was in charge of.  Got himself demoted along with all those who followed his orders to defy God.  Note to self, defying God is not a good idea.  So Lucifer who once existed got his name changed to anything but something heavenly.  Now we call him the devil,  the great old dragon, the serpent, etc.

Truth is when they were caught and demoted, stripped of their glory they were altered in several ways.  Their appearance was altered so they could not appear in their natural form and tell anyone they were an angel of God.  Their minds were altered, a great deception was sent upon them by God and the knowledge of certain heavenly things were removed from their memories.  Their perceptions of almost everything in creation was altered and there are certain things demons will say consistently that an angel of God or a true prophet of God will recognize.

Then I found out this young woman, a child compared to me is a homosexual.  The demon underling (gravling / gremlin) who has the homosexual alteration also has this same altered perception.  Certain things they might speak about will be altered to protect their host human from realizing they had been deceived.  If the truth is revealed then the host will have a choice to make corrections in their life and be rid of the demon influence.  I've never seen this fail and the demon's spawn will say certain things every time that gives them away.

Most demons will tell you hell and the devil do not exist.  Many of them will tell you Heaven and God does not exist.

There are other things I could reveal here but there are things I like to keep to myself so that if someone comes claiming to be an angel sent from God they will find it much harder to trick me. :-)

Needless to say I have no idea how I can help someone who thinks they are an incarnated angel.  I gave her the boot from my FB friends list and that's the second person I've done that with.  The first one was a name being used as an advertising gimmick to get me to look at their ads.

To put it short the woman claming to be an angel incarnate was the black dog in my dream.
  She was the one I closed the doors and want nothing to do with. That was God's way of telling me to close the doors on her.  No one can help her until she realizes she's not an incarnated angel.  She must realize she has a serious problem and then seek help.  Then she can be helped.

Funny Money, Flood, Flat Tire, Little Black Man 7-29-2011
I found myself in the upstairs of a building and it was night time.  I looked out the window and there was a large channel of water flowing out to a much larger channel of water.  There was a steel ladder at the window and the window was open.  It was a hot summer night and I needed to go somewhere.  I kept thinking it was near five AM.

As I stood there an old friend of mine came up behind me and asked what I was doing.  I told him it was about time for me to leave.  He said he had a flat and had to get a new tire for is truck.  He drives a big rig.  He said he would meet up with me later.  I climbed out the window but before I reached the ground the ladder moved off the house and started to spin.  I jumped to the ground and caught it and put it back at the window.

I started across the parking lot toward my car when I looked at my watch and saw it was not 5 AM it was 11PM.  I stopped wondering how I could have been so wrong and looked back at the building I had climbed out of thinking I might go back and get a few more hours sleep.  Then I thought me going back in would just wake someone up so I decided to go ahead and hit the road.  As I got to my old white Charger I considered if I was awake enough to make the trip as I was very tired and knew it was a long drive.  I got into the car deciding I would give it my best shot.

I found myself in a store and there were a few people shopping and so was I.  I had some things but did not go to the front counter to check out but instead headed toward the back or commercial checkout at the back.  Some stores have these for business customers.  I put my stuff on the counter but it was a box of something and I have no idea what was in it.  I pulled out a pocket full of silver dollars and lay them on the counter and they became HUGE as I watched.  I picked some of them up and dropped them on the floor they were so large perhaps 5 inches or so across maybe six.  I picked them up and put them back on the counter and looked at the check out lady to check her expression.  She said "That's odd."  And I said "I'll say."  Then an old man came through on the far side of the check out and he was mumbling something that sounded rude.  In the dream I could hear most of what he said but now I can't remember it.  Then he said something about the little black man down on the river that stands near the highway.  I saw images of a little black thing about a foot or two tall but it didn't look much like a man to me and it was black as soot.  The old man continued to make his way toward the back door saying people were going down to see the curious little black thing.  He went out the door and Jerry came in and said his tire could not be fixed and he needed a new one and asked if I would help him and I said yes.

