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The folowing is from an E-mail conversation about a dream.

Ok so last night I had this crazy dream and I been trying to interpret it. It begins that I am in Phoenix, and Kaiden (my son) is up north with Eric. Well A volcano explodes and all the air around us everywhere is smoky, and filled with ash. And I try getting up the mountain through a crowd of people who are trying to come down to escape, but I'm trying to run up this mountain to get to Kaiden.

At this point it is obvious this is a warning dream, and it might be prophetic as there are quite a few people involved.  It sounds it it may be a natural disaster based on the fact it was a volcano that started this event.  If it is a natural disaster the air being filed with ash could be literal.  If not then it is symbolic and means the understanding of the subject and what is going on is not clear.  A similar symbol would be muddy water.

I was with someone, but I don't know who. But I couldn't get through because the crowd of people was so heavy, and the smoke so thick. I couldn't see and my throat burned because of the ash in the air.

Symbols will tend to verify each other in the most important dreams.  They will be repeated and some symbols will have the same meanings.  The throat burning and the ash in the air tend to indicate the event is likely some kind of actual physical event.

Then I was forced "literally" by the crowd back down to the base of the mountain where at this point was gated off and no one was allowed out. They "the government" had gated it off and was allowing these people to slowly burn/suffocate to death. Kinda like in the titanic.

Likely symbolic as the government is literally pulling the proverbial wool over the public's eyes even now over our economic problems.  Even so I have a stack of dreams that tell the government will take forcible control over the people while dealing with natural and man made disasters in the near future.  Meaning the government makes things worse instead of better.

Well I said to hell with that so somehow I pushed passed the people and got to a clearing out in the desert off the road and found a way through. Then I woke up.

At this point we see the dreamer finds an alternate solution to deal with the situation.  The problems that people will be dealing with have alternate solutions but the big problem is most of the people will not have made provisions or adjustments to their own life styles in order to adapt to the coming tribulations.  Those who didn't make provisions will take advantage of those who have.

I fed Kaiden and went back to sleep. Then my dream continued but not where it had left off. It was about a year later Kaiden was now 5 and he was with me (2012).

The date 2012 is a prophetic number used in several ancient calendars that includes the Aztecs and Mayans.  What a lot of people do not know is that it is also in the prophetic time line of the Messiah (The Bible).  December 2012.  My birthday is 12/12/1951.  In 12/2012 the sun will once again rise in the exact dead center of our galaxy.  This only happens once every 13,000 years.  I've heard others say it only happens once every 26,000 years but since I'm not NASA I'm not sure.  I do know it will rise between the constellations of Sagittarius (Dec) and the Scorpion.  It will rise directly over the "Secret Sign" AKA "The Serpent Holder."  This date alone is enough to indicate the dream is most likely prophetic and dealing with a subject that will affect a lot of people.
People have been having prophetic dreams and needless to say most of them have no idea who I am so they post their dreams in other places asking for help to understand them.
And I was with my dad, a friend of the family, my uncle, Kaiden, and my sister. We were out in the middle of the desert. I'm not sure what exactly was going on, but I know all hell had broken loose and it was anarchy, the government had imprisoned everyone. We were rouges, meaning we were on the run, we had escaped.

I've had dreams like this and others have sent me dreams like this telling exactly the same story about the government locking people up to control them.  Not only this but the government has built massive facilities to do exactly that, imprison it's people.  They have the places and the means, a lot of rail cars with shackles in them.  Ask yourself how the government would prepare it's people for a disaster of epic proportions.  The answer is they wouldn't.  They would try to pacify them until the event happened then they would try to round up the ones who were still alive and contain them.  In my night visions I've seen the people living in caves and small groups moving from one place to another trying to find food and medicine.  I've also seen the government troops trying to hunt them down.

Well anyways so our friend and my uncle were teaching my sister and I how to make weapons using only sticks.

This is a literal and a necessary survival skill.  People are doing these kinds of things right now.  People are learning to make their own electricity, learning to grow their own gardens and can their own food because they know the world food reserves are being depleted at this very moment, partly in the name of Bio-Fuels.  Have you checked to see how many are buying guns now for their personal protection?

Then it skips to where I am trying to get back into the city where the people were being imprisoned. I was on a mission to break a couple people out. Anyways. In this society it was either you were working for the government, imprisoned, or you were a rouge.

