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People who were ready for Nibiru's Passing Are Asking...
What Happened?

I said that because a man who worked at NASA said we should be able to see Nibiru by the end of May.  I've been watching and I have not seen it. I wasn't sure I would but I am aware that if it does show up the rush on the stores for food and supplies could create a man made disaster even if Nibiru does nothing to the Earth.

Update 10-20-2013
: God has given indications via night visions that He is giving us more time to get ready for the troubles that are to come.  I've been praying dilligently against the forces of evil that reside within the world and specifically those who have infected our government.  One of my friends was sent a night vision showing the seven pitbull dogs with their left hands in the air.  These are the seven most powerful men in the world.  These are the seven heads of the beast that rises up out of the sea to whom the liberals will give their power and authority.  I find I am not alone in praying for the protection of our country against these demons in human form.  Then God showed me one of their long narrow projects against the USA and the world has run aground.  I saw four unclean people who are like demons in human form who crashed along with this objective of theirs.  These men are being held in place as if bound for the time being.  All of these things are buying time for others to wake up and get ready for what will come.

Update 9-29-2013
: We all watched and we can't see Nibiru, why is that?  I can't keep up with everything I don't have all the answers but I can share a few things.

Years ago I had a powerful night vision series in which I saw aliens living among us who looked just like us
.  They were much more advanced, they had spaceships, they traveled back and forth between Earth and their world for the most part without being detected by our radars.  Either way those that were seen, some were chased by fighter planes and jets over the years but none that I am aware of were ever shot down or captured.

Some of these aliens literally live on Earth among us, observing us and blending in while others are watchers who keep track of all kinds of events both natural and man made.

Their world is dark and it orbits our sun in a very long strange elliptical path coming around our sun every so many thousand years.  When it comes near their ships travel back and forth recovering resources from Earth for their own needs.  In one of these I was viewpoint in one of the ships that was a water tanker.  It landed in the ocean took on a bunch of water then took off again for their world.  They need both the salt and the water so they prefer sea water.

In one of these I was looking into the garage of one of these alien families when I saw something that caught my attention.  It wasn't of Earth origin and as I was looking at it a man and his daughter came out and discovered me.  They were upset at first and pushed me out of the open garage.  They asked if I had seen the boy, the man's son who had left the door open.  I said "No" and they said he was at that age where he was rebelling against everything and everyone.  The mother came out and they talked for a moment and the man told her he had found me in the garage looking at this thing.  He looked at me and I smiled and nodded.  He turned back to his wife and said "He knows who we are, it's all right he won't tell."

While that's the short version of that night vision series I had never heard of Nibiru until fairly recently.  I thought it was odd the first time I was aware of any of this was the book "The 12th Planet" by Zacharia Sitchin.  I thought it was fiction but later found out there was some bases behind the book.  NASA was aware there was something else out there but wasn't forthcoming about it.

Not long after YouTube began displaying videos from various locations around the world talking about another heavenly body they called Nibiru.  Some said it was a dark planet and some said it's a red dwarf star.  The orbit of this heavenly body was right out of my dreams!  They said it comes around the sun approximately every 3,500 years bringing destruction with it anytime it comes near Earth.

I found it interesting that it's return corresponded with both prophecy and the ancient Mayan calendar ending in Dec. 2012.  The Mayans were watching the heavens waiting for this monster destroyer to return and that's what their calendar was based upon.  Then I learned they were not the only people on Earth who predicted disaster would fall upon us at that same time.

I write my science fiction novels about Ember Reign / Megan Martin about a girl half human and half angel.  I write a lot of truth in there and for the most part there's no plan, I write what I see in my mind and occasionally realize I've written something prophetic without being aware of it until after the fact.

If I don't miss my guess Nibiru / Planet X is the reason why we have a massive asteroid belt beyond Mars.  That was once a planet but now it's just a bunch of rocks after being hit by Planet X.  And when it comes around it draws these huge rocks out of their orbit and they fly around hitting anything that comes into their path.

