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Little Dog Big Overbite!  7-17-2008
It was night time, my brother and I were searching the hills in the night for bad dogs.  We saw a white dog catcher truck go by on the road also looking for bad dogs.  It had a dog catcher for a driver, one on top in front and one in the very back.  The one on top and in back both had catch sticks.

Brother went east at this point I went south to the top of a hill.  I looked east and west and saw this was a ridge.  I could see some farm houses to the east.  I could see my brother going up a hill in the dark to the north east.  I looked down the hill to the south and saw another man walking along the hill also looking for bad dogs just as we were.  I called to him and we teamed up.  I told him go down the hill a ways until I say stop.  So we went down until I was looking straight level with the hill to the east then I told him stop now go east.

We both turned east and walked until we both joined up at the road at the top of the hill at a driveway that went to a farm house.  No sooner had we reached this point than two barking little dogs came running at us and one of them tried to bite me so I grabbed it by the neck.  When I did the other little dog ran for it's life back toward the house.

This little dog was still trying to bark but had a bad voice at best.  It's top jaw was easily three times longer than the lower and it curved down over the top so badly there's no way this dog could eat.  It couldn't bite, it couldn't eat, it could barely bark and it was no threat to anyone.  It was just a bad little dog with a lot of teeth on the upper jaw.
        I expect that white dog catcher truck with three dog catchers also dressed in white are angels in search of people with bad attitudes.  I see angels like that now and then and each set as they always travel in sets of two or three has a mission.  Some find lost souls.  Some track down certain kinds of bad people and usually they make records of what they find.  Sometimes they actually take action against these bad people giving them over to the forces that destroy the flesh in order to bring them humility and hope to save their souls.

        This bad little dog represents a person who fits its description almost perfectly.  All they have are words without substance, no bite at all.  Neither can they eat anything with substance or truth.  They can't accept the truth.
        Though we were walking along the two little dogs found us and ran toward us barking.  It means they find me rather than me finding them.  The exception is that God told me about them in a dream.
Wild Piglet On Farm  7-17-2008
I was on a farm standing inside a barn just looking around wondering where in the world I was and why I was there.  I was having memories of a farm house of course this place was new to me.  I heard some guy talking to someone else just outside and they left.  I saw a buggy inside that had straw stuffed into the roof to keep the rain out I guess.  I wondered how well that might work but didn't care for the idea much.

I began walking around and went outside into the barn lot and before I knew it here came a very angry domesticated piglet about one forth grown.  Something smaller and very dark colored was either following the piglet or chasing it.  It ran at me oinking as fast as it could and when it reached me I kicked it right in the face knocking it for a loop.  In fact I kicked it so hard it woke me.
        When dreams come in sets you can count on it being true in some way.  I just had a bad dog dream before this dream.  Odds are very high this dream is talking about the same dream subject as the first dream above.  If it is it is showing me the person that's like the little dog in a new perspective.  It's showing me this person as a dog in one and a pig in another.  Both animals are considered unclean of spirit.  Meaning they are not saved.  Of course not being saved doesn't keep a LOT of people from thinking they are not only saved but have some God given authority to offend other people with their ignorance.
        Usually when I have dreams like these they are talking about people who find my Spiritual Things website, hate what they see and sometimes the send me hate mail.  There's not a lot I like better than knowing before hand what's going on and what kind of people they are.  Since my mail filters usually delete their messages to me before I ever see them the only way I know what's going on is when I have dreams like these two.  Now and then the poor misguided person sending the mail will avoid using foul language in which case I may actually receive their message. 
        These same misguided people sometimes try to straighten out the "Dog Catchers" in the white truck.  What do you think they would think if they knew they were telling angels their business?  The point is people like these never stop to think who they are actually talking with.  They never consider for one moment they might be wrong.  They never consider they may be talking to a real prophet of God or even greater an angel of God.  Pride blinds people to the truth.  Humility opens people's eyes.  If you've realized these pages are specific messages for certain people you are on the right track.

High Security 7-19-2008
I was outside of a big automated facility with very high security.  I was with two or three other people who were interested in what goes on inside that building.  I was a spy.  I went to the door and when a robot seat came along following a marked path when I stood near it, it stopped, I got in and it took me inside the building.  The first stop was a short distance and it stopped at a window.  There was an Arab man inside the window and he asked me something, I didn't understand what he said but I knew what he was asking.  He was asking who I was and why I was there.  I said "visitor."  He handed me a badge and the little car moved on into a hallway around a corner and into a room where several people were working.  They took my badge and now an Oriental woman came in and put a little round magnet into the left side of my jaw and said something in her language with gestures but I didn't understand.  She spoke then in very rough English "don't swallow this.  hold in jaw.  don't drink anything."  I nodded that I understood.  There were some very high tech things in this room.  In the center of the room to my right was a machine that looked something like an old dentist drilling machine but it was brand new, brightly polished and the thing on the end of it wasn't a drill.

