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What's Going To Happen In 2012-13-14?

It doesn't matter if you believe what I write on these pages, the government believes it.  They spent billions of our dollars to build the Denver International Airport to hide the largest man made survival shelter in North America.  If you don't believe me check into it yourself.  Or watch the youtube video with Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory - Nibiru."

Do it soon though because the Internet, your power lines to your house and your computers will all fail about the time the first set of major disasters hit.  I'm making preparations to keep this site online and updated until that time, even if it costs me my life.

Update 9/29/2013
: The largest underground shelter in North America now is between Branson and Springfield, MO East of HIghway 65.
We hear all kinds of stories and rumors about what's going to happen.  People are gathering their essentials together and getting ready to ride it out.

I've seen TV shows on doomsday preppers and have seen all kinds of things these people are doing to make ready for the coming world tribulation.  I've seen them build fortified defendable homes with tons of food to last them for years.  I've seen them build underground bunkers like storm shelters.  They have their guns, ammunition and home defenses.  I've seen them stockpile seeds so they can grow their own food.  Some of them have animals they keep with them thinking they can provide for themselves during the time of trouble.  They are ready to fight the world off when starvation hits.

We have heard it all before and there are those out there who say this is all nonsense because absolutely nothing is going to happen.  How do we know this?  Because it's been predicted before and nothing ever happened.

Well the skeptics aren't 100% correct depending on what prophecies you are looking at and which ones have in fact happened.  Consider that if you predict the end of the world you only have to be right once.

I've had dreams and powerful night visions for years that foretell disasters that could only be described as "biblical."  I saw both the shuttle disasters before they happened and knew what the night visions were about previous to the events.  Yes I saw it and it happened.

One biblical prophecy says that meteorites will rain down from the heavens over the entire earth like a hail storm.  The average size of these meteorites is 70 lbs!  Hit the earth with a hail storm like that and nothing on the surface of the earth will survive.

It won't make any difference how well prepared you are if this happens and you are still living on the surface of the earth.  You won't be eating your food while others starve because you will all be dead.  Just pray it happens quickly and you don't suffer.

Others are silly with joy saying "Come Lord Jesus come!"  And doing nothing because they expect God's angels to swoop down and save them.
I'm here to tell you God sent you prophets in these days to tell you what will happen and what you need to do about it.  As in days long ago when people didn't heed the word of God's prophets they either ended up dead or in captivity.

Keep in mind that Jesus said be ready to head for the hills, watch the signs.  He said keep your lamps trimmed and burning and know this if you run short on oil you won't get to go buy more before the great troubles come.

There's no place in the bible that speaks of a rapture saving everyone.  Jesus said "I tell you a secret, not all shall sleep but some shall be transformed."  Revelation 14 says the 144,000 elite of God will be caught up into the heavens as the first fruit.  Odds are good they will be the ones transformed.  The majority of the church better be ready to face trouble when it comes because it will be God selecting who will be saved from the tribulation and who won't be.  Even then we don't know exactly how long we will deal with the tribulation before help arrives.

Dark UFOs In The Night Sky

It was night and I looked up to see broken clouds filling the sky.  I saw a light flashing in one and I watched as the clouds moved making an opening until I saw a black triangular craft, it was huge.  I told my wife to look and I pointed.  She said "what is it?"  I said "I can tell you it's not the Aurora."

As we watched the clouds opened up even more and behind it I saw an even larger dark craft and this one had a circular thing at the far end that was turning and lights came out of it flashing like lighting.

These two ships hovered near each other not moving but as if they were both watching something in the same direction.


Not everything we see in dreams are symbolic, some are literal or a mix of literal and symbolic.  When God told me the Great Elders were returning to Earth I went out looked up and saw that every cloud in the sky had spaceships hidden inside them.  There were 100's of them but the people on the earth could not see them, but I was allowed to.

The fact these two great ships are black or very dark means something hidden in itself.

The one that has the circular things at I guess the back end and they turning flashing like lightning is curious.  This one is sending out some kind of signal to someone, and I guess I'm one of those who received the message.

When God would speak to a prophet sometimes he would move the clouds aside and show him what was inside.  God shows me and tells me things now and then but doesn't always explain the meaning of the things I see right away.  I can say this one is a serious warning. If they are spaceships then the trouble may very well originate in space.  A planetary body can be seen in a dream as a spaceship.