In the bible we read about a prophet that caused the "sun" to move backwards in the sky.  Actually it was the Earth turning in the opposite direction for a short time because it was being acted upon by the gravity of Planet X.  It's logical, scientifically solid, and could very well have been an act of God just as the Bible describes it.  Why? Because God created nature and uses nature for His purpose.

Often I'm being rushed to post messages and I leave out certain important details.  I must say I'm sorry about that but I do the best I can most of the time.  I know some will read my messages wait and watch and when nothing happens they are going to think I'm the one who's nuts.  They might be surprised to know what their doctors and others they respect believe but have not told them.  My understanding of some of my dreams have been very accurate, but others lead me to believe things that might not be quite so.  Dreams by nature are cryptic and leave us with plenty of room to misunderstand them.

Prophecy says rocks will rain down out of the sky.  Earthquakes and other signs will be given but it also says no one knows the day or the hour of these events.  Jesus said it comes like a thief in the night.  He says keep your lamps trimmed and burning.  That's just to say you don't know when it's going to happen so be ready for anything.  He also warns that some people will need to leave where they are and run for their lives.

People will warn and others will not see the events they are warned about, they will become desensitized to the warnings.  When the time comes these people won't be ready.  When Jesus ascended into the sky the disciples stood around waiting on him to return.  When John wrote the book of Revelation he didn't know when all these things would take place but he did speak of Rome and the Catholic church committing horrific crimes against God and humanity, and those things have come to pass.  Other things he predicted have yet to happen.

Isaiah went naked for 7 years preaching to the children of Israel that if they didn't change their wicked ways they would be taken captive by an enemy and lead away barefoot and naked.  They laughed at him, said he was crazy and just as he had said the king of Babylon came and took them.

I warn people to get ready and I've known other dooms day preppers who have been preaching this was going to happen 20 years ago.  Some of them have vanished from the Interment but others are still preaching to get ready.  I must admit I started getting ready way late and I'm not even close to being ready yet should something terrible happen.  I think everyone needs at least one other place to go should disaster of any kind strike their home.

For those who don't believe something bad is about to happen you should be aware that our government who isn't telling anyone anything are getting ready for something of biblical proportions.

Yes the government has spent our money to save the rich, political leaders (themselves) and a selected few and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves.  It is also quite clear they have made no preparations to help the general public.  It would seem they want us gone.

Typing up all these things and getting things ready for my wife and me tend to complicate things.  You might say it's too late for you to do anything but I'm here to say there might be something you can do that will be enough to make a difference.  Keep this warning in mind.  By the time you can see Nibiru in the sky you have waited too late to do anything about it.  If you stock up on supplies and nothing happens you can still use the supplies.  It's better than money in the bank.

I've talked to people and even relatives, I mentioned Nibiru and they say "what's that?"  Others have heard about it but do not believe it, therefore they aren't doing anything to prepare.  By the time they see the thing in our sky they will realize it's all true and they will rush to the store to buy food and supplies. 
When this happens in a very short time all the food and needed items will be gone and there won't be anymore.  I've found two sources that say we will be able to see Nibiru in the sky in May.  From now until then is how much time you have to get food and supplies.

Having a backpack with sleeping bag, food, water, medical kit, flashlight, a map of your area, a good knife, something to start a fire with, a rain suit, and a gun & ammo will be a good place to start.  Remember, if all the GPS satellites are destroyed your GPS won't work.  If the magnetic poles reverse your compass won't be much good because I feel chances are high the poles will continue to shift for sometime.  Your map on the other hand is common sense and will be useful.

The problem with the doomsday preppers is this.  They all plan for specific things to happen and if that's all that hits the earth then they might just make it.  If they are wrong about even one thing they likely won't live long enough to use that food and water.  The majority of those who do wait until the last moment will not be ready to weather a firestorm from space upon the earth.  They will die and their food and stuff will burn and be scattered by the storms.  Those who do survive will come out of the ground and scavenger around to find anything they can use.

