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The following three dreams are a "dream set" prophetic in nature. When dreams come to me in a series about the same subject and last most of the night you know they are prophetic and speaking of something that's going to happen.

Lost and Confused  2/26/2007
AKA Missing People
I found myself seated at what looked like a restaurant bar dressed in my P.J.'s.  I looked around and didn't recognize anyone.  I reached for my cell phone and searching my pockets I didn't find it or anything.  I saw a few people walking around, mostly children.  I got up and walked the length of a hallway looking into rooms and discovered I was inside a school, but it wasn't an American school, it didn't't look or feel right.

I went outside and saw I was in the desert.  There were rolling hills of sand and clay.  There were cactus and desert plants growing around the school yard.  I walked through the play ground and saw some children playing.  I walked up a hill trying to find some place high that I could look around.  I climbed up on a long concrete thing that tipped.  I don't know what it had been in the past, a sidewalk or wall perhaps but it was laying on the ground and it had something under it that it teetered upon.

I went back inside the school and climbed up the stairs headed back toward the bar area and some man going out called to me and asked me what was wrong.  I told him I can't find my phone and need to call my wife.  He said there's a public phone at the end of the hallway but you must speak in Spanish or the operator can't understand you.  I said "Spanish?"  Then he repeated some words in Spanish for me to remember but I forgot them instantly.

Missing People 2/26/2007
In the next dream I found myself flying across a desert high across a ridge until I came to a mesa.  I landed on the flat and walked out and looked over the edge to the land below.  It was desert as far as I could see.  As I turned and looked directly away from the ledge I saw small houses built along the sides of a passage between two mountains.  I stood on the edge thinking to fly there to look for clues and suddenly I realized just how real this dream was and questioned if I were dreaming or not.  I intended to jump from the ledge and fly over there but if it was not a dream then I would fall and die.  I remembered that I had flown to this place and I jumped and fell like a rock for a long way before I hovered then began flying a few yards above the land.

I flew to the passage and landed then began going through the houses.  The houses were small and some of them built right under cliff overhangs.  I thought this was very dangerous.  The doors were only about five feet tall and I had to crouch to get into them.  I went through several of the dwellings and in one place I stopped and looked at the bed and thought how the covers were laying there as if someone had vanished from under them.  I did not find one person in this place.
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Quite a lot of these examples are prophetic in nature and speak of events that will come or have all ready happened. They are posted usually without editing and appear just as they do in my dream journals.
More Missing People 2/26/2007
In the next dream I found myself in a city in the desert.  I walked around and people were missing but there were still a lot of people here.  I walked around and talked to some of them but most of them did not speak English.  People were missing and others were looking for missing people and trying to figure out what had happened.

Once again I've had a series of dreams, this one about missing people.  Anytime I dream all night long and have dreams of the same subject you can bet something is going to happen.

Update 2/28/2012:
The government has been building underground living shelters for the past 10 years non-stop.  The biggest one that I am aware of is in Denver and the new International Airport there is said to conceal the largest underground shelter in North America.  This was constructed to preserve some humanity from an Extinction level event.  This is said to occur in the year 2012.  Selected people will be flown to the airport in the desert and they will in fact vanish.  People will search for them but they will not be found.  Then the disaster will come upon the world and everyone who is not protected will die.

What I Got from the Dreams
This dream talks of missing people and this can be literal or symbolic and could be talking about a tragedy of some kind.  It could be man made or natural.  The language spoken in that place is mostly Spanish.  People who vanish in a dream are people who are "gone."  The most likely answer is that a bunch of Spanish speaking people are going to die.

One time when I had dreams all night long of a Spanish speaking place and I saw the land slide down over the buildings and the people it was only a short time before I saw that same exact event on the news and many hundreds of people were killed by a landslide.  I feel these dreams may be speaking of something similar.  All you can do is read them and watch the news to find something that matches up.
More Details?
Sometimes people write me and ask why I don't give more details.  Sometimes I can give more information but sometimes I can't.  Like the dreams above, the only thing I know is the main language these people speak is Spanish and their land is mostly desert.  I did not receive enough information in the dreams to tell me what country, what town or city or what kind of event is going to happen

Amish 3/12/2007
I was high in the air over a big city and saw a circle area on the ground shaped like a big wheel.  I knew Amish people lived there.  Something was wrong and the Amish people were suppose to bring their horses and help fix a problem.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground and went inside one of their barns that had passages inside of it where people could walk but the big Morgons and Clydesdales could not.  I saw one new colt inside a room there.  Now more Amish came and formed a semi-circle.  They began saying a chant "God bless the people" and they would clap their hands once each time they said it.  Then they got me doing it and I realized I could barely understand what they were saying because their words were seriously mumbled.
        I had some guy send me an Email trying to straighten me out on how the earth was made in six of our days.  He said that science can prove the earth was made in six days.  He has no idea how screwed up he is.  Just like the Amish who hold onto incorrect ideologies this man is doing the same thing and his words do not "ring true."  This is God's answer to me concerning that man and what he's preaching.  As for me, once a person moves into the light they know the light and will not return to a former darkness.