Update 2/26/2012

When events are important enough to send us night visions and dream warnings we need to dig into it to find out what it's speaking about.  Often when the event is prophetic we can't find much on earth to make connections with.  I begin praying to God for answers and I usually receive them in the form of dreams.  Sometimes during my research I look to the news, history and even TV series that deal with facts and history.

So I see this disturbing dark dream about the two UFOs and the clouds moving away from them as they did to reveal what was hidden there.  That's a clue.  The clouds means it's not clearly seen.  But as the clouds move away I can see what's been hiding behind them and it's not good.  It's a secret as well.

Both ships are facing the south east as it an arrow pointing at the danger.  Both ships are black.  The first ship is shaped like an arrowhead, literally a black triangular blade.  It has fins at the back of it on each side that extend directly behind it.  It has a glow in the center at the rear that gives just enough light to see those black fins.  In my mind I receive a message this thing is eating up satellites.  It destroys satellites and technological things that require computers to operate.

The second ship is like a short fat cigar.  It's rounded and elongated.  At the rear it has turning rings that give off flashes of light like lighting.  This is an EMP.  It's a burst of radiation and magnetic energy that follows behind the first two events.  This event is following the first event, the one being spoken of by the dark triangle blade looking object.

The sequence of events is the blade comes first and technologically things like satellites are destroyed.  This is the first big warning that time is short.  This will be followed shortly by a big blunt and powerful impact event that will be followed by an even larger EMF and radiation eventThis second thing is death from above on a large scale.

They are not spaceships in the sense of something someone would travel in.  They are space based events as in planetary bodies.  They are heading toward us fast and they will evidently cross our path bringing biblical destruction on a massive scale to the earth.  Please continue to read the dream about the massive cave dwelling being constructed.
Massive Underground City

I was walking with my wife inside a massive man-made cave that was still under construction.  The men I saw working on it looked human.  Sections of this place were at least seven stories tall and went further than I could see.  Other areas were four or five stories tall and you could clearly see dwellings like apartments carved out of stone with windows and all.  The entire place was well lit.

I've had a number of dreams where I was seeing cave like places being turned into dwellings.  Some were by angels and some were done by people who looked like human men.  Then again the angel who was with Enoch looked like a man.  The angels who came to talk with Abraham also looked like men.  And some have entertained angels and didn't know they were angels, cause they looked like men.

Update 2-26-2012

When I have dreams that trouble me or have enough of them in a row that seem to be speaking of the same events I begin praying and digging for answers. I tell people many times they will find information about their prophetic dreams in the news or on the Internet or both. Sometimes we find clues in movies and TV shows. Educational networks are a good resource.

Several things concerning these dreams and events that go with them need to be updated. Yes it does look like governments as well as certain people are burrowing into the earth for a disaster of biblical proportions. You have heard of the Dooms Day Preppers? Well anyone who thinks they are going to ride it out on the surface of the earth and some how survive should think again. You can have a fortress, guns and all the food in the world and it's not going to save you if you live on the surface of earth. When I make the main update I'll explain why surface dwellers have poor odds of surviving.

Update 2/26/2012

Sometimes I have a series of dreams over a few days that are speaking of the same event.  The one previous with the dark spaceships hidden in the clouds are planetary destruction from above.  The cave dream here is showing me there are people working hard even at this late date to build underground dwellings in order to preserve and save as many as they can.

Most of my oldest journals have either been destroyed or lost over the years for one reason or another.  My life has been spiced with powerful night visions of impending doom.  In one series I saw the coast of CA literally in the ocean.  I saw the land ripped in half.  I saw fires scattered everywhere and people fighting those fires.  I saw people trying to rescue those who were still alive.  I saw those who were still alive but had lost everything wandering aimless and lost.  They were saying "Help me. I can't find my home. I can't find my family."  All these things on the end of a RR track that was ripped in half.

The RR track
of course means two things.  The event being spoken of is predestined to happen and cannot be changed.  The other meaning may hit you in the face as it is a saying.  "It's the end of the line."

I've been praying about this and last night I had another dream and the dream was strange and disturbing.  The odd thing is it didn't seem to have anything to do with these events we are speaking of here, but it does in fact.  Before I could even begin to figure it out suddenly it hit me and it all made sense.  A bunch of dreams, TV shows and other information suddenly clicked into place.  Like finding the one piece of the puzzle that made the picture complete enough to see what it's about.