In the early 1900's the earth was hit by a major solar flair that produced an enormous EMP.  An electronic magnetic pulse.  It fired a few telegraph wires but because there wasn't a lot of technological things in use at that time it didn't do much damage.  Today however everything we have runs on computers and electricity.  A major EMP today will shut down the Internet and anything with a computer in it.  Most likely it will be destroyed.  Even if you manage to save your computer you won't be able to log onto the Internet to get instructions or ask someone for help because it won't be here.  The network of computers and the phone lines that make it all work will all be destroyed.

If you want to save anything with a computer in it from an EMP you will need a metal box like a WW2 ammo box.  Put your computer inside, bury the box or take it into a cave and ground the metal box to the Earth ground.  The EMP will generate an electronic pulse around the box into the ground and should save your computer, radio or what ever is inside.

Technically you might also save a vehicle by using a pair of jumper cables, connect both leads to your vehicle frame and to a lightning rod driven into the ground.   If the vehicle is metal (not plastic or fiberglass) your vehicle's computer will have a higher chance of surviving than if you did nothing.

Even if the highways are destroyed an engine that runs can charge a battery and provide heat until the gas supply runs out.

A biblical prophecy says the earth will be hit by a hailstorm of meteorites and the average size of these will be 70 lbs.  These things will hit the earth with tremendous speeds destroying anything they hit and anything nearby.  Even if you have a fortress food and water if you are on the surface of the earth or near it and you get hit by one of these things it's all for nothing.  The good news is you will most likely die quickly and without much if any pain.

Some preppers are making ready for the mother of all earthquakes.  Quakes are predicted to be the worst our civilization has ever experienced.  If you live in a big city look out!  Buildings will fall like dominos.  You won't want to be in a big city when the bad thing comes.

Some preppers are making ready for the mother of all volcanic eruptions.  If you said a super volcano that can literally belch enough ash into the air to cover the entire globe with several feet of razer sharp glass like ash then you are on the right track. A gas mask will be useful during the time the ash is airborne, which could be days.  The initial blast could last for days and the storms that follow could last for months.  If you breath this ash it will cut your lungs and you will drown in your own blood.

Some are making ready for the entire earth to switch ends.  If that happens everything I've posted above will likely also happen and then some.

What do we know about the likelihood of the earth literally turning upside down?
Until we put magnetic imaging satellites in space we had no proof the magnetic poles of the earth reversed every so many thousand years.  The government put up magnetic imaging satellites to track enemy submarines around the globe, they had no idea they would be able to literally map the iron particles expelled by the volcanic areas of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, along with the bottom of the oceans all over the world.

When these volcanic vents expel their iron partials it is polarized in the direction of the Earth's magnetic pole at that time and it remains that way.  They learned at regular intervals the earth's magnetic poles reverse but they had no idea what caused it.  It doesn't just happen on its own, something external to the earth like the passing of another planetary body is required to make that happen.  We now realize the passing of the brown dwarf known as Nibiru is the cause for it.  Our magnetic poles are currently in the process of changing.  It begins slowly but as Nibiru passes it will speed up and then as Nibiru moves away it will slow down again until it comes near a stop leaving our North Pole at the South Pole and visa versa.

While some say the earth is going to change ends the magnetic imaging information that NASA and the government have says otherwise.  The core of the earth changes end but not the crust of the Earth.  If the crust of the earth changed ends with the magnetic poles the iron partials in the earth would remain somewhere the same, but they don't.  That means the core flips but not the crust.  That doesn't mean that it can't happen that way it just means that so far as we can tell the crust does not change ends. I am not a scientist and I can't explain it but neither can they and they have all the cool toys and some of them can't agree.

The magnetic core changing ends however is all it takes to set off massive quakes and volcanic activity.  If the crust of the earth flipped very fast it wouldn't matter if you were hiding in an underground structure you would be beat against the wall so hard you likely wouldn't survive anyway.  Then the flood that would follow might take a month or more to subside.  Even the best underground shelters we have can only withstand being totally submersed for 100 hours.  Let's face it if the crust of the Earth flips as some say it's going to and turns this into "Water World" there won't be many of us left to talk about it.

