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I was in a bedroom with I think it was Kristy and I heard a voice that was asking "mommy please let me out."  I looked and saw what looked like a piece of luggage moving in a pile of packed bags against a wall.  I got the one that was moving put it on the bed and opened it.  A stuffed rabbit looking thing came out of it as if it were alive and it was speaking.

The thing tried to bite my finger and I told it in no uncertain terms that if it bites me or causes harm to anyone I care about I will tear it's head off.  The odd looking thing moved back from me looking at me and realized I was not kidding.

Same rabbit but this dream had Laura and Kristy in it and the rabbit was giving them information and the girls both bet $20 the rabbit was telling the truth.

I was in another building, or at least a different location also with Kristy and I heard a voice.  I followed the voice to a room that had bunk beds in it and one of them was very high.  There was a Rag Andy like thing walking around in that room and talking, I listened and it was casting a spell upon someone, or trying to.  I upon listening to the spell I recognize it was all evil and this thing was causing some serous trouble among some people.

I became curious and followed it into a bedroom where it climbed up the bunks to the top and a Rag Ann doll rose up and looked down at me.  Both these dolls were about four foot tall and both of them possessed of an evil spirit.  The Rag Ann doll came down to see me and the Rag Andy doll vanished, I didn't know where it went.  The Rag Andy spirit was afraid of me and sent the Rag Ann doll to deal with me.

When she began to speak to cast a spell upon me I grabbed her and bound her with a prayer command.  I said I bound you in the name of Christ with silk threads head to foot.  You can not speak you can not move.  She fought back and began to speak again and I said "You cannot speak you can not move."  In a moment I saw the doll bound completely head to foot so that no trace of what was inside could be seen.  This one laying up the floor I looked up to see where the Rag Andy doll had gone to.

Kristy was making ready to go to collage and she was taking her camera and her horse.  Other kids were there.  Another little girl there said if her daddy had a barn that Kristy could not have it or use it.  I asked what she would say that and the girl said for her horse of course.  I turned to Kristy and I told her "don't worry about her.  Take your camera and your horse."

All of these dreams are no doubt speaking of a connected set of events.  When possessed dolls and stuffed rabbits are speaking and trying to do someone harm you can be sure an evil spirit is at work.

I'm not quick to jump to conclusions and go off chasing evil but when I get messages like these I know there's a spirit up to no good and sometimes someone needs to deal with it and then I may act upon the information I have to find out where that entity is and what to do to bind it and stop it from hurting anyone.

Our children in our dreams are generally symbolic of things we have created.  Things that we care about.  Anyone or all of the websites I have created could be viewed as one of our girls.  That doesn't mean it is but it could be.

Rabbits are symbolic of something that multiplies quickly or the symbol of something that is about to.  Rabbits also hop and so do frogs but frogs are more often symbolic of unclean spirits that hop from one person to another.  This rabbit was a patchwork of different colored cloth and it was trying to bite me.

There are several things that being bitten can symbolize, it is a type of attack and teeth can represent words.  It is a spirit and it can be a spirit acting through someone else.  This one has my attention and my warning that if it does anything to hurt anyone I care about I will rip its head off.  There's no question there are people out there in the world who I have exposed and warned others about and those people hate me and speak bad about me at every opportunity.  There are so many who's spirit I know but do not know their names that it could be anyone, if that's what the dream is speaking about.  Some of them I know by name but most of them I don't.

Why in the world my girls would bet $20 the rabbit was telling the truth I have no idea.  The rabbit isn't even alive.  Sometimes to find the answers we need to look at the other dreams from the same night that seem to be connected.

The rabbit was a mass of stitched up rags.  The Rag Andy and Rag Ann dolls are also made up of sewn together cloth.  Rag Andy has been public, running his mouth and putting curses on people, enough so that he has managed to get my attention at least in spirit.  Following him might tell me something about him.  Him seeing that I was aware of him causes him to climb as high as he can get in that bedroom and send is sister out to distract me while he makes an escape.  When she tries to cast a spell on me I bind her mouth and motion to put a stop to her.  As crazy as it may sound it is fully possible for a person's spirit to bind an evil spirit while in their dreams and night visions.  The one that concerns me now is where did the Rag Andy doll go?  He went up as high as he could get away from me and that means he moved to a higher level in some aspect of the dream event.  It is clear enough he and his sister are / were trying to stop me from preventing them from casting their spells.