God told me look to the past for the answers to the future
.  I watch shows on the learning and history channels and I watch a show sometimes called Ancient Aliens.  Certainly I don't think everyone on that show has their theories exactly right but sometimes they have just enough pieces of history and facts to give us an idea what happened long ago.

The Hopi and several of those Indian tribes tell a story about how at one time in the distant past, 1000's of years ago their people moved underground to get away from something happening on the surface of the earth.  They said they lived with the ant people, the little gray beings with the big black eyes that live in caves in the earth. When the danger had gone they returned to the surface and continued their lives.

In South America they found a massive cave system where people lived underground to get away from something going on outside.  This cave system runs for miles underground and was carved out of the earth using hand held tools.  The show asked "what in the world were they trying to get away from?"

All over the earth we can find drawings on rocks and inside caves that depict what appears to be alien beings interacting with humans. Could it be primitive people perhaps trying to convey a message from their time into the future?

There is a story in India history that tells of great ships that came from the heavens and fought with each other firing rockets and blasts of light at each other.   The battle was so intense it destroyed entire cities on the earth and forced people to run and hide as far away as they could, many taking refuge inside caves to get away from the fire being hurled down upon the earth.  They also speak of spaceships and alien beings but I am inclined to think there is more to the story.  What if someone up there wanted people down here to hide for their own safty and the only way they could send that message so that it was heard was to create a predisaster ahead of the more serious events that would follow?

People have sent me their night visions and dreams telling me they saw the entire earth on fire
.  There is a prophecy that says the earth will burn.  Quite a lot of people have had dreams and night visions giving them pieces of the puzzle, many of them just enough they think they might ride it out by preparing.

Doomsday Preppers is a show about people who feel the end of life as we know it is near.  They build their fortresses and save up tons of food.  They tuck back weapons and ammunition to defend what they have made.  They say in the event of a massive EMP all modern technology will be useless, and they are correct.  So they build metal cages to protect computers, radios and things they think they will needThey save up seeds so they can plant and grow food.  Some even raise animals.  Some have found and preserved old vehicles that don't use computers.  What none of these people have considered is what if the prophecy of the meteorites raining down from the sky like hail actually happens?  It won't make any difference how you have saved and prepared if everything on the face of the earth is beaten to dust and burned.

I see one family did bury two storrage contaners side by side in the desert.  I wish I had something like that.  Then they rally the family and their record time to arrive at their "bug-out" location is 40 min.  What they have not considered is "what if their vehicle won't run because of the EMP?  Or or something else?"  Then they walk to their bug out location, providing the earth isn't on fire or something else doesn't kill them.

My dreams like this one are telling me those who survive will need to live deep underground.
  Even then not all of them will survive because of the earthquakes that will accompany the events being foretold.

Geological evidence and history tell us that every so many thousand years something happens that causes an extinction event
.  The creation story in the book of Genesis says in the beginning the earth was destroyed and in ruin and God moved over the face of the water.  It was a re-creation event following disaster on a world scale.

We might think wouldn't that been neat to see for ourselves.  Yeah, only if we are not standing upon the earth when it happens.

In the night vision where God showed me the first shuttle disaster he showed me two angels with flaming wings and the teacher dressed in black holding a bible.  God spoke then saying "look to the past for the answers to the future."

I knew the Shuttle was going to be destroyed after that series of dreams but this one kinda stood out.  Something was wrong with the message, or was it?  What's the Shuttle blowing up have to do with the past dealing with the future?

And the prophet of old wrote, nothing is new under the sunAll that has been will be again.  He's saying things happen in cycles upon the earth and perhaps in all of creation.  The destroyer will come again, and is in fact on his way.  Perhaps now our question of why people 1000's of years ago moved underground will be answered.  Perhaps now we will know why the Mayan calendar ends in Dec. 2012.

We've all heard the doomsday stuff before and nothing has ever happened, right?  Or has it?  I follow information about certain groups as anyone knows who knows me personally.  I watch the paranormal, the UFOs, the science related.  I have a good friend who's a licensed psychic medium and works for the FBI to find people.  I have close friends who are spiritually gifted and all of these people are warning me something terrible of biblical magnitude is heading our way fast.

A few months back I listened to an online radio program where a man was telling us the aliens they call the Grays are warning government officials that disaster is coming on a world scale and he says the government isn't doing anything to warn the public.  He said there are too many people to feed and care for and the resources will not support them.  They will die in the streets by the millions even billions.