Preppers talk about fighting off hoards of people trying to take their food and supplies.
Some places like New York City it's almost impossible to legally own a gun.  You can be sure there will be people out there who did not prepare for this disaster who will try to take what someone else has by force if necessary.  You can also be sure some of them will also have guns and won't hesitate to use them.  You will need something like a club, solid staff and a good knife as well as the courage and knowledge to use it.  If you can get a gun all the better but remember the angels are watching and people do not survive by killing each other, they survive by working together.

Now I'm going to share something with you that many of these people have not considered.  The storms and floods that will likely accompany the disaster will kill most of the people who might try to kill you for what you have.  Those unprepared who do survive the first wave of disasters will likely die of injuries, infection and illness within a few days anyway.  In this case your best defense is to be hidden somewhere where they can't find you with enough food and water to last as long as possible.

People who think they will ride it out inside their homes have not considered the storms and other things that will most likely destroy most surface structures.  They are more likely to arrive from the sky in the land of OZ than to ride it out inside their surface homes. If the events predicted actually happen the surface of the earth will be decimated.  Burned to a crisp and the heat given off will cause the earth to respond with storms the likes of which human kind as we know it have never seen.  I'm talking about storms with winds reaching if not exceeding 300 MPH!  Like being caught in a gigantic tornado for days.  The storms and flooding will likely come as a result of the fires.  It's the Earth's way of restoring balance.

Bomb Shelters
In WW2 the government built quite a lot of bomb shelters.  These are just about perfect for riding out the disasters we are being told will come our way.  Some of those bomb shelters still exist but have been lost and forgotten.  If you know where one of these is that isn't being used you might want to consider stocking up some stuff in there as I've mentioned.

Some government missile silos are still around the problem is some of them have been mostly gutted and there's no good way into them.  Some of them have all ready been utilized and had survival condos built inside of them costing a million and a half dollars just to rent one for the disaster event.  They are defended and we are not invited.  If you have a few million to spare you might contact the people taking reservation and see if you can get a room.  These things are luxurious with full facilities including a swimming pool and rec area at the very bottom.  Each one will have a medical professional, dentist, barber and other professional persons to keep the clients happy and alive.

The silos being constructed today can withstand being completely submersed for up to 100 hours and they can withstand a fire up to 6 days at 1200 degrees.

Caves and Mines
Some cities and towns have quarries that have mines in them.  Some of these are massive.  If you live anywhere near BonTere, MO you know there's a lead mine there large enough to house thousands of people.  I don't know if they have survival supplies in there but wouldn't be at all surprised if they do.  You might call someone at the mine and ask them if they are prepared to take in refugees.

Some places like Quincy, IL have massive storage facilities that are built into rock quarry mines along the river.  Some of these will have civil defense shelters inside that are all ready prepared to take in several thousand people.  I'm not at all certain if they will be particular who comes asking for shelter.

The town where I grew up has two sets of quarry mines and one of them on the Nebo road had CD supplies in it for awhile.  I have no idea what's in there now but it's a place someone might seek shelter.  Take your food and supplies with you though, you will need them.  East of Pearl on the hill there's another quarry mine that's big enough to hold several thousand people.  I doubt there's any supplies in there so take what you have with you.  If you can take your vehicle inside and perhaps it will be protected from the EMP.

All this aside the first EMP may not be noticeable and all of them will come without much if any warning.  That means if you are waiting for a signal when to head for cover you may not make it.  You may end up walking.  If you have an older vehicle that has no computer it will still work after the EMP that shuts down the TV, electricity and all the other vehicles that do have computers.

In Pearl, IL walking to the mine isn't a big deal.  It's not that far.  No matter where you are you need to be researching locations, bomb shelters, mines, anywhere you might get underground and out of the initial disasters that we are being told will come.  Look for areas on high ground away from coastal areas to avoid flooding.  If you live in a big city that has a subway system get in it if you can.  It's better than being on the surface.  I don't know if the city will have provided emergency facilities in these subways but if they don't someone should tell them to.