        That was the end of the dream but this dream has all the indications of a high level viewpoint dream.  Meaning the place might actually exist.  What they do there is a mystery.  What ever they do it is a secret.  We know that Arabs and some race of Orientals are involved.  We know it involves or incorporates robotics and computers.  We have a good idea that it involves implanting something inside a person.  I believe they are implanting identification computer chips in people.  In the dream I understood this thing was both an identification device as well as a tracking device.  I understood they could track me anywhere inside their building so they would know everywhere I went as a visitor.

Train Trip 8/7/2008
I was on a journey with father across a north eastern land near the ocean.  Segments of the land had large lakes.  I do not recall any place quite like this on earth.  Main near Canada or some place in Canada might fit the description nearer than any other place.

We took a long trip on a train and we started off above ground.  We passed through farm land going in a long many mile right hand loop along the coast line.  On the return trip we were coming down the south side of the land and I was taking a nap when I woke and realized we had stopped.  Father and I were right behind the driver's seats and I looked to see no one was in the seats.  The front windows were broken out.  The drivers were gone.  I woke Father and showed him asking him what we should do.

There were hundreds of people on the train.  Father climbed over the back of the seat into the right hand driver's seat.  He said "we must get these people to the next junction and get help."  I climbed into the seat on the left.  We pressed the throttle and began moving forward in the night.  It was so dark we couldn't see very far but the train had lights and I realized we were moving through an underground tunnel.  I could lean forward looking out the broken front glass and could see the rail below in front of us.  I realized that Father sensed danger or something dangerous was near.

I don't know how far we went at that slow speed until Father stopped, got out and went ahead to scout the tracks.  I followed bringing the train along behind him slowly until we came to a place where a track ran off to the left very sharply, about a 90 degree turn.  A segment of the main track was missing but I was crossing it straight ahead passing this turn before I realized the tracks were not there.  I managed to get the train up on the tracks again and continued on.

I knew Father was following now instead of leading but I knew I shouldn't stop on those segments where there were no tracks.  I crossed several areas where there were no tracks but each time the train came back upon the track with a loud clicking sound.

Wanting to know where we were I found the map but soon discovered I couldn't watch the map and drive the train.  I continued on remembering the map I had seen when the trip began.  I came to an area of brand new tracks where no more were missing.  I came into a terminal underground and another track went left and one went right.  I went to the right around a left hand corner into a turntable.  I saw a man working there.  I saw a track going to the right. I wondered where Father was and I backed the train out of there and stopped it.  The train didn't want to stop.  It kept inching forward.  I jumped out and ran to the back of the train.  Some people were watching from the train windows.  I saw father approaching behind the train.  I ran forward in front of the train into a room at the terminal.  A woman was there.  I talked with her and tried to open the map she gave me to see where we were and this map was HUGE!  I finally found our place and ran back to the train as it entered the terminal.  I saw two new engineers were now at the controls.  I was glad.  Father and I got back into our seats behind the drivers and watched as they began taking us through this terminal building.  I woke when we reentered the turntable room that lead us into the tunnel to the right.
        It's a prophetic dream no doubt. It shows a LOT of people moving through time toward a dangerous time.  It shows the people in charge will "get lost" or "go missing" and someone else will be required to take over.  More later.


Giant Grizzly  8-28-2008
I was walking along toward the east with another man.  We were listening to sounds coming from the forest to the east.  Finally we heard a loud growl and we hit the ground watching in that direction.  The man said "It's a bear!"  I nodded.  We moved south east toward a road then into a shallow ditch that ran between the road and the fence.  The man said "It must be huge.  I've got to get a better look."  He started out ahead of me and I moved to the fence crawling along on my stomach so the thing would be less likely to see me.

As I neared some odd looking buildings I looked to see a girl approaching from behind me.  I recognized her as if she were my sister.  I warned her about the very loud bear growls to the east and she and I then crawled to this first building where we entered and climbed up into the top thinking we might see the beast from the window.  Inside the top however the floor was made of something like cardboard and while stronger than box cardboard it wasn't strong enough to stand on.  It was all supported by a 2x4 framework though and I kept my weight on the boards and warned her to do likewise.

