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Bats and Demons 3/15/2008
I was inside a big dark building.  This building was massive with halls, chambers, staircases and big rooms.  It had pipes running here and there like a factory of some kind.

I searched the rooms not sure why I was there or what I was looking for.  I found a square room sized hole in the floor with a hand rail around the outside.  Just below was a walkway also with a hand rail.  I saw some things in the darkness below but there was something else there, something I couldn't see and it was dangerous.  At that moment I felt the thing was confined in that room but there was no way that I was going to go in there to see what it was.

I heard a scream from behind me and turned to see something dark grab a woman and fly off with her.  Another woman stood there screaming and pointing at the thing.  This thing had wings like a bat with a HUGE mouth and was literally trying to eat this woman feet first.  She was kicking and screaming but the bat was powerful and flew from one location to another as it chewed at her legs and swallowed her an inch or two at a time.  I couldn't get to the beast to try to kill it or the woman to help her.  Finally it flew near and landed on a box in that room with the "something" in it that I couldn't see.  It had worked it's way to her waste when the something got them both.  They died and withered so quickly I was stunned.  I looked back at the other lady behind me.  She was watching me as she could not see what I was seeing.

        It's a message about something supernatural or paranormal that's attacking someone.
        I'm working with two women right now who have paranormal/demon problems and I can't tell you which is which from this dream or even if that woman who was being eaten alive was one of the women I'm trying to help at this time.
        As I was checking the page on line I had a memory flash and I remember when I chased the demon Nata to his portal at a factory.  This hole I was looking down into looked very similar to Nata's portal.  The bat represents a vampire like demon.  The girl it's trying to eat is someone I'm trying to help.  The thing I don't get is why the invisible thing in the hole kills the bat and the woman.

Stranded in City 3/16/2008
This started inside a big corporate office building.  I was on the upper floors and I got in trouble for being there.  I was taken into an office and told to wait for someone.  I remember looking out the window then at the door and wondering what in the world was going on.  The next thing I knew the entire dream was starting over again and I had some serious Da Javu.  Ok so I don't know how to spell it but I knew what was about to happen and I ran into a staircase and began working my way down the stairs looking into different levels through the doors as I went.

People moving on certain levels at different times trapped me two or three levels above ground floor.  I hid in a room waiting for them to leave when a young man came in and told me to wait until he gave me an all-clear.  I had no idea who he was but he knew me and knew I wanted out of that building so I waited.  Finally he opened that door and motioned for me to come and I went.  I followed him down the stairs to the ground floor and he wished me well as I went out.

I looked around and seeing nothing familiar I began walking.  It was daylight but the light was like it was overcast.  I began looking for my wife or thinking she might know what was going on.  I don't know how far I walked or how long but it was starting to get dark when I thought to find my cell phone.  I opened it and it wasn't my cell phone and it was soaking wet.  I was near a school and playground.  People were moving around just as you might expect.  My memory dial wouldn't work naturally then I realized I remembered her number and I dialed it manually.

As I got my wife on the phone I told her I was lost in a big city and didn't know where I was or what was going on.  As she responded I could tell it was her but I couldn't understand most of what she was saying.  I was still trying to talk with her on the wet cell phone when the dream ended.

        This dream is talking about a "big" situation where I'm about to get into trouble just for being there.  It's a warning and it's saying I need to move, to change something before I get caught.  The restarting and Da Javu is speaking of the dream being the warning.
        So we know for a fact from these dreams the "somethings" that are after the two women in the previous dream are aware that I'm helping them.  They should also be aware that I'm not likely to leave a friend in need when I can help.
        So part of this dream seems to be a warning to "get out" while another part of the dream seems to be saying move from where you are and search for answers.  Or "change tactics."  We notice that someone showed up and helped me the rest of the way out of the building then wished me well.  So we know there's someone or most likely an angel who's watching over me in this deal.
        The next thing we notice is the "overcast" which represents "something looming over me" and the school "something to learn or something to teach."  The playground was empty, no children in sight.  Not a time to play around or a "take this serious" which I was.
        The wet phone and bad communications means two things.  Being wet means it's been exposed to something. It wasn't my phone which means it's someone else's situation.  The bad connection and being unable to get instructions from my wife (spirit guide) means communications interrupted.  Our Email has been interrupted. I'm about ready to go in the spirit and kick some demon's asses.  They know I love a good fight.
Gigantic Church 3/17/2008
I was inside of a huge church building filled with many thousands of people.  Max Moore came to me and gave me a small communion tray filled with little glasses of wine.  Others carried things and we followed into a smaller room with a few people inside.  I don't know what to make of this smaller room but I knew it was special and had a meaning.  I knew those who came here to take communion were special and I had just carried their communion wine to them representing the blood of Jesus.  I placed it upon a table.  Some of those with me mingled and talked with others in the room.  I looked around and then went back out into the larger area of the building.  I wanted to know what this place was about and who all these people were.