Country Storm 3/13/2007
I found myself in a car on the passenger's side with the window down on a country road in a thunderstorm.  I looked to see there was no one else in the car and there was a farm house a few yards ahead.

I got into the driver's seat, started the car and drove it to the house.  I got out and realized the wind was blowing so hard I could hardly walk.  I saw a dog trying to get to the house and I picked it up and carried it to the house and went inside.

I found the inside in a state of disarray where boxes and furniture were stacked here and there making the entire house a maze.

Finally some guy came down from upstairs and I spoke with him for a moment.
        This dream and the following are talking about a house deal that's gone bad.
Lawyer Steels House 3/13/2007
I saw a deed to a house and a lawyer in another state had it and would not let it go.  On the deed was writing that was marked out completely so that it could not be read at all.
        I called this morning and Bruce Button is loosing his house and a lawyer in Joplin, MO now holds the deed. They are saying that Bruce was behind three payments on the house and no longer has any rights to the title.  Bruce said they are going to have to move out and find a new house to live in.

The Devil and the Darkness 4/10/2007
It was Halloween and it was night.  I thought I was back on the farm except the farm house was two stories tall.  The row of trees west of the house ran north and south.  I took off in the night and flew up over the first layer of clouds to the west and could see a river running north and south below the clouds.  I flew up so high I was level with the second layer of clouds.  My flight was so easy and I could fly so fast it was wonderful.  I saw what must have been a thousand people gathered up and down the east bank of the river.

I returned and told father with sister standing there.  He asked me how high I went and I told him I was level with the second layer of clouds.  He asked me how far and I said "I went to the far side of the river."  He asked me how fast and I said I didn't know.  He asked me why I didn't take my GPS with me and I said "I didn't think of it."

I walked out to the trees and could see the people in the distance and wondered if I should allow them to see me fly.  I thought "It's Halloween so who really cares?"  I took off and flew low over the people and then up to a strange thin white stuff that floated about 50 feet or so above the river.  I swatted at it and it fell apart like some kind of packing material.  It had substance, not like a cloud, but from below it looked like a cloud from the ground.  I called down "Look at this strange stuff!"  I swatted at it again and again knocking pieces of it off to fall to the river below.

Suddenly something took hold of me and sucked me down drawing my strength from me.  I nearly went into the river but stopped inches above it.  I flew to a path on the bank that lead into the river and suddenly fell knee deep into the river and walked up onto the bank.  An older woman said "you got your nice suit wet."  I saw I was wearing a suit.  I said "It's no big deal."

What I was concerned about was what ever it was that sucked my strength and abilities from me.  Several people approached and began asking me questions.  They wanted to know who I was and how I was able to fly as well as what happened that caused me to fall like that.  I began telling them my story.

As I told my story I noticed a really ugly man watching, listening.  He was smoking a rather large cigarette that had a silver looking spring or wire wrapped around it.  He was dressed in a trench coat and had a cane in his right hand.  I wish I could remember everything I said as it was in some detail.  I described my ability to fly and how sometimes something sucked my powers and abilities from me. 

I started walking toward the farm house and this man followed walking with a cane moving in closer.  When I turned toward him he said "You know there's someone who doesn't like you very much.  He has ways of causing you problems.  You know who I'm talking about."

I stopped and faced the ugly man to hear what he had to say.  I said "I know who he is."  And the man said "Yes, the devil and he watches you."

