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This page has been updated somewhat.  There are good things on this page.  There is a new Official Spooky Places website being constructed.  The new home page for this site will have the new official links.  This page is being left out here for the time being as it has interesting information, photos and links.


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See Ghost Transform into a bright orb!

On the Gold Hill Hotel webpage you can now view an animated gif of a ghost transforming from large invisible size to small bright ghost orb!

UPDATE on the William orb. I showed this video to several psychic mediums and they all told me "It's the real thing."

We are making a few updates to the website now.  Going to add a new menu soon and pages to display the stories and pictures that visitors to this website send us.  For right now the link to that page that is being built is "GHOST ORBS"


I'm back from my trip to Virginia City working on two different shows about ghosts.  Now I must get to it.  So much work to do.  I didn't sleep much at all while I was out there.  The night at Piper's I got right at 2 hours sleep from 4-6am on a hard floor.  All the rest of the time I got about 4-6 hours sleep on a hard bed at the other places. (Ok, I'm used to sleeping on a water bed! :-)  The last night I guess I got almost 3 hours sleep except the ghosts kept waking me up.  All that clanging and banging, metal pounding against something.  Doors opening, footsteps and then voices.  One of them said "Shush!" (quite loud) "...don't wake him." (In a whisper).  I would swear I was awake and someone was in the room with me.  I asked the two who came to help me from LA if they were up walking around making noise and they said it wasn't them and they didn't hear anything.  Then I finally fell asleep and an hour or so later I was in spirit following some man wearing old style work cloths through the building.  I only saw his back and only for a few moments and I was awake looking around the room again wondering what in the world was going on.  Next thing I knew it was sunrise and I had to get up, fix the coffee, shower, pack my things and get ready to leave.

So I told my story to the lady at the desk and she said "That's interesting.  You're telling me nearly word for word the same thing the last people told me when they staid in the Miner's Cabin."

At the Mackay Mansion we captured ghost orbs without even using night vision.  I intend to put up a new page here just for the Mackay Mansion as soon as I can make the time.  Johnny Depp stayed there while making a movie.  He was allow to sleep in a room that is normally closed to the public.  While there he said he saw the little girl in white.  We believe she stays in one of the children's room's just across the hall from where Johnny Depp was staying.  I'll post pictures of these rooms when I put the website on line.  Check back again in a day or two for a link to the new pages.

Other strange things happened during my trip and I intend to post some of it on this website as soon as I can.  But right now I have ton's of EVP, video and pictures to work with.  Hope to be back updating this page again real soon.

Listen to EVP from Piper's Opera House 9-23-2003

The medium asked a ghost to open a door and the ghost responds "I tried to."

Gold Hill Hotel Sonya asked how many spirits were with us and one answered. "25."

Listen to EVP from Gold Hill Miner's Cabin.

This is my friend Sonya Lee from LA.  She came to help me on these two productions.  "Ghosts of Piper's" is for Victoria Monroe and Spooky Places is for Loose Canon Productions.

Sonya Lee is as sweet as she is attractive and she will be featured in "Ghosts of Piper's" and "Spooky Places."  She hosts a short segment at the Gold Hill Hotel for Spooky Places.  She is included in "Ghosts of Piper's" as a participant and still camera person.  Behind Sonya Lee up the hill over her right shoulder you can see Piper's Opera House.

We investigated the Mackay Mansion, Piper's Opera House, Gold Hill Hotel.  Shooting dates were Sept. 22nd-25th.  4 Nights in a row spending the entire night in a haunted building.  Also see "Spooky Places Novel" below for more information.

Visit our new EVP page.

Site News Starts Here!

This is the unofficial Spooky Places website where we try to post the first information from our Spooky Places trips.  We are able to post faster here than on the official website for two reasons.  First of all it's much easer to edit this website than it is the other one and if I make a mistake at least I won't destroy the official website.  Second of all we can post things here that are not going to be in the show, things like information about ghosts at the Ponderosa Ranch on Lake Tahoe.  You want to know if the ghosts of the Ponderosa are still shooting productions then click on the Virginia City link at the bottom of the page and find out.

This website deals mostly with "ghost orbs" since they are easy to capture on video and digital still cameras. There are 4 basic types of paranormal manifestations that are recognized among the serious paranormal investigators. The 4 types are listed here.

As I get time these pages will be edited and fine tuned to make them even better.  At the bottom of the page and on the Fourth Ward School page there are now links to Janice Oberding's Haunted Nevada website. I also have a links page on and when people help me with a production I will put links on the official Spooky Places Website.  When I find other interesting websites on line I may add them to a links page I'm going to put on this website when I get time.