Like I said. Living in small groups, in caves, and moving from one location to another.  Or they are working for the government or imprisoned.  That's exactly how the prophecy reads.

Well I had broken in (not many people were left alive, they were holding people hostage in a big building, looked like a big library only with no books or shelves. Anyways it skips again, and I find myself in this room with the prisoners, and I am desperately trying to find my way out. Well some how I end up getting out of the building, we were sent to work and I hid and waited till night fall. I snuck around to the front where all the vehicles were kept and I stole a cop motorcycle. I had some people chasing me at one point but then I left the road again and was back in the desert.

The desert can be literal but the times being mentioned in this dream set can also represent desolate "difficult times."

Then it skips. Then I was in a car (another stolen vehicle) and I pulled up to this house. The skies were black with smoke and ash,and the houses abandoned. There were no birds, there were no animals. Everything was just dark.

> One of the dreams that was sent to me about a month or so ago said the sky were dark and during the day they were dark red.  Everything on earth was burned up.  The plants and animals were dead.  The water was poisoned.  There was no food.

Well anyways I hid the car in the garage and went into the house where my family was. We were all sitting around bullshitting, and I was telling them what the prison was like. And then someone knocked on the door so I grabbed a gun and went to the door and peaked through. outside was a naked chick with her hair all ratted and she was tattooed majorily. I was confused but she left and I watched her go into the house next door. Curious I decided I was going to go check it out. Everyone was telling me no, that its too dangerous, what if its a trap. I didn't listen, so I went next door and when I knocked on the door a hippie looking guy answered. Right away I knew they were rouges. They ushered me in. I guess one of the guys had followed me out of the imprisonment, and they were hiding out there. Anyways I ended up getting high off of some sort of drug. Nothing like we have today, at least nothing that I know of, it was some cross between weed, acid, shrooms, and coc. Anyways so I hung out and partied with them. There was no alcohol except for moonshine.

Anyways it skips again and I'm back in the house with my family and something strange happened. The sun was shining through the windows and birds were chirping, and when I looked out the window peoples garages were open revealing stolen cars everywhere. People who had been in hiding on the same street were outside just staring at the sky cause it had been so long since the sun had shown through the ash. And I felt this huge lift off of my shoulders. Then I woke up for the day. It was crazy.

Not nearly as crazy as the actual event that is not all that far in our future.  This dream has more literals in it than symbols and it carries them all the way to the end.  People will make do however they can when these things happen.  They will steal cars, weapons, food, anything they can get to survive.

Anyone have any ideas was this could mean? I thought at first it has something to do with what's going on in my life, trying to fight for survival in this economy, and fighting the rise in ammunition, then something told me I had just had a glimpse at the future. I am no psychic to my knowledge. Yes I have had dreams that ended up coming true to an extent, but nothing ever like this... someone help. I'm freaked out.

BES> You saw just that.  Quite a few of the dreams people are sending me are from people who don't usually have prophetic dreams, but they are now.
The prophetic warning dreams are coming in faster than I can keep up with them.
Lori: "I have just woken up from a dream."

The country was a mess and everyone was losing their homes.  The powers that be kept telling us that things were going to get better.  They weren't.  There was a sort of assembly meeting in a gym.  There was someone there who said that it was our responsibility to sacrifice a little by paying a few dollars more each year on each square foot of our land for a period of five years and then the tax would level off.  This person spoke with charm and people thought it was a great idea.  I jumped off of a table and ended up flying around the room.  I seem to do this in dreams when I really want to make a point and believe it or not, this little thing in dreams, I had to learn over the course of several years before I had the ability to get up into the air and move around for extended periods of time.
Everyone was astonished and thought that I must have been magical or something.

I rallied up the people in this room and said that we cannot sacrifice what we do not have.  How can we pay more for the land when we cannot afford the shelter.  I also said that I have a suitcase packed, already, for when I lose my house.  That I have the necessities in it to carry me through such as a couple of outfits, medicine and the little things that we need to live.  I told them that it's not going to get better because imposing this little "sacrifice" for the nation, that would only mean that even more businesses would shut down because they can't afford to stay open and with everyone else losing their jobs and homes, there's no one left to purchase their product.

