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A Strange Place / New Shoes 11/30/2007
It seemed like a foreign land yet when three of us got on the school bus the driver drove on the right side of the road.  He took us to a restaurant where a dinner show was going on.  We three sat watching and some of the show was in French I think.  It had flash-backs in it where the actors saw themselves as children again.  When I got up my right shoe was gone.  I searched everywhere for it but could not find it.  Then someone came in from outside and brought me a new tennis shoe that had blue in it.  It was the right size and I tried it on.  I walked in it and I liked it.  I told the man I would take the shoes.  Then another man came in and bought me a big baby holder basket with handles that he put on the floor for me.
        This is a normal symbolic informative dream.
My first guess is this has to do with my writing work and Ember Reign.  The dream appears to be saying I need to make a change.

        The school bus means learning is involved in the dream subject.
        The dinner is a place where information of some kind is served.
        The dinner theater means entertainment is involved.
        The lost shoe represents something being lost or given up.
        The person who gives me the new shoe with color is someone who helps.
        The shoes represent the work.  Remember the feet and the shoes of the prophets mentioned in the Bible.  Others washed their feet and anointed them with oil.  God bless the feet of the prophets for the work they do to take the prophet where God sends him.  My feet take me where I want to go but so far my "feet" or efforts have not taken me where I want to go.  This is why the change in shoes must take place.
        The baby basket has to do with the expected birth of a new concept or project.
On a personal note I love to write.
  I think I would write even if I didn't get anything published.  Writing helps me keep what little sanity I have left.  Most people like the story line I am developing, but the people who really count reject my work.  It is clear a change must be made.  It's clear there is much room for improvements in my work.  None of this means anything if I give up.

The Two Little Voices
Sometimes I get depressed thinking I won't live long enough to achieve my goals, and maybe I won't.  One little voice says "give up, your wasting your time."  There's the other voice in my head that says "it makes no difference.  The story is in your heart so write it."

It makes no difference what you write or how well you write it there will always be people who won't like it.
  You will always have moments, days or even months when you think you should just give up.  I've been experiencing one of these at this time.  I've been overwhelmed with problems and work until I am physically sick.  Being sick makes everything more difficult but I still keep trying to get things done that need to be done.
I have a big heart.  My soul and body are hot wired into the psychic collective.  I'm an empath and can feel other people's pain. Sometimes I feel the pain so clearly I get sick and stay sick for weeks.  There are people out there who I would love to help.  The thing most of them need more than anything is money for medical help.  Some of them are hungry and once again money is the best method to help them.  I don't have the money to help them.  In fact I depend on someone else to take care of my medical bills.  The people out there who could help and make a big difference do not care if you drop dead where you are.  People who need help are a dime a dozen.  If you don't give them something they see as being special they will not buy your product. The only way to reach that point is to walk through the fire yourself.  Some are better gifted than others.  Others like me have to learn the hard way.  So far that little voice that says keep going is the one that keeps me going.

Update 2012
You will find dreams I've had and posted here in the past that will connect with events happening and soon to happen in the near future.  The following dreams are among those I am speaking about.

Giant Horses 12/1/2007
Prophetic Symbolic
I found myself in a very large pole barn.  The barn has wooden fence all the way around it nearly to the ceiling.  I looked around and saw a partition, a fence between the room I was in and the next room to the north.  I saw someone standing near the fence in the same room I was in looking at two gigantic horses on the other side.  I went to join them.

These horses made Clydesdales look like ponies.  Some were at least 10 feet tall and some must have been near 20.

Again I looked around the room and now saw some of these large horses in the same room that we were in.  I began looking for a way out.  I moved to the south away from the big horses but one of them I guessed to be about ten to fifteen feet tall followed me.  Seeing no escape for me I turned to the horse who sniffed at my sleeve.  Its head was massive.  I could put my entire fist into one nostril of its nose.

As it sniffed at my hand it literally sucked me to it's right nostril and lifted its head and tossed me right out through the narrow slit at the top of the wall.  I flew out and landed on the ground glad to be out of the room with the horses.

The horse is one of the most versatile dream symbols.  Depending on how you view the horse and the content it is used in the meaning will change dramatically.  The general meaning of the symbol of the horse is that of power.  This is an ancient symbol.  New meanings arose as humans developed and their languages evolved to suit their time period.

