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Runway, Sick Girl
Aprox. 10-27-2009

I see all kinds of crazy things that are not directly related to my own life, at least I can't find the connection.  Sometimes the details are more than we care to know.

This has the feeling of a viewpoint dream and happened about a week ago.  I was in spirit viewpoint with some older man in a big city in a place I've never seen before.  There was a mission or perhaps a shelter nearby, across the road beyond a few buildings.  This is not the kind of neighborhood I would be familar with and even in the dream I knew I didn't belong there.

A teenage girl approached me, tattered dirty cloths.  Cute but having an obvious burden.  Her eyes were saying she was warned but she refused to listen and now there's no turning back.  Those who loved her at home would never accept her like she is now.

She doesn't tell her real name or age.  When asked she says she's older than she looks.  The truth is she's younger than she looks.  I would guess she was around 15 years old.  The dirt and aging on her face makes her look much older than she is.  It's hard to say about her dress, at one time it was very nice but those days are long gone.  It looks like she's been living in it for months.

She's here because some guy she trusted took advantage of her, got her sick and then he either left her or died of his own desease leaving her alone on her own in a big city.

She says "You don't know me, why should you care?"  She doesn't trust people anymore but wants to more than anything.  With a little help this girl might find her way.

I told her to go to the shelter and I would help her.  She insisted that I didn't want anything to do with her.  I began to walk, climbing a set of stairs up to a platform she ran after me stopping me she pulled up her dress and showed me the sores on her body.  "You see, this is how I am.   See what he did to me."  I wanted to cry.  I don't know what kind of desease caused those blister like sores but I'm sure it was contagious.  Her once attractive young body now distorted, damaged by what ever that thing was.  "I will find you some help,"  I promised.

I started to go down the stairs toward the street with the girl following when three or four women who lived near saw us.  They had seen this girl somewhere before.  They wanted to know what was going on and I told them I needed to find help for this girl.  They took compasion and said they would also help.  I looked at the shelter door across the way knowing someone there must know a doctor, someone who cares who could help.  I woke.

I'm guessing this is a viewpoint dream since I can't find anything in my own life to relate it to.  The details were so clear.  If this isn't about a real person then I'll miss my guess.  If it is I do hope and pray she gets help.
Working Woman  (10-31-2009)
Some PHDs say it's not possible, how I love closed minded people incapable of learning anything new.  Still sometimes I have what I call viewpoint dreams, kinda like the one above but this one is special because in it I see the body I am inside of in a mirror and I know it's not me.  This one happened this morning at daybreak.

It was early morning and people were going to work in a city to an office building.  Inside were many cubicles and several floors.  Some of the cubicles had wall up about 3 maybe 3.5 feet and glass up another two feet.  There was a balcony type floor above another set of cubicles below.

When I jumped into this woman I/she dropped three maybe four clipboards, papers, post its, business cards, it was a mess and it was right in the doorway between two rooms.

I began picking up the items thinking "what a ditz this woman is!"  There was so much loose stuff I dropped it several times while trying to pick it up.  Then another woman came and I had to move and let her pass.  She snarled and shook her head.  I didn't need a translation, she was thinking "looser" all the way.

I picked up the items on the floor and went through the door because that's where she was headed.  I had no idea who she was, what her name was or where I was.  All I wanted to do was get out of sight and hope no one noticed until I could return to my own body and she could return to hers.

I hurried through the door with both arms holding the precarious cargo, seeing a flight of stairs I ran up them intending to find some place to hide.  I thought "where is this woman's desk?"  I looked at the mess in my hands and said "find the most cluttered desk you can and it's most likely hers."  Across the room at an angle I saw a set of cubicles inside what for all in the world must have been a room with glass walls.  There was a set of desk's pulled together maybe an "L" angel desk but it was a real MESS!  I ran to it and dropped the arm-load upon it.  Looking up I saw the reflection of the woman I was inside of in the mirror.  She was I would guess in her 40s, had brown hair pulled back and pinned up in the back.  She has prominent cheek bones and slightly lessor cheeks giving her a very average appearance.