Then, I was walking through a country side and there was a scraggly man following me.  At first, he was following from a distance.  Each time I looked back, he was getting closer.  I know that if I let him catch up to me, that he would kill me.  I looked back again and he was about 20 yards behind me.  I found a metal rod on the ground and it had a sharpened end.  I waved it at him, but he also had the same weapon.  We fought, he wanted to rob me.  I managed to get him to lose his weapon in the course of the fight and it flew to the ground at my feet.  I didn't kill him though.  I let him run away.

Then, I woke up.

It was a very vivid dream and I do it no justice.

Night Chase 04/21/09

I was with 3 or 4 other people standing near some buildings among some fields at night.  I had a small but very bright flashlight in my right hand and we were looking out across one of the fields when several people came out of the field toward us.  Someone said "run and hide!"  I didn't know what was going on.  I turned around and started to run toward a hill with wooded area when I realized someone had all ready grabbed two of my friends.  I turned and ran toward some trees.  I could hear the yelling behind me and I had no idea what was going on.  The only thing I knew was I had to get away.  This is when I turned on my little flashlight and realized it was amazingly bright.  I also realized that with it on someone could see me for a mile or more.  Still I kept it on until I ran into a small group of trees before I turned it off again.

I continued across another field to a small hill overlooking a highway.  Across the highway I saw a raised area of land with paths cut through it in straight lines.  I saw three or four women dressed in long coats running away from a large building  behind them
They were running toward me and I could mostly see outlines moving in the distance.  Realizing I couldn't turn around and go back the way I had come I moved across the highway toward the outlines that were moving toward me.  Then looking to my left down the side of the highway I saw more figures moving toward me.  There was no where to run and as they passed I saw they were just teenage boys.  I asked "what's going on?"  They didn't answer but moved right past me grabbing the women as they reached the highway.  One boy said "Stop, state police!"  I thought "Oh my God what is going on here?"

It's fairly clear this is a prophetic dream speaking of conditions in a soon to come future world.  I can hear someone in my mind yelling "Yes we can!"  I see a massive police force made up of teenagers wearing regular cloths like plane cloths cops.  No one will know who to trust or who to be afraid of and eventually they will be afraid of everyone.  The world's people will finally all fear the same thing, their own government.

The bright light represents enlightenment and truth.  The ability to see in a dark world.

Night Rescue!
I can't recall the exact date but it was between the previous and the next dreams.
I was with a group of people onboard a flying craft that had no wings.  We looked out the windows along the right side of the craft to see we were flying over the ocean or large body of water.  We could see land in the distance and we knew we had just been rescued from some terrible event.

The pilot was on the right and the copilot was on the left.  I saw we were descending from 10,000 feet very quickly toward the water so I moved up behind the pilot's seat and told him not to do anything to impress us.  The water came up quickly and we headed for a rock cliff.  Everyone was frightened except the pilots and crew.  In a moment we saw a cave and the water was in the cave but we flew right into it, made a sharp turn to the left and landed on a long runway, but we didn't land like an aircraft.  We came in stopped and went straight down.  The passengers including myself applauded.

Inside this place it is like a city with structures, dwellings, stores and people.
        This appears to be a prophetic night vision where a lot of people were being rescued by an unconventional craft.  They were taken to a hiding place.

Important Message About The Great Elders and The Host of Heaven 4-28-2009

Some of you are well aware that God has been sending me dreams about the Great Elders and directing my path to cross theirs.  Not only that but to meet with other people the Great Elders have had contact with.  In 1989 the Great Elders came to earth and awakened many hundreds of people but these are only a drop in the preverbal bucket compared to all the people of the world.  Out of the entire population of Gulf Breeze, Florida they told me they only managed to awaken 200 people.  If that gives us some idea they might awaken around a 1000-2000 out of the entire population of a city as large as St. Louis.  The way to destruction is wide and many will follow that path but the way to enlightenment and salvation is narrow and few ever find it.

In the last seven days I've had several important dreams but two in particular speak about the Great Elders and the host of heaven.  I shall list these two here now.  Please understand they are sending angels to contact people in order to facilitate this awakening.  The majority of the people who are contacted may not understand or accept this angel that is sent to them with a message but a few will.  I've been contacted in dreams, visions and by this angel I mention so I know what to expect.  The methods I use and that are used to communicate with me are the same that will be used to contact and communicate with God's people all over the earth.  For those who comprehend and are able to use these methods it will be their life line to the Great Elder's working teams.  These are angels of the highest orders who carry out the instructions of the Creator God and work for Him.  The Great Elders are under His command and they have come to fulfill prophecy of the end times and time of the Great Tribulation.