As we watched from this very shaking structure the sky turned even darker and for a while we didn't hear anything.  We climbed down and walked to a car that was parked in front of the next building.  We got into it and found the keys were in it.  There was a 30-06 hunting rifle in the front seat.  I wondered what had become of the other man who went to get a closer look.

I drove slowly toward the tree line until I came to a place where the road went a bit to the right or around to the left in a circular path.  The thunder was loud now.  I saw something moving in the darkness and I pointed and said "Look there!"  I thought it might be a bear but when she stood up I saw it was a woman all covered in mud wearing a long dress.  She ran behind a car parked off the road nearby and then climbed up on the car's roof and held up both arms and screamed.  We looked around for the bear and saw a man moving along the rocks and trees hiding looking for the bear. 

The rain began go pour down and as my eyes focused I saw the giant bear hiding beside a tree.  This thing was at least twenty feet tall and deliberately hiding with it's back to a tree.  I saw it open its mouth as if to growl then it looked all around.  I was praying the thing wouldn't notice us as we were only a few very short yards from it.  The clouds became darker and I grabbed up the gun to see it had a shell in the chamber.  I looked at the bear and said "I'm going to need a bigger gun."  I saw the man hiding near the rocks near where the woman had come from originally and he was  aiming his gun toward the bear but must have been thinking the same thing I was.  He needed a bigger gun.

Suddenly the monster grizzly moved away from it's position and walked right past our car.  It attacked the tree behind to our right in a crazed frenzy ripping bark off in huge chunks.  The rain poured down so hard it was all we could do to see the monster a few yards behind us.  I started the car and it wasn't running very well but I drove away just hoping the bear wouldn't notice us in the dark with all the thunder and rain.  We crossed another road beside some cabins where the water was flowing over the road.  The longer I kept the engine running the better the car ran but it was evident to me the water level was getting deeper and the storm was getting worse.  All we wanted to do was get away from this place.
        The bear has two basic symbolic meanings.  1) It's an expression "It's a bear" means it's a difficult thing to deal with.  The larger the bear the more difficult the situation is.  2) It is the symbol of Russia.  There's a reason for that and in prophecy Russia is Gog (great) and China is MaGog (very great.)  These two are prophesied to start WWIII.  According to the prophecy they will be destroyed by God and by fire in the end.

        As impressions come to me it appears that China isn't the provoker and at first not part of the threat.  It's Russia that starts WW3 over "Horse."  Horse is symbolic of power.  It's an age old reason to kill their neighbors and many battles have been fought over the power struggle.  Russia doesn't make anything but weapons for war.  That's their major industry.  China on the other hand makes everything!  They have nothing to gain by starting a war that might kill their customers.

        Major insecurity on behalf of the Russian leaders is the cause of the conflict.  Does this bear in my dream represent Russia?  Keep an eye on them to see who they attack next.  The trees represent cities countries and people.  The woman who crawled away in the mud then stood up and screamed is the last country that Russia attacked without provocation.  Iraq was warned many times about their breaking UN resolutions and they ignored the warnings until nations took up arms against them and set the people of Iraq free from their evil dictator.  Russia on the other hand feels confident the world will not stand up to them because of their size and the fact their main industry is weapons of war.  There will not be a winner in WW3.  Everyone will loose including Russia.  The world will burn.

        Another prophecy says the Lion is the mother of the Eagle and the Lion weeps as the Eagle burns.  I don't think I need to tell you what countries these symbols represent.  The Lion is Great Briton.  The Eagle is the USA.  The USA will burn after being attacked by Russia.  The USA will burn but it will not perish.  It will become a massive spiritual center for a time.

Angel Vision 9-8-2006
In my dream, there was a bread competition of what tasted the best. I was standing as if I was invisible, to many. I saw that old man had won and the young man lost as one of the bread tasted the best. And then in the while, I was in some place where I could see all galaxies or all infinitum. I then looked at Milky Way Galaxy, and looked at Earth. At first nothing happened, and then like mere minutes, A light exploded out of Earth, and then the Earth was changed from Materiality, to Immateriality, or more specifically, from physical to spiritual. The light continued in sphere shaped that is continually expanding, I saw all planets and other galaxies had been changed from physical to spiritual. It ended when the last of infinitum had been hit by the light and changed into spiritual.
        God the Father spirits and angels do not see the physical world with physical eyes.  They see them with spiritual eyes.  In this format they see spiritual energy.
        The bread being eaten is dealing with the truth.  The better and more the truth the better the bread.  This bread is the foundations of creation.  This bread that wins contains the signature of the Creator.
        It's been years ago but I have also been in a very high place where I looked down upon our galaxy from space.