I said "Yes I know and how do I know that you're not him?"  His eyes widened and I realized it was him.  "That's right, I know who you are."
        Now and then I get messages from or about both God and the devil and this dream or night vision is one of those. 
Father in the dream is a God symbol and the ugly old man is just one of the symbols of the devil.
        I think the name "devil" is somewhat general and nondescript.  The entities abilities are so far reaching and varied it may be called by a lot of different names.  Another name that fits is the embodiment of evil or "all things bad."  How can the human mind comprehend such beings?  One thing that is clear from this night vision is that my spirit knows that entity.  Another is that it doesn't like me at all and I don't know it.  This thing literally feeds on the minds and spirits of the living and it places the souls of the dead who it claims in bondage.  It's another term for "all things negative."
        This night vision is showing an event or situation.  It says the night is Halloween.  What significance does that have?  When I woke and thought of it the first thing that came to mind was it's the one night of the year when the devil can take on human form and walk among the living. 
        Odd things about dreams and night visions are they frequently speak in terms that are relative and or symbolic.  A day might represent an entire age.  An age is a period of time lasting the duration of the event or process.
        The Creation described in the Bible was said to have taken place over six days.  This should have been described as six "ages" to be accurate.   The seventy weeks of Daniel were years not weeks.  The Jews finally did return to Israel as it was prophesied.
        Mistranslations in the Bible are common.  The words used to describe the earth during that time were "void" and "without form" the same words translate better as "destroyed" and "in ruin." The extinction of the dinosaurs by a giant meteorite and the aftermath was both scientific and evident.  The creation was a recreation.  Moses led the Israelites through the "Red Sea" according to the translation of the Bible.  The Egyptians also kept records carved into stone and their record of that event is on at least two stones.  One of those stones is kept in the basement of an Egyptian museum and another is on stone tablets in Europe. At one time I knew exactly where.  Both of these records describe the Exodus. Both of these records say the Israelites crossed the "Reed Sea" and not the Red Sea.  The two names look almost alike in text.  The Reed Sea is north of the Red Sea and made up of fresh shallow water where grew the "reeds."
        From the days in dreams translating to ages or periods of time I conclude Halloween is a period of time in which the devil walks the earth in human form without anyone knowing who he really is.
Clouds frequently represent a time that is "overcast."  The overcast represents a time of troubles, a time when the "sky" or events being spoken of are not clearly understood.
        The river is a flow of something.  Time flows.  Events flow.  Information flows.  "Let's all go down to the river."  These people are gathered at the river in the night for a reason.  If the river represents information or news of events it would make sense.  And the clouds representing problems, events, means the news is about something that troubles them.
        Some symbols verify each other and this is a method I use to gain clues about the meaning of certain symbols.  Night time, clouds and muddy river water all have the same meaning.  It means things not clearly understood.  The clouds imply bad things will happen.

Fighter Jets & Storm Clouds 5/3/2007
I was standing with a few other people watching some very serious storm clouds turning overhead.  Then suddenly without warning I saw a fighter jet dive down out of the clouds toward the ground.  I thought it was going to crash but at the last moment it pulled up and flew right over us.  I looked back and saw several more fighter jets moving through the bottom of the dark grey and black clouds.
        When I have dreams with fighter jets and military aircraft it is always talking about government or military events.
        This is a warning dream most likely talking about some serious military activity and concerns.  Most likely these events are current and not prophetic.  Most likely these event(s) are secret and not public news.
        You might say there's another war brewing.  I was not able to count the number and types of all the jets but the ones I saw clearly were commonly known as fighter jets with two engines and twin vertical stabilizers like the F-14 and F-15s.  I saw some aircraft moving through the clouds that were not clearly visible and some of those were quite large.  I wouldn't be surprised if we are not on the verge of another war.

Tracking System 5/7/2007
I was riding with Uncle Max in what must have been a hummer.  It was night time and there was at least two or three others with us.  I heard the sound of a fighter jet overhead.  I saw we were on a one lane path that couldn't even be called a road and it was over-looking an area below that might have been a highway.  I looked up to the right and saw what looked to me to be a sophisticated radar tracking system working hard to track something in the night sky.  I asked Max, "Where in the world are we?"

Track Gun / Artillery 5/7/2007
Once again it was night time and I hid in the darkness while a very curious looking tank mounted gun moved through a small village.
        As you may recall when I have a series of military type dreams like this you can bet there's something going on that is military or government related.  I've yet to see a specific place or subject.  I am inclined to believe it is military related.  The radar tracking system could be saying they are looking for something or someone.  It might also mean they have located that something or someone and are tracking it.

Girl, 17 Abduction 5/25/2007
Psychic vision dream
I saw her at what must have been a tourist related area.  There were wide open spaces, big ditches, lots of hills and rocks.  She was beside a rock near her mom and dad's camper RV.  A man approached her and grabbed her within arm's reach of the door to the RV.  He told her not to be afraid he wouldn't hurt her.  He held her tight and pulled her away from the RV into a concealed area near or even in a stream.  He was very excited.  He asked her her name and age and I can't remember the name but she said she was 17 years old.
        I believe this one is a remote viewing psychic connection to an abductor and victim.
        I remember thinking why in the world didn't she scream or kick the RV because I think at least one of her parents were inside.
        I couldn't see if he had a weapon but he kept his right hand hidden the entire time.
NOTE 6-12-2007
: A girl was abducted from a parking lot near her car and later found dead in a stream.  I do not know if this dream was about that same murder.  I saw a wilderness area and she was found in a wilderness area so it could be.  She was 17 years old!  Her age and where they found her match this dream.

