Please notice between the top and bottom pictures how the image accuracy changes just by changing the view size.

The track you see imported from my Magellan Meridian Gold is the same in each image yet the map of the river and location of the river changes during view change.
The Magellan Meridian Gold with Map Send Software


The drawbacks on this unit is that Magellan company and website are difficult to use and in some cases no help at all.  This unit only works with the Magellan Map Send software which is in some cases highly inaccurate and not user friendly at all.  Neither is their website.  The update for this software is they still sell the software but it won't work.  It keeps asking to put the disk in the computer even when the disk is in it.  I wrote asking for help and they said "we no longer support that software but will give you a discount on a new GPS."  I wrote back and said "I have a GPS in my phone thanks, but you shouldn't sell the software if you don't support it!"  They bounced my message back to me as if they hadn't seen it when I know they did.

Please check the maps on this page and compare them with the maps from DeLorme on this site.
Update: 8-10-13
This company makes shoddy non-functional software, continues to sell it even though they don't support it.

I'm changing the status of this company and their products from "I do not recommend it!" to "Avoid at all cost."
This is a segment of map East of Lock and Dam 13 on the Ark. River.

Please notice the lack of detail on the Mapsend Map.

Then look at the same segment of river from the DeLorme 2007 map.
Please notice how close the line is from the Meridian Gold GPS to the north bank of the river.  We were never this close to that bank at any time.  The accuracy between the map and the GPS is not very good.
Read the full review here!
Please notice how the river track changed between the above image and this image.  The track at the west end is now on the south side of the river where it belongs.
Please notice the second tracks on both maps at the red arrows were made from a boat in the river yet neither one of these maps shows either one.  The Poteau river in OK is not present and neither is the Lee Creek at the top center of the map.