I never followed the series on TruTV with Jesse Ventura called Conspiracy Theory but now I wish I had.  He did a show on 2012 and learned the Government has in fact been working hard for more than 10 years to prepare living quarters deep inside the earth for the social elite and government leaders.   The biggest news of all is, it's all a huge secret. 
The new Denver International Airport is adorned with graphic information revealing the disaster in some detail.  They went to the trouble to build tunnels under the airport that don't lead to the terminals, where do they go?  They lead out into the desert to a massive underground living facility that is still under construction.  Just like the thing I saw in my dream here.

The angel that woke me that morning and delivered a special message to me told me "You shall witness two great escapes."  Don't you love angels and how they can be so cryptic?  I asked "what do you mean by that" and I get no further response other than "A golden bowel contains 200 cups of coffee."

Two great escapes?  All I know is I'll know when I see it.  Where will I be?  Only God knows.  Will I get to escape?  No one told me, only that I would witness these two great escapes.  I've had night visions where I saw people being flown to underground shelters to be saved from something.  I learned later I'm not the only one who has seen these types of night visions.

The Barge Bed Ride 3/1/2012

I woke up in a big bed on a small barge with my wife running a small outboard engine driving us along over water.  In fact she woke me to say some part of the boat had malfunctioned and she needed to reset it but I was lying on the cover to the switch box.  I got up and she pulled the mattress up, opened a round pull up panel about 6 inches or so across reached in and did something then closed the cover and put the mattress back.

Now I looked around and it was like early morning, a chill in the air and fog around us.  Visibility was running from about 100' to 100 yards in places.  We were on a small barge and the entire top of the barge was a bed.  There was an outboard engine on the back and my wife was maneuvering us between literally 100's of little islands.  I mean most of these were not 100' across.  They were desolate, brownish looking piles that looked like piles of sand.

I asked "where are we" and my wife said "we are almost home."

I stood walked to the front of the barge and watched as more of these barges came into view through the fog.  They were all heading for the same piece of land.  This one at first the same color as the others but as we came near I saw it was also much larger than all those I had seen in passing.  As we came near the land I said "easy now."  But she drove the barge right up onto the land until only the engine was still in the water.


My attention has been directed toward the 2012 prophecy and Great Tribulation time.  I've been praying daily for God to show me what we should expect and what we should do about it.  I know that God will warn his people what they need to do if they listen, so I'm doing my best to pay attention.

I could see all those little islands floating out there as planets in space with nothing on them.

I could see this barge as a ship transporting people literally while they sleep to a new location my wife called "home."

Somewhere I read years ago that some would be taken literally in their sleep and would wake up somewhere else.

I'm not certain just guessing this dream may be saying that some will be taken in their sleep.  These are just first morning impressions of this dream.

Barge Cascade Ride 3/1/2012

Once again I woke on a barge just like the previous one.  Now there's a man at the engine and we are inside what looks like a large building.  I look around and see other barges just like this and we are all on the water going the same direction along a channel.  Finally we come to a water fall that drops us yards below into another room.  We hit the water without damage turned and began going through another channel like the one above only the opposite direction.  Now I understood there were several of those drops taking us into a deep underground shelter.


I woke before we reached the second waterfall.

Somehow I get the feeling the people on these barges are selected differently than those in the first dream where my wife was at the controls.  I couldn't tell you if this building or structure was underground or what.  I only know they are going down to a shelter somewhere below where they were picked up.  I know they were also asleep and woke up on the barges just as I did in the first dream.

As you might know if these are prophetic messages then I need to share them. Honestly I can't say what the meaning is but I am open to input so tell me what you think they mean and if you think they have some meaning for future events. :-)

Denny's Show Returns 3/1/2012

I dreamed I returned to a city I knew from the past and to a show building where I worked years ago for Denny Hilton.  I said "Denny's show left here long ago and moved to another place and now they have brought it back again to the same place it had once been.  My wife and I went up and finding the door unlocked we entered.

Inside we found a team of people all dressed in show costumes and there must have been 30 or more on the stage practicing while perhaps another 40-50 watched from the audience seats.  Now I looked around for Denny and realized the lay out of this room was odd.  This room was nothing like a show for the public and there were no public here, except maybe for my wife and me.  The seats were benches like you might find in a school lunch room, except for the ones in the very back.

My wife met a lady in costume near the door where we entered this room to find them practicing.  This room was not a public room, only special people were allowed in here.  It being late at night I don't recall seeing anyone on the streets.  Seeing a man in the back row by himself I sat beside him and we talked about what was going on and he said "we are getting ready for a big show."  I got the impression they were getting ready for the show of their life.  I told him who I was and asked where's Denny?  He said "He's here sometimes, he might be in his office."  I said "where is that?"

