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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
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Dreams come in various types.

Normally people dream about things that have a direct connection to some aspect of their lives.  Most common people dream about their families, their jobs, their hobbies and their friends.  People dream about the things that are on their minds.  The more you think about something the more likely you will dream about it.

Normal people dream about normal things as I have listed them above.  There are exceptions to every rule and the first exception is that some people dream about things that are foreign to them.

Being one of those exceptions I dream about things that are so far distant to me there's no logical or scientific method to explain it.  Why would I dream about a space shuttle disaster when I don't work at NASA and live miles from there.  I don't even know anyone who does work at NASA.  University experts with Ph.D.'s claim that it is impossible for a person to dream about an event they do not have direct contact with.  Yet I have dreams about things I have no connection to and so do quite a lot of other people.

When I ran the first Dream Link dream research echo message group on a computerized B.B.S. I began writing the first files and categorized the types of dreams that I was aware of at that time.  One of the first files that I made available on my Rainbow - Paranet TAU BBS was captured by someone and posted on a website on the Internet literally without my knowledge of consent.  That file is so old and out of date it's a shame it's still out there for the public to read.  The nature of the Internet means anything that is posted anywhere on the Internet can be taken and used by anyone else for any purpose they might choose.

Dream types are as follows.

Normal Symbolic
        Normal symbolic dreams are as I have described at the top of this page.  They deal with the things people most generally think about.  They are the result of the mind and soul processing the things that reside within the dreamer's mind.

Normal Literal
        Normal literal dreams are just dreams that include literal things in the place of symbols.

Mid Level Symbolic
        These are higher level symbolic dreams that speak of things just beyond the dreamer's knowledge.  These may also include premonitions or predictive dreams that speak of events that are yet to happen.

Mid Level Literal
        As you may guess these types include literal items showing things or people for who they are rather than showing them as a symbol.

High Level Symbolic
        As you can see each dream type in this category move upward in levels and reach out further than the same type of lower levels.  A high level symbolic dream can extend into areas that include premonitions on a more powerful level.  They can include prophetic messages that speak of events from several days into the future to many years into the future.

High level Literal
        Any time a dream uses literals instead of symbols we refer to it as a literal dream.  In this type I could use a number of my previous prophetic dreams as examples.  I saw the space shuttle in my dream and I understood that it was in danger.  In one of those I was watching a TV set on a beach and in the TV set I saw the Columbia space shuttle explode.  These are "literals" not "symbolic."

Anyone might have a combination of any of the dream or dream like experiences listed on this page.

From here we move into Night Visions and viewpoint dreams.

Night Visions are of course very high level informative psychic messages to the dreamer.  When God spoke to His prophets sometimes He used what we refer to as "waking visions."  A waking vision is a very powerful image that someone can experience while they are wide awake.  They are generally very rare but they can be a powerful and disturbing experience.  They nearly always carry a powerful message for the one who experiences them.  John had powerful visions when he saw the things that were described in the book of Revelation.

A night vision is very similar but much safer than a full blown waking vision.  They also carry very important messages to the dreamer, some may just as important as the waking visions.

Night Visions
can include symbols and literal language as well as combinations of the two.

When I first placed a type on a viewpoint dream many years ago I realized it was as if I were seeing things from someone else's perspective.  Like seeing through someone else's eyes.  I saw a man standing beside a country road.  I could see his truck and could see him cussing and kicking and finally falling into the ditch.  I saw all this like I was someone who was there at the time watching this man and his situation.  Later I told the dream to someone who knew this man and he told me I had seen exactly what had happened to the man who I had seen in the dream.  Some of those people with the Ph.D.'s claim it's not possible, but I'm here to testify that it happened, not once but many many times.

The man who discovered remote viewing first discovered it in dream state
.  Therefore we can say that my viewpoint dreams can also be considered remote viewing dreams.

I've seen things in remote viewing night visions that I'm certain there are people who wouldn't like me to tell what I saw.  Some of these, perhaps most of them are going to be nearly impossible to verify because the subjects I've seen in some cases are very personal to some people and highly classified in other cases.  There are things the government is involved with and does not want us to know about.

In the examples section of this site I will give examples of each type of dream or dream like experience mentioned on this page.

Accurate prophetic dreams can come as viewpoint and or remote viewing perspectives.

Over the years I've had powerful night visions revealing some interesting and ultra secret things around the globe.  One of those being inside Sector 4 of Area 51.  What I saw while there in that series was in some detail.  It's one thing to have such vivid viewpoint dreams of some place you have never been before but can't verify.  It's another thing to learn years later what you saw was in fact real.

Often when a dream or night vision is really important I will have a series of them sometimes the same night and sometimes over a period of time.  I've had numerous dreams revealing to me underground dwellings.  Some places for humans, some for what looked like aliens and some that housed both.