Immediately another woman came up from behind and left and put something on the desk beside me asking how I was doing.  I nodded and in a blink the dream ended.  Boy was I glad to be back.
        I'm going to go with a viewpoint with a real live person on this one and have no idea why I crossed paths with her in the spirit world.  These people were arriving at work first thing in the morning and it was around 7am here CT.  They are on the East coast of the USA most likely if this was time relevant.  Meaning if my dream and the event happened at the same time.

Popping in like that taken completely by surprise I'm the one who caused her to drop the items in her hand.  Then perhaps it was her emotions and feeling of insecurity that provoked the event literally sucking me into her mind at that moment.  These things usually do not happen without a set of circumstances being aligned and then triggered by something usually emotionally.

When I sleep my spirit scans the etheric planes for information.  I can sometimes see all kinds of secret things but I'm not concerned about every day people as I am things that are important to humanity.  More often I see secret things being done by governments.  Sometimes I cross paths with aliens and sometimes non human things like an angel or demon.  In the first viewpoint on this page, at least it seems like a viewpoint I saw a sick runway girl who needs help real bad.  In this one I actually got to see the face of the person I was viewpoint with.  This is very rare but isn't the first time I've seen this kind of thing.  Years ago when I was trying to figure out these viewpoint experiences it was seeing my viewpoint's face in a bathroom mirror to see it was not my face that gave me the clue.  Now I have a proverbial name to put with the faces.  These are not normal symbolic dreams, they are viewpoints with other people and beings from other places.

Yesterday I read a message sent to me by one of my friends who was telling me how he was viewpoint in someone else's body and it was a woman.  He was shocked, this was new to him.  I told him it happens sometimes.  This morning the same thing happens to me.
Stars beyond your wildest dreams.  8/23/2010
I was laying on my back in a yard looking up at a night sky that was unlike anything I've ever seen.  The view was not our sky, but from a very distant perspective revealing the size and scope on a scale like a human being might never imagine.

The entire sky was filled with clusters of stars and behind countless galaxies.  There were 9 holes evenly spaced and in 3 rows and 3 columns.  In these looked as if there were 3 very bright stars in a row.  Upon closer inspection I saw these were not stars these were other clusters of galaxies like the one we were looking at.
        When I woke I had the feeling what I was observing was not stars or galaxies but each light reflected and represented an ascended being.  There is an equation in this dream and the set of 3 rows 3 columns and the number 9.  Within each of these are three very massive bright lights also in a row.  3x3=9x3=27.

I've seen the Great Elders coming in sets of 12 and sometimes there's 3 sets of 12.  I've seen them along with a great and countless host of the heavens.  Myself and certain others have seen them as they returned to earth watching us from above.  This however is 3 sets of 3 and 9 sets of 3.  Sometimes these things denote time or a point in time as over the ages people have used the stars to set dates by and build calendars.  If this is so then the starting and ending date elude me leaving me without the answer.  If this means something to you please write and let me know.
Night Terror  8/23/2010
My wife and I were much younger in this, and it didn't look like her at all but in the dream you know how things go.  We were in a very old apartment building in an unknown city.  Everything inside was old and painted white.  Something woke us and we went to see the doorknob turning back and forth.  I opened it and looked out only to see a door in the hallway two down on the left close.  I returned to bed.

It was nearly morning when I woke again and heard screams and noises from the kitchen, where the front door was.  I ran in there to find my wife behind the table pointing at the now open door.  That door opened from the right earlier but now it was open from the left.  She pointed and said "there's a man with a gun."  I opened the door to find a very old man holding a pistol.  He wasn't even looking at me and was just holding the gun pointed at the wall.

Certainly it's a warning dream but at the moment I'm not sure of what.

As with symbols how they are observed in a dream gives clues to their meaning.  This old man represent something or someone old no doubt.  Age therefore is a factor.

He is not aiming at anything or anyone, just standing there.  If aiming a gun we set our sights on a goal or objective be it good or bad depending on the situation.