Spooky Places Novel!

I've begun writing the official Spooky Places novel.  It is mostly a compilation of true ghostly experiences I've had since I was a lad living in Pearl, IL.  There will also be a close encounter of the UFO kind included in the novel.  There will be interviews taken from the Spooky Places video.  I will tell stories from the Spooky Places video.  I will display my findings and conclusions concerning my paranormal discoveries.  I will also give some instructions for those amateur ghost hunters of how to conduct an effective investigation and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that myself and others have made.  I hope to have this novel in print by spring of 2004.  If you read this message and have a true story to tell and a photo or EVP to show me I would consider your entry into a section of the novel.  I'll also be contacting some of the people who have sent photos and ghost stories to me over the past year.

Is Graceland Haunted?  Read this and decide for yourself.

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I say "unofficial" website because this is where the news ends up first and most while the official website is our commercial website and we must be more particular about what goes in there.  And here we can take time to sort out what is from what is not a ghost orb.

NOTE 5-6-2003: I'm now in possession of some fantastic video of ghost real ghost orbs not only flying through solid mater but also flying literally in and out of a human being.  Since this video is copyrighted I can not display it without permission. I can tell you the name of the show the video was taken from. "Unexplained Encounter" aired on the Sci-Fi channel in April 2003.  The investigation conducted by professional paranormal investigators came to the conclusion these orbs of energy are most likely of paranormal/supernatural origin.  You can learn more about this video from barconLink to orbs. This link goes direct to barcon. Yes you can view the orbs using this link. Their website has many interesting pictures and video from the special. This is without a doubt one of the very best videos we have seen on the subject of the paranormal.  The way it was done is very similar to the way we are doing Spooky Places, in that we intend to use live video rather than a lot of recreations.

Update On Dust Orb Experiments

1-31-2004: We have run numerous tests using very fine dust orbs close to the camera lens and have finally managed to reproduce similar orbs to some of those found in some of our IR videos.  I'm inclined to believe the the majority of the orbs we captured on IR video and digital still shot were in fact dust orbs.  I say that but I can't prove it since the last time we were there in Pipers Opera House the orbs would come and go.  One moment there might be hundreds and the next moment there might not be any at all.  It seems like if they were all dust orbs they would always be there but they aren't.

I'm creating a graphic of my findings to place into the Spooky Places video.  I do not believe all the orbs we caught on video during our trip were dust orbs, just most of them we shot at Pipers.  A ghost orb and a dust orb can appear very much alike.  Dust orbs are propelled by either movement in the air or photons from a light source or heat from a heat source.  They can change directions depending on the changes in the air and light around them.  I can't explain how some of the orbs under Piper's opera house managed to turn around, go against the flow, circle and move off in some other direction.  It would make sense that if the majority of the "dust orbs" were moving in one direction being propelled by a light source that all the dust orbs within that range should move the same direction, but some of them did not.  Perhaps they were ghost orbs moving around beyond the dust.  I do not know.  The other curious thing is that when we returned to Pipers a year later the "orbs" would be there for a few seconds then completely vanish.  We do not believe that dust orbs would do that.  If the dust was in the air then it's in the air all the time.  But these orbs did not remain.  They were there for a few seconds and then they were gone.

The following news and information is from the Virginia City, NV trip.  June 7th-14th 2002

We stayed in South Tahoe area on the CA side at the Embassy resort.  We drove back and forth each day from South Tahoe to Virginia City, NV.  We worked the Gold Hill Hotel in Gold Hill just a mile south of Virginia City first.  Then we moved on to work the Fourth Ward School with Janice Oberding author of the book "Haunted Nevada."  We worked the Millionaire's Club also known as the Washoe Club and Piper's Opera House.

NOTE: All the places we visited would like you to come visit them and see the work they have done to preserve these historical buildings.  In many cases it is a labor of love because the amount of work and effort that goes into preserving these masterpieces of history is far greater than the money they receive in return.  During our entire time on location in Virginia City I would have to say all the ghosts we encountered were friendly and some even playful.  Most ghosts seem to enjoy the visitors coming to "see" or visit them.  One women I spoke with says that some of them are comforting and appear to be watching over the visitors to these places.  So please come to visit the places we speak about and don't be afraid that something's going to get you, that just doesn't normally happen.  The ghosts are certainly there in abundance but please do not go to these places intending to hold a sťance or to communicate with the dead using occult methods.