Marauding Bands Of Looters
When life becomes uncertain even good people will kill their friends, neighbors or even family in order to survive.

There's bound to be those who go this route and I can say people who do these things will find karma catching up with them before long.  Sooner or later they will try to take something from someone who is armed and end up dead.  I don't care how smart they think they are if they dance to that music they will pay that piper with their lives before it's all over.  It's better to ask for help than kill someone for it.  The people who panic and begin running around looking for someone to take things from by force will run into others thinking the very same thing, they can't all win.  In the end they are likely to all lose.

The trick here is people do not survive alone, they survive by working as a team. 
A good will gesture and a hand out of food is better than a bullet any day.  If you can find people who are like minded who want to work together, share what they have and survive together that's what you need to do.  Different people have different skill sets and everyone who can do anything is important to survival.

Storm Shelters
In the event you are not anywhere that you can do much if you own a house with a yard you can install a small storm shelter from $3500-$5000 depending on the dealer and which model shelter you pick.  Some of these are made of concrete and can literally have the door bolted shut from the inside to keep unwanted visitors outside.  Yes the tops of them stick above the ground and if a meteorite hits it, well you won't even know because you will be dead so fast you won't realize what happened.  Still if it isn't hit by a meteorite it should provide protection from the storms and quite a few other things that will happen.  It's way better than nothing.  Most of these are 6'2" tall by 6 feet wide and 8 feet long.  Large enough for two people and a pet.

Do not try to stay in your house when the disaster hits.  The houses will likely be blown away by a storm or burned or both.  The storm shelter on the other hand is fire proof.  Select a location in the yard away from anything that might catch on fire.  Don't put it near your house!  Many people make this mistake thinking to get into it a few steps faster.  Some think it's better to get into the shelter without leaving the house.  If your house catches on fire where it is and the storm shelter is right next to it you are inside of an oven waiting to roast!  Put it in the middle of the yard away from buildings and trees if at all possible.

I know of people who had their storm shelter put inside their house, some had them put under the floor of the garage.  That's all well and good as long as all you are dealing with is a bad storm.  Even if the house burns over you there's some chance you might survive by getting as low as you can in the shelter but if it's not ventilated from an outside source independent from the house you could suffocate anyway.  If you manage to survive the storm, fire and suffocation then you need to worry about how you are going to open the door and get out with building and debris on the door.  I know of people who keep a car jack inside their shelter just in case something lands on the door and they can't open it.  Perhaps they can jack it open.  It's a good idea.

Don't put it in low areas if you can help it because there will be flooding in many places.  In our case we do have some standing water when it storms and we are below a hill.  We don't have a choice but we know if the water doesn't get more than 2 feet deep we should be all right.  If it goes completely underwater we will move our supplies to the boat, providing it's still intact. :-)

Survival Food
They don't want you to know it but the people seeing survival food in those plastic buckets are making more than 50% profits on it.  They want you to think their special freeze dried food is going to last longer and be better than food you might buy someone else.  The truth is their food might last 25-30 years as long as the package doesn't get broken or wet, but that's about it.

Caned food is packed with water, which you will need if you use their dried food anyway.  Canned food will last for years as long as the package isn't damaged or doesn't rust through.  Canned food will taste better than anything they can freeze dry and vacuum pack and you can buy it and wholesalers for a fraction of the price of the survival food.

Most of the survival food is freeze dried and vacuum packed cereal, beans and fruit.  You can go to Big Lots and buy cellophane packed dried mixed beans and grains from $1-$3.50 depending on the mix.  These packs are the equivalent of 2-4 meals.  The survival food costs from $5-$8 per meal.  You do the numbers and see who's getting a deal.

You will need fruit and the best way to get that is either canned or died.  You can buy cases of canned fruit at the wholesale store and you can buy a food dryer for a few bucks and dry your own.  Just remember there are a few tricks to drying your own food and there are instructions out there on the Internet to explain the details.