First Night Vision - Celestial Bodies

It was night and I with a handful of people looked toward the Eastern sky to see a number of great planets rising glowing larger than the moon.  Around them were many brilliant twinkling stars following them.  I looked around and the moon was not to be found and I said "Because we have no moon we are able to see this wondrous thing."  And that night the moon did not give it's light but we saw new lights in the heavens approaching the earth.
        The great celestial bodies I saw represent the Great Old Ones the ones I call The Great Elders. I have met 24 of them in the spirit in a powerful night vision.  About a year or so ago I was told in a night vision that 12 of the 24 Great Elders were returning to the earth.  I can assure you there were at least a dozen great celestial bodies in this night vision.  Are they they first 12 or are they the last 12?  Are they the full 24?  That I can't say because I do not know.  I do know at the time of the end when they are needed most they will all be here working to help their children on this earth in what ever capacity is required.
        The fact they appear in the eastern sky means "they are coming" like the sun rise.  Things seen in the western sky are things that are departing.
        The moon not being seen has a meaning.  Ever notice that in the larger cities around the lights of the city it's difficult to see the stars?  Ever notice around the moon how the stars tend to vanish?  But take the lights of the earth away and we can sometimes see beyond our own realm into the heavenly places above.  The light of the moon and the earth distract us from the unseen truth above.

Captain Kirk and Spock. 4-28-2009

I was in a production facility but we were not making a movie.  A handful of people were working in a room on a big important project.  I saw Bill Shatner and Leonard Nemoy working at a table with a paper that had writing and schematics on it.  The writing on both sides and the schematics in the middle.  I knew I was being allowed to join them to see these things because they liked me and wanted me to work with them.
        This is a night vision containing personal (for me) and prophetic information (for you).  For the longest time we wonder why we see actors in our dreams and why some of them stand out and are seen more often than others.  The reason I see these two is because of their role in the series Star Trek.  Captain Kirk is "guy in charge" and Spock is "chief science officer."  Both of them are commanders in their own right.  These represent two of the celestial bodies that are returning to earth.
        The paper with the schematics is the plan as well as the instructions they will follow in order to complete their mission when they get here.
        I was selected "because they like me and want me to work with them" and me telling you what they have revealed to me is just how I intend to be of service to them as well as to you.

Coffee Service Is Portable 4-28-2009

        Now I woke laying upon my left side facing a double door in a room with the lights off.  I looked toward my feet and saw the lights were still on in the room I had been with Captain Kirk and Spock.  I looked toward the large double doors ahead, got up and went there.  I found a small kitchen with two or three working there.  I went straight to a cabinet opened it and removed a small brown object about two and a half feet tall by about a foot and a half wide.  I sat it on the counter and opened it to see it was a portable coffee service.  I closed it and put it back where I had found it.
        This portable coffee service represents a moving awakening.  This awakening is coming to the people where ever they are.  The awakening represents visitations by angels to those who belong to God.  These are God's people.  These are the chosen ones.  I've all ready had a visit from one of these angels and that angel said "A golden bowel contains 200 cups of coffee."  That wasn't all he said but he mentioned the coffee and I know for a fact that means "awakening" people from their "slumber" or "spiritual slumber."

        What else can I share?  I can tell you the prophecies of the Bible will be fulfilled but there are many among us who are religious and who believe in God who will miss the boat because they do not accept the truth that God has sent to them in the way it was done.  This is because they have preformed notions based upon traditions and their own misunderstandings of the Bible that bind their minds and hearts from accepting the truth.  Many of these will be seeing "aliens, deceptions and the devil" when God sends down his angels to help them.  Meaning they just will not believe the things the are seeing are of God.  My advice is do what Jesus told you to do and test those spirits to see who sent them.  Why?  Because believe me the devil and his legions will be making some visits of their own.  This advice is good for everyone.

    Not all the lights in the heavens are of God but soon many of them will be.  I will not explain the differences in how all these will manifest to people, at least not yet.  I will say the devil and his kind will work mostly among and through the people and their message will be "a message from God" that will not be from or of God.  The messengers who deliver these messages will believe they are doing the right thing.  And you may have guessed but they will be saying things like "Yes we can."  They will preform their own brand of miracles that will be amazing but they will be based mostly in technology.  They will be wondrous to behold but they will still be man made.  Do not be deceived by these.  Anyone who's ever had a visit from a real angel of God should know the difference.

