ARMA 3 Missions

I have a few missions for ARMA 3 you can have and there's no if's ands or butts about it, you can have them all including the code to edit them with.

Missions goes into your documents/ARMA3/missions folder.
You can then run the game go into the editor and edit the missions.  You can see how I made them and change them to suit yourself.

The PBO files can go into your missions or MPmissions folders in your Steam/ARMA3/game directory.  These are ready to play providing you have the adon's to make them work.

If you get an error press space bar to see if it will go ahead and run.  If it kicks you back then you must get an addon to make it work.

I have merged ARMA2 with ARMA3 files and it says CBA 2 error but if you add the thing it asks for the game won't run at all, so there's going to be some errors you must find a way around in order to make it work.  Naturally any missions that use 3 party addons will require those to work.  Anything that doesn't require an addon should run providing you have the last update from BI.  Or at least the update I had when I made these which is 0.61.10 something I forget.

When they upgrade from that to later versions these missions may very well stop working.  When I get them fixed I'll reupload them but I only work on this game once a week as usual.

MPissions PBO

Since the release of Arma 3 Beta every time they change anything and that's like every day to every other day nothing in home made missions will work without being reedited.

They are also making changes to the map itself and anything connected to a static object must be reconnected to that object to make the mission work right.

They have changed the names of guns, vehicles and other things that are in the game making the game think the items are no longer there and the missions will not load to let you edit them.  If you can open the script in Notepad and remove the items that cause the error and save it back out sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm not going to upload any more ARMA 3 missions until they find some stable point where the missions I make will remain functional.
Armaholic Warning!
ARMA 3 still the best game out there!

At first I was against the idea of Steam having control over everything in my game.  I thought it was a bad idea but they have proven me wrong and I've changed my mind about a few things since I got ARMA 3 and began using Steam.

First of all it was buggy and if something with Steam doesn't work neither does the game.  Meaning the game depends on multiple software companies and more than double's the odds that something is going to fail.  Since it came online though they have worked through the problems making it more dependable and useful and for that I am happy.

Steam keeps your game and addons up to date for you and most of the time that's a good thing.  You can read what I wrote on the ARMA 3 page about the latest malfunctions.  Technically it's not their fault, it was someone else's.

In the past I've posted the editing files so anyone can see how I made the missions and change them to suit themselves.  Since it's easier just to post the PBO files that's what I will be doing from now on.  Besides anyone who knows how to use a simple PBO manager can unpack those files and edit them anyway.  Viewing other PBO files is the best way I've found to learn new techniques.  The commands listed on the Bohemia page are not explained well and most of them will not work as they are shown, some of those are simple commands for calling scripts and such but they do not work the way they are shown.  Sad that such smart programmers can't do better than they have to explain how to use the commands.

Latest missions are on my download page.