Kingdoms of Camelot

My Story Of A Game Gone Wrong!
A form of
Crystal Meth in an online game!
At the end I'll tell you a little secret big business doesn't want you to know.

This game is a kind of mental drug that some people get hooked on.  Everyone has their addictions and  this is one of mine.  My name is Bryon, I'm a KoC junky.  The farm games are a gateway drug that many get addicted to.  Some of those force you to be on line at least once per day or your crops die.  Think that's bad you have not seen anything yet because here come the FB online battle games!

Some have given too many days of our lives to this game we've tried to quit but we keep coming back.  I've allowed this game to steal weeks and months of my life not to mention $70.  I've allowed it to steal my work that others depend on me to do.

Unlike games you can buy, bring home, and play on your PC or TV when you want, this game requires you to spend days, weeks, and even months building troops that must be fed and maintained every day.  I run 2 computers 24/7 just to keep my troops from starving.  If you have children or pets you know they need attention every day and there's things you just can't do if it takes anything away from them.  This game is like that but it requires even more attention than a child or pet with the exception of a baby.

Having had as many as 5 dogs and two cats at one time pawned off on us by our kids - feeding them and cleaning up after them is an every day thing.  I would say, "If we can just get rid of one more animal our lives would be better."  We managed to give two dogs away and finally got one of our daughters to come get one of her dogs and take it with her.  One cat died and now we have 2 dogs and one cat and still can't go far from the house for any length of time because of them.

Before KoC my mind was on my jobs 80-90% of the time and the quality of my work was very good.  Now my mind is on KoC.  I go to bed at night wondering what's going on in KoC and what to do about it.  I get up the next day and there's no way I can get my mind on my jobs.  Got up this morning and found out both me and my wife's main cities were destroyed by enemy who literally ported in on us and attacked so close that our friends could not reinforce us.  Went from over 7.5 mill might down to 4.5 mill might.  Might be a good day to quit this stupid game.

My work is of a creative nature.  I shoot and edit video productions.  I write novels and I run about a dozen websites.  If my mind is not on the job, the jobs do not get done and the work I do on them suffers.

I started a TV show that should have been done a year ago.  I'm in the climax of a novel that should have been finished last year.  I've got websites that have not been updated since last year.  People I used to help via Email wonder what became of me.

Being "wired" like a creative person I'm hyper sensitive to certain things.  Sometimes even little things make me sick and derail my mental state away from the important things.  KoC has an attack alarm that sounds like a siren and the red flags appear on your cities when you are attacked.  I hear anything that remotely sounds like the KoC attack alarm and I instantly tense up and get sick at my stomach.  I see anything red appear on my TV or computer screen and the same thing happens.  Let's admit it, KoC is affecting my health in a bad way.

Being the kind of person who's spent a lot of time helping others every time I would leave I felt as though I was abandoning someone who needed me.  Here come the guilt complex problems and back I would go.

Like any junky I've got to find a place where I can leave the game and reclaim my life without serous complications.  Find some way to get free of it and have closure.  The smart ones never begin playing a game like this.  Others are smart enough to quit.  Don't make the mistake I made and let something like this steal your life.
I've met all kinds of people in this game ranging from the KoC developers who are pimps and drug/game pushers who make their living making things that steal other people's lives and money.  I've said, "There's got to be a very hot place below for people who spend their time making things to destroy other people's lives."  They should be finding a new job developing things that help people.  In an ideal society things like this game would not exist.

I've met a psycho "BountyHunter" who threatens people's lives if  they attack his cities.  So we say "HEY it's just a game!"  But he wants to track them down and kill them.  Being reported to KoC, they said he was banned.  He was not banned but went out and started even more logon's for himself in the same domain.  How he was able to do that is beyond me because at that time even new people were not being allowed into that domain.  But KoC staff lied about banning and then gave him new logons to get into the domain.  So KoC staff are not only pushers, they are also liars who support people involved in terroristic threatening.  If there was a law against it these people would be in jail now instead of pushing their game at unsuspecting FB users.