I watched as my wife and this other woman passed us moving across the back of the room through a door.  The man got up and lead me through that same door into a set of hallways that lead several directions.  I was thinking "what in the world kind of fun house is this?"  I had never seen a set of hallways like that in a normal building.  It was just like some kind of circus fun house.  Even the colors of the floor, walls and doors were odd.  He turned left then right and I lost track of all the turns in a moment and had no idea where we were when he came to a short passage up three steps or so and pointed at the square on the floor at the top of the stairs.

Leaning down he moved his hand over that area and said "I'll put your name and number here and when Denny comes through he will see it and contact you."  He stood again turned right and as he vanished through a door on the right I thought "Is this guy for real?"

Seeing some light peeking through the wall next to me I peeked to see I was over-looking a store of some kind.  There were people out there and scanning them I saw they were all actors in costumes similar to the ones I had seen everywhere else.  This was a store and there was one check-out counter.  There were items on racks all over this room and a walkway between the two sides of the room.  Then I realized I was standing beside a very thin door that was hiding where I was from the people outside in the store.  I could see them but they could not see me.

Opening the door I walked between the racks to the central walkway.  I turned left and started toward the cash register.  As I arrived I saw peopling entering also in costume and walking the opposite way through this check station.  One short young lady stopped and looked at me as others passed around us on both sides.  Realizing she may have recognized me I said "I'm Bryon.  I worked as a technician for Denny years ago."  The lady said "Oh, I see," as she moved around to my right and paused again then smiled.


What I see here is something that has happened before is going to happen again.  This is "Denny's show" and it was here but moved away and now it's here again.

Denny is the show owner.  As Jesus told his parables he would frequently use terms that are often used in dreams so we can understand them.  Just as the Famer or Land Owner represents God the Father we understand that Denny in this is also a symbol of the Father, and it is His show.

It's dark, at night and this is something happening in secret.  Only those who know where to look will find this place.

My wife represents my own personal interests in many of my dreams and she often vanishes and makes me go searching for her.  Sometimes she reappears without warning and helps me.  Sometimes she vanishes when I want her to help me.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?  We go looking for answers and when there's no one else to turn to we turn to God and what?  He's not to be found.  Often I will find my cell phone and discover all the numbers are wrong in it or they are symbols or there's something else that won't work like it should.  What do we do?  We begin praying to God to help us and tell us what to do.  No phone in this dream but still it's good to understand symbols like that.

Now we know from this dream something that has happened is going to happen again.  We also know there are people practicing for the event.  Some of them are like actors, they are pretending to be something they are not.  They come in teams.  They do not all practice together.  They are not all dressed alike but each one has their own costume/uniform.  These are people who know the disaster is coming and they have jobs, they are getting ready for it.  One thing we must make note of at least some of these people if not all of them are working for Denny / God.

Years ago God told me that "My special people are hidden, some do not even know who they are.  When I need them they will come out of the woodwork."  They will come out of hiding.

There's only one person in this one room who sees everything and everyone and that's the guy in the back row that I stopped to speak with about "where's Denny."

While I'm speaking with him my wife/interests/things I'm concerned about leave with another woman.  Meaning my interests are looking for answers and sometimes "she" goes off on her own to find those answers.

The man leads me through that same door into a maze of hallways that look like some kind of circus fun house.  There's nothing fun in this place.  There's a mix of colors that don't match each other.  There are doors (choices/opportunity) and who knows where they go?  There are hallways (transitions/time periods) that lead to certain situations/events.

In my first full blown vision God spoke very definitively to me saying "You will be where I want you when I want.  You will do what I want you to do when I want you to do it."  I might worry myself sick over what I should do but ultimately I must trust that I will be exactly where God wants me when the time comes despite what I think I need to do or where I think I need to be.  As humans in God's service we must decide if we are going to trust God or if we are going to fight him every step of the way.

Three steps up represent something, but it is three stages to the landing.  And the man who is most likely an angel leans down and moves his hands over this landing and says he will place a note there with my name and number and when Denny/God comes past he will see it and contact me.  Then the man/angel moves into another room and vanishes.

