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Orb Submission Guidelines

The Spooky Places novel is currently being written.  We are accepting true ghost stories from our web site visitors.  These are the guidelines we ask you follow.

1) All ghost stories must be true.  It's best if these are first person experiences but if the story comes to you from a trusted friend or relative, told to you as a true story, and they give permission to tell their story we will review it for inclusion into our Spooky Places novel.

2) Pictures of ghost orbs are being sent to us now and then and we would like to display these pictures and tell a little bit about them when we can.  We only ask you keep it clean.  If someone sends us something that's questionable, we will either crop the picture or not post it here for our visitors.

Thank you very much for your submissions.

...Bryon Smith
Director Loose Canon Productions

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A submission from Scotland!

A beautiful purple ghost orb.

Click on the picture to see a close-up of the orb.

This was taken a few weeks ago at our New Year's Eve/Family reunion in Scotland.  We have lost some major members of the family over the past 3 years.  This night was the first time the entire family had been in one place for almost 20 years.  Is that an Orb in the pic?  When I zoom in on it it looks very cellular and it has an electric aura.  Please zoom in on it if you have time and you'll see what I mean.  It even looks as though it has a white trail behind it. 

This was taken with a very good digital camera.  Please let me know what you think.  You're welcome to put it on your site if you like. 

Garry Hawley
Orange County

Happy Ghost Hunting.

Tonias had a party!

Taken on a night out at the church institute, Prestwich, Manchester.

That's not smoke in the picture!

The camera wasn't being moved when the picture was taken.  Notice how clear everything and everyone else is.

If you look close it almost looks like two ghosts dancing.

Tonias had a party!

There are several white ghost orbs in this photo.

How many do you see?

I don't have a story on these photos.

It was just a party, someone took photos, captured ghost orbs and sent the photos to us.

Gold Hill Hotel

This is a photo of the front door at the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada. Just one mile south of Virginia City.

This submission was sent with a story for our Spooky Places novel and website.

See the window to the left of the door just in the edge of the tree limbs?

This is the room the people were staying in while they were at Gold Hill Hotel.  They reported a knocking sound on the table beside the bed.  Something or someone touched one of them.  The sleeping was over for her.  Then around 1am someone knocked on their door but when they checked no one was there.

Take a closer look at the window.

The people had just left this room moments ago and as leaving took the photo you see here.  In the window of that same room you see the image of someone standing there.  Please note the size of the image.  Much smaller than a person.  It also appears between the curtains and the window glass.

I sent mail to the owner and people who work at the hotel asking them to examine the photo but no one ever responded to me.

I think this must be one of the best ghost picture submissions we have received.

Napa River Inn

   Alright heres the story, a man lost a huge lawsuit.  He killed his wife and then hung himself.  The Napa River Inn was built several years later.  The Rooms 207 and 208 are haunted.  The rooms are located directly above the area where the man hung himself.  People have said that they hear the ghost walk from room 207 and enter room 208.  I have talked with veteran security guards.  They said that they hear loud footsteps, people banging on the walls, and that the elevator goes up and down all night when no one is in the building.  I have been to the location myself and heard what sounded like a loud creaking noise next to room 208.  I took several photographs of the area.  This was my very first ghost investigation and I am proud to say that it was quite successful.  

    I have been a photographer for about a year now.  I have a Canon Powershot A70.  I have taken hundreds of photos over the past year.  I had never seen anything like an orb.  After I returned from the hotel, I realized that I had over 15 orb pictures.  I hope you like them.



Napa River Inn

Another Orb

Again notice the purple cast around the edges of the orb.

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