It seems that when a company or person has something to sell you, it's likely they are also willing to lie to you in order to get your money.

For one entire year I helped shoot and edit The Great Outdoors with Barry Benton.  Hunting, fishing, trapping - we did it all.  I was gone from home 50% of the time sometimes for a week or two at a time. I saw how these shows were produced.  How sponsors and people were manipulated for the sake of the show and how the viewing public was lied to continually.  If a sponsor produced a fishing lure you better show people how that's the best lure on the market even if you have to pull a fish out of your live tank and hook it up and pretend you caught it on that lure!  I know because I saw them do that on multiple occasions.

People like the bounty hunter are paying customers who are more hooked on the game than I am.  I paid $70 for gems once because I wanted to help my alliance fend off a bully alliance who was attacking us.  When I realized what was happening and that KoC was like a drug I swore I would never spend another dollar on it, and I haven't.  I've spent less money on PC and Wii games that are far better than KoC and don't require babysitting to use them.

The deal is this, KoC makes big bucks from advertisers on Face Book.  They don't need people to pay them for gems but since they had a money making idea why not fleece the people for all they can?  There's no law that says you can't  give your money to anyone you want, right?

KoC domains are full of alliances run by bullies who have every excuse for being jerks.  I've watched them pat each other on the back and brag about some poor bloke they beat into the dirt over and over again with him begging them to leave him alone and let him build his cities.  I've heard them say they are nice people if you just get to know them.  Yeah, right.  I saw actress Hillary Duff when asked if she considered herself a good person she asked her mom!  "Sure you are, honey."  Hillary Duff is a jerk whose real nature you don't get to see on the screen or the stage.  When in doubt she can always ask her mom if she's a good person or not.  Why? Because she's the product her mother and Hollywood turned her into and she just does not know any better.  These bullies and jerks in KoC are the same way, they just don't know any better.

So here we are, our alliance at war with another alliance and we did nothing to start that war.  Then another much more powerful alliance joins in and helps the other alliance beat our alliance into the dirt.  When I tried to get the more powerful alliance to hold off and let us sort this out the answer was, "Do you remember when you guys attacked us last year? Well, this is payback."  I said, "Yes I do, and do you remember that I was one of those who voted against that war?"  My pleas for a solution had zero effect.  In the end I had no choice but to leave the alliance I had been with the longest and finally left that KoC domain.

What I didn't tell them was I nearly quit the alliance I was in over that because the odds were quite bad.  Our alliance at that time was more powerful than theirs.  I don't recall what started it but I do remember our leader at that time was intent on teaching someone a lesson.  Being from the school of what goes around comes around I voted NO on the war and the majority of our people agreed.  That ended the week long war.  Just wait until you get into a war that never ends!

I play in two domains so I've seen all kinds of crazy things.  I know a game when I see one and I know abuse when I see it.  I know nice people and I know what a jerk acts like and KoC has a LOT of jerks.  I recall being in one alliance where our fearless leader was constantly throwing his alliance under the train so to speak.  He loved to pick fights with alliances several times our might and we were constantly being beaten into the dirt and left with nothing and then kept that way as we were farmed every day several times a day.  We were just recovering from one of those battles when he did it again and this time our people left him like rats leaving a sinking ship.  Most of us ran to the new #1 alliance at that time and within short order we soon learned they were the biggest bullies out there.  I asked them why they didn't have a friendly and hostile list and they said, "We don't have to, we are #1 and we can attack anyone we want."  OOOOoooooooK!  All righty then!  And they did.  And the guy who formed that alliance realized he had no control over it and he left and I went with him.  Neither of us wanted to be part of something so sinister.  When people take the game that serious it's not a game anymore and it's not fun.