Now I looked down and some of those silver coins had turned into what looked like tin foil.  I picked one up and began to inspect it and wondered how I was going to take my change in that condition.  I began rolling them up one after another into a roll about a foot long and continued to compress them with my hands to make them smaller as I went until I had a roll about two inches thick.

There were at least one or two more segments of this series but I can't recall the missing pieces at the moment.

The last one I found myself floating in the water in that channel.  It was muddy, not clear but wasn't real brown, it was like river water in the Arkansas river.  I noticed the stream was pushing me toward the concrete dock when I looked up to see it was the building I had climbed out of in the first dream.  I began to swim toward the ladder on that dock when the current began to pick up and pushed me right to the ladder.  I held on as the water came up fast moving toward the larger body of water beyond.  I held on until the water came up over the wall and then I grabbed onto the building as the water continued to rise.  I said "I've got to warn someone about this."  I looked around but there was no one I could see to warn.  Then I woke up and realized I was saying I needed to tell someone about the dream because it is in fact a warning of something overwhelming.

Seeing an old friend I grew up with like Jerry has a meaning similar to the actual and it doesn't mean Jerry's involved, though it could if the dream is about something that has to do with him and I don't think this one does.  Jerry and I live far a part and despite the fact a few of my friends still remain in contact with me he's not one of them.  At one time they said we were like two squirrels in a tree that's how close we were.  Last time I saw him was years ago, he was working and wouldn't stop to say hello.  In the dream however he was asking me for help and I said I would.

Sometimes it's because that person I knew has something in common with someone else I know.  Jerry's a truck driver and yes I have friends today who are truck drivers so that gives me something to watch for to track these dreams.

I thought it was later, I thought it was 5am and nearly morning.  Morning is the time when the light comes up from the east and illuminates our day.  It's the time when we can see clearly what's going on around us.  11pm however is one our from midnight and that's the witching hour, the dark time comes and that means bad things happen.  The saying "our darkest hour" applies and that's a warning time.  So the dream is saying "the dark time is coming, one hour away."

A blown tire is also a warning.  Tires are full of air and Jerry had a blow out.  Tires are also inflated but a blow out is a deflation.  The thing that puts the twist on the meaning of this symbol in the dream is the fact it was only implied and I never did see the blown tire.

Seeing my 1970 Dodge Charger makes the dream personal and means some how I will be involved or included in the dream subject.  But things that affect the entire nation will show personal symbols.  So while it includes me it doesn't exclude anyone else.

Going to the store to get something is also an important symbol and I think it's literal in this dream.  It's saying that going to buy something is required but since it was in an unmarked box that something could represent anything.  The money is the next symbol that jumps out at us.  For one it was silver and we don't use silver anymore for buying things.  The silver expanded so I might say inflation is about to hit.  Or I might say the price of silver is about to increase by 4 to 6 times it's normal value.  The trick comes when the silver turns flat like tin foil.  We have a dream symbol changing two times in a single dream and that seems to be saying that something will either affect silver itself or money in some way.  We say "the money is spread thin" right when we don't have enough to pay the bills and get what we need.  I'm going to say this is a warning about something happening to the value of our money.

The nasty old mumbling man didn't buy anything in the store, he walked around behind the counter in fact as he was mumbling about the little black man down by the river.  Rivers represent anything that flows and with the Internet we can say information is a river.  And while I'm typing this message up the Internet here has gone down twice.  Everything we have now runs on one line and that goes to the Internet.  Our phone, our TV, movies and Internet all go through AT&T U-verse.  I just reset the DVR in the living room and the next warning was the Internet went down so I reset the U-verse hub and I'm waiting for it to restart.