The fact this all takes place in an apartment in the kitchen gives us a clue that some kind of information may be involved.  As kitchens, food and eating frequently refer to the taking in of information.

The fact the entire place is painted white also gives us some kind of clue.  White is the general symbol of pure.  Since paint can cover flaws we can't be sure of it's meaning in this dream unless we can see what's under the paint.

I might say an "old enemy" is standing at the door.
I might say since the door opened to the left when that old man showed up the meaning is physical and has implications in our natural world.  The same may also be said to be sinister or bad news.

If this dream is speaking to me about something in our lives I've yet to make the connection, therefore it may be something that has not yet happened.

8/25/2010  Food Shortage
I was standing on a hill overlooking farm land watching a man dumping huge dump trucks full of food into a barn.  I went to him and said "I see you are stocking up on food so you will have it when the famine comes."  The man nodded his head.
        I doubt much needs to be interpreted in this dream.  It's saying that someone on earth perhaps the entire earth there will come a famine.  Judging by the size of the barn and the size of those trucks I would say the size of the event will be wide spread and long.

8/29/2010  Mobil Laboratory
I was standing with a friend at night on a farm and saw a very large mobile laboratory come by us on a big truck.  By the moon light I couldn't quite make it out and said "what is that?"  I watched and said "what the heck is that?"  And it went to a barn turned around and came right back past us very close and I saw all kinds of laboratory things on it including habitats for lab animals.  I said "OMG that's supplies for a laboratory."
        I expect this dream is talking about some kind of illness or plague that may be connected to the food shortage in the previous dream.

Update 1-9-2011:
Animals are dying world wide now and no one seems to be able to explain this.  Earth poles have shifted 10 degrees.  Sun will rise over the center of the galaxy in Dec. 21-2012.  Jewish and Myian calendars indicate something will change on or near this date.

Dream from someone else. I can't recall who sent it to me.
I've had my first nightmare that I remember in some time early this morning, Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lots of symbolism:
Dream - Frightening Sky
Dark clouds rolled into town. So horrible looking was the sky, that people were falling over themselves seeking shelter. I, and others, found shelter in an old courthouse. There was a very small police post right in front of the front steps of this building. It turns out that we weren't running from a storm, but from a man who was sheriff. The cop had followers who were destroying the town and people. You could hear this man's voice as loud as thunder and it was a growling noise. A flat screen TV on a wall came on and he was looking right at us all. He was Satan himself. He demanded the heart to be cut out of a specific woman in the group. He said they would live if someone would claim the heart. It was a frenzy. A woman smashed a glass and went for the other woman's heart. People were giving the marked woman bank stacks of money to give up her heart. She yelled back at them "Why do you think I would need that? Do you think that I'm just going to stand back up again?" I ran to a window in the building, opened it and shouted up to the sky: "God, if you're up there, you better get your ass down here right now!" There was no one in the streets. The world was dead.
End of Dream

This is clearly a warning dream.  It's going to take me a little bit to sort it out.
I can say that police and courthouses represent government and authority figures.
The dark sky and storm clouds mean tribulations / trouble.
It affects a lot of people.

We see government/authority figures doing something that hurts people.
Things that deal with the heart represent things we live for things we love, things that are essential.  Like the Constitution and Bill Of Rights for example, when dealing with the government.  The woman could represent America and the spirt of America.  Many do not consider that America is a living entity who has a mind, feelings and a heart.
We see payments being made to take her heart.  This kind of thing goes on all the time in government circles.  Bribes special interests, etc.
A window is a portal that allows access between two locations.
The reference to the devil himself is not shocking, as he is also real and represents the adversary and evil incarnate.
With all the dreams of tribulation coming from all kinds of people around the world I would say better be ready cause bad things are coming.
Funny Strange Dream  9-11-2010
Since I am all ready here working on this page I had an odd dream last night.  I was watching Josh Gates and his team as some other guy and his people were yelling at them.  The lead man doing the yelling was being restrained by another man.  He insisted that he had found evidence of some strange creature.  And Josh asked him for the evidence to prove his claims.  Then the man said "I've got his rattles and enough DNA to prove it's a copperhead!"  Then Josh gave one of those knowing looks at the camera looked back at the man.  I woke up ready to laugh.

mean things are deceptive or secret, vague at best.  It can be good or bad depending on the dream and the kind of snake, what it's doing etc.  But here we did not see the snake, only references to it and this puts a twist on the meaning of the unseen symbol.