In the lower areas people were seated similar to how they would be in a real church.  I moved around the outside of the pews looking inward but did not see any pulpit or place for the preacher.  Two or three others were following me and finally my wife showed up following me.  She knew things about what was going on.  It makes sense that Spirit would choose my wife to represent my spirit guide many times in my dreams.

When I found my way all the way to the far side of this church I looked up and saw in the wings that reached high into the ceiling there was row after row of benches all filled with people and many of them looked related, some of them almost looked like clones.  One row of women had their faces painted and they looked exactly alike.  There was a staircase past these on the right and I began walking upward into a darker area of the church but there were people all the way to the top floor.

One old woman stood upon this top floor in this oddly shaped room that could see down that entire seating area.  My wife said there was an old man in a control room here and she wanted me to see him.  She said "He keeps this entire section in harmony.  Then she went into a hallway to my right and I looked at the old woman and she pointed toward a glass as she looked through it into another room.  Inside I saw a very very old man seated in front of three monitors keeping track of everything keeping all the people at least in this section in tune.

        I think this is a very important prophetic dream speaking of some kind of massive church.  I can't say if this is God's church or a religion based church.  The only thing I can say is this church was oddly shaped and had no visible preacher.  Yes it could represent God's church, but I didn't see anything specific that would indicate to me one way or another.  The groups of pews were all facing different directions.  There was no way to know which way was front.

White Buffalo Alien Eyes 3/24/2008
I was working in a barn.  Another man was there but when he left I went down a hallway to see the baby white buffalo.  I climbed up on a chair or bench and reached down and touched the animal on the back.  It was chewing on something like a toy.  Then it lay down and rolled over.  When I saw it's eyes I was shocked.  They first appeared normal then changed into large black alien eyes.  These eyes were like we commonly see on the grays.  Big almond shaped black eyes.  I moved back and woke.
        It's a prophetic dream and somehow linked to the prophecy of the baby white buffalo.  The first was a new time of peace if I remember right and this one is a new time of alien or demonic rule.  If I were to make a guess I would say this thing is a symbol of the anti-Christ.
Hunter Near School 3/27/2008
I was viewpoint with a man in a field near a wooded area.  The man had a high powered hunting rifle with scope.  He began looking through the scope near the woods and saw several deer standing in an open area.  Then I noticed playground equipment.  A moment later a child ran through the view.  The man drops his gun and looks.  More children gather.  Now I see a building to the left and the deer run into the woods.  I wondered if that building was a school.  He began backing up.  He took three shells out of his gun and pushed the next two shells down then closed the bolt leaving the chamber empty.

He turned around there was a street behind him with a row of houses.  He started up the street and seeing a boy he watched the boy at his house.  The boy's dad saw the man with the gun and wondered what he was doing with it.  They talked and the man said "I've got to get back to my car but I can't find it."  He looked up the street and seeing a mound up the street across the road in a field with what looked like snow on top he said "I recognize that."

They both went up the street and across the road and saw a rusted out vehicle.  The other man said "that's yours?"  The man said "No it isn't but it must be here somewhere.  They continued to search and he found his white vehicle parked nearby.  When he got there it was in a pool of water on some tree roots.   The man waded into the water and suddenly the vehicle wasn't there anymore.  He broke roots out of the way and felt waist deep in the water to find a plastic truck.  He gasped while the other man watched.  The other man said "bring it and get out of there."