The little black man down by the river could be saying there's a "bad thing" playing with the Internet connections.  I remember once when I ran the BBS and I had a powerful night vision where as I was in my house and woke to hear something in the computer room and got up to find a very ugly dwarf in the computer room messing with my computer.  I chased him right back out the window he had entered through.  The concept of gremlin comes to mind.

Being in the river includes me and the water rushing and overflowing the banks at that time is an indicator of something that is overwhelming that is directly related to the work of the little black man.  At this point after going over this a few times I'm inclined to think the little black man may represent something President Obama is involved with that will once again adversely affect our country.  The nasty old man didn't like the little black man not one bit and I'm thinking I don't like him either.

Stolen Car Dreams
I was with two other white men and one of them was a friend of mine from home.  We called him by his nick name "Bim" and they still call him that today.  We were in suburbs of a city and pulled up at the side of a restaurant and stopped.  We got out there was a wooden fence there beside the building and the gate was open.  Suddenly without warning three large Mexican looking men showed up wearing black vests with machine guns.  Instantly we drew our guns and I had a pistol.  It was three against three and I had a sharp aim at the man in the back.  After a few tense moments Bim told them "we don't want to have a shoot out here we are only here to recover a missing vehicle that belongs to a friend of ours."

Seeing it was clear if we all opened fire that most of would be shot the three lowered their guns and agreed to take Bim and the other man with them to see their boss and find the missing car.  I was told to stay and keep a close eye on the vehicle we were driving because it was clear these people steel cars.

I sat in the car waiting when a gang of young black boys showed up and began pestering me for everything.  Look me look at your radio.  Let me look at your gun.  What are you doing here in this neighborhood?  They were like ants crawling up both legs and both arms at the same time.  You brush one off and another gets on somewhere else.  They were driving me nuts and finally I stuck my pistol into my jacket but there was no holster so I had to hold it careful to keep it from dropping out the bottom.  Then I saw one of them had my portable radio and had turned it on.  I said "No that's a spirit box."  And he said "what's that for?"  And I said "It's for talking to the dead."  About then he found a radio station and walked toward the back of the car.  I followed just knowing they were going to steel the radio and run or distract me and steel something else but the music seemed to calm them down.  The entire group gathered at the back of the car and listened to the music.  It wasn't music to my liking but they liked it.

After awhile I began to wonder where Bim and the other guy were and I went into the restaurant to see.  There was no one at the front door and it seemed they were just opening for business.  I walked half way through the building seeing workers now and then and someone asked if they could help me and I told them I was just looking for my friends.  They went on and so did I moving on to the back of the building I looked out the window into the fenced in lot but saw no one there.  A bit further on was a very big odd looking tree that I could not identify.

I turned walking toward the front again when I ran into someone and asked them if they had seen my friends and described them but they said they had not.  I moved on and saw a booth and people in it now and asked them if they had seen my friends and they said no.  I moved on and finding an empty booth I entered and looked around.  These booths had walls that went higher than my head perhaps 6 or 7 feet tall. Except for being open on the one side they were practically private.  People in one booth could not see people in another.  It was then I realized my gun was not in my jacket and must have fallen out.  I rushed out and began searching the building along my path to find nothing.  Someone had found it.  I heard a man's voice saying "did someone lose a gun?"  And I said "I did."  I turned to see the owner dressed in a somewhat dirty white kitchen outfit holding the pistol.  I asked him to give it back and he refused.  He said he was going to keep the gun or call the police.  I said "It's not mine, a friend loaned it to me and I need to give it back to him."  And he said he would just call the police and let them deal with it.  Knowing I would be arrested for having the gun and all the other bad guys would go free I agreed knowing I would have to pay my friend back for the gun.