A simple example perhaps might be to say that I was at least partly responsible for exposing a so called demonologist / preacher who claims demons can come through someone's TV set into their home.  I was trying to help them when I told them they can't do that but they are attracted to paranoid people.  In an effort to sway his group he told them I was sending demons after him and his friends.  I can tell you where the evil really is and it's not with me.  Anyone who feeds into a paranoia isn't helping anyone and therefore that person or those who do that are acting in an evil way.  That makes me their enemy and they want me to shut up.  Evil spirits act through unenlightened people.  When someone knows the truth about them and how they work they want to demonize that person as quickly as they can to keep the following of believers they have.

Kristy going to collage is symbolic of a higher level of learning.  Take your horse (power/authority) and your camera (records) with you.  Watch for something to happen that is a higher level of lesson.  Me jumping into the river with my cell phone on was stupid and a lesson in itself.  The girl saying if her dad had a barn she wouldn't let Kristy use it is kinda insignificant.  How does it affect anyone if you don't have access to the thing you want to prevent someone else from using?

What is a barn?  A place to store things, including the horse (power).  Knowledge is power and therefore knowledge can be the horse especially since the horse was not seen but only referred to in the dream.

        Demons Outside 10/26/2011

I was in what appeared to be the house I grew up in.  Someone else was with me but I can't tell you who it was.  It was like some friend of mine but other than that I have no name.  It was a man.

It was dark and I looked outside to see something laying on the ground, as I looked closer I could see what looked like the head of a HUGE alligator.  It had a wide ridge over its head however and the eyes were different.  Seeing me it began to move from under its cover and I saw it was at least 20 feet long.  I think my friend and I both said "what the hell is that" about the same time.

We watched as this thing stood up towering more than 10 feet high and looked like something left over from the prehistoric age.  When it got to the house it began beating on the walls and windows trying to get inside.  My friend and I moved back across the room and I said "It's big ugly thing isn't it?"

My friend was concerned but I said "Don't worry it can't get in here."  Then I said something like "I should go out and deal with it."  My friend said "Are you crazy, can't you see how big that thing is?"  And I said "They always appear bigger and meaner than they actually are." At this point it was clear I knew the thing was a demon.

Finally the thing gave up and moved off into the darkness as daylight approached.  Not seeing anything we went out into the back yard and looked around.  As I looked in the direction I had last seen the monster I turned looking east to see a massive ape looking thing watching us.  It made some threatening sounds and I said "bring it on."  It ran toward me and I kicked it in the chest stopping it cold, it's head flew off and rolled down the slope.  "That's what I thought."  I said.

When demons are near watching me I have dreams similar to this that warn me of them.  This is a warning dream.  It took place at the house where I grew up and that makes it personal to me.

        The Circus Demons 10/27/2011
I was an a massive inside festival that had people doing the party thing like that thing they do in New Orleans every year.  My friends and I were not part of it but we were walking through what looked like a massive mall looking at everything and everyone.  I said something to those who were with me that something was missing from this event, something was wrong.

We walked awhile then I saw something and took out my video camera and turned it on.  The next thing I knew someone jerked me to the floor and was dragging me toward a pile of tables and junk they had encircled me with to trap me.  I lay the camera on the floor seeing I was tied hand and food and strange looking insane people were tugging on the multicolored ropes they had tied me with.  I thought this is party plastic rope and it's not very strong.  It's for decorations not for tying someone up.

I looked out thorough the holes in the structure they had made to trap me and saw what appeared to be 3 adults and they all looked completely insane.  The craziest one of the bunch began yelling orders to the others and the ones that had been holding the ropes tied to my wrists turned loose.  The moment they did I reached over with my left hand and quickly untied all but one of the ropes they had on my right hand.  The one around my middle finger had a larger knot in it and I reached into my pocket for my knife and as I did one of them outside reached through a hole and tried to reach into that same pocket to see what I was reaching for.  I told him you better get your hand out of there unless you want to lose it and he stopped reaching and looked at me.