Disclaimer: Though we have captured "real" ghost orbs on different investigations we can not guarantee that all the spots on these pictures are real ghost orbs. We are trying to get someone who has much more experience to help us sort out what is real from what is not and to teach us how to tell the difference. I recently received a message from someone who does paranormal investigations all the time and he said he has been to the Washoe club and said there was so much dust in the air that it was impossible to use IR video cameras to investigate for ghost orbs here.  I asked him several questions and he refused to answer any of them.  There was an archeological dig under Piper's Opera house and it is evident there could have been dust in the air from time to time. There was no wind however, no one working there at the time, no lights or heat sources to speak of and some of the orbs we shot were moving very quickly, some turned, returned, circled then took off again. If the wind had been blowing that fast we certainly should have felt it.  Some of the "orbs" we captured however I am convinced were dust particles and I try to remove all of them that I have real question about from the website.  I have had other professional paranormal investigators examine the same pictures and video and tell me there's a good chance the most of what we have is the real thing.  Wondering who's right and to what degree is another thing.

In the world of the paranormal everyone involved in the field is a self proclaimed expert.  Everyone has their own motives for why they do paranormal research. Everyone has their own methods, styles and opinions, all of it is pure conjecture and one method can't really be proven any better than another.  Just because someone can produce a UFO on a computer screen and in a video does not mean that all UFO's caught on film or video are faked but some people would like to believe that.  The same is true with the paranormal. 

I have a professional paranormal "expert" telling me he has never seen ghosts do the things I have seen and recorded them doing therefore they must not be ghosts.  So I have been able to capture things they never have been able to it doesn't prove anything one way or the other.  The other thing is he is selling equipment that I have tested and find to be ineffective for detecting paranormal entities.  If a person has something they wish to sell they can certainly find reasons for pushing concepts that sell their equipment and products.  Like I said, everyone has their motives for their methods.  We on the other hand have no equipment to sell only the good intentions to show what we have discovered and what we think about it.

Some ghost hunters use paranormal psychics religiously while others swear they are all fakes and even the good ones can't be trusted.  I have seen the fakes, I have seen the real thing and I have seen good psychics have a bad day.  Just because someone has a PHD in the subject doesn't mean everything they say is the truth or factual especially if they have a product or service to sell you.  When you ask the "expert" a specific question more than once and they continually side-step the answers I would say do not trust them.

The ghost "expert" I mentioned didn't explain to me how a particle of dust could appear exactly like a ghost orb.  Moving around a room as if with intent.  Appearing to move through walls.  Appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye.  Some of them even appear to have faces.  I asked and all he would say is "I'm sorry but they are dust orbs."  I must admit, he was short with me, didn't explain or answer my questions and that frustrated me. After conducting quite a few dust orb experiments I've come to the conclusion that a lot of the orbs I caught were in fact dust orbs, but not all of them.  There were several other things about that guy that threw me off and destroyed his credibility to me.

This same ghost "expert" told me "Ghosts are few, hard to find, always have been always will be." Then in his next news letter he said "Ghosts are plentiful, they are everywhere and easy to find." Then he said "we passed through a parallel dimension.." (while driving across the country) And thought it would have been neat to have seen his other self while there. This is when and why I quit reading their news letter. I work 12-14 hours a day and hardly have time to read my own e-mail I don't have time to waste reading news letters written by people who aren't sure what dimension they are really in, especially if they are pushing their PhDs instead of backing it with real facts.  All we can do is offer you our findings but you must be the final judge on what you choose to believe in. 

We are aware there are perhaps billions of people who are unaware of the true natures of the paranormal. The types of entities and shapes that might be encountered. They have never seen a "ghost orb" before therefore it can't possibly exist. They think every ghost must look like a human being. They see our website and think we are making fun of the subject of ghosts and the paranormal which couldn't be further from the truth. Some religious minded prefer to believe people either go to heaven or hell instantly the moment they die. I'm sorry but the Bible doesn't even make this 100% clear. I am aware that many people who are saved are escorted into the light by not one but two angels. People who are not saved may end up in a flaming pit (It's not Hell fire but resides in the underworld.) There are many who still walk the earth and some who are not even aware that they are dead. The Great White Throne Judgment will not occur until after the second coming of Christ.

