Downloadable ARMA missions.
The link above will let you into the files folder.  Not everything is in the file folder.
Most are files attatched to links.

All you have to do is put these files in your mission files folder and your ARMA game should be able to see them.

If you have problems, or play my missions please Email me and let me know.  It's the only way I know if someone actually downloads and uses my home made missions.

The first missions will be simple SP missions that can be used MP if you want.

In SP mode you can hit the T for team and select any playable soldier from the list.

In  MP mode you chose your team leader and if you die you get to reincarnate into one of the other members on your team.

In my missions designed for MP there are fewer choices and usually team leaders is the only choice you get.  As a player of these missions I hate being a team member being drug into an unwinnable scenario to watch everyone die around me and then finally to be killed thanks to following the others.  I recall playing missions that come with ARMA and ARMA 2 and the only way I could survive was to literally run away from the others, find some high ground and shoot enemy from a distance.  All the others die every time.  Then I move in little by little and pick off the left-over enemy in order to get the win.

If you can't beat the mission beat the guy who made the mission.
While they try to make these missions somewhat realistic the truth is they can only come so close.  They love to overwhelm the player with enemy as the challenge.  They will rush on you and there's no where to go an no time to figure it out.  What usually happens to a lot of lesser experienced players is they quit and refuse to even try the mission again.  I've had enough missions that were so hard I gave up on them.  Hated them so much I don't care to try again.  People shouldn't hate your missions.  Something I hate big time are missions that place a hand full of soldiers against overwhelming odds then give them the wrong ordnance and a time limit in which to complete the mission.  You end up dead running against the clock.  After a few dozen times trying to figure a way to beat it you could care less about that mission or the guy who made it.

Mission Tactics
        I've built missions for quite a few games over the years and I've learned that following the waypoints given by the mission builder is a sure way to fail the mission.  Most of the missions I've seen run the player head first into the enemy giving the enemy the advantage in nearly every case.
        If you try a mission a few times following the waypoints and lose try it again going the general direction of the waypoints but not on the exact line.        
        Don't follow the waypoints if you have any choice! Get back, find the high ground and look the situation over first.  Find the enemy before they find you.  If possible pick them off from a distance and give yourself somewhere to run.

        I like to make missions winnable. I like to make missions with options to allow the player to play them any way they like.  I put extra ammo and weapons boxes here and there.  You need something find a church or fountain and look around to see if theres a weapon's box or vehicle.  I like to hide things in vehicles so the player can take it with them.  The things I can jam into a cobra is totally unrealistic and I love it!  I consider it's just a game and I want the people who play my missions to enjoy themselves.  I want them to play the mission as many different ways as they like.  It may be a grunt mission but if you look in the right place you may find armor or aircraft that you can use.

has fixed the loopholes in jamming TOO much stuff into a vehicle so I've had to pick and choose what to put in each vehicle, trying to pick things I would choose because sometimes the weapons given to the players aren't the best choice at mission start up.

Missions that come with the game.
My friends and I realize the missions that come with these games are designed for the hard core FPS gamer.  Some of them seem impossible to beat and fail to consider certain things like night time and sun glare seem to have no effect on the AI but only on the player. Some things that normally block a players vision may not always block the enemy AI vision.  On the other hand sometimes a player can hide behind a tree and shoot through the leaves and the enemy won't see it coming.  The trick of course is to learn what works and what doesn't and use it to your advantage.  I've built missions where I've had AI enemy literally shoot me thorough a hilltop.  There was no way for me to see or shoot them from where I was yet one of them was able to shoot me.

ARMA 1 is plagued with poor player visibility, some maps are worse than others and this gives the AI the advantage.  Try to keep some of your AI men close to you so they can help be the eyes and ears.

ARMA 1 & 2 having AI positioned near you is a good idea because they can sometimes see and kill threats that you don't see fast enough.  Having your men in position before enemy arrives gives you the advantage.  Walking in on enemy that are all ready positioned leaves you at a disadvantage until you have distance from them and a good scope.  Climbing to high ground or on top a building gives you a certain advantage until the enemy sees you!  Be sure you have cover!  Buildings that have little buildings on top that you can hide behind give you an advantage.  Both games have the flaw of allowing AI units to literally walk through buildings walls and fences, sometimes they get trapped there.  Sometimes you think you have cover only to have an enemy AI unit walk through the wall behind you and kill you.  Doing the impossible is something AI units are great at but the players aren't.  Both games if you take your AI soldiers near water they will go swimming, lose all their weapons and sometimes drown.  Let's face it the AI is also kinda stupid.

ARMA 2: TWS is nice on a map that allows you to see the buildings land and trees as well as the hot targets.  Not all maps allow you to see thermal well no mater what time of night you set the clock for.  Some maps work quit well.  Utes map doesn't work well with TWS but does fine with NV.

I'm a HUGE fan of most of the addons I've tried.  The simple missions I'm posting here first should not require an addon but I assure you most of my missions do.  In the event you try one of my missions that gives an error  that it can't be played because of downloadable content you can go to ARMAhaulics website and get the addon.  I'll do my best to warn you when I know one of my missions uses addons but I sometimes forget.  Eventually as I get time I'll post messages about addons that work that I like and the ones that I don't like.
A list of all the ADDONs on my ARMA game.
We are curently working on ARMA 2 missions.
Emita Missions

For ARMA II missions requires the addon of the Emita map that can be downloaded from the website.  I'm thinking about putting the map add on with the files but for now you must get them from the main websites that have all the user and game supported files.