In this dream I see two confinement chambers having "beasts" of great power.  There is reason for concern.

I'm not sure what my exit from this chamber means, if it has any meaning.  I am only certain the dream is important and has some prophetic value.  I am also certain that a GREAT WAR and GREAT EARTH CHANGES will soon come.  I can't say when but I can say that I have reason to believe it will happen in my life time.  I say this because God told me I would witness two great escapes.  I've not yet seen them but when I do I will know.


Strange People Strange Place 12/5/2007
Prophetic Symbolic
I was with my wife in a strange place like an apartment.  It was like a vacation but wasn't.  Other people came in and they were all drinking something.  I felt very uncomfortable.  They told me to relax and have a drink.  I threw the drink right through a window and heard it break outside on the road.  People looked at me like they thought I was loosing it or crazy or both.  I told my wife to get the things packed quickly because we had to leave.

I opened the front door and fell out holding onto the door I realized the sidewalk wasn't under the door where it appeared to have been moments before.  Now there was a door under me and I climbed down and went into the basement.  I went out the basement door on the north side of the building and found I was in the neighbor's basement!

I went back and looked around and nothing looked right.  I went back thorough the basement and to the walkway back to a path that seemed to lead back to the room where my wife was. There was a window but no door and a hound dog grabbed a box and ran away with it.  Someone was yelling that something was in the box they needed.  I never saw the dog again.

I climbed to the window and could see my wife and I asked her "where the hells is the door?"  She said it's over here on the side.  "It wasn't there a moment ago."  I looked and she was right there was the door.  I dropped off the wall from the window ledge and started around to the door when I woke.

Sometimes symbolic dreams are filled with crazy symbols.  Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is what the dream is about.  This time the first thing that came to mind was earthquakes, floods, famine, plagues, war.  This dream is foretelling disasters soon to come and how people will keep on living their lives unaware and unconcerned.  Death and disaster will take them without warning.

The drink is their spirits that keep them deluded.
  When they offered it to me I threw it out the window. I told my wife to pack because we had to leave quickly.

Out the front door literally nothing to stand on!  There will be confusion like crazy.  The hound will steel things away.

The strongest emotion in this dream was the sense of urgency and need to run for our lives as quickly as possible.

12 of the 24 Elders come to earth 12/10/2007
Informative Prophetic Night Vision
I was in a mall with quite a few other people when I heard a voice speak to me and say "12 of the 24 Elders are coming to earth right now."  I ran out of the inside part of the mall toward the north and looked to see a black storm cloud in the north.  I heard thunder.  I looked to the east and saw a long white cloud.  This one was long to the north and south coming out of the east moving toward the west. 

As it came near I saw sculpted heads and began counting them just as I thought to take a picture of the cloud.  I pulled a little silver camera out of my pocket and realized it was Laura's camera.  I began taking pictures while trying to count the heads.  I counted eight men's heads sculpted perfectly and unchanging in the cloud.  I wanted to shoot video and had my new little video camera with me but by the time I got it out the cloud was moving directly overhead and I could no longer see the images on top.

I looked to the east again and saw another similar cloud also very white moving toward me.  I didn't see anything right away but shot video and pictures.  When it moved over me I looked behind and within the cloud and could see several very large spaceships that were homes, someone lived in them.  They were different colors, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, etc.

Another cloud moved over like the last one and again I saw more spaceships hiding in the cloud.  I saw several sets of clouds move over like the last then I ran back into the mall through the north entrance.  I ran into a little fast food or restaurant to the right.  I saw others running toward me from the center of the mall, some of them also had cameras.  They wanted to show me what they took pictures of.  Others wanted to talk.  I began telling them what I had seen.

This is an informative prophetic night vision.  Dreams like these are not just dreams, they contain critical or very important information.  Many times these night visions can be taken a face value especially when they speak to the dreamer delivering a message.

The voice said "12 of the 24 elders are coming to earth."  There are 24 elders, I know I've met them in the spirit.  They have sent me messages before.  NO THEY ARE NOT GOD! NO THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO WORSHIP THEM!  Yes they do work for God.  I can also say they will not leave the earth again until something very important takes place.

