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I read your dream about Steve Irwin and I got one of those tingly all over feelings that lets me know spirit is speaking to me about a universal truth. So, first I suppose I should translate that to say "True, this interpretation of yours."

Steve Irwin did some amazing things in his life. But more than hopping on crocs like a crazy man, he exemplified courage every day. Not just courage, but an incredible sense of humor over tackling life (metaphor?) and helping people to take care of themselves. He also gave the most touching example of a man who loves his wife and child, and that sort of example is dangerous to the negative energy we often call the opposition.

I mean, what would happen to this world if we took a leaf out of Steve's book and stopped living in fear, and loved and lived every day like it was our last. He never spared an opportunity to say thank you to the people around him, or to say thanks to God for his wife, baby, and life, and job.

Spirits so valiant who set examples on international television rarely live long because the opposition lives to bring people like that down.

I think the sanskrit on his forehead came through visible to you because you're with the spirit in trying to discern higher truths, Bryon. A writing more ancient than all the rest. That speaks of "the time before all that is became what has passed already." If that makes sense.

Which means to me that the message you were getting was one that was "set in stone" before we even came into our modern existence here. I think it was a direct message to you from Steve to keep on.

A lot of people would say "He dreams about famous people. That's sort of delusional."

But a lot of people are not in tune with the spirit.

You knew him in the pre-existence. And he knows you now. Through a brotherhood of spirit, and your desire to seek a higher path, he was able to contact you through your dreams.

It is no surprise that he came to you now, of all times, because you are doubting yourself, living a little in the fear of what will I do if I fail. Just his face in a dream should be a "Don't give up. You can do it. I'm the courage behind your back. Go for it."
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