Both snakes referred to, one a rattler and one a copperhead are poison
.  This could be a warning dream about something but seem more like an information dream about two different groups of people, both who seem to be trying to get to the truth, but one of them is off the track.

Josh Gates heads up the Destination Truth team on the SyFy channel.  Therefore evidence of some truth is being implied.

The Blind Eyed Witch - Last part of Nov. 2010
An informative dream showing me the redheaded witch I knew from the past in a wheelchair behind a sliding glass door/window.  Her right eye was completely covered with skin and she was blind in that eye and nearly blind in the other.  She looked at me though the glass and I said "You know those things that were said about me were a lie.  I wouldn't ever have harmed you or any of your children."  She had no expression for a moment then the slightest smile appear on her lips and a woman came behind her and pushed her away.

I have not had contact with any of these people in so long I can't even remember.  I've not seen them in dreams until now and what I can see is the witch still can't see what's "right" and true in her life.  She is at the mercy of her demons that she does not believe in.  I warned her about them long ago but she clearly screamed out "I don't want to believe that!"  And so she didn't.

Kristy and the Spider - First part of Dec. 2010
I see Kristy in the attic trying to kill a large black spider with white markings on it's back.  The tool she uses looks something like a catfish skinning tool.

Kristy is trying to fight her way free so she can make decisions on her own without the influence of the shadow entities that have been in control of her life since she got out of high school.

Last Game of the Season 12-11-2010
It's increasingly difficult to find energy to update dreams, websites and do my work because of what appears to be chronic fatigue and a cold.  In this dream I was in what appeared to be an old mini-pickup that I once owned.  I was looking down the mountain between the trees at a football stadium where the last game of the season was taking place.  I looked around and saw other cars parked on this hillside.  Every few minuets another vehicle would pull in and park in the clearing.

The slope was steep and I was near the top and there was a highway on top the hill that was linked by a dirt road to this parking area.  I began looking around through the darkness toward the trees.  Something was out there watching everything unseen.  This thing was something like the Predator, it was a monster, a hunter, and it was cloaked so people couldn't see it.  They did not sense the danger but I knew it was out there.

Someone pulled in and literally slid down the hill past me into another area of the clearing.  Before I knew it my little truck was sliding down the hill after them.  When it finally stopped I looked around knowing the creature was out there. I could see the school building from here where many were gathered.  The guy in the other vehicle had a stunned expression.  I started my truck and went up the hill hard as I could go. I knew the low areas were very dangerous.

On the second attempt I made it up the hill to a building where people were gathered.  I had the severed head of some kind of creature in my hand.  I entered to find many people inside a rectangular structure.  Inside this was another rectangular structure and inside this some kind of show was going on.  I thought they were shooting a play.  And this went on despite the fact people were talking outside that room with all the doors and windows open.

I moved to a corner and took a seat.  There was a table and on the table was a stuffed squirrel.  I looked at the head of the beast in my hands and wondered what in the world it was.
        This dream has political tones.  There's a thing involved that is what I called a beast of some kind, now with it's head cut off.  I've seen some strange things while OBE and I've seen demons in some of their various forms.  The head of this thing could very well have been the head of a demon.  What ever it was it was bad.
        Inside that inner room where the act was going on I got the impression these are politicians putting on a show for the people gathered here,  yet unable to hear the complaints, ideas or requests of those people.  It's like the show is going to go on despite the protests of the public.
        In previous dreams both mine and others the governments and world powers have been portrayed as beasts.  The head of that beast in my hand may represent some aspect of government or even an individual politician.  In symbolic terms the president is the head of the beast that runs the USA.  In the Jewish time line the begining of Obama's term began an age called "the Feast of the Beast."  It ends in 4 years on that same timeline.  Could it be saying that Obama will not be reelected?
        Without question there is evil afoot.  This is without a doubt a prophetic dream and a warning to the people.