Me taking pictures of the clouds and images in the clouds means "record what you see."  Me showing others is telling me "share this information with anyone who asks."

Being in the restaurant means a place where information is shared.

I met the 24 elders long ago in a powerful night vision and most of them are men, about 4 to 6 of them were women.  They were all wearing long beautiful colored robes.  They were of various races of people.

The Great Elders are also "The Great Old Ones" I speak of in my novels.  They have been to earth before, now 12 of them are returning.  I expect the other 12 will follow later.  I also know that ships that are homes to many other beings will follow the 12 great elders.  I know their ships will be hidden as if "in the clouds" or in the heavens.  They will be observing and helping the angels in the days and during the time to come.  Some of them will be seen by selected people and they will be recognized as angels.

New Space Ship 1/24/2008
I was in a city and the airport was nearby.  I saw something pass quickly past the building and seeing the tail I thought it was a spaceship.  I said "that is not an airplane."  I ran to the airport and saw the thing going down the runway.  I asked someone there "You don't get spaceships that often do you?"  The person said "No we do not."  I returned to the house.  Everything changed.

I started back toward the airport and found all kinds of changes.  I found buildings and fountains that were designed in odd ways.  I flew to the top of one of these platforms and someone was there with a camera.  One person was angry that I could fly, he left quickly.  One with the camera wanted to help me seeing that I was in some kind of distress.  I looked but couldn't even see the airport anymore.

Bill Murray's Summer Camp 2/4/2008
It hasn't been all that long ago that I saw the movie "MeatBalls" with Bill in it.  This camp however was completely different than the one in the movie.

This camp was built in a narrow valley between several hills.  There was no lake but there was a flowing stream.  Some of the paths had bridges that crossed over the streams.  One building had a porch built beside and over one of the pools.  This building was near the entrance to the camp.

The majority of the camp buildings were hidden between the hills.  Bill was as in the movie the head counselor.  The trick however to the dream was that we all knew he was a movie star, but this wasn't a movie, it was a real camp.

The camp attendance was made up of both children and adults.  We were all here to learn something as if going to school.  Finally I got to speak with Bill and told him I didn't think I would ever get to talk with him in person.  He treated me like a long lost friend, put his arm around my shoulders and treated me like a friend.  We talked about my novels and my work.  He was glad we met. Said call him anytime.

We packed up our packs and went to that building that had the porch over the water.  We waited and soon the entire porch and paths were filled with people waiting to leave this place.

When I woke I had that camp song in my head singing "We are C.I.T.'s so pity us."  Councilors in Training.  I'm expecting everyone in this camp represents those of us who are trying to warn others that impending doom is upon this world.  The Great Tribulation is very near.  These people including myself were waiting to leave for another place.

2-7-2008: I realize what this dream is speaking about now.  The C.I.T.'s are spiritual councilors who are contacting me several at a time now consulting with me concerning the things God has revealed to them concerning this time and the bad things that will soon come.

Brittany Spears 2/7/2008
I spent the night with Brittany Spears last night in my dreams.  It was a series of dreams that continued all night long until I got up this morning.

In the dreams I met Brittany somewhere and was viewpoint with at least two perhaps three different people who know her and care about her as a person and friend.  I also sat down and talked with her mom inside someone's home.

In a place that I can't identify because it was outside behind either a big house or hotel and fenced in.  I saw Brittany with a handful of other people.  It was all casual.  There were two or three young ladies who were practicing either dancing or choreography. I got the impression these were working friends of Brittany's.  There were two men who walked about watching everything and didn't say much.  I got the impression these were bodyguards but they were dressed casual and didn't stand out.

There was an older man there who wasn't Brittany's dad but treated her like his child.  He was very protective and seemed genuinely concerned about her.  I got the impression this man had something to do with her business like an agent or manager.  I see this man help her get up from a lounge chair and walk with her to the end of the sidewalk and back again.  I saw her talking with this man and those girls and several times she talked like a little child perhaps 5 to 10 years old.  No one said anything about how she was acting but several were stunned and concerned.