They walked out toward the street and suddenly I saw the other man backing a white vehicle toward the street and parked it.  The first man asked what he was doing and he said he was parking it like that and it had something to do with the licenses plate and identifying the vehicle.
        This appears to be a high level informative dream.  I don't like the sets of symbols I'm seeing near a children's play ground.  Dreams being a symbolic based language it's hard to say what each set of symbols means.  I didn't see the man shoot at anyone but the fact he took three rounds out of the chamber could mean he shot them at something or someone.  The fact he pushed two back down could mean he still had two rounds left when he finished.
        The "deer" symbol is frequently a "sound alike" symbol.  Translated it might be saying "The dear children."  That which is near and dear to one's heart.
        The building didn't look like a school but it may have been.  The fact a playground was there is a clue.  A playground can be anywhere people play.
        The symbol of children can represent just about any kind of people depending on the text or who it is who's view is depicting the children.  God's children are people.  Our children are people to and some of them are adults.  And children are just children, they are not adults.  It depends on who's perspective we are looking through.  The trouble is from this dream we can't be certain.
        No shots were fired in the dream.  This guy may not have shot anyone and he may not even represent a shooter, but he does represent someone.
        The hunting rifle was being used as a sighting device.  When a person sets their sights on something it means they have a goal or objective of some kind.  The fact children and deer were in his sights is disturbing.
        On another note children in dreams can represent things that people create.  If I write a book that book may appear to me as my "brain child."  The fact man put the gun down quickly when the children showed up is also interesting.  I think he was about to shoot one of the deer but when he saw the child that gun came down instantly.  I doubt we will have a clue what this is about unless we can track it with something on the news.
        The water means the man gets involved in something he thinks is a good thing yet when he gets there nothing is what he thought it would be.  The tree roots were entanglements and they were all rotten.
        Now the other man parks the missing white vehicle so the plates can be seen from the street, why?
        This entire thing is certainly symbolic of someone involved in a very bad deal.

Children on one way path 3/27/2008
I was near another playground and I stopped and set out some toys, one a battery powered Jeep.  The children wanted to play and I told them go ahead.  They took the toys and began to play while I went to another side of the playground and talked with someone.  Then I saw the children come down the path in front of this house where I was and a moment later they were backing up.  Something was wrong.  I went up there and looked down the path and saw the path ran into sand at the bottom of the hill.  The children didn't like the sand and were trying to get away from it.

        Sand in dreams is symbolic of unsubstantial footing, bad foundations, hard going, and lies.  The most frequent is the lie.  There's something deceptive in front of the children.
        The children were in a track and for some reason they couldn't get out of it.  This track is symbolic of something they've gotten themselves into.  It could be a contract.
        This dream and the one above could be connected.
Murder! 4/1/2008
I was taking a nap on a building stupe in a city when I heard someone walking nearby.  I opened my eyes to see a man with a pistol in his hand walking around a pickup truck, looking into the back.  To my shock he pointed the gun at the side of the truck and fired one shot.  The sound rang through my ears.  He turned toward me and I quickly closed my eyes again then rolled as if I hadn't seen anything.  When I opened my eyes again he was looking into the bed of the truck.  I saw something dripping from the bed.  I got up and went quickly into the building and looked down from a window.  The man began walking away.  Inside the bed of the truck I saw what looked like the hand of a younger man.  I could see the left side of his head and body.  It was clear he was dead.
        This dream was so vivid when I woke I felt I had actually witnessed a murder.  At the moment that's all I have to say about it.
4 Planets in the sky 4/9/2008

It was night.  My wife and I were camping near a big ditch.  I got into the vehicle and had to be very careful to backup just right turn and then hit the gas like crazy to keep from falling into the ditch.  The first thing I noticed was a LOT of camping spots along that ditch where people were camping.  I drove up into the yard of an old multi-story house where my wife joined me.  I went into the house for a moment to see what was going on.  It appeared we were the only ones up at that hour.

I went outside and found I was in a house on a hill in a city I didn't recognize.  I remember seeing the trees and walking around them to see it was bright almost like daylight but not quite.  Looking to the east I saw a HUGE glowing planet in space much larger than the moon.  I looked to the west and saw three more huge planets larger than the moon.  I said "get the video camera!"  I spent the next few minutes shooting video and talking about what I was seeing as my wife stood nearby.  I identified one as Jupiter, one as Saturn and I could even see the rings around it.  I think one might have been Mars but wasn't certain and I can't remember if I identified the fourth but I think it may have been Venus.

I remember thinking something HUGE was happening and there was someone I needed to tell.
        This dream starts off with a warning about not falling into the ditch.

        These were four great huge heavily bodies that shouldn't have been visible from earth like that.  So it may have something to do with the planets but I'm not an astrologer or astronomer. I don't know that much about the alignment of planets.  These were not aligned though but appeared to be orbiting earth.  Saturn wasn't in the same path but was in the south west when I saw them.  Jupiter was in the east and the other two were one above me and one to the west.  I don't know if it has to do with the position of the planets or not but it might.
        When I see things in the sky it sometimes means "signs in the heavens" and sometimes it means something unseen to most and only viewed by a few.  A few days ago I had a dream and heard a voice speaking that told me 12 of the 24 Great Elders were returning to earth.  Heavenly beings could be represented by planets or stars.  Jupiter and Saturn being the largest were both the first I identified in this dream.  So the dream might be saying 4 of the 12 have just arrived.
I was in a big city in a big house or mansion with some rich people.  It looked like a reunion.  I didn't recognize the place or the people.  There was a barn across the back yard that had riding things in it for horses.  It was an old barn with gray wood.  I remember going through the barn and finding an old horse drawn fire engine that had been fixed up.  I remember someone saying they were getting it ready for an event a parade perhaps.