The Council of White Robes - 12-11-2010
I'm so far behind in posting dreams and messages here that it's almost beyond belief.  I'm drained of energy 24/7 and must make myself do anything that I get done.  Last night I was in a white room that looked strangely futuristic.  In the middle of the room were a group in white robes, both men and women.  People entered as did I with others perhaps 100 or so at a time I don't know but the flow was constant.  We also wore white robes but the ones in charge stood in the center of the room pointing and directing everyone where to go.

I was sent with another woman to an area of the room and told to wait.  We watched as quite a few others came thorough and were directed up flights of white stone stairs through into rooms above us.  Finally the woman and I were told to cross the room and up a flight of stairs and into a room filled with chairs and long rectangular tables.

At first we were seated at a tiny table with tiny chairs and some were able to set down and I was standing there until someone brought me a larger chair.  As more entered to join us we moved to a large table in the middle of the room with regular size chairs.  Now we were becoming a council.  We were becoming advisors and policy makers.

The 144,000 elite of God are being selected at this time but not yet taken.  These people will move on from the earth into the heavens for the final battle between good and evil in our world.

No Way Back 12-19-2010
I was near a small town surrounded by fields.  I thought "It's been a long time since I've flown."  I took a running jump and flew in to the edge of the town and landedSome people saw me but most of them didn't.  Some who saw walked to meet me wondering who is this guy who just flew into town.  I began to talk to some of them and was telling how in the past I used to fly over the fields and treetops for sometimes 100-200 miles before landing.  A girl who had not seen me fly came to me and called me a liar.  She began pushing me back and I turned and ran and took off then I rolled over to see her stunned amazement as she ran after me.  She said "you really can fly!"  I rolled over to see where I was going and continued to build speed.

I couldn't tell what direction I was going but I knew I flew on a straight line out over a bare field that had white lines in rows over it.  The field was huge.  I have no idea how far I flew in a straight line but finally I could see a fence and row of  trees so I landed at the far edge of the fieldDirectly in front of me in the white I saw stones.  In the set of stones I saw a set of three white stones positioned into a triangle.  These were as if driven into the other stones.  I looked closer and saw they were like flint, one of the hardest of all stones.

I turned around and began to run as if to fly I wanted to return to the town and tell them what I had seen but I slipped and my left foot went into a pool of clear water that had not been there a moment ago.  I looked up and there were vines everywhere like large grape vines that were growing taller than my head and made a maze for miles back toward the town.  I realized if I was going to fly I had to get higher than that.  I looked and there was no place to get a run at it from.  I made my way to the edge of the vines looking into them seeing them still growing.  Before long one couldn't even walk through it, and yet there was not one green leaf on any of them.

Suddenly hearing something behind me I turned to find a brown duck.  When it saw me it dove under water and I reached down and grabbed it by the neck, pulled it out and set it upon the ground in front of me.   I said "I must know what is causing this and I have reason to believe you are behind it."

Flying in dreams and night visions is a spiritual thing that means you are doing something extraordinary, something regular people do not do.  The town is a set of events.  The people are observers.  In this town we see there's a few skeptics who do not believe I am able to do what ever it is that others have seen me do.  This one woman is very pushy and pushes me back.  She represents a kind of adversary and most likely is a real person.  When she sees me take off and fly away she realizes she was wrong about me.

