My recommendations for GPS software!

DeLorme GPS software is easy to use and while it's not perfectly accurate in some places it is far more accurate than the Magellan Map Send software.  It has more features and is much easier to use.  It does not require you to have the computer disk in order to run the software.  This software has tools, the user can draw in their own routable roads, highways and user features.  Their product, service and their website are far above that of Magellan.

I hope to post more on this later as I get time.
Please notice the DeLorme GPS map shows the Lee Creek on their 2006 map.  Sorry I forgot to put the Poteau on here. Will try to get that later.

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Arkansas River East of Lock and Dam 13.
Please notice the greater detail on this map than what we see on the MapSend software.

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Also understand the more you zoom in on this map using the DeLorme software the more detail is shown.  I added the flags marking the long sand bar myself using this software.

The DeLorme sales person will tell you their new 2007 map will work with Magellan Meridian Gold but it will not.  Before I would buy the DeLorme 2007 software I asked them several times if it would work with the Meridian Gold GPS and they said that it would.  When I sent them a message asking them how to make it work they refused to respond to my message.  They had my money and that's all they were concerned about.