I looked around and said "a little help here would be nice."  Not one of my friends were in sight.  I looked back at the ones holding the ropes tied to my legs and said "when I get loose from here you are in a lot of trouble."

This dream also a warning dream and it's connected to the demon dream from the previous night.  Likely these are people who are inspired by the demons to try to bind me so I can't bind any more of them and send them where the sun or Son does not shine.

I follow the rules of the war, I never attack a demon unless God sends me or someone asks me for help.  I'm not like those who go after trouble for the fun of it.  I guess that's why my success rate is as high as it is now.

        The Crab 10/28/2011
With the previous two night visions in mind I ask God what is the nature of those who tried to bind me on the previous night.

I'm in a house with huge aquariums along the center of one room and there's a crab in every one of them and what might have been a starfish under something in the biggest tank.  It had tentacles like a starfish but it hid under something like that massive alligator had in the demon dream 3 days previous.

Seeing a small crab on the floor I reached down behind it to pick it up so it couldn't pinch me.  I was shocked to see a pincher come right out of this crabs ass and grab my hand.  The next thing I knew it had manifested about 6 or 7 pinchers out of different parts of its body and all of them were pinching onto my right hand.  At first I was afraid I would hurt the crab by pulling them loose but in a moment I realized I didn't really care about the crab that much and I jerked the crab loose.  All the pinchers and arms were still attached to my right hand and the crab was on the floor now with only its large right pincher.  I pulled the remaining pinchers off and tossed them on the floor.  I looked at the pathetic looking animal in the floor and shook my head.  What a hateful pathetic animal.

I walked around the room and found a young man holding another crab about the same size in his hands.  He said "I've got a tame one."  And I said "there's no such thing as a tame crab.  They are what they are."

This dream was the answer to my prayer showing me the nature of the person who tried to put a binding spell on me.  With the exception of the one the man was holding in his hand and the one on the floor all the others were confined in tanks.  Meaning the one on the floor represents the person who's trying to cast a binding spell on me and as the dream reveals I pulled all the arms off this thing but one and removed all the pinchers from my right hand.

Those things never work on me for very long because I know how they work and how to remove them, usually before I wake I have them solved.

They say that if you are doing God's work then you will make enemies in the spirit world and in the physical world.  If you are not being attacked now and then by these misguided spirits and people then you are not doing God's work.  This is factual.

Doing God's work here involves helping others with spiritual problems.  Binding demons / sub-demons and sending them into the darkness is part of that work.  You can't do it without pissing off the enemy.  Demons are not afraid of preachers in churches, they pose no real threat to the dark lords.  Evangelists, people like me and teachers who teach others how to deal with these spirits are a threat to them and they never cease to let us know it.

Hidden Government Project 9/12/2014
I was driving along a narrow road through the forest when I realized I was in a place I had been before in night visions but I was coming in from the back side this time instead of the front.  I saw men in yellow work cloths and helmets.  I parked got out and approached to see what they were doing.  They were doing a huge clean up on this place.  It was once a massive trash dump hidden deep in the country off of a country road and it was blocked off to the public.  It had been filled with electronics and hardware of all kinds mostly military.

I walked up to a man and he said "get your work cloths and helmet on and don't forget your computer chip.  He pointed so I went without saying a word.  He thought I worked there.  I went past him to another man and picked up the items he had mentioned while another man gave me what looked like an SD chip which I tucked into my pocket.

Not having a clue what to do I began walking around and asked a man who's in charge and a man said Jake Barns is in charge.  I looked down a path and saw an odd looking work robot moving slowly along a path.  Much of the stuff had already been moved to a train.  It was then I realized the train tracks were brand new.

I began walking among the items there and smelled something like paint thinner and saw some men removing markings from some of the metal pieces including metal bins that may have been used to transport things in.  Enough of the markings were gone that I couldn't read the message on them.

