Update 3-31-2017
More info on the ARMA 3 page about this game.

Update 6-1-2013
WARNING: Armaholic website is run by a guy in the Netherlands who goes as Foxhound on that site.  I noticed a growing discontent with users of that site and don't read far when I see someone ranting.  Until today I've almost always found what I was looking for on that site but posting a request for updated weapons classes got me a rude message from Mr. Foxhound himself letting me know that I'm an idiot, and telling me to check the "sticky".  I had no idea what a sticky was and after searching awhile longer without success I went to ask him where they were to find that my message thread had been locked.  I couldn't ask him what it was or where it was without sending him an Email!  So that's what I did, to receive another rude message telling me he was glad I wouldn't be back.  No add supported webmaster in their right mind would deliberately run their users away, but Foxhound clearly doesn't want people using his website, especially if they can't find what they are looking for and need to ask someone for directions.

All he had to do was post one little link he could have copied and pasted but instead chose to insult someone looking for help who wasn't as familiar with his website as he is.  So I posted a message on the Steam ARMA 3 forum and got responses in seconds telling me others knew Foxhound and the admins there were a-holes.  I'm going to say if you can't find what you want on Armaholic site then don't bother to ask or you open yourself up to being insulted rather than being directed to the information you seek.  Remember it's supose to be a user help user site but the users can't help the other users if the admin's are posting nasty messages to the users who need help then locking the message thread so no one else can help them either.

When I finally did get Foxhound to direct me correctly the information he posted wasn't what I asked for in the first place.  I was searching for the latest weapon classes, the ones that were in the last update of ARMA 3 like in the last week.  What he directed me to is old info which I already had and not what I was looking for in the first place.

Store owners who mistreat their customers soon go out of business.
There are other websites dealing with ARMA that have more up to date info than Armaholic.


THE GOOD NEWS IS STEAM WORKSHOP FOR ARMA 3 takes up the slack and helps us find what we want!
  When I think how I defended that A-hole's website on the Steam forums I feel I should apologize to everyone on there.  OH THAT'S RIGHT I DID APOLOGIZE TO THEM!  :-)