Dragon and Hidden Room 9-12-2008

I found myself in a dark place running from a very large dragon.  I crawled into a dark stone tunnel until I hit the end.  I could hear the beast outside in the dark sticking it's tongue into the passage trying to feel me out.  I felt to the side and there was another passage and to my feet and saw some light coming in.  I began moving away into the side tunnel with the light until I entered a room and stood up.

I looked around to see a stone lion in the middle of this circular room.  In it's mouth it had a coil of wire that extended out like the barrel of a gun straight out from it's head.  I looked around to see other electronic equipment along with things that seemed ancient.  The room seemed ancient yet very advanced.  There were symbols on the walls and other statue like things around the room.

As I looked around I saw a young man wearing a "T" shirt that had writing on it.  It said something "superhero" on it on one line.  I said "what are you doing here?"  And he said he just wanted to know what was in here.  He walked around and stood directly in front of the coil of wire in the lion's mouth.  I told him "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

He moved out of the way just as the lights on some of the things in the room came on and something happened.  A panel opened in the wall behind the lion.  I saw a form and blue light appear as the other room lights went dim.  "This thing is getting ready to fire."  I warned.  We ran outside to find ourselves in the lobby of a large inside mall I think.  It was a big building with people walking around.  The tunnel I had crawled in through and dragon were gone.  I looked at the circular thing were the round room was and realized we were perhaps the only ones who knew about this device in the hidden room.
        It is a high level symbolic message.  The dragon is generally symbolic of two things, 1) Satan/devil.  2) China.
        I've seen the devil appear as a dragon in high level night visions.  The room with the stone images appeared ancient yet very advanced.  It certainly has an important meaning.
        The thing in the lion's mouth appears to be some kind of directional antenna.
        This entire thing is hidden in a highly populated area yet people are unaware of it's presence.
        Who's the kid who thinks he's a super hero?  All I can do is watch and see what happens.  If you have any ideas please send them to me.

Bombs! 9-17-2008
I heard the airplanes high in the sky then looked to see a very large airplane with many bombs hanging under it's wings.  It flew over and then came another different airplane also with bombs.  Then another also different with many bombs.  As I watched many very large to gigantic airplanes moved over the land with many bombs hanging under the wings.  Some of these bombs were different colors and one of them had white bombs under it.  This one looked like a SAC aircraft from the 50s-60s.

        Prophetic high level dream likely.  There is a situation of war in the spiritual breeze.  The spirits see and know this wind.  The great old ones are watching.  Humanity is fast approaching the doorway into the next world.  The doorway will be opened by the events connected next great war.  The war humans will refer to as world war 3.
        The children play, they are not ready for the things that will overtake them without their receiving the warning.  There are those of us who are watching the signs in the wind.

Upside Down Clocks 9-18-2008
I woke up and found myself back on the farm.  There was a table in the middle of the living room.  There were things on the walls and ceiling that were never there before.  I was confused wondering what time of the day it was.  A young man came in who reminded me a bit of Edward Porter from Southside Drama.  I wanted to find my wife or mother I can't remember which but she was gone and I didn't know where she went.  I looked at the clock on the wall and it was upside down.  A few feet away was another wall type clock hanging from the ceiling and it was also upside down.  I looked at my wrist watch and it was upside down.  It wasn't even my watch!  I turned it over.  I asked the young man who turned all the clocks upside down and he didn't known.

I went to the front door and went outside.  It was daylight and I was thinking it must be about 1 or 2 in the afternoon but the sky was gray overcast.  It felt like early morning or just after sundown.  I couldn't tell what time it was.

I walked to the road and saw a young man who reminded me something of young Matthew and he was leading a white horse with a blond headed girl on it who I didn't recognize.  I asked him if he knew where my wife or mother was and he shook his head.  Another boy arrived somewhat larger than the first boy.  I literally grabbed him by the neck and shook him asking if he was the one who turned all the clocks upside down.  He said "I didn't do it!  Our clocks were all upside down to!" 

I turned him loose and looked into the north field.  There I saw a strange tree like formation made of energy and glowing lights of all bright colors.  Blue, green, yellow, red, all bright colors like this was repeated in this energy tree.  It looked something like those models scientists use to build molecule models with except the lights were constantly moving and growing.  They came up from the ground like a tree and then had straight branches that went out in all directions.