Don't laugh about things you think you understand when you don't. Professional paranormal investigators are aware of four different types of ghostly manifestations and certain variations of these. They are aware of them because they have photographed them and documented them. Even the former well known Sightings program recognized all four types of ghostly manifestations including ghost orbs. Some spirit orbs are actually visible and have been captured on video tape. Some of these orbs range in size from that of a basketball to larger than a big beach ball. I have personally been within five feet of the famous Joplin "Spook Light." I can tell you it is pure visible spiritual energy and will react and interact with people from time to time. It can also produce enough heat to burn someone. There are reports that it actually set a car on fire once.

We are very serious about this project. With several thousand dollars invested in it our producer doesn't think it is a joke. However if you have some helpful information or something good to contribute then I'm willing to hear what you have to say. We have intentions to redesign our IR camera system and techniques in order to avoid "dust orbs."  Update 8-31-2003: I've tried to find some method to avoid dust orbs and have come to the conclusion that both dust orbs and ghost orbs appear in the Infra Red spectrum of light.  To fix a camera so that it could not see dust orbs would also make it ineffective for seeing ghost orbs.

Everything takes time and money and we are doing other jobs in order to help fund the budget for this show. We have captured orbs on video that we have good reason to believe were real ghost orbs. We have interacted with them. We have smelled certain ones and ghosts have touched two of us and we could feel them. We have placed an EMF meter in a bathroom and the orbs would not go near it. We removed it and they returned very quickly. We have captured ghost orbs with faces. We know for a fact the phenomena is real now we must sort out the dust orbs from the real ghost orbs. We have a great deal more work to do before this program can be considered accurate and complete. We do not have time to read messages from people who think we are doing this as a joke, spoof or hoax.

Dust Orbs! What are they?

Dust orbs are tiny specks of dust suspended in the air.  They only appear as if they are ghost orbs when they are very close to the camera lens and way out of focus. Most dust and pollen orbs will not remain suspended in the air in front of the camera for very long and they are blown by the wind, propelled by light photons and heat.  They usually appear to be moving very quickly just as some ghost orbs do.  They appear to be moving very quickly because they are directly in front of a camera that's focused on something several feet away.  They may move only an inch and yet it appears they have moved several feet or a few yards in a split second.  Since they are so very close to the camera any slight movement of the camera will cause most suspended dust orbs to move in the exact opposite direction of the camera and vanish from view very quickly if the camera is turned. This is because the dust orbs only appear when they are within about 5" from the camera lens. Update 8-31-2003: I've learned that when using the camera's internal IR light dust orbs appear within about 5" of the camera lens.  When using the top mounted IR light only (turn off the internal IR light) that dust orbs can appear between 12" to 4' from the camera lens.  The more IR light you have available the more likely you are to see dust orbs. Most white lights produce some IR light that a night vision camera can see.  Sunlight produces the full spectrum of light including radiations into the radio spectrum. If you have sunlight you can also see "dust and pollen orbs" under certain conditions.

If the camera is moving at all and the orb moves opposite and accordingly as the camera moves it is most likely a dust or pollen orb very near the camera lens.  If however the orb maintains it's path in relationship to the room and surroundings there's a better than 50% chance it is a ghost orb.  Some dust partials can be charged by light or heat and appear to shoot across the lens very quickly and some will dip and dart depending on the energy they are charged with.  I intend to give examples of what they look like, what makes them and how to tell the difference.

Ghost Orbs, what are they ?

Ghost orbs are as near as we can determine are spiritual energy that appears in the infra red light spectrum in the shape of an orb usually from about the size of a golf ball to the size of a soft ball. Many people who buy digital cameras are discovering these strange orb like things in their photos and the more haunted the location is the more orbs they find in their pictures. (Also read dust orbs, because the new cameras can see dust orbs where as the older cameras usually did not.)  No there's nothing wrong with the camera, these orbs are only visible in the invisible light known as infra-red more commonly known as "night vision."  Digital cameras are sensitive to IR light and this is why many of them have filters to block out the IR light spectrum.  Some cameras like the Sony Handycam's have a switch on this filter and allow the user to either pass IR light or to block it as they choose.  They call this their "night vision" feature.  Some cameras like our little Kodak 3200 digital do not have an IR blocking filter in them and this is why they are able to capture many orbs like you see in the pictures below.  It captures the ghost orbs much better than our digital Handycam we use for capturing orbs in motion.