    God will have His angels preform a miracle, a sign in the heavens and the devil/anti-Christ will preform a sign in the heavens.  The miracles preformed by God will be orchestrated through and via the command of the Great Elders who I have told you about.  These are ascended beings working for God.  Miracles preformed by the anti-Christ will be technologically based wonders.

        Now I will share a secret with you that many of you may not be aware of.  You want to know how I know these things and I give you my dreams and night visions to share but there is more.  I know because they've done it before in practice.  While the anti-Christ was making his displays in Gulf Breeze, Florida the Great Elders of God were giving their demonstrations in and around Fyffe, AL.  And I was told in a dream that I would meet a strange man who had strange ideas about UFOs and the beings behind them.  And I met this man a week later at of all things a UFO conference!  He said "You are going to Fyffe, AL."  He said "The UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze are real but they are not what they appear to be.  The real thing is going on in Fyffe."

        If the anti-Christ wants to take over the entire world he must have the following of the majority of the people.  Christians know the majority of the people are not going to make it into heaven to be with the host of heaven and with God.  They know a handful of true Christians / Holy Spirit filled people preserve the earth so that God does not destroy it.  They know that without us the earth will in fact burn as the prophet wrote.  So what could the anti-Christ do to deceive the world into joining with him against God?  I'll leave this with you for thought.
Catching The Sparrow
I dreamed I caught a nasty little sparrow last night as it was in flight.  I grabbed it out of the air with my left hand then moved it to my right hand.  A man watching said "that's amazing."  And I said "I caught that nasty little sucker."

In my business I deal with the enemy in all forms, various formats and from all walks of life.  I deal with demons, angels, people, demon controlled or possessed people and more.  They come openly with threats sometimes and sometimes they come sneaking like a thief.  Some come asking questions and others asking for help then suddenly their demon exposes itself when it realizes who they are talking to.  All bets are off.  They go crazy, call me all kinds of names and say things that make very little if any sense.  Then I know who's talking.

The sparrow while small and sometimes kinda is a nasty little messenger that means no good in the spirit world.  It carries mites and bird parasites.  It makes its home anywhere it can bringing its troublesome little friends with it.

So I was contacted by someone giving their name as the father of a son who is under demonic control asking what they might do to help their son.  I explained that a direct confrontation will not suffice because the demon will protect its host by any means available.

Yesterday I received a message from that same address but in a moment it was clear it was not written by the same person even though the same name was given.
The format of the message and style were different, the language was different and very defensive.  Speaking as a demon this person said "You've been talking with my 17 year old son who's bi-polar, how dare you!  As you know he's delusional and thinks he's an anti-Christ.  You're a creep, people like you shouldn't be allowed on the Internet.  I printed off your messages and will go to the authorities if I need to!"

I looked at the messages closely and realized this wasn't the same person who wrote me originally.
  I realized the last message was written by someone who was in fact bi-polar and under the control of a demonic entity.  The son had found the father out!  The demon found out who I was and is trying to defend itself to protect it's host.

I said "I know nothing of the kind."  You see the father never said anything about the son being bi-polar or thinking he was an anti-Christ.  I said "I have all the same messages you have so please feel free to contact the authorities as you see fit.  I keep a lawyer on retainer.  I think the judge and lawyers would enjoy seeing these messages."  I closed with a very warm "Blessings to you and yours and best wishes."  :-)  Demons really hate that kind of thing.  That's why Jesus said be kind to those who are mean to you because it makes their demons angry.  Jesus said "heap coals of fire upon their heads."

And last night I dreamed I caught the sparrow.
  That means several things.  The threat was as tiny as a sparrow.  Meaning the demon has no power outside of it's host.  It feels threatened and insecure and sees me as a serious threat, as well it should.  The boy needed to read that last message I wrote to his father so he would get a "dose" of the medicine intended for him.  The demon didn't like it, it made him sick.  The boy will remember the words I wrote about demons and how they work with people to accomplish their will.  In the event that boy hits the bottom and lives he will have at least one chance to change his mind and do the right thing.  Otherwise this boy is lost and bound for a very bad place in the afterlife.