I told the others "Look! Have you ever seen anything like that?"  They said no.  I told the kid that reminded me of Matthew to go get my camera and get video of this as fast as he can.  He ran into the house while the rest of us watched the glowing formation grow until dust devils began sucking dirt into the air all around it.  In moments the glowing form was gone leaving around a dozen dust devils sucking dirt into the air as fast as they could and they were growing larger.  

We ran for the house and I found the kid with my camera back on the table.  I asked him where the camera was and he said he couldn't find it.  It wasn't in the bag.

        There's not much doubt this is a high level symbolic dream message that is making a reference to time being turned upside down.  Things that happen on the farm where I was a boy refer to the earth and the people of the earth.  I went out the front door which means this is a public message and affects everyone.  I'm not real clear on the tree of lights yet or some of the other symbols but I've got a roofing crew coming this morning and don't have the time to figure it out and post it here right now.  So read it and see what you can get from it.

Industry Fire 9-23-2008
I spent a lot of time traveling around in a big city at night in my dreams.  I would wake then go back to sleep and another segment of the city would start.  I was searching for something.  I finally came to a big building where I met a guy who I grew up with.  At one time we were best friends then I moved away and he remained in the home county.  In the dream he was upset.  We entered the building and the place was scorched black.  Walls and doors were missing.  He sat down on something and I sat beside him.  I asked him what was wrong.  He said the factory he was working in exploded and killed more than 400 people.  He didn't go in that day for some reason.  I was guessing he called in sick but had a feeling he suspected something bad would happen that day.
        It could be a prophetic high level informative dream.  If this is literal I would recommend watching the news for a factory fire or explosion.  If it's symbolic then there's serious financial problems with some large business.  Fire can represent tests in life.
        After this dream the dark dreams continued but I moved out of the city into the country and was working my way back toward home on foot and it was getting dark and late.  It was around 7:30pm.  I wanted to call for a friend to come get me but my phone was wet.  The buttons on it were strange to, not like a real phone.

Fire Spirits 10-19-2008
I went to see a friend out in the country and found him standing beside a hill that had been burned in a circular pattern all the way around evenly.  I asked him what was going on and he said he would have to show me.  He led me into the burned area at a lower part of the hill and told me to remain there while he moved to the very outer edge of the burned area.  I began to notice the odd burned pattern and where dry leaves were laying on the ground not burned at all while everything else was toasted.  I saw a dry stick laying upon the ground at my feet and began to wonder why my friend had lead me to that exact location and stood me right next to this dry stick that wasn't burned either.  The next thing I knew the wind began to blow and a moment later a whirlwind of fire like a small tornado flew past and began circling a tree as it slowed down and began moving around the trees nearby.  The wind blew again and here came another from the same direction.  I'm guessing they came out of the south west around the mountain.  This one came very near and I could feel the heat.  Instinctively I picked up the unburned limb from the ground and held it like a staff.  Another spinning fire thing came brushing past me but I could not feel the heat and was not burned by it.  I watched as several more of these fire spirits came around me all moving as if watching me.  I noticed they also moved around but did not touch the dry leaves nearby.  Nothing else was being consumed by the fires.  Several times these fires moved near touching me but no harm came to me.  I looked at the staff in my hand wondering if there was some protection in it.  The stick was dry gray wood with no bark and looked like drift wood.  It was the perfect size for a wooden staff.

I walked among the trees and the fire spirits watching them as I did then I walked back to where my friend was waiting.  He asked me what my thoughts were and I told him they were fire spirits but I did not know where they had come from or what their purpose was in this place on this hill.
        If you looked down upon this mountain or hill it was burned in a perfect circle.  Every tree was burned black.  Now and then you would find areas where dead dry leaves lay but they were not burned while other areas were burned completely up.  I realized the fire spirits were not a threat to me but I also realized I held the wooden staff that my friend had deliberately lead me to stand beside.  It was almost as if he were giving me a way to protect myself without telling me what he was doing.  It was like a test to see if I could figure out the riddle.
        Fire nearly always translates to a test of some kind in the physical world.  These fires were certainly testing all the "trees" around this hill in a perfect circle.  The hill represents a structure a business or group of some kind.  Trees can represent established things but they can also represent people and the things people do in life.
        The fires were intelligent and moved with purpose.  I'm going to take a guess to say these fires are after an establishment made up of many people.  It may be a business or political group I do not know which, maybe both.  I would just about be willing to bet this event will appear on the news as it involves a great number of people.
Sorting Sheep 11/3/2008
I was at the house where I grew up and someone else was with me.  I walked across the driveway to the north into the neighbor's yard where I found a rectangular fenced in pen.  I was told to make a few modifications to the pen because we would soon be sorting sheep into two groups.
        Sheep is symbolic for people.  Sorting them into two groups means just that.  It means dividing them into groups.