Moving over a distance represents the passing of time during a kind of event.  Distance and time are directly related in these kinds of dreams.  Landing means the end of an event or age.  The field represents the dream subject.  The white stones represents a pile of truths to be discovered at that point in time concerning this subject area.  Flint rock is one of the hardest rocks on earth and when broken it breaks like glass in shards.  "Cold hard facts."  Three shaped in a triangle make a kind of trinity.  Three truths about one subject driven into the earth on the time line I was standing on.  The truth is before me.  I think perhaps this truth has something to do with the entire earth since the stones were in the other white stones in the ground.

are messengers in dreams and they come in all flavors.  Sometimes their spirits sometimes their people.  Each type and color of bird has it's own meaning.  Ducks are for the most part a game bird usually not an evil symbol.  This is a brown duck. Brown is an earth color, not a bright thing and as we can see from the dream I seek information from the brown duck. This duck quacks behind my back.  Like someone talking bad about me without me knowing what they are doing.

Water in dreams can represent the nature of the dream subject.  If the water is clear it means you can understand it easy enough to see what's there.  If it's muddy there's confusion and things are not clear.  If it's flowing it represents a subject that is moving.  If it is not flowing it represents something that doesn't move.  This water was not moving and it was crystal clear and I stepped in it.  That means I became involved in what ever that water was.  If a person were to take sick and knows what that sickness is they might step into or fall into a clear pool of water.  If they joined a group and understood the group they may be standing in or swimming in a clear pool of water.  Water like this represents how well people can understand the dream subject.

What is the dream subject?  I teach that people generally dream about the things they think about the most.  What do I do most?  I help people with their dreams.  I help people with spiritually related things.  I do paranormal investigations.  I do UFO research and investigations when possible.  I shoot video production and do editing.   I write novels.  I work on websites dealing with all these things.  Odds are very high this dream is speaking of one of these subjects.  The field itself represents one of these subjects.  The white stones represent 3 truths combined into one dealing with this subject.  The vines block the way back.  But we can't return to the past can we since the field itself and moving over it also represents the passing of time.  This duck turned out to be a trouble maker for me therefore the dream becomes a warning about something.
NOTE: Not sure, don't think so but a moment ago as I was typing this up I had a sudden idea literally pop into my mind about one reason why the Area 51 people wanted the SR-71 Blackbirds back.  It's so they can mount portable THILs in the spy camera bay.  Tactical High Intensity LASERs for firing at things below them.  The SR-71 can fly higher and faster than any fighter jets.  So fast that launching a missile from it is a bad idea since the jet cruses faster than most AA missiles.  They developed the Phoenix long range AA missile to be launched from an SR-71 then discovered the SR-71 flies faster than the Phoenix so they converted it to be launched from the F-14 Tomcat.  Since all but the Aurora project would be below the SR-71 it could fire down upon enemy aircraft from high altitude and might destroy quite a lot of them before it had to RTB.
The Snake's Head Grew Back! 12-19-2010
Short dream, I was watching what looked like a rattle snake as it seemed to be hunting food.   Something odd about how it's head looked brand new.  I looked into my right hand and I held it's old head there and I put it upon the ground.  I realized I had cut the snakes head off and it grew another one. Reaching over I grabbed it behind it's head and then held it's mouth shut.  It was slippery and hard to hold.
        Snakes in dreams mean there's something going on the dreamer is not aware of.  The type and color of the snake gives the level of warning.  It kinda seemed like a rattle snake but I'm not sure that it was.  This snake is a bad thing I thought I had killed in the past, but it grew a new head and is still on the hunt.
        There's a likelihood this snake dream is related to the duck in the previous dream.  God knows I have a stack of enemy both in this world and the underworld who hate what I do to expose the truth about demons and shadow entities.
Bad Weather On The Way 12-19-2010
I heard something at my door and looked out to find a man I did not know leaning against the house to my right. I asked him if he thought the weather would get bad and he walked into the yard looking south east.  I walked out to see what he was looking at and the clouds were black and growing.  I said "looks like we are in for bad weather."
        It's Winter, could mean bad weather is on the way.  Either way it is a warning dream of something to come.