Find you a good vacuum packer.  I've found these heavy duty very nice slightly used packers in pawn shops for as low as $20.  Dry your food and pack it.  Toss it into an air tight plastic box or ammo can and your good to go.

The most important thing you will need is clean water.  We are told there will be plagues world wide and the surface water will be ruined.  Power will be out on the filtration systems, there won't be any clean water.  Where ever you find water it must be purified. 

The best water will be distilled and filtered.  Or filtered and then distilled.  Distillation units can be bought online.  Or you can make one, all you need is heat and a way to catch the vapors and pipe them into a cooling system where it can collect.  A pressure cooker works well for the first stage of a water distillation system.  Heat it until it steams slightly and pipe the steam through a copper or stainless tube into a cooling system where it can condense and collect.  If you can distill or boil the water you won't need Iodine or chlorine to kill germs.

In many cases rain water will be the best option.  It's all ready naturally distilled and all you need to do is find a way to catch it.  A barrel, plastic rain coat, a plastic tarp, an old satellite dish can be turned up to catch rain water that can be saved filtered and used.  There's nearly always something near that you can use to catch rain in if you live in a populated area.

Water filters can be found almost anywhere.  Wal-Mart has a nice selection in the hardware department.  Sporting goods stores also sell water filters for camping and hiking.  It's a good idea to buy a set of the bottle type filters in case you need to hike somewhere "Bug Out" to get to a new safe location.  These have filters inside the jug and anything you drink from them must go through the filter.  Yes the bottle might be full of bad things so keep the top clean so you don't get something in your mouth that will make you sick.

Iodine and Chlorine are the most common water purification chemicals available today.
They are both poisonous to any living thing, which is why they work so well.
They both dissipate with time.

At one time we used to be able to buy iodine crystals or pills and drop them into the water to kill anything that might be living in the water.  When someone found out crystal iodine can be used as a component for making detonators they took them off the market.  It seems there's always someone out there doing bad things that cost all the rest of us in the long run. Iodine will kill anything and it doesn't take much.  You can buy Betadine at any good drug store.  A few drops in a water bottle and then leave it alone for two or three hours and it should kill anything in it.  Once the germs are dead then filter it and it should be safe to drink.  If it still has some strange odor to it I would repeat the process before drinking it.  When possible use the Iodine or chlorine and let it set for two or three days before filtering and using the water. 

If the water still smells like chlorine three days later you used TOO much.  It doesn't take much to purify a LOT of water.  Chlorine can also be bought in powdered or pill form.  Chlorine tablets used to keep swimming pools clean can be used to kill germs in drinking water and it's a lot lighter to carry than a jug of liquid.  Break off a tiny piece of the pill and drop it into the water to be purified.

If you put enough Iodine into the water to discolor it you have used too much and will need to wait longer for the Iodine to dissipate.  If you have a good filtration system you might run the water though it and remove the Iodine from the water like that.  All really good water filters will remove chlorine and iodine.

If you have a location chosen for your safe spot and there is room I highly recommend buying some plastic barrels.  You can get them at all kinds of hardware / lumberyard type stores for about $10 per barrel.  They once had something in them and the one I just bought had Sake (SaKee) in it at 17.2% alcohol.  It reeks!  Wash it out with some clear vinegar then wash that out with some baking soda.  Once the smell is gone you should be able to place the barrel somewhere and fill with water.  Keep in mind water weighs right at 7lbs per gallon and these barrels hold 55 gallon.  You won't be moving it once it's full.  I recommend not filling it all the way to the top.  50 gal should be good leaving a little air at the top for expansion if needed.  Make sure you have good lids and seals and put them on tight enough they don't leak.  I expect you will need some kind of tool to do this and also to remove it when it's needed.  I also recommend running the water through one of your filters before you actually use it, though if you did the job right there won't be anything bad in the barrel.

I'll try to post more as I get more.
Fox news reported 86 earthquakes last night within a 24 hour period.  These are events I've predicted would take place before the big ones hits.  These are warning quakes.  Get ready for some big ones real soon.