While standing with her and this older man beside the lounge chair a handful of people came in dressed oddly.  They brought Brittany a get well gift.  I got the impression these men were band members.  Three of them stood out like band members and one man stood behind them who wasn't as noticeable.  I got the feeling someone else remained further behind them at another gate that accessed this area.  When she opened the small gift one of the men took the paper and placed it upon my head jokingly.  He said something like "here's something for you."  I saw what looked like skin pealing off the side of this man's face.  It was very disgusting.  I saw Brittany make a face sticking her lower jaw out.  I got the impression this was all in fun and may have been referred to as "Making the monkey face."

I saw a man and woman who were not with this group and didn't not speak to Brittany in the dream but some how they are connected to her through business.  These two are like parasites but they provide some kind of service for her.  I see them dressed in black suits.  I get the impression they have no personal interest in her but they make their living off entertainers.

I see Brittany shopping with someone I think it was her mother.  She meets a lady who is comes across as a teacher Brittany knew when she was younger.  She said something like "The only time I get to see you anymore is on TV."

        I woke and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think most likely these are viewpoints and somewhat accurate concerning Brittany and some of the people around her.  While thinking about this in trance state the thought of Hillary Duff hit me and suddenly I had memories of dreams I had about Hillary where her face would distort and change.  Suddenly it hit me that she has multiple faces she puts on for different people.  She's a major phony and those dreams were warning about her ahead of time but I missed it!
        These strange guys brought Brittany a gift and if we are not mistaken these men represent an evil entity.  The package was most likely cursed and may be a big part of her problems.  I think the guy who gave it to her and put the paper on me was trying to prevent me from seeing what he had given her.  I believe the skin pealing off his face means he is spiritually dead and controled by evil spirits.

Spirit Guide 2/22/2008
I was seated in a room with four or five others when a woman came to me and handed me two ceramic bells.  She asked me to discern which has the greater power.  Understanding she was talking about spiritual power I held both in my hands and choose the one with the lower louder frequency.  I held it up and she shook her head.  I was afraid to ring the bells for fear they might break being ceramic.  She said "unless you ring the bell and hear its sound how can you choose which has the greater power?"

So I ran the one I held and it dinged like a ceramic bell then I rang the other.  To my astonishment it rang loud and clear and the sound echoed from all the walls multiplying as it did until the only thing I could hear was the sound of the bell.  I looked at my spirit teacher and she smiled and nodded.
        It is a message from God to me about my work here for him.  It is time to increase God's message and reveal things I have kept secret/silent.
Larry the Cable Guy 2/24/2008
I actually had a night dream where I was with Larry the Cable Guy part of the time.  He had a team and I had a small team near a river during a night storm.  The creek got up quite a bit and at one point I found myself waking laying face down in the creek.  Now and then the lighting would flash and show us our surroundings.

I'm not sure if we were actually trying to go somewhere or not, but some of us would move in and out of the mostly abandoned houses along the edge of the stream and go up the stream.

The water in the stream went up and down with the storm and sometimes you couldn't get across it and sometimes you could.  Even when we could cross it we didn't, we got in the water and walked up-stream all the while watching for houses on the right hand side or east side of the stream.  Sometimes even when the water was high and flowing quickly some of us would remain in the stream watching the water, the sky and for houses on the right.

Larry's team fell behind but they were watching me and my small team waiting for news from us what the storm was going to do.  Sometimes I would back up a house and tell them as they were nearly always one or two houses behind me.  They moved along from house to house behind my team, like we were scouts for them.

My team worked mostly as a co-op with each other.  We usually worked independently of each other then would meet here and there along the river and in the houses as we went to share information.  Now and then someone would go back a house or two to tell Larry's team what was going on ahead of them.

The dream changed, now we were solders as if playing some very serious war game.  Now we were in a city near the sea.  There were wrecked burned vehicles and buildings all around.  We had some vehicles and weapons of various kinds that we acquired along the way.  Some of us including myself were wearing black outfits like a black-Ops team.

Two of us moved to a building on the waterfront.  We started to go in but were met by two others dressed as we were who held us at gunpoint and wanted to know who we were.  I told them and moved around my teammate pushing the barrels of their guns upward away from us.  I told them the enemy was nearby and headed our way.  I told them we were seriously outnumbered and our only chance was to set a trap, lead them into it kill as many as possible then run to a new location before they could regroup.

