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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
If you send an Email to us be sure to include "Bryon Smith" in the message so our filters won't delete it as junk mail.  Also include the word "dream" in the subject line so I know which site you are looking at.

The Dream Link Update
Helping people understand their dreams.
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This site is being updated a little bit now and then.  I've moved the dream-link.org site to the GoDaddy servers and away from Webmasters.com.  Some of the other websites that were within it were moved to their own domains on GoDaddy.  This site however remains where it always has been within Dream-Link.org.  Please check the date at the top left and check the page links to see if new information is available.

At this point I must say I believe I've found the reason why so many people have been having such strange and horrifying dreams, night visions and nightmares.  People literally world wide have been having dreams that don't seem to be related to anything in their own lives.  They seem to be prophetic in nature speaking of a horrific extinction level world event.  If this is the case they are all prophetic in nature and people need to take the warning serious.  As such I've posted a 2012 page on this site where I'm putting dreams and information to share my findings.

Audio files on most of  these pages should work now.  - Thank you.

While this website does deal with normal symbolic dreams it also contains prophetic dreams having messages for every human being alive today and those who will follow.  One of the latest and most important of these is on the bottom of example's page 9.
I have tried several times to build a complete Dream-Link website for our visitors here.  Each time I've begun this project something has happened that has prevented me from finishing the job.  Sometimes the software I was using to build the site with was not up to the task.  Sometimes other jobs interfered and caused everything on this area of the website to be placed on hold.

When I started the first Dream-Link website I was using Front Page and realized it just wasn't going to make a nice fully functional website for my project.  Then I bought another software package called "Web Studio" and it was a click and drag program.  It had some powerful features but right in the middle of getting started the software developers sold the software to other developers who changed the name and bumped the price up to around $1000.00.  It still didn't do much more than it did originally and it was more oriented for kid's websites than for a business webmaster.

I once again returned to Front Page and began to work on the site despite my displeasure with the looks and functionality of the site.  I had a hard time keeping a mental track while working on a site I knew I wouldn't like when it was finished.  It ended up here on the web but it never was finished.

Web Engine Would Not Work On My i7 Windows 7 computer.
Now I'm using Site Spinner Pro by Virtual Mechanics.  This is the most powerful most serious business oriented software that I've ever used.  If I can't finish this website now then I'll have to find something else to blame!  IMS Site Spinner Pro is very powerful and easy to use.  I can update anything on a page minor or major and update it on the site with the click of one button.

I do have other jobs pending and I was a special guest speaker at a paranormal event called "The Universal Passing Over" in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 28th 2006.  I will do what I can to finish this website this time, but I can't make any promises that I'll get it done quickly.

New pages have been added.  Some symbols have been added.  New audio files have been added so that a visitor can listen to the page in MP3 rather than read it themselves.  Please understand that while this is very convenient now and then pages will be updated in text when the audio file is not updated with them.  So listen and read along on the page if you like to know if you are hearing the updated version or not.  Look for a text box that says "Listen to the Page" and click on it to hear the page using your media player.

Dream-Link Group
I've regained control of my Dream-Link Yahoo E-mail dream research group.  It is not listed on Yahoo for some reason if you search for it but it is accessible from this page.  Once you get in there and are a member you can bookmark it or use a link from any of the messages you receive from there to get into it.  NOTE: This is a membership type group.  In the past the original group ran on an open BBS message base and after while we gained enough rude people that we were required to ban a few of them.  As long as people are nice to each other in the messages we let them share their thoughts on dreams of all kinds.
Dream-Link (at) swbell.net
There are people out there on the net who are much better at this than I am and this is a link to one of those sites.