Mac Vs PC

It's the age old battle of the OS, hardware and software dependability.

Ever wonder why most professionals who do certain kinds of jobs, oh let's say the news, movie and TV business always use Macintosh computers?  There's a very good reason for it.  Because Macs are designed without certain CPU structural flaws that PCs have had since their inception.

The PC has a 640k memory page limit where it accesses it's programs from.  Programs must be written in segments that can flip pages into this RAM area in order to work.  Sometimes these programs and computers can just get "flipped out" while flipping pages.

The Mac is based on a structure that allows it to read and run programs from anywhere in RAM without flipping them.  As such it's a much faster more efficient system than a PC.

If you want or need the power and speed the Mac is the way to go.

Do Macs have problems?  Of course they do and when they do, won't run, won't start or reboot it makes no difference what computer you have you're in trouble.

I bought an iMac for my video and audio editing work.  I had nothing but problems trying to get the software to run on it for more than a month after I bought it.  The owner of the shop where I bought the iMac and the Final Cut Studio 2 said she was very sorry I was having so much trouble with it they said they had never seen someone having so much trouble with a new Mac.

I would just get one thing fixed and something else would go wrong.  I had problems with the DVD burner drive so I returned it to the shop where they swapped it out for a new one.  I got home thinking all is well with the iMac only to find the very next day it did the very same thing again!  The shop was tired of talking to me so I called the company service help line.  I spent hours on the phone with some of their techs and finally after installing a tech program to diagnose the problem they figured out what was going wrong.  It's amazing how one little program can totally trash a computer of any kind!

It makes no difference if it's a Mac or a PC one little piece of bad code in a program can totally shut the thing down costing you hours or days of work.

In the end I was having problems importing video from a camera to the Final Cut program.  I called service once last time and in a few minutes we learned that I had my firewire cable plugged in through an external firewire port in the back of an external hard drive.  The man told me to move it to the back of the computer, I did and the problem was solved.

Now and then the computer either won't shut off or won't come on requiring me to unplug it, plug it back in again and turn it on again.  This usually works sometimes it takes 3 tries.

In the long run what kind of computer you buy depends on your needs and preferences.

No Macs do not get viruses and Trojans as bad simply because most hackers are using the PCs rather than the Macs.