I turned going back another path and met a man who seemed to be in charge and asked him if he was Jake and he said that he was.  He had a very serious expression and it was clear he had no time for me so I walked past him into another area to find a young woman also dressed as I was in work cloths but the expression on her face was of shock and surprise.  I told her to relax that I understood that she didn't belong there anymore than I did.  I pulled out my cell phone and was about to take a picture of something when I realized it wasn't my phone and I couldn't find the picture icon on it.  It was larger than my pone and it was on but I couldn't figure how to run it.

The girl moved near me and I told her we were both viewpoint with people who were working there and that some kind of huge government cover up was under way.  Since I couldn't take a picture I said "Remember everything you can about this place.  Soon as you return to your own body write it all down."

I've been to this place many times in other night visions but was usually alone and came through the front around the boulders and keep out signs.  It was full of electronics and military related things literally acres of it hidden on a hill in a forest off of a country road.  Further toward the back closer to the trees were other things, newer things.  There were paths between the items so that a vehicle or people might move between the rows of junk.

On this trip everything had changed and it was cleanup day.  There were two odd looking robots that moved in a way that is difficult to describe in words.  The new R/R track came in from the woods and dead ended near the front gate where the rocks were piled to keep people out.  The train came in from the woods and went out the same way.

Certainly it was a clean-up effort I was observing.  Perhaps a hiding of the items that were dumped there.

Turtle with 13 Heads
I was in the living room of a house that seemed like the house I grew up in and there was someone with me but now I forget who it was.  I saw a land terrapin crawling across the floor as if to find a hiding place and I picked it up to see it had two heads and three tails.  As I watched the back of the turtle moved out and a row of seven heads appeared.  I put the turtle down quickly realizing it could bite someone from any direction.  Then the back of the turtle moved again and 2 more heads appeared, a moment later it moved again and 2 more appeared leaving 11 hidden heads coming out the back of its shell.  Now this turtle had 13 heads, 2 in front and 11 in back and 3 tails.

It's a spiritual message perhaps prophetic.   The last dreams I had that had giant snapping turtles in them was just before the second gulf war.  The ones before that was just before the first gulf war.  One of those turtles represented Sadam Hussain.

This one however was a common sized land turtle.  It seems it represents something that has 2 representatives with 3 tails but two of the tails were folded tight almost hidden from view until I picked it up and saw them.  The tails are stories and only one story is clearly evident while the other two are held tightly like secrets.  This turtle has at least two secrets it's keeping hidden at that point.  Then we see the others come out the back and that means the same thing secret but it also means there are 11 other people involved in whatever this turtle represents.  It's likely this turtle represents something government related but I can't be certain since I saw nothing to indicate that specifically.  Then again I didn't see anything to indicate military or government when I saw the huge snapping turtles in the lake either but I figured that out not long after who it was speaking about world leaders thanks to the water and the boat sheds on the water.

You might say this turtle represents an organization that has two people who represent and lead it while having 11 others involved who act with hidden intent.  The one tail represents what the people see and the other two represent what the organization hides from the public, which is the truth about its own nature.

Island Habitat 9/27/2014
I came to this small island on a submarine but for the life of me can't recall seeing it yet.  I found myself inside this island in a manmade cave of either red granite or red marble.  As I walked around more and more areas opened up almost like magic from hallways to rooms and steps leading up to an area that had a lot of rooms.  As I walked around things happened as if by magic and I said "It's my robot."  And I said we need access areas to run the electric and plumbing and suddenly these new tunnels began to appear under and around the living quarters and rooms.

While this was happening I turned around and I could see the deep cave like channel in the water running East and West through the mountain and I realized that's where the submarine was parked.  Then I saw two friends Kevin and Holly came in from the West and saw me, we talked and I began walking North across a bridge into another area where I saw some fish trapped in pools and realized they had come in with the tide and couldn't get out.  The area was a natural fish trap.

I woke went back to sleep and the dream continued right from where it had left off and here came Billy Dale and some other guy and Billy was surprised but happy to see me.  We talked for a moment and the dream ended then began again at that same point but Billy, Kevin and Holly and the other guy were gone now.  I walked to the North passage then turned East to see a long large hallway leading East with rooms off the sides without doors.  I walked until I came to a pile of things that included guns, fishing poles sleeping bags and boxes of things that must have been canned goods.  When I turned around a man was coming through a North doorway and I saw he had his family and a boat was parked outside.