The next two dreams are a set.
The People, Cave and the Bats
High level informative dream
These are the kinds of dreams that God uses to inform me of things going on that I should be aware of because I have some involvement in them.

I had traveling dreams all night last night.  I must have traveled a thousand miles.  Dreams like these leave me feeling like I didn't get much sleep at all.  In one I was traveling along a mountain side and found a cave and entered and found some other people in there as they seemed to be searching for something.  The one thing that was clear they were all in the dark.  I sat down beside them and they paid very little attention to me.  They were all in a tight little group like a huddle.  They whispered to each other but they had no light.  I waited and then I heard the sound of bat wings in the air.  I listened and heard more and more of them passing overhead in the darkness.  I was not afraid of them and the small group seemed to be completely oblivious to the activity that I was watching.  Now and then I could see several bats pass over as they flew toward the light of one of the openings.  Then the sound of the wings subsides and I heard a single bat circling then it landed just a few feet away.  I sat down and looked at the thing as it stood upright like a man and it appeared to be wearing a black hooded cloak.  Then I called to one of those to my left and told them, "Look at that thing!"  But they did not hear me.  I repeated my warning to them but they did not or would not hear me.  Then I looked again at the bat and understood the warning was for them but they refused to listen.
        When I have dreams like these my first impression is "Oh here's another thing I can't do anything about" then I get up still feeling tired.  Then I go over it again and realize it's a warning dream about me trying to help someone by warning them of a danger near them. 
        This dream is about someone who found my pages on the Internet, someone who God sent there to find help, but they refuse to heed God's warnings to them and so He sends them to me.  Usually they still won't listen and I end up having conversations with God like "You know if they won't listen to you what makes you think they would listen to me?"  Then I think about it realizing God knows far better than I why He does the things He does.  I don't really have to understand it as long as I do my part when God sends people to my site or to me.
        The people being in the dark is just that, they are not enlightened, they are spiritually in the dark.  The really sad thing is they are not aware just how dark the place is where they are.
        That little black bat in the long hooded cloak is something I refer to as a shadow entity.  This one is a servant of the spirits of religion.  This little group in the huddle is being lead by at least one person. They are in bondage to a spirit of religion that refuses to show them its face.  The other bats are other shadow entities connected to the spirits of religion.
        When people who are followers are lead by a follower who is on the wrong path God sometimes takes special notice especially when those people seem to be trying to find God.  They do a lot of praying for the answers then in the end they can't hear the answers and end up turning to another misguided human.  Everyone has the right to be wrong but God doesn't like it when someone who should know better leads other children astray.  I've had such rotten luck trying to help people who are caught in religious bondage that I hate even trying to help them because it's usually a waste of their time and mine.

Climber in Tall Tree 6/11/2007
High level informative dream.
Now I woke and found myself standing on a limb high in a tall tree with many limbs.  I looked down and was shocked to see how high I was.  Then I wondered how I came to be there and knew I would have not climbed to such a place without very good reason.  I heard something and turned and saw a man trying to climb to the very highest branches.  I called to him the limbs would not hold him but he continued to climb and I started moving away back down the limb I was on.  Then suddenly his limb broke dropping him past me screaming.  I looked down to see the limb was broken and barely holding from the limb it had broken from.  The man was swinging and yelling below me.  I took hold of his limb and pushed it so he could take hold of a limb near him.

        This dream is connected to the one who is the leader of that group mentioned in the last dream.  God is showing me in the dream because this man will not heed the warning that in time he will fall from where he is and someone else will be required to help him.  This is a man who contacted me recently.  He is a Catholic and has been mislead by Catholic dogma.  The really sad thing is he's taking others with him down the wrong path.

Found in Water Fall 6/19/2007
I woke in a building in the woods and it was raining.  A woman was sleeping in a tent outside in the rain.  Something happened.  I saw people walking through the woods searching.  I heard water running.  I began walking around searching.  These people were searching for the woman who was now missing.  I saw something rolled up in this water fall like thing.  There were tree branches in the stream and water fall like thing.  There's someone in the rolled up thing.  I hear someone crying "My baby."  Then I see the face of the young woman and her eye lids are still open but she is dead.
        If I don't miss my guess this is another missing woman.  I dreamed of the 17 year old girl who was abducted from a parking lot then murdered and later found in the stream.  That happened.  I had the age and some other details but no names.  Now here is another one.  I didn't get an age on this one or a name, but someone has been or will soon be murdered.  If the dream is correct she will also be found in a stream.
NOTE: About a week after I had this dream a second woman was found murdered and body was found in a body of water.  In another case that happened near here a woman vanished at Beaver Lake and her body has not yet been found.  They suspect her body is on the bottom of the lake and they suspect it was her boyfriend who murdered her.