Ghost orbs are able to fly through solid objects. (Dust orbs appear to fly through solid objects.)  We have video of them flying through thick rock walls, through regular walls, through thick concrete floors and walls and even ceramic toilet stools and grounded steel machines.  We have video of them flying in all different directions at once and we have them chasing and following each other as if they are playing.  We have video of them flying up to a person then flying around them as if they  recognize a difference between a person and the wall or other things in the room.  We have different size ghost orbs on video and in still shot.  The sizes of the orbs range from about ping pong ball size to the size of a person's head.  We have captured a few ghost orbs on video that appear to have a face.  With one we captured at the Crescent Hotel the orb is about the size of a man's head and you can clearly see what appears to be a forehead, eyes, nose and mouth.  As we page through the video a frame at a time the face appears to turn and look at both of the video cameras and everyone standing in the room before it vanishes.

What are ghost orbs?  The only form of energy that I can think of that can pass through tick walls, grounded metal objects and other things without even slowing down is spiritual energy.

Are they the ghosts of the dead?  Certainly they could be.

Are they natural spirits of the earth?  Certainly they could be, or they might be both spirits of the dead and natural spirits of the earth.  I don't really have the proof to say for certain what they are.

Why are they in the shape of an orb?  My theory is based on certain laws of physics.  Why is a soap bubble round?  Why is ball lighting round?  Why does hot metal form into the shape of a ball when dripped into water or some other cooling liquid?  My theory is they are round because it is the most efficient form for energy to take.

Why do they move so fast?  My theory on this is they are able to move so fast because they are pure spiritual energy.  They have no body mass to move around and therefore when they think they want to go somewhere they just go and there's nothing to prevent them or slow them down.

Why don't they look like people if they are the ghosts of the dead?  I have a theory for this as well and that being the human mind is able to translate things differently than a cold unfeeling camera.  The camera's see these ghost orbs as forms of energy without translating them.  The human mind however and the human spirit is able to translate and interpret the forms as they should be.  Yes sometimes ghost orbs and manifestations have actually appeared in photos and on video.  I have captured some strange effects myself in our time working on Spooky Places but usually the best an clearest manifestations are witnessed by people not by cameras.

(Please NOTE: Numerous paranormal investigators including the former Sightings program acknowledge the existence of 4 different types of visual paranormal manifestation. The shadow (which we have observed here very clearly several times), the mist which sometimes appears in photographs. The orbs or "ghost orbs" that we show on these pages (usually only appear in the IR spectrum of light but some appear as visible light). And the more recognized but less common human shape. I would like to also add that some of the ghost orbs we captured actually appear to have faces and it takes no imagination to see the face, eyes, nose, hair, etc. These are not displayed on these pages but we hope to put them in the Spooky Places show. Part of the problem is these orbs that appear with faces usually only appear in one to three frames of the video and it is very hard to detect them while watching the video. Under Pipers we caught a very good orb with a face. Small like a child's face.  A fifth type of paranormal manifestation is called the EVP.  You can find a very large selection of interesting EVP's on the GIS website).

I do know they exist and they appear to display supernatural abilities.  They appear to show some form of intelligence.  They appear to recognize living people are different than other things.  Sometimes they will follow people and sometimes some of them appear to run from people.  The golf ball sized orbs in the bathroom at the Gold Hotel apparently didn't like the EMF meter and refused to go into the room once the meter was put in place.  Moments after this one of them hit me on the back of the legs hard enough that I felt it touch me.  When we went to the Washoe club the moment Laura reached the top of the stairs she was able to feel a ghost orb hitting her bare legs.  She said "It's right here!  It's right here!" Dawn managed to capture the ghost orbs with the IR video camera as they were flying away from Laura.  She was in fact able to feel the contact made by the ghost orbs as it touched her just as I did when the one hit me at the Gold Hotel.  My other thoughts on the subject is that I believe a ghost entity must want to be seen in order for them to be manifested so that someone might see them with their eyes.

Sometimes you can smell them!  Yes sometimes you can smell distinct smells when certain ghost orbs are near.  These smells are usually smells associated with humans.  The most common smells are tobacco and perfumes.  At the Gold Hill Hotel they have two ghosts that are associated with very distinct smells. One of them is known as William.  When this ghost orb is present the very distinct smell of blended pipe tobacco is present.  It is not something that only a few can smell, everyone can smell it when this ghost or ghost orb is present.  The other is one they call Rosy.  They do not know her name but the distinct smell of rose water perfume is present when this ghost or ghost orb is present so they call her Rosy.  They say that when her apparition has been seen she appears to be a short red headed women in 1800's style dress.  They say when William has been seen he is also a small thin man with a little rounded hat.

Last but not least ghost orbs appear in the IR spectrum of light.  What most people do not know is that humans also give off IR energy in this exact same area of the IR spectrum.  Ask yourself why do humans and ghost orbs emit IR energy at the very same frequencies and you may have a clue to the answer to the question "What are ghost orbs?"