Standing now I see a light from this very thin wall and I look through the crack in the door to see there's a store out there.  There is a very thin veil between that world, the spirit world, and our world at this time.  Someone standing on the other side of that wall could sneeze and it would come crashing down to reveal all those hidden things, angels and beings behind it.  Not only that, they can see what's going on here but those on this side can't see what's going on over there unless they know how.

These are actually people in that store room and not likely angels of the angelic sense but they are people who are making ready for the time of trouble to come.  You will notice the check station and how they are coming through this station entering the building rather than leaving.  This one short lady sees me and is curious.  She watches me to see what I will say.  She is a real person and whoever she is she will or is doing just that.  She wants to know what I'm going to say next.

The dreams from last night are all a spiritual message for all of God's children.  Some of you may have messages for us as well and anyone can post their dreams or messages as a short message or document in this group.

Two Exploding Trees 3/2/2012 7:03 AM

I woke in the dream hearing my cell phone dialing then I heard it ringing and I was face down upon the bed looking at the floor and the phone was on the floor.  I picked it up to hear a man's voice that I recognized from a movie.  This voice was so well known from TV and movies that I instantly knew who it was.  I answered and the guy wanted to know what I had called him about and I said "I didn't call you, but my phone seems to have dialed for me.  It's strange."  I sat up on the bed and looked around and it was not my house.  I was in a king size bed beside my wife in the living room of a house.  There was a storm door to the west and I could see I was looking straight down a town street.

I continued to talk to the man telling him I knew who he was and that he had played a US marshal in several movies I had seen.  I knew he was a well-known actor and highly respected among his peers.  As I watched out the door I heard a crack like thunder a tree down the street literally exploded and fell upon a building near it crushing it to the ground.  The entire thing was burning.

I said "OMG! OMG!"  I didn't see what hit the tree but it sounded like lightning.  I jumped up and stood looking out the door.  My wife got up and was beside me.  Suddenly another explosion just like the first and burning tree limbs fell from the sky landing in the street directly in front of our house.  We ran outside and others began gathering in the street around the burning limbs.  A man pointed at the distance the last tree was from the location where the limbs fell.   It was yards to the east.  The limbs were literally blown into the air all that way.  Looking back and forth I saw the first one in the west and the second one in the east.  There wasn't a storm anywhere that I could see and no visible explanation for what had just happened.


Once again we are seeing two events.  The first in this case happens in the west the second moments later happens in the east.

Trees in dreams represent things people build.  Nebuchadnezzar saw his entire kingdom as a huge tree that touched the heavens.

As with dream symbols we understand the larger the item often the larger the thing the dream speaks about.  These were huge trees and in a moment they were not only blown to bits they were set on fire.  This happened completely without visible warning.

I think this dream and the one with the two black spaceships hidden among the clouds are related.  I think two things are about to come to an abrupt end without warning.

Recall how I said often my cell phone in dreams is speaking of a form of communications?  Often that communication is initiated through prayer to God and then answered in dreams and night visions.  The truth is I did in fact ask God for answers and this dream is saying that God is in fact sending me responses to my questions.  I asked what would happen and God says "KaBang!"  Two very large man made things are going to end without warning.

The US marshal or actor who plays him is an angel responding on God's behalf to me.

I'll say this if we keep asking God for answers and what to do God will tell us when the time comes what we should do to be safe. The bible tells us, Jesus speaking to keep our lamps trimmed and burning.  That's to say keep the faith and keep asking God what to do on a daily bases.   Now we watch for these events to take place and we keep a journal of our dreams and the events we observe and experience.

Unstable Structure 3/3/2012

I was inside a double round tent like structure walking around on thin plywood walks strung around the structure hanging 8 to 10 feet from the dirt floor below.  There were only a handful of people here but one of them was Boo Button.  He had grown up.  He was working to build things.  He showed me and said "I build things now."  And I said "Your dad would be proud of you."  His dad wasn't there and I didn't ask why.

I walked around in this structure on the walks and the ones near the walls were the most stable.  The ones that run out through the building were shaky and sagged within 8 feet or so of the floor in the middle areas.  I was thinking all the while it would break and drop me to the floor below.  Finally I made my way across it and climbed up to the walk that ran around the sides of the room by holding onto one of the steel poles that held the entire structure up.  These were gray pipes about four or five inches in diameter.  They were all over the place but mostly around the walls.