Large Airplane with Rocket Engines 8/8/2007
Laura and I were standing on a little hill and in the distance I saw a place like a small city and I heard a loud sound like rocket or jet engines and I looked and saw a very large airplane take off and go vertical into the air.  It had multiple engines on it and as it went into the air I saw the engines were rocket engines on gimbals.

The thing went into the air and rotated around and began to fall.  It was falling toward us and I could see the engines moving trying to keep the thing from crashing.  Then as it came near us and near the ground I saw the right wing engine come near the ground and I told Laura to run for her life!  We ran and then I looked back and saw the right engine hit the ground and explode.  The big airplane crashed and burned but I understood that someone had managed to get out, though I never saw them get out.

Laura and I walked to the crash and then around it looking it over and someone met us there and I began telling them what we had seen.  Then I looked up and there hovering silently above us was another one of those big white airplanes only this one was hovering without the use of engines.

My first thought was "it's white" it "has rocket engines" it "took off straight up" and it's trying to get to something that seems to hover in the sky, like a space station.
        I'm concerned there's something wrong with the space shuttle.  Once again the flight has a teacher on board, the same teacher who was the standby for Christy who died in the first shuttle disaster.
NOTE 8-11-2007: NASA just announced the right wing of the shuttle Endeavor was damaged as a result of being hit by a piece of foam from the external fuel tank
NOTE 8-14-2007: NASA has learned the hole went completely through the tile and is more dangerous than they first thought.  They are considered options to resolve the danger.
I realize I didn't update this and should have but they made it back just fine and like the dream says the people got out of it.

Two Little Dogs 9/5/2007
Someone pushed me on my riding mower backwards into someone else's house.  I saw grass instead of carpet and my mower cut the grass then hit the wall.  I saw a lamp fall to the floor and break and reached over picked it up and put it on a table.  The woman who owned the house was very distraught.

I heard dogs barking and I got off my mower turned around and there two little dogs were barking at an empty chair that fell over in the floor.  I went closer to see.  One of the dogs had very long hair and you could not see its face or eyes and it couldn't see anything, it was blind.

The woman and the man were both watching and I got the impression they lived there.  The dogs were going crazing barking at that chair like as if someone were still in it.  Suddenly I realized who the dogs represented.

I woke up and said "Those are the two people in Strange Happenings Ghost Chatter Sucks who's bashing me for caring about people with mental disorders.  I had to smile because in my dreams there are messages and meanings in the symbols.  These were two very little dogs and one of them was blind.  This means the person represented by the dog is ignorant, not insightful.  It had very long hair and long hair means they have many secrets and problems of their own.  The fact they are very small dogs means they are not important people.  They do not help the forum, and it's clear they chase others away.  The empty chair means "I'm not there anymore."  It means it's time for me to move on.

The riding mower represents a job related project.  Being pushed backwards is like a set-back.  The living room had grass and the mower cut the grass neatly in the process.  It means that something good is being done during this dream event, though it may remain to be seen only by the insightful.  The lamp fell to the floor and broke.  The lamp represents truth within that room.  The room itself represents the forum the event takes place in.  The lady realizes what is happening and she's not happy about it.  She wants to keep the light in that room, and I can't blame her.  The dogs are of course responsible for the light breaking and me leaving the forum.
Why Do My Dreams Use Symbols Like These?
Because sometimes people act like animals rather than people.
I am familiar with swarm and pack mentality among certain kinds of people.  This is also a mental disorder caused by insecurities and things wrong in these people's lives.  The followers choose a pack leader and watch that person as they cruse the forums looking for a target to attack.  If the pack leader attacks a message by someone the others will join in without any thought what they are actually doing.  The pack mentality usually consists of two to five or six people.  As with dogs their attacks are driven by energy of attitude.  Their targets are usually people whose messages threaten their fragile false security.  Meaning simply they hate the truth and love to misunderstand things.  Another reason they love the argument is because they feed upon that negative energy they generate.  Another thing I know from experience is that pack mentality people are rude and when they invade a message or chat area the people who are or would be beneficial to the message area will usually leave.  Bad element moves into the neighborhood, the good people move out and property values drop.