Back in the house the people were mingling and I went through the house to find a very expensive car upstairs in one of the rooms!  When I came back downstairs some new people had just entered and a lady gave me a check.  I looked and saw it was made out to me for $24,000!  I looked at her in stunned amazement and thought this has to be a mistake!  She smiled and walked away with someone else visiting and another woman came in and gave me a box with another $24,000 in it this time in cash!  I was speechless!  A little while later another lady entered and gave me another $2,400!  I had no idea what the money was for.

I went back to the barn where I found a man getting the fire engine ready and He said something about getting some horses for it.  I said "why not use the ones over there?"  I pointed and he said "Their just not big enough for this job."

They say when you dream things in sets of twos or threes the thing the dream speaks of is set and can't be changed.  The key here is the number 24.  I also realize this dream is most likely job related since the fire engine is old but functional, the horses are not big enough means it's a big job and we are not ready for this kind of job.  The man said "they aren't big enough for this job."  So we realize the dream is speaking of work or a big job of some kind.

I've not been up long enough to have breakfast and I'm not real clear beyond what I see here at the moment.  All I can do is get on with my day and see what happens.
The Insane Santa Posse 4/17/2008
This dream was nuts to say the least.  I was in a strange city, it was just getting dark and odd people were moving around the streets like it was Halloween.  I saw lights in the trees like it was Christmas.  I heard people singing carols.  I was flying around mostly landing in trees, on things and rooftops as I watched the people.  Now and then I would go to the ground and talk with certain people.

As time went on I saw the air filling with a mist like fog.  I flew high up what looked like a big flag pole and grabbed it and looked, there was no flag.  I flew back down and watched another group of people moving along and a couple stopped to look at a strange lighting display in a tree.

I flew further and saw around 6 men dressed like Santa all moving together.  They said they were the insane Santa Posse.  I walked along with them until they came to a house and the big man pretended to slip on someone's sidewalk.  I realized this was an insurance scam and I flew up to the roof and watched for a moment.  I realized I didn't want to be seen with these guys.

I flew back the way I had come landing on a roof top now and then.  I found several houses in bad shape with holes in the roofs and wonder if the people who lived there knew they had holes in their roofs.  I thought perhaps I should tell them.
        It sounds rather like the condition of the world today doesn't it?  I'm seeing pagan symbols along with a big flag pole that has no flag.  I see symbols of Christmas lying and stealing from people.  I get the message not to associate with people like these.  I have some idea what this dream is saying.  I'm ready to let you figure out what the message is in this dream.
Three Little Birds 7-2-2008
I was seated on a park bench when three swallow or martin type birds with blue wings began circling overhead.  Others tried to catch the birds but they couldn't, the birds would fly from them.  I held up my right hand and one of these birds landed on my finger while the others landed on my shoulders and began talking to me.  I asked the one on my finger what it's name was and it said something I couldn't understand then it said "gun" very clearly.
        Birds in dreams represent messengers with messages.  Two birds had friendly messages while the third one said "gun" was bringing me a warning that one of the messages / messengers was not friendly.  The very next day an old friend who had told a lie about me and got himself X-communicated from here called just to talk.  The day after another old friend who I had not seen in about 2 years showed up and visited for three hours.  The next day someone else contacted me who isn't a friend but their story follows in the dream below.  I doubt they know God warned me about them before hand.  When God's messages come to me like this it's usually fairly easy to track them and know what they are talking about.
        The type of bird seen in the dream is also important.  These were of the swallow or martin family.  These are birds we know to be friendly, eat pesky bugs that bite us and for the most part do not carry diseases.