The man entered with an arm load of things and asked who I was and I said "This place is mine, I'm building it."  The man said he and his family needed shelter and I said "this place is fine for you make yourself at home."  They went about their business moving things into the cave and I turned around and started back the way I had come.

I woke and went to sleep and it continued right where it left off but now I was beside the next room back there was a woman and a young man and a bed and things in that area now.  I went over and sat upon the bed and the woman seemed to know this was my place, I had built it.  She said "My ship seems to have come in."  And I said "Yes looks like it.  God said he would bless people through me.  Please make yourself at home."

I've had more night visions about hidden underground locations than I can keep track of.  I've been having these kinds of dreams for many years and some of them were clearly put there by the angels.  These are secret places where people will hide from the forces of the evil beast.  This place is brand new and it's an island or at least appears to be.  The submarine represents a hidden method to get to that location as it comes and goes while completely underwater.

Rocket Powered Torpedo 9/27/2014
Now I was standing in what first appeared to be my own backyard where I grew up but as I looked around I saw it wasn't the same but similar.  The yard was flooded about knee deep in water, there was a woman standing on her back porch and she had some teenage kids with her when suddenly I saw something ripping through the water from the East toward the West and I told everyone get back it's a torpedo.  This thing whizzed between us hit something in the yard that looked like a storm shelter door and stopped.  We expected an explosion but there was none so I approached and this thing was about 5-6' long.  I literally picked it up brought it to the porch lay it on the porch and began looking it over.  Then I said "If this thing has explosives in it we may be able to use it."  The woman said "You shouldn't, what if it explodes?"  I saw it had grown to the size of a real torpedo it had a tip on it like a missile with a lens and camera inside.  I told her I thought I could get it apart without it blowing up.

It's a rocket like thing in the water (world) and it's in a backyard which means semi-private.  It's a secret thing of sorts that's being mentioned here but I'm not fully clear on the meaning of the night vision.

Tent Meeting 9/27/2014
This was in the lady's back yard from the previous dream and there was a small group of people seated on folding chairs under this tent and some of us outside the tent.  I sat outside the tent in a row with others who seemed to be interested in this message and what was going on under the tent but we were not the same as those under the tent so we sat outside.

Now the preacher was a very old man and seemed spirit filled and very evangelical.  He became interested in us outside the tent and he walked as he preached and circled us.  Then he came to me and I sat on the North end of that row and he said "Are you a witness?"  And I said "I am a guardian."  As I said this the man fell to his knees.  "I had heard of the guardians but I've never met one that I know of until now.  What can you tell me?"   And I said "Guardians have secrets."  The man nodded and said "Much trouble is soon to come."  And I said "Yes I know."
This is a prophetic message and it seems it has something to do with that last segment of the rocket powered torpedo because it's in the same back yard.

I know it's important and for God's people because there's a tent evangelist involved and that means spirit filled Christians.  Those under the tent are clearly part of the regular tent following.  Those of us outside the tent are part of the following but we are not like those inside the following, we are not obvious like those who are in tent.

The entire thing is in that backyard and it means those involved are being kept a secret and keeping a secret.

The tent preacher realizes they are not alone but there are those like myself who are Christians who are not counted among those under the tent.  The evangelist is curious thinking I am a witness and when I answer he sees I am a guardian and he falls to his knees beside my chair.  He's heard of us but never met one of us to his knowledge until now.  He wants to know what I know and all I say is "Guardians have secrets."

Each chosen person has a selected job and among those there are some who are not mentioned as such in biblical text because it wasn't the right time.  Watchers are mentioned and those were considered angels but not all of them are, some of them are alien beings who belong to God and have not forsaken their contract with the Creator.  Witnesses are not the Jehovah's Witnesses they are people who watch, observe and who's information is given to the Father for the purpose of decisions and the Judgment.  The Guardians are those who command powerful angels for the purpose of protecting God's people, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and they pray on a dally bases for their angels to protect such things and to expose the guilty and hold them accountable.  Many of these people have no clue who they are but they act by instinct acording to the direction of the Holy Spirit within.