Recently I've had some that reveal something dangerous and earth changing as God opened the clouds in the heavens and revealed two massive devastating events that will change the earth as we know it forever.  In an effort to figure out what that was about I learned about Nibiru.  A small solar system within our solar system that crosses Earth's path every 3600 years or so and wrecks havoc upon Earth.  Yes our solar system is a binary system.  It has two stars within it.  One of them is a smaller brown dwarf sun about two and a half times larger than the Earth but with 100 times the density.  That means it has a magnetic and gravitational influence much greater than a world 2.5 times larger than the earth.  More than 100 times greater than a world that size.

Thanks to magnetic satellite maps of our earth we know the Earth changes magnetic poles every so many thousand years but we were not quite sure what was causing this.  Now we realize as Nibiru passes it causes the Earth's poles to flip.  It causes massive earthquakes and other earth changing events.  It also drags a nasty cloud of iron trash behind it.  When Earth flies through the debris field caused by Nibiru it will rain meteorites down upon the earth like a hail storm.  According to the ancient prophecy the average of these hitting the earth will be around seventy pounds.  Imagine the entire Earth being hit by a hailstorm of meteorites that big.  Nothing on the surface of the earth will survive.

We ask ourselves if there ever was an advanced civilization living on earth thousands of years ago why isn't there any evidence of it?  The reason might very well be because of Nibiru.  Everything being pounded to powder on the surface the only things that remain are those that are either underground or under water.

Viewpoints Of Underground Bases
I've had countless viewpoint dreams inside underground bases.  I've seen aliens in some.  I've seen aliens and humans in some and I've seen inside others that only had humans in them.  Of course for years I had no way to verify any of them despite the fact I had seen them in a series in great detail.

In one series I was inside what was clearly a military base but it was deep underground.  I saw men dressed in military uniforms.  I saw an F-117 model on a desk and an SR-71 picture on the wall in this room where these military men were talking.  I walked outside to see a group of soldiers walking a tall lanky gray alien being down the hallway.

I had recorded other dreams in places similar to this place but as usual had no way to know what I had seen was real or "just a dream."  The only thing I had at that time to verify any of these things were the testimony of other individuals who said they had been there and worked there.  People like Robert Lazar who said he worked there on alien craft and saw alien beings.  John Lear and Bill Cooper spoke of the alien craft and alien beings and I messaged with both of them when I ran the ParaNet TAU BBS.  Some files from that time were moved to the Internet and you will find my name in files along with these men.

Then one day I actually met someone who retired from working at Area 51 and he was dying of two kinds of cancer.  On his death bed he said "You know the things they say about Area 51 the alien craft and alien beings?  It's all true."

I met another man who worked in a different underground base and he told me he knew a woman who worked in the deeper levels of that same base who said she saw an alien down there.  She was upset enough over the encounter that after her telling a room full of people there were aliens inside the lower levels of the base the men in the black suits came and took her away.  The point of course is the underground base exists and I met someone who actually worked in it.

I met another man who was a radar tech in the military who said he was stationed at an ultra secret ultra hidden military base in New Mexico.  He said he was there once when the president came for a visit.  He said it's not just a base it's an airport and it's totally under the ground right beside a main highway.  He said you can drive within yards of it and never know it's there.  He said they can open the doors on that base and jet planes can shoot up into the air as if from nowhere.

There's another one I am aware of, you may have seen the pictures of it.  It's just a runway on the surface and at one end there's a circle that's an elevator that takes the aircraft into the ground or brings them up again as required.  Not one building on the surface of the earth to show you what in the world is hidden below the ground.

I had a detailed series on another underground base that has both humans and aliens in it and the aliens I saw there were shaped similar to the grays but they were light gray with dark green spots.  They wore uniforms and carried regular army rifles.  They, humans, dug up a farmer's field and build this base.  I saw them with a huge conveyer belt system moving concrete, building the structure and then putting the dirt right back over the field.  They farmed the land over it as if nothing is there.  They put out sensors that look like big cans all around it.  There's a RR track that runs past the guard shack on the north side of the field.  There's an personal fence all the way around this place.  There's a road that leads to and from it that enters at the north side of the base crossing the RR tracks.  There's trees and fields around it and it's in a farming area I think in the central or north eastern areas.  I can't say exactly where this place is but I am certain it does exist and that someone might read this and know exactly where it is.

The point is your dreams can show you viewpoint things about real places that you may never have been and may never be able to go to verify what you have seen.

Energy Eternal
Energy is eternal.  It can't be destroyed.  Dreams are energy and dreams contain energy that contains information.  It is possible to tap into the Cosmic mainstream which is a database of information on an unlimited scale.  The ancient Indians have been doing this for 1000's of years.