Both rooms were shaped in big circles but one was large and one was much smaller.  The small room is where I found Boo.  I went back into that room and find my wife standing there watching me.  I said "we really must get out of this mess."  We walked to a kind of suspended hallway that ran out between the two circular areas to find two doors on the right hand wall.  The first seemed to be closed for some reason and the second one had a line of rough looking guys standing in line trying to get out one at a time.  When I saw one guy throw another guy out the shoot head first I turned around and said "That's not our way out."

We backed up and moved over and found a hidden hallway and went to the end of it to find it walked right out on an open landing and we could see outside.  There was a rope tied to a steel handrail and we used it to climb down about 15 feet to the ground.  We were standing on a gravel road and we saw a tent on the side of the road with an oval cooking pot on the ground beside it.  I opened it to find a cooked chicken inside one of those clear bake bags.  I picked it up looked at it and put it back into the very center of the pot in a circular thing designed to hold it.  I noticed this pot could hold two more chickens that size and if you cut another in half you could have put the fourth one on each side.  I put the lid on the pot and looked at my wife wondering what it all means.


Again I see two ordeals that are connected.  These are round which seems to say whatever it is speaking of is something that happens in cycles.

We see it is shaky at best which means a time of instability.  People standing near the walls are on the best footing as they are nearest to the best support.  No one is standing on the surface of the ground and I expect that's for good reason. Shaky floor means a time of uncertainty.

Boo isn't exactly a rocket scientist and last I saw him he was just a kid.  He said "I build things."  This is saying the people inside this kind of thing are doing their best to survive using things they have made.

This is a place I don't want to be in.  It's a situation I don't like at all and I want out of it but I find I can't get out the way others are going.  Being thrown out of a shoot like opening in the wall head first is not a good thing but these rough looking people are standing in line to be thrown out that window.  I say "nope, this is not our way out." These are people who didn't prepare quite right for the trouble and they are being forced to leave literally head first.

We find a hidden hallway and no one is in it.  We find a balcony about 15 feet off the ground and we use a rope to climb down.  This is the representation of moving back to the surface of the earth doing it the hard way.  It's an effort to get out of the unpleasant situation.

Once down we find a fairly large cooking pot with a single cooked chicken in it, inside a cooking bag.  What does this mean?  Eating food in dreams most frequently deals with the consumption of information.  Seeing food has another meaning.  Does this mean there was food left over from the ordeal?  Or does it mean I need 3 more chickens to last the entire duration?  I'm going to say since I did find something in the pot that the pot is not empty therefore some small amount will be left after the ordeal.

This entire dream is speaking about the time of uncertainty, trouble ahead and also saying that it is possible with the right preparations one might survive by their own means until the time of trouble is over. Take your bible with you. You will want to have a good book to read while there.

Burning Building 3/3/2012

I was standing on a hillside overlooking a fairly large city with big buildings watching as a building in the midst of them was totally on fire.


This without question is the destruction of something, perhaps another big business going out of business.

A Sandy Road 3/4/2012

I was with a woman and she was like my sister.  We were in a place I've never seen before.  It was either dusk or almost daylight, not real dark, not very light.  She was driving a car I'm not familiar with and drove into a drive past a house and behind it to another house.  We got out and looked at the second house.  The door was open and we looked inside.  I said "should you park the car at the first house?"  She said "It's my car."  I nodded that understood she could park it where she wanted.

She went in the front door and I walked around the left / west side of the house to find a huge hole broken in the side of the house.  I walked through the hole to see a dog laying there in the room looking at me.  It didn't bark or do anything but watch me for a moment then it got up and went somewhere else.  I walked into the next room to find my sister looking the place over as if wondering what had happened here.

Now I hear men talking outside and I go out and find three men with four motorcycles.  Two of them were dirt bikes and two were medium size street bikes.  I got on one of the street bikes and followed as the dirt bikes went to a very large gate made out of tree size logs.  The dirt bikes literally jumped the fence with ease then the guy on the first street bike jumped it and I followed on mine.

On the other side of the fence was a dirt road.  The others started north and I began to follow them.  The road turned to sand and the tires sunk into the sand.  The further we went the deeper the sand got until I found myself walking along with other guy on the street bike.  The dirt bikes passed us but before long they were walking.  I am not sure how far we went, not far, a quarter of a mile maybe and the two guys in front slowed down and one of threw a hand full of little orange things on the ground.  A few steps further and the other guy kneeled down and dug a hole and he threw a hand full of those same things into the hole.  I leaned down to see and they looked like the little plastic things they put disposable needles in.  I picked up the ones the first man had thrown down and put them in the hole with the others and the man covered the hole.