The Tower 11-9-2008
I was standing on a tower on a tall mountain top.   The tower was on the edge of a cliff.  I was with 3 other men and one of them was a highly respected friend of mine when I was growing up.

We were standing two on each side as two parts of a four man team.  I was standing while my team-mate was seated.  Directly across from me the other team member was seated and diagonally from me was my friend from school days.  He was working with something and had a line toward the top of the tower.  I saw we were only about 20 feet up the tower and the tower above us literally vanished into the sky.  My friend across from me had a white rope leading up the tower but then suddenly he lost his balance and fell.  His friend who was seated near him caught him pulling him to the tower.  He grabbed onto an angle where the other was seated and his eyes showed terror.  Suddenly he fell despite the efforts of his friend trying to hold him.

Now the man who tried to save him looked at us and said "Just this morning he made a joke saying he would likely fall off the tower today."

The moment I woke I heard thoughts appear in my mind saying "Be careful what you say."
        The next thought was clear.  "Because you can speak things into existence."

        The men on the tower are two parts of a single team.  These people are literally communicating with the beings of Heaven.  They are the team on the watchtower for that period of time.  The dream is saying two important things.  There will be people with the gift to communicate with higher beings / God in order to gain information to help protect and support those on earth who are part of this survival effort.  If I were to speculate each group must have four people selected who will have these abilities.  These people work in sets of four but they only work two at a time.  While the other two observe and listen.  Two were standing diagonal while two seated observed as a fail safe.  This I say because the man seated caught the man who fell.

        Another thing that is important is for these people to be very serious about their jobs.  No joking or saying things they don't mean.  It may also imply they have the power to open paths to make things happen as need be to help those on earth.
Burned Barn Dead Horse 11-19-2008
I was walking around in the country when I saw a fire and went to the smoke to find a farm with a barn that had been burned up.  Some fires lingered while smoke rose in the air.  The barn was charred on one side but the thing was mostly still standing.  It was like it had been hit by a sudden blast of heat and hadn't time to fall yet.  I walked in to see if I could help.  There I found a dead horse in the middle of the barn, burnt like the barn was.  Then I saw a man standing outside looking in at me but he would not come inside.  I began walking and found one side of the barn undamaged.  I began looking to see the burned pattern on the ground was a perfect circle about 100 feet across.  It looked like a heat beam from the sky came down on this barn and burned it like a cooky-cutter leaving one wall of the barn untouched.

I walked out of the barn and saw the circle that was burned upon the ground and I saw a very large house on the side of the hill overlooking this place.  I went into the house and saw a girl there and the man followed me inside.  I saw two HUGE aquariums one on each wall.  One was being built new while the other was older.  Seeing no fish in the old tank I asked "where are the fish?"  I went closer and saw one small manta ray struggling at the surface.  It was evident the fish were all dead but this one.  Finally the manta swam through the tank but something very bad happened here.
        This is another prophetic dream with information and a warning.  The last dream I had with fire spirits that burned a hill in a circle two friends of mine died the same day.  I don't think the dream was about them but I do think they were part of the message.
        The horse is a power symbol and this power will be destroyed as if by fire from heaven.  The circle fires are very selective.  Targets are being selected and destroyed.
        The aquariums with fish refer to types of people.  All but one who were in the old one are gone.  These may represent jobs being lost.  I didn't see dead fish, I saw the fish were gone and assumed in the dream they had died for neglect.

Red Dress 11/20/2008
I was in the right front seat near as I could tell of a very nice car.  I was looking at a woman in the right rear seat.  She had jet black shoulder length hair in a style from the 70s like Gigget or Mary Tyler Moore.  She was wearing a bright red dress and she was perfectly drawn.  She was beautiful.
        There wasn't much to the dream but I feel sure it means something.  Red is frequently a warning color.  The length of the hair represents just how much is being revealed, the longer than hair the more secrets are kept.  The shorter the hair the more outspoken.  The style of the hair is predated, before our time or a return to the past kind of thinking.  One of the things the angel told me when I was shown the first shuttle disaster she was a teacher and she said "look to the past for the answers to the future."  This hair style seems to be saying something from the past is involved.

Dreams talk about all kinds
of things using a symbolic