I've have a lot of add ons in my ARMA II folders and it's difficult for me to know which ones are included in all missions.  If you get an error that mission requires downloadable content then read what that content is and try to get it, add it to your ARMA add-on's and see if the game runs then.

I have missions for quite a few of the maps and some of them use things like Air Wolf and others.  Some are very basic and require no add ons.  If I'm aware of something you need I will post it in my description files and if possible put a link on it so you can find the right place to get each one.  Since I work on these files a little at a time usually one or two days out of the week for an hour or two each day it's difficult to keep track of everything and get everything the way it should be on the first day or two that a link goes out.

If you download these missions there's a briefing file that you can open in note pad and at the bottom of the file is information how to contact me about mission files.
Two missions should not require any add-ons but the tank mission might because it has TWS, night vision range finders and a night vsion M110 7.62 riles in one of the tanks.
I have the following add ons to my ARMA  II
Arma II Arrowhead
ARMA II British Armed Forces
ARMA II Private Military Company

If you have these on your ARMA II then you can play most of my missions.  Only a few have extras that I added from the Armahaualic website.
Two Utes Training Type Missions
Download Utes_2-3_XP_i7
Allows the player to try different tactics and weapons on the enemy.  2 is quite easy.  3 is a night mission a little harder.  Use the radio to send Myle's team.  TWS sucks in this mission, NV is better.  Find weapons in vehicles and boxes around airport buildings.  If you use your men correctly you can complete either mission without losing a man.  Have fun.
Mission Require AddOns
Ortego Geraldo Dolores comes in two versions in this one downloadable ZIP file.  The one that has the MP on it will require several addons including the ADO weapons addon.  The other one does not.

This is a fairly simple mission that can be played SP or MP. The objective as usual is to eliminate the SLA forces in these locations.

requires the Iraq map and a weapons pack that includes the Javelin missile launcher.  Includes one mission that I call a "duck hunt", a kind of training mission. You get ready and call the enemy.  The more enemy you call the more dangerous they become.  SP-MP.

requires the Insel Island map and the addon that includes the Javelin missile launcher.  The enemy is hold up on one end of the Island, it's your job to take them out.  SP and MP modes included.

includes two missions.  V2 mission is the most advanced of the two and requires addons that include the ADO weapons pack and the one that includes the Javelin Missile pack and the Apache addons.  I need to do some tests to see what all packs they need but these are two of the most advanced I've made.  They utilize the entire Sahrani map.  SLA are scattered all over it.  Mission objectives include rescuing a spy from prison and two Royal Marines from another enemy base.  Protect one of our bases from attack.  Once the objective zones are clear you return to base in order to win the mission.  Recommended MP but has SP as well.

: The enemy is advancing from the south-west.  You have limited forces and reinforcements are on the way.  If the SLA crosses those bridges you are outgunned.  Hold them off until reinforcements arrive.  Blow the bridges and fight them off.  Javelin Launcher addon required.  MP-SP

: Is a set of missions that send the player into Corazol to clear the dock area and city of Corazol.  Mission is designed to fly the players into the area but some of the missions has playable soldiers all ready near Corazol.

: Is a set of missions one where player(s) defend the airport base against attacking SLA.  The others are built on the lower segment of the south Island.  It's a complex mission with quit a few options.  Requries all the addons that I've mentioned so far and perhaps a few more.
This Box No AdOns required.

I've got more changes to make but for now here's some mission files.

Air Insert Sniper is a mission for a sniper to fly in and help take out enemy in the dock area at Corazol.  In SP mode you have a large selection of soldiers.  Move in take out the armor at the docks and the soldiers ASAP.  The longer it takes you to remove them the more enemy will show up.  Clear the Red Zone and you win. POC :-)

Pita Basic you have two teams to remove enemy at the Pita airport in the red zone.  Read the notes in the briefing file.

Anti Tank Training mission you and two others have two armored vehicles approaching down the runway at Pita. It's a very simple mission.  You have two ammo boxes with goodies.  Choose your weapon.  Kill the tanks.

I have several different versions of the Iguana mission and they are all different I don't remember which IGUANA this is but I hope you enjoy it. Iguana-2 SPMP starts as a stealth mission south of the lighthouse. The official teams are the two Saboteur teams south of the lighthouse. While in SP mode you can change teams with the T command but the only two teams that can end the mission are these two.
This is a variation of one of the first missions I made on the Chernarus map.  I began building on the airport with one thing in mind and ended up making a combo strike and defend mission out of it.  I put plenty of aircraft because it is a strike mission.  When against AA SAM a player can go through a pile of them if not very skilled or very lucky.  That makes this the kind of mission that allows the player to become familiar with using aircraft on enemy targets.
Have you ever downloaded missions from Armahaulic website and asked yourself,

Who makes those missions like that and why!?!

90% of the time I do.  You often end up with the wrong weapons or wrong team for the mission.  No ammo boxes so you can change weapons if you don't like the ones they give you, and I never do.  Often you can't reincarnate or change team members.  Some of those missions literally require a minimum of 8 live players before you can even leave the base!  (I play with just two of us sometimes 3 on the LAN and that's it.)  Even the vehicles have nothing in them!  Am I the only one who puts weapons and ammo in vehicles?  I just tried several with the above flaws/problems and I hate them.  A complete waste of my time to download and install the missions!  You get one look at it and you know you might as well quit and remove the mission from your missions list.

It does no good to tell them their missions suck because no one will change anything.  That's why my missions give the player options.  I hope you enjoy them.