We see I'm with my sister now rather than my wife and that has some meaning.  Often when I'm with my wife she represents my interests personally.  Often when I'm with a sister it actually means someone who is like a sister to me.  A real woman more often than a symbol.

Her driving means this is not something I have any control over.  We pass one house and drive to the second.  This is symbolic of two events, and we pass one and arrive at the second to find the doors are open, there's large hole in the house and there's a dog living inside the house.  This is all indicative of a disaster event.  These houses are empty and damaged.  The dog is living in the house most likely was someone's pet.  It's living off anything it can find to survive.

Now I hear the men talking outside and find three men and four motorcycles.  These men represent a particular kind of people.  We see two dirt bikes and two street bikes.  The dirt bikes are quick and agile in the dirt or sand, up to a point.  They take off first and quick and the street bikes follow, but not for long.

The two on the street bikes are the first to end up walking.  Sand represents things that are unstable.  Often it represents a lie but in this case we see that the going gets difficult and even those who thought they were ready end up walking before long.  They thought they were ready for the difficult time ahead but they soon found out they didn't have what they needed to continue.

I think what I'm seeing here is people who depend on meds to live like those with diabetes aren't going to make it all that far down the road before they run out and that's the end of the line for some of them.

If you are diabetic you know your meds must be fresh and kept refrigerated.  The time to come will be disaster upon disaster with heat and fire.   I don't take the heat well at all anymore but people who depend on their meds being kept cool are in some serious trouble when the time comes.  Not only that there won't be any way for them to keep it cool and there won't be anywhere to get more.  When it's gone it will be gone and that's the end of that story.  It will take years to reestablish pharmaceutical companies large enough to produce the meds people will require.

Certainly the government must have stockpiles of certain things for their selected people.  If they are wise they will have saved as many of the people who work in these facilities as they can.  Something else to note besides starvation there will be dead people and animals everywhere.  There will be disease everywhere, on the ground, in the water, in the air.  The doctors and medical people will be few and far between.  People who get sick will most likely be on foot without any chance of finding help.

Dark Night - The Evil Thing 4/1/2012
There were six of us inside a car on a dark country road.  The only other person I recognized in the car was Steve Butler who was seated to my right.  I was in the center back seat and some elderly woman was on my left.

The night was dark but there was enough light coming from something in the south we could see many storm clouds moving about in the sky.  The driver who I thought was a woman stopped the car and we watched out the windows toward some strange thing low in the sky.  We said "what is that thing?  It's huge!"

It would be difficult to describe the kind of light this thing was giving off.  In fact it would be difficult to describe where the light was coming from.  As the clouds moved we clearly saw a gigantic ball shaped thing in the sky that had a crescent light upon it outlining the left side of it like what they would call a 1/8th moon.  And I said "That's not the moon, it's way too big."

To the right we saw a massive movie screen illuminate with a movie playing and it was near the end.  To the left we could see soldiers fighting a war in the distance.  We looked back to see the credits began to roll on the movie screen.

Steve said he wanted to get a better look at it and he got out and walked around the car to the south side of the road.  We could see the clouds moving like something serious was about to come down upon the earth with great wrath.  Suddenly there was a flash of lighting then thunder that shook everything and instantly we were hit by a downpour of heavy rain.  The drive took off slowly trying to see where to go saying "we must find a shelter."  And I said "You know you drove off and left Steve standing in the road?"

She stopped and began backing up and we couldn't even see the road it was raining so hard.  I saw a dark figure flash past us on the left and said "That's Steve you just missed him!"  she hit the breaks and began moving slowly forward until I could see Steve coming around the right front side of the car toward us.

We know dreams can be literal or symbolic or a mix of both.  I've had my prayers directed toward information about Nibiru and anything related to the reason why our government has been building so many massive underground survival shelters for a selected group of people.

The thing about the movie screen is that the movie is at the end.

The thing about the war going on out there means a battle will follow these events.  The fact it is further away is a point in time.  Distance translates directly into time when dealing with dreams.

I've seen an evil thing hidden behind another light in a haunted house and I posted it for others to see.  Haunted house means "frightening event."  And there was something hidden behind the light (sun).

If this dream isn't speaking about a planetary body approaching Earth I'll miss my guess.

I might say "The storm is on the way and being ready is a good idea."

Anything you think you might like to preserve from these pages you should print and put in a safe place.  If the events I speak of here happen the Internet and your computers will be useless.