I went back to sleep and found myself in that back yard behind the restaurant near the big odd looking tree.  Now my friends were there and we saw no threats or guns anywhere.  We began to climb that odd looking tree until we were very high in the top of it.  I remember seeing a helicopter fly past during this.  We were looking out over the city in all directions and I was looking south or south south east.  I was on the same limb as one of my friends when I realized I was way out there and began to move back.  We all began to climb down the tree and at one point I felt the limbs bending as Bim swung from the very end of one limb over to a larger area of the tree and landed on it.  I thought how risky is that?  I was glad he made it but was amazed that he had even tried something so dangerous.  I continued to climb down until I reached the ground and the other man was following me.  Bim was still standing on the thick area of the tree that was horizontal.

Since this is a dream set or multiple dreams all talking about the same subject I frequently analyze them at the end of the set instead of after every individual dream.

If a symbol is not literal then it's symbolic and that's why we call them symbols. :-)  The restaurant in a dream is connected to a public location where information is distributed.  The Internet is a perfect example of that.  In this however we know there are many places on the Internet were information is available and each website represents an individual restaurant.

When weapons take aim but do not fire often it represents an objective that someone is taking aim at.  In this set we know we are searching for a car that belongs to a friend.  A car is a vehicle that can be anything from a person's life or body to something else that is personal that helps them get where they want to go.  In simple terms it might just say someone is trying to help someone else get their life back.  A life that was taken or stolen from them.

Certainly the people pointing guns at each other is a threat but it seems as though they come to some agreement to at least discuss what's going on.  We also note the numbers 3 against 3 has some meaning but unless we know what the dream is actually speaking about it may be difficult to know what that means.

Those three looked like rough Mexicans but they were dressed like government agents and that will also have a meaning.  They were in the fenced in yard behind the restaurant and that means what they are doing is semi-private.  They don't want the general public to know what they are doing back there.  So let's say it's mostly a secret what is going on in this dream event.

The gang of black boys that show up around the car and pester me represent a bunch of people who all want something and won't go away until they get it.  Sounds like a political mess if you ask me.

The spirit radio represents a form of one way communication.  We might say the music playing represents some kind of news dealing with the dream subject.  I didn't like what I was hearing but the gang of boys who were pestering me listened intently.  Again sounds like a political event.  There were so many of them there's no way this is strictly personal to me.

My friends were inside too long and I went looking for them.  The booths were all empty at first.  I went through and looked out the back window into that fenced in yard but saw no one there.  This is a portal or method or media in which someone might see what is going on in secret, but what was going on there was nothing.  So if not there then where?  If not where then nothing is actually happening.

I find some people in one of those closed up booths and they were talking.  Now something is happening inside the building but I'm not sure what.  In another empty booth I find my gun is missing and that gun is my leverage goal and objective.  Now it's gone.  Opportunity has been lost inside an empty booth where someone should be discussing the problem trying to resolve it.

The man said "someone lose a gun?"  And he spoke with an accent but I can't tell you where this guy was from.  All I can say is he wasn't an Englishman.  His accent was foreign.  I wanted to say he was Italian maybe but my memory of the dream is not that clear now.  What I can say is he acted like a mob boss.  Owner of the restaurant = guy in charge of dream subject.

This man is not friendly.  He has authority over what happens in this place.  He is difficult to deal with.  He's happy to use things against people when he can to get his way.  He takes things that do not belong to him.  He wears a dirty white outfit and that means that while he tries to appear "clean" and without fault to the general public those who know him know he's dirty and a bad man.

The strange tree in the back yard is important.  We can find references to trees in dreams in the bible and when King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about his kingdom he saw it as a HUGE tree reaching into the heavens.  This tree is very large but not as tall as that tree.  It is tall however and it has a slick gray bark.  The trunk is very thick, yards thick in fact.  The limbs many of them are twisted and odd shaped.  Very few of them are straight.  So we climb this tree to see out over the city and I find myself "out on a limb."  That in itself is a symbol that means danger and warning and get back.  A tree this size represents something quite a bit larger than anything I have going on in my life.   It doesn't seem large enough to represent the US government but then again it is gray and twisted so yeah, it might be some aspect of the government.