What is IR / Infra Red

Sometimes people ask me why isn't the picture red if it is being caught in "infra red" light?  The answer is that infra red light is invisible light.  Mikayla, (Brianna's friend in the third Megan Martin book) argued there was no such thing as invisible light because if it was light certainly you could see it right ?  But once Brianna brought her Sony Handycam out and showed her friend then it started to make a little bit more sense.  Many things operate using infra red technology like motion detectors that turn on lights and sound alarms but people do not see the light coming from them.  LASER temperature readings do not actually operate on LASER frequencies but only use a LASER to help guide the sensor to it's target.  The temperature readings are taken from infra red light being given off by the heat source of the object being observed.  Light works on radio frequencies, very high radio frequencies and it reflects off of things around us so we can see what we are looking at.  The infra red spectrum of light is at the lower end of the light spectrum and quite a lot larger than the visible area of light where we are able to see colors.  Humans and ghost orbs give off IR energy in the same area of the IR spectrum.  This energy is invisible to the human eye but is visible to the new cameras I have mentioned.

I have finally managed to conduct dust orb experiments that simulate the phenomena we captured in the photo to the right. I've yet to explain the orbs that turned, circled and then moved on in the video we shot in this room. I can't explain the ones that flashed for a split second and appeared to have faces.  But I do believe the majority of the orbs in the photo to the left are dust orbs being propelled by a high intensity work light positioned to the left of the camera that took this picture.

Don't quit yet though, there's some nice animations on the linked pages from the bottom of this page.

NOTE: We are not saying that all of the orbs in these pictures are ghosts or ghost orbs. Only that they appeared in the IR light and were moving. A few of the orbs looked similar to these but went in different directions than the majority of the orbs. They would circle, fly high, dip down low turn around and dart away again as if they were under some intelligent control. Other orbs we videoed defiantly appeared to be reacting to us and their surroundings. One particular orb was nearly always associated with the smell of blended pipe tobacco at the Gold Hill Hotel. Orbs at the Washoe also interacted with us and Laura felt them touch her. This is documented on video as it happened.

This is a room under Piper's Opera House where the archeologists will be sorting and cleaning the artifacts they remove from the dig on left side of the wall.  There was dirt and dust present here at the time we were here but none that we could detect (with our eyes) that was airborne. The doors and windows were closed.

The orbs were moving through this room from the left to the right toward the front of the building in such a huge mass that on IR video they looked almost like a wall of fog moving through the room. There must have been millions of them.  One professional ghost hunter told me that ghost orbs do not move like this and that what we saw were dust partials.  I admit many of them must have been dust but some of them literally moved against the flow of the other orbs, turning, circling and then moving in another direction until they were out of sight.

We are currently holding the Spooky Places production for more in-depth information so that we can explain and demonstrate what we captured on video and on still shot digital pictures.

This is another picture of the same room during the same time as the picture above.  Some of the orbs turned and came back almost as if they wanted to see who we were and what we were doing.

People moving around near the front of the camera had no effect on these orbs.  It was clear that most of them were entirely inside this room.  If you could see all the way around the corner you would see there's a wall all the way across the left side of this room except for the open door on the left.  The room was dark.  It is illuminated by the flash of the camera.  Meaning there was no light source on at the time that might have charged the dust-particles causing them to move 30-40mph across and around the room.  These pictures alone may not tell the entire story so please go see the rest of the story on the Piper's Opera House page. Download the video and decide for yourself if these, part of them or any of the orbs are real ghost orbs.

We will do more research on this and see if we can better determine what caused it and what the orbs are. Dust partials or ghost orbs we intend to reveal our findings in our program Spooky Places.

If you work for a video or TV distribution company and are interested in Spooky Places (our video or raw footage DV video) please contact me.

E-Mail Me at ( Be sure not to include the preceding and last '.'s. I did that to try to confuse those darn junk mailers.

Remember we are making a video tape called Spooky Places and intend it to be at least an hour long program hosted by Laura and Kristy.  After the production of the video tape is complete we intend to reedit and submit the program to a video distribution company for airing on national TV.

The best way to know what is going to happen and when is to check back here and on every now and then.  Remember when this tape is complete it will be one of the most outstanding independently produced videos about ghosts on the market today.  We intend to show you things in these videos that no other video has ever shown. (After I made this statement "barcon" released the most outstanding video of this kind I have ever seen. If we can do half as well I'll be pleased.)

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