From our position looking out a window I could see the enemy moving, searching for us among the wreckage.
        Apparently God is sending me a message about some kind of war.


Hunting Party 2/25/2008
I was at what appeared to be a country club in the forest.  Everyone was armed with some kind of weapon.  Everyone seemed to be on a hunt or getting ready to hunt something.

I took off from the building with some kind of high powered rifle in my hands.  It was like dusk starting to get dark.  I had images of lions, tigers and bears in my mind as I hunted over the hillside.  Now and then I could see another hunter moving among the forest.  I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I wanted to be somewhere else.

I walked for a mile or so thinking sooner or later I would come to a road but instead I came to some kind of school where everyone was wearing a uniform.  There were teachers here and there but mostly boys and girls.  I looked them over and saw no one had a weapon and they could have cared less that I was walking along the edge of their yard and building with a high powered gun.  It was clear we didn't consider each other a threat.  I continued on turning my path around this place toward the left thinking to double back to the hunting lodge.

Eventually I came to another road leading down a hill into a valley where I stopped and noticed a small building up the hill from me and noises down the hill of some kind of large machine.  I moved to the small building and took cover watching down the hill.  I noticed at least to other hunters at the small building also watching down the hill.

The dream changed somewhat and now we were all dressed like soldiers wearing military uniforms and helmets.  My gun also changed to a smaller caliber but the location and the sounds didn't change.  The machine came around the corner below and it was a very large heavily armored tank.  I looked at my little rifle, shook my head and began crawling on my belly back behind some rocks and trees to the side of that small building.  I watched in horror knowing these were the final moments of my life as the huge tank passed the house, stopped, swung the barrel around toward the house and waited.  Moments passed then the tank moved back down the hill to the corner about 100 yards away then stopped again.  Someone got out and began working on the tank, something was wrong with it.

I looked back to see the two soldiers peeking around the house down the hill and I realized the best way to survive this was to take out the guy trying to fix the tank.  I moved back to the road and shot the guy several times, he rose up to see where the shooting was coming from and I shot him several more times.  I thought "what's wrong with this gun!"  Finally the man fell face down on the road beside the huge tank.  I rose up to look and the guy got up again!  I emptied my gun into the guy before he fell once again to the ground and this time remained there.  Then I moved back up the hill toward the house to my last position of cover.

One of the others said "down there."  I rose up and looked to see soldiers had evidently left that big tank and were working their way up the hill through the grass.  I counted eight of them.  Knowing they were heavily armored and my gun was nearly useless I knew better than to start shooting at them.  I pulled back behind the house with the other two soldiers.  We knew we didn't stand a chance against the 8 coming up the hill.  We figured we might kill one or two before they killed us so we moved up the hill toward the higher ground until we found another building.

I crawled around some tall weeds and looked toward the house to find two enemy solders guarding a wagon.  I realized their uniforms looked so much like ours it was discomforting.  I looked back to see the two following me were watching the ones coming up the hill.  I had no choice but to try to take out the two enemy soldiers.  I rose up and aimed just as one of my soldiers threw a grenade at the two!  I ducked, the thing went off and I jumped up gun in hand to see the two enemy were laying dead beside the cart.

We ran to the cart as two more of our soldiers came from behind the building.  In the cart were a lot of guns and some of them were quite a bit larger and better than the ones we had.  I saw one that another soldier picked and I chose one just like the one he had taken.  I put the clip in and pulled the bolt to lock a shell into the chamber.  Then I followed the other two up the hill to a larger building with the previous two soldiers following.  There were 5 in our group as we went up the hill.

I remember there were 5 soldiers when we took a position behind the larger building higher on the hill.  I don't really know where everyone went because there were never more than 5 others around me that I was aware of.  Now we had better weapons and we entered through two doors to clear this building to use it as a strong point against the soldiers coming up from below.

I ran in through the right door as two others ran in via the left.  I saw a soldier on the far side of the room and took aim when I realized he was one of ours and wounded.  Two other soldiers ran to him to see if they could help.  Then I realized we were in a fairly large room and benches lined both sides while the center was open.  I began to wonder if this place was a church.  A single passage opened on the far side of the room toward the other side of the building.  Our soldiers moved through the building toward that door that looked down the hill.