Giant Airplanes parked on the Ocean 12-20-2010
I was flying in a small airplane a few 100 feet above the ocean when I saw a large area of big airplanes parked literally on the ocean.  I flew to them and among them and some were taller from the ocean and I had to look up to see the top of them.  I flew among them for awhile on a straight line and realized that I couldn't see the end of them.  There were so many rows and many 1000's of airplanes.  These were all commercial airliners.
        This represents corporations and massive businesses going out of business.

Rows of Canned Foods in Glass Jars 12-20-2010
I can't exactly say where I was in this dream but what I saw looked like it might have been a basement or cellar but it was very large.  On the floor I saw many rows and 1000's of glass jars with canned food in them.
        This dream is warning that famine is coming and to stock up on food.  This isn't the only one of these kinds of dreams that I've had.
Hillybilly Scum 1-6-2011
I was moving south on a dirt road sometimes walking, sometimes flying short distances at a time and sometimes on a motorcycle.  I came over the top of a hill and saw a farm in the middle of nowhere at a dirt crossroads.  I saw lifestock but didn't see any people so I approached.

As I got there I saw all the buildings gray in need of paint and repair.  I saw plastic over broken windows.  I saw barnyard fences that had been patched that were barly standing.  I wondered if anyone could live there with the place in such bad condition.  I entered the open doorway of the first barn on the left.  To the west was a really run down house.  To the south across the east west highway was another really run down house.  Past it down the hill a bit further was another run down barn.

Standing in the doorway I looked for signs of life then hearing someone behind me I turned to see 3 men approaching.  They were wearing cloths that were tattered and worn out.  Two of them were wearing straw hats also badly worn.  They spoke in a very serious back-woods hick lingo that gave me chills.  They were aparently uneducated and most likely inbread.  They wanted to know who I was and why I was snooping around on their property.  I began to explain I was on the way by and got lost so I was looking for directions.  They didn't believe me at first and while I was trying to convience them I began speaking to them in their own lingo.  As this went on 7-10 more like them showed up to observe.  I began to think if I lived to tell this story it would be a mirricle.

Finally the others that had come to watch went their own way as if they did not view me as a threat.

I woke up went back to sleep and returned to this location again.  I found myself standing in the street north of the crossroads between the house and barn.  Two of these guys showed up and wanted to show me something.  Behind some brush and trees north of that house was two or three more smaller barns all in the same condition as the rest of the place.  They led me to the last barn, to the west.  Most of these had doors either open or missing.  Inside this one they began telling me how they had some of the best "stuff" money could buy.  I noticed a third man working at a table that was clearly a drug lab.  He was making something.  The other guy opened a case and showed me several kinds of drugs they had for sale.  He mentioned coke and meth as he pointed out the individual rows of selections.  The box was a plastic whiteish looking hardware box like you could get in any hardware store.  He had rows of things looked like they were taped to the lid.  Then he had the product in the bins below.

I told him I wasn't into that kind of thing and wished them well.

I woke and went back to sleep now I find myself standing in the center of the crossroads looking at the house to the south east.  I went into the house looking around and there was a smell that I recall that I find hard to describe.  There was clearly a dirt and dust smell with something rotten or moldy mixed in.  A young girl perhaps 12 or so appeared in a doorway in a tattered dress with tangled hair.  The sight of her gave me the chills.  She stood there looking at me and said nothing.  I heard someone outside and I told her I was a friend and was looking for someone but I didn't want her to say anything.  I lead her into another room past a staircase that lead downward.  I left her there telling her to stay put and be still.  I saw an eposode of Supernatural where there was a hick family that kidnapped people and hunted them down.  There was a young girl in that show that looked so much like this girl it's chilling.

I returned to the staircase and looked out the window to see another barn to the south down the hill a few yards to the south of the house.  Seeing no one out there I went down the stairs and into the door that opened into the second floor of that barn.  I looked down over a handrail to see a LOT of travel bags.  Checking to be sure no one else was there I went down one floor and walked a path between the piles of bags.  I saw red, blue, green, black and assorted bags of all varities, all filled with people's belongings.  Then I realized these were stollen bags and wondered if these hillbillies had murdered the people they once belonged to.
        Certainly it is a warning dream about something and perhaps someone.  Sometimes I have viewpoints and sometims I have informative dreams that are litereal.  Somewhere people who fit the descriptoin in this dream may actually exist, if they do I have no idea where it is because I have never been to a place that looked like this in my life that I could recall.
        If it's a warning about something symbolic dealing with a future event then the future does not look good.