Two Women and the Dog 7-5-2008
I dreamed I was standing beside an old brick school house not far from a few people who were talking when I heard screaming and crying coming from behind the school building.  I ran around back to see one girl take an odd looking little dog from another causing her to cry.  She started to throw the little dog over the fence when I grabbed it.  It was very round and about a foot and a half tall.  Its head was about half as large as it should have been.  I carried the dog back to the woman who was crying because she had lost her dog but just as I reached her the little dog tried to bite my right ear.  I jerked it back and held it at arm's length realizing the woman who was trying to throw the little dog over the fence was trying to do a good service.  She knew the little dog wasn't very smart and would bite.
        This is a high level informative dream directly for me about someone else.  Dreams using symbols as they do just as Jesus spoke using parables the dog represents a person who God literally sees as a dog with a round body and small head.  Meaning the person is not very smart or "small minded" would better describe them.  The two women are ideologies.  Ways of thinking, at the same time they are also spirits fighting over what to do with the small minded person.  The woman of truth knows the little dog is stupid and finds it offensive.  She wants to throw it out of school and be done with it.  The woman who is crying claims the person is her creation.  She made this person the way they are and she wants to keep things the way they are.  I was kind to the woman and the person by trying to show some compassion and reveal some truth to that person.  This person does not want to hear the truth and this is shown by that person trying to bite my right ear.  The right ear is being used in the spiritual reference of doing the right thing.  Therefore this person says something to try to offend me for having compassion for them.
        This is the point where I realize this person I have been trying to help is not worth the effort.  I went one or two messages past my usual with this person knowing from their first message to me what spiritual track they were on.  The subject is about the leaven hidden in the bread.  The meaning is when a truth is taken and a lie uses it to lend credibility to the lie.  The person no doubt just discovered this and they are seeing the leaven in all the wrong places not realizing the leaven is now within them.  They can't see themselves as God sees them therefore they are certain they are right and will not accept guidance from God or someone God sent them to for help.
        The entire book of the Bible is filled with riddles that God intended for certain chosen people to discover and comprehend.  God also gave a way for these people to verify and to know when they had the facts straight.  In this is a witness used as a verification.  Sometimes that verification isn't within the Bible but acts to support what the Bible says.  Many things were left out of the Bible during it's creation for one or two reasons.  Either they didn't have the verification when the Bible was created or they refused to recognize other texts that would support what needed verification.  When people who God sends to me for help to get them on the right path refuse to accept the truths given through me to them by God these people usually become angry at me.  They don't realize they are being angry at the one God sent them to receive help through understanding.  Their method to deal with this emotion is to consider that I don't know what I'm talking about.  This is also known as demonizing the truth messenger in order to make the person in error feel better about their mistakes.
        My Spiritual Things website is filled with answers and new riddles.  For most people answers are not enough they need to do some digging on their own to find answers otherwise they won't appreciate it.  This is one reason why I don't post scriptures in a lot of places where I could have.  If you give a living to someone without them earning it they won't appreciate it and as such will squander their money and come looking for another hand out.  If you feed the old dog and he still won't hunt try starving him for awhile and see if he gets the idea.
        I intend to  post a page with this dream referenced and more details on the Spiritual Things website.  I was waiting for the guy who this dream is speaking about to reveal his true self but it appears he's not going to do that.  His silence after my last message to him is clear enough.  Many of the people who disagree with my teaching do not reveal themselves at all but God shows them to me in dreams.

Man with Lobster Claw 7-10-2008
I was walking around inside a large restaurant with my wife and a few others.  I was recording some things with my video camera as we went.  Finally my wife went one way with some friends and I went another.  Eventually I went looking for her as I frequently do in my dreams.  Not finding her inside I went out to find our vehicle gone.  I called her and she said "I thought you left with someone else."  I said "I'm still here come get me."  She said "I'm suppose to turn here somewhere."  Again I said "come back and get me."  I hung up and began walking along a small RR track until I came to a place where the half size train or smaller would turn around.  I stopped, saw a small train coming at me on the track so I stepped off the side of the track and stood on a 45 degree angle until the train passed.  I moved to the road from there and realized someone had been following me and was now standing just behind me on the road.

I saw what I thought was another train come to the track then stop at first thinking this was the same train I had just seen going the other way.  It looked different and there was a man running it who had a red lobster like appendage for his right arm and claw for a hand.  He lay in one of his flat cars and began speaking to me.  I went to him to hear what he was saying.  He touched the left side of my face with his huge claw.  He told him how he had been abused in life and bore the scars of his ordeal upon his body.
        This most likely represents a man who does unclean works.  His right arm refers to his spiritual self and the kind of work he does in that regard.  He is someone who's had a tough life and learned many hard lessons.  He's done what he thinks is best for him.  He is misguided and needs help.  The fact he lay down while telling his story is symbolic of him stopping what he is doing at least while telling his story.

Sometimes people need an angel.
Sometimes you need an angel.
Sometimes you can be the angel.
Sometimes being the angel can help you to.