These are prophetic dreams over the past few days showing "storms" and wars with people moving like soldiers through the forest and city hiding and ambushing the enemy.  It is clear that a kind of war is being portrayed in these dreams.

I am certainly aware that several kinds of war are being waged around us and in the world at this time.  Looking for symbols to show what kind of war I see what looks like a church is the last building we take refuge in.  This leads me to think this is a spiritual war.  The fact the enemy coming at us has uniforms so similar to ours is very discomforting.  It tells us the people attacking us are also of a spiritual or religious nature.  It also tells us the enemy is heavily armored, outnumber us about 100 to 1 and have more powerful weapons.  They are more aggressive.  We were shooting them when we had no other choice; they were shooting at us anytime they got the chance.

I hope to receive more insight on these dreams soon.
The Sniper 3/6/2008
I was in the suburbs of a large city watching a man with a gun moving through the streets and between the buildings.  I had a pistol and he had a rifle.  I knew this guy was bad news and some how I had to take him out, but first I needed to know what he was doing.

I hid behind buildings watching and this guy ran past me doing at least 30MPH!  I moved toward the street from the house I was hiding behind and hid behind a bush.  I watched this man meet with another who was wearing a black suit.  They were hiding beside a house on the opposite side of the street.  I realized in a moment they would see me.  I had seconds to make my move.  I shot both of them as they were taking aim at me.

I walked over holding my gun aimed at them.  They were not dead.  On the ground beside them were two of the largest rifles I've ever seen and one of them was a sniper rifle.  One of them moved, he had a pistol and I shot him again then the other tried again to shoot me and I shot him again.  I looked around and not one other person could be seen anywhere.

        I realize this could be talking about a sniper who's trying to kill someone.  The fact I saw no other person in the dream leads me to believe the sniper is after me personally in some symbolic sense.
        There are a few people out there who've found my website who know now for a fact my pages are telling the truth about spiritual things.  They know because God spoke with them then lead them to find my website.  These people are telling others what happened to them using me and my website to backup what they are saying.  There are people out there, some of them having demon implants (altered perceptions) who do not believe and even feel threatened by the truth that is being spoken.  "If these people are telling the truth then where does that leave the ones who don't believe in Numbers 12:6-12?"  They think "God's not speaking to me!" Therefore something is wrong.  Either these people are lying about their experiences or, well if they are telling the truth that's not good for everyone else!
        It's like I've been saying for years since God began speaking to me directly and revealing certain truths.  When I tell them of things like reincarnation and say "If you're right then you get another chance.  If I'm right then where does that leave you?"  The devil tells them the truth being told to them by people like me is a lie.  They are blinded to the truth like Saul was when he was killing the Christians.  If they think that's something just wait, there's more fantastic things to come.
        God speaks to His people according to Numbers 12:6-12.  When He speaks to someone He's calling for a mission He lets them know in no uncertain terms
He leaves them stunned and He calls them by their nameHe lets them know who He is without any doubt.  Then He continues to speak with them in dreams and night visions and certain other methods including angels when required.
This dream is a message to me from God about something that isn't perfectly clear to me, at least not yet.  As He said in Numbers 12:6-12 He spoke with Moses clearly but usually He doesn't speak clearly to His other prophets.  We frequently know when God sends us a message, we just don't always know exactly what the message is about at first.  Sometimes He does speak clearly to us in dreams as God and sometimes He appears as other people or symbols in those dreams.  Sometimes He gives us understanding of the messages, sometimes the moment we wake, sometimes within a few days, sometimes while I'm typeing them up.
        What's this dream about?  I'm not certain yet but I will be watching.  If someone takes a shot at me I'll have a very good idea what this dream is about.
Examples 4
It's easy for those who have succeeded to preach hope to the masses who have no hope.  It's easy for those born into success to preach "Anyone can succeed."  Truth 1, These people don't care about us. 2, You can't succeed if you give up3. The odds are against you even if you never give up.  There's nothing that kicks me over faster than seeing a movie star on camera doing a humanitarian act as if they care. 99.9% of the time its just for show.  Their managers tell them it would be good for business.  These people are someone else when the camera isn't on them.