The End of the Road 1-9-2011
My wife and I were driving along, I was in the driver's location but while somewhat in control there was no driver's wheel.  There was a thing something like a joystick.  There were indicators and controls on the dashboard.

We went along way then through a large city and up a hill.  The vehicle never seemed to change speeds and on the highway we were always moving in the generally direction of East.  Going up the hill we came to a tunnel and in the tunnel was a 2 lane toll booth with both lights red.  In a moment I thought "what now?"  I moved to the center of the road.  In the next moment the light on the right turned green.  I changed back from middle to right hand side at that moment and went through the right side of the deal.

We had only gone a short distance when we came to a 90 degree left hand turn and when we made the turn I saw construction equipment blocking the road. (Now going North)  Now the left hand lane was open but not the right.  I had no choice but to move to the left lane.  The moment we passed the equipment I saw rebar in the road, the road was not finished.  Beyond that I saw dirt as if the road was just being made.  I said "going to flight mode now."  I flipped a switch on the dash with my left hand and the car drove right off over the unfinished road and flew.  I could not stop the car but I was flying it.

Now I saw a hill and right hand corner and we began turning 180 degrees now going south down a valley.  The mountains were tall and the clouds were down over the mountains so I could not see above it.  The speed of our vehicle remained constant.  I would fly straight until I came to a right hand turn and would go straight again for several miles.  This went on for awhile and I finally I said "we must get above this and see where we are."  I flew up into the clouds and went for awhile but could not see anything and finally returned to a lower altitude and nearly hit the top of a mountain.  Finding my way back into the valley we contined on and I woke.

Movments = Passing of time.
Time moves at a constant rate, as our vehicle did in this dream.
We were on a highway we could not get off off, there were no exits.  Predestination is implied, the course is fixed and can not be changed.

At this point the symbols seem to be saying this is a prophetic dream dealing with time and events  along that time line that will not be changed.  These events may also have implications for the entire world as we know it if this is the case.

The toll booth means a price is to be paid at this point, but we got a green light and did not pay.

Tunnel = restrictions and is verified by the toll booth.

Turn to the left = movment toward physical and or sinister.  Generally bad things happen on or shortly after left hand turns for some reason.

going on at this point in time.  Huge changes being made just as we move from the tunnel into the open valley.  Expect dramatic changes in world events at this point in time.  Expect dramatic changes in how people live at this point in time.  This highway is brand new at this point.  It is also unfinished.  It will lead into an open valley.

After leaving the tunnel there's no other way to go except to the right.

After leaving the tunnel we are now flying.  Flying in dreams represents a certain kind of conditions. 
Flying is living on faith or doing things that require special abilities or skills.  Now we are not restricted as we had been on the highway but we are still being directed by forces beyond our control.

Clouds do one thing in every case and that is they prevent you from seeing the sky.
Clouds block how high we might go and still see where we are going.
Most of the time I flew as high as I could without being in the clouds.

There were at least three of us in the vehicle, my wife & I and someone else.  If the people in the vehicle represent real people rather than symbols of something else then others will be involved in this with dreamer or me as the case may be.  Meaning simi-private rather than private dream event.

I never saw anyone else outside the vehicle at any time.  I never saw any other vehicles.  This may or may not have any bearing on the dream as many times certain information is omitted from dreams.  They don't always tell the full story.  If the dream event is important a dreamer will have multiple dreams about the same event.  If it deals with more people others will have dreams talking of the same event, as is the case with prophetic dreams many times.

Yesterday a friend wrote me to say he had a viewpoint dream in which he saw himself inside a woman's body.  I said "It happens sometimes."

The first two dreams on this page are viewpoints in which I saw through someone else's eyes.