So in this other war I was describing the chancellor was asking us to join them while they were beating the crap out of us.  No we don't want to be part of an alliance who does what you guys are doing here.  If I had been with them then I would have quit and gone somewhere else just like I did with that other bully alliance full of jerks.

We left them and formed a new alliance, had about 4 members in it, and guess what!  That big alliance beat us 4 into the dirt and did their very best to make us leave the game.  That's a grudge war and it usually doesn't end until someone leaves.  This was a LARGE powerful alliance of bullies pounding an alliance of 4 members.

My chancellor said, "You get out of here and go to that alliance there," and I went.  He left his new alliance and went somewhere else too for protection and we began to rebuild.  By now I was ready to quit but he had built several  #1 alliances in the past; if anyone could do it he could.  The moment he got back on his feet he began warring with the leaders of that former alliance he created and lost control of.  This went on for a long time and one by one they began to fall.  Then he jumped back to the new alliance he had created and in no time had a large number of active players including myself return.  The alliance full of jerks and bullies began to fall one by one until they fell completely from "grace" into the bottom numbers of the alliance listings.  This proves what goes around comes around.  He, being a good leader, did not pick on small alliances for grudge.  He never asked us to do anything he wasn't ready to lead us in.  I consider him a good, kind, and fair leader as well as very skilled in the game.
In closing I'll say I'm a KoC junky and I want to be free of this addiction for good.  I'm still playing and watching for the opportunity to get free of it.  Right now I'm just trying to manage my addiction.  Trying to find a place where I don't have to give up entire days to a thing that is stealing my life, hours and days at a time.

KoC wants us to invite our friends to the game but no friend would ever invite you or anyone else into this game.  It would be like your "friend" inviting you to try some kind of dangerous drug.  Don't do it.  Friends don't do this to friends.  People are leaving this game in masses and good for them!  KoC is constantly giving the paying customers the advantage leaving the rest of us at their mercy.  KoC does not care about non paying customers.  They want people hooked on the game and paying.  They want your life, your soul, and your credit card!

Stay away from this and any game like this if you want to keep what belongs to you.

The Secret!

The secret I said I would tell you is this.  Big corporations want to own as much of our lives as they can. You will find their ads and apps all over the place.  They want to own you from your TV set, your computer and your phone.  Now they even want to own you in your car while driving by putting all their "oh so useful apps" into everything you own.

Oh yes it would have been GREAT if my wife's car could have Emailed or spoken to her to tell her it was sick, before it died and left her stranded on the highway an hour from home, costing her an engine.  Over $2000 worth for a good used engine.

They want to know where you are, where you go and when any hour of the day or night and the new phone systems with GPS allows them to do that.  Sure it's GREAT to be able to get directions to somewhere you want to go but what you may not realize is if you can read that info from your phone someone else can read it without you being aware of it.  It's fine there's some safety features that can save a life built into that system but there are those who can use the GPS in your phone for other purposes.  You know that law enforcement can access that feature of your phone and can not only turn your sound and camera on in the phone without your knowledge they can follow your trail where you been and where you are going.

Anyone with the knowledge how to access your phone turn on the system and camera can spy on you.  What you need to understand now is that some new TV sets are coming equipped to access the Internet.  They have a microphone and camera!  They can be turned on without your knowledge and can see you when you are not aware of them watching.

They want to push their ads at us night and day anytime you turn your phone on and it it set to access the Internet they will display an ad for something they want to sell you.

They will give you all kinds of aps and games to keep you on that thing as much as they possibly can.  They will run up your bills as high as they can and they don't care that much how bad off it puts you.  They are cold blooded entities that run on money and they want all of ours they can get.

Just say NO and don't let them own your life.

God bless.

UPDATE: 3-23-2011 - I've been free of FB on line games including KoC for a full week now.  I can't tell you how good it is to have my life back.  I'm in the process of recovery and trying to overcome the negative impressions burned into my mind from the game.