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Gold Hill Hotel

Updated with new ghost pictures 9-13-2003

See the ghost William change from a large invisible form into a ghost orb going up the staircase!

The following news and information is from the Virginia City, NV trip.  June 7th-14th 2002

The Gold Hill Hotel

The Gold Hill Hotel is advertised as being the first and oldest hotel in the this area.  It is built literally over the Yellow Jacket Mine which has a violent history and well known for a fire that took the lives of around 50 minors during the time the mine was open for business.

The Gold Hill Hotel is larger than it appears from the outside and is host to a hotel, bar, lounge area and perhaps the finest cuisine in the area.  From the outside you may not realize what a fine restaurant and dining area they have here at the Gold Hill Hotel.  We ate there and believe me with the live music and outstanding service you expect to have the finest food available and that's exactly what you will get.  You might believe you have stepped right into a high quality New York or English establishment for the rich and famous.  If you visit Virginia City or Gold Hill area don't miss this dining delight.

The Gold Hill Hotel resides in a tiny little historical town about a mile south of Virginia City, Nevada.  The front of the hotel faces the East as you can see in this picture.  The building is three stories high hosting the hotel and book store on the center floor, hotel rooms on the third floor and dining and bar room on the lower level.

This picture shows the south side of Gold Hill Hotel.  To the right of this picture cut in half is an outside dining area.  The windows on the lower level are windows into the dining area of the restaurant.  The upper two levels are part of the hotel.

While I have never received one incident of any ghostly behavior in the hotel being malicious to harm anyone the paranormal activity is certainly present.

Room 11 has had people reporting children in the room pulling covers off the visitors and locking the bathroom door.  I had reports from visitors who stayed in room 10 tell me that someone or something kept pulling their covers off in the night and playing with their feet.  They found the incidence amusing and not at all frightening or harmful and never reported any ghostly manifestations.

You can see the small "child size" ghost orb in the white circle.  We video taped several of these small ghost orbs were flying through the bathroom wall on the right side of this picture.  They appeared to be playing, chasing each other until I placed an EMF meter on the floor in the bathroom.


Unlike on the lower floor of Piper's Opera house we didn't capture massive orb movements but we captured something even better.  We believe we captured real ghost orbs at the Gold Hill Hotel.

We noticed a distinct smell of blended tobacco perhaps a cherry blend on this staircase several times.  You will see a white orb at the point of the white arrow.  This is a ghost orb in motion either going up or down the stairs.  This is what I refer to as an adult sized ghost orb.

Click on the picture to see close-up.  Notice how the orb does appear as if it were directly over the stairs.  It's not perfectly round either like the orbs at Piper's.  Look close, it also appears you can see the pattern on the wall through the orb.

NEWS FLASH! 9-13-2003: While sorting video for Spooky Places I've found video that we captured in night vision that shows a ghost changing from a large invisible form to a small point of light known as an orb. It just so happens that it's going up the staircase right where we frequently smelled William. Exactly where you see the orb in this picture.  I've converted these 19 frames into an animated GIF for you view.  The smaller one has 22 frames.

NOTE: This is not a dust orb. It's to far from the camera. Dust orbs do not change size. This light is not a reflection on the window. As the ghost changes form you can see it if you look very close while it moves up the stairs. It's the right height for a person walking up the stairs.  Then notice very closely the glass window next to the orb. You can actually see the reflection of the ghost orb in the window glass!  You can also see the orb vanish behind the post.

Small Version Ghost transforms into orb.

Large Orb Going up the Stairs

Again another or perhaps the same adult sized ghost orb taken in the Great Room on the lower floor of the Gold Hotel.  The orb appears to be very near the foot of the staircase.

Because these "ghost" orbs are so very translucent even in IR light it can be very difficult to see them.  This is why I'm picking out some of the most visible orbs for this website.

NOTE: I drew the white circles around the ghost orbs to help you find them.  Also note these orbs are completely transparent. You can see through them. They are very well defined and appear to be in focus.  Click on the picture to the left for a close-up.

Again perhaps the same adult sized ghost orb.  I believe this ghost orb remained for some time on the lower floor in the Great Room of the Gold Hotel.

Here you see two "child size" ghost orbs also in the Great Room.

I had to make the pictures smaller to fit into the webpage better but trust me these are both ghost orbs.


Here you see a fairly large ghost orb literally hovering at Laura's chin.  It is very translucent.  We were working out of room 11 during our visit there. It has two beds. 

The girls loved the Gold Hotel and wished we had been staying there instead of the Embassy vacation resort on South Tahoe.  Not that we didn't have a fantastic room at the Embassy because it was perhaps the fanciest place we have ever stayed and they even had their own private room.  But that's another story. ;-)

The Gold Hotel was not swarming with ghost orbs like some of the other places we visited but it is certainly not without its ghostly residence.

The ghost orb on the left is at actual brightness and is not enhanced in any way.  If you click the link below you can download the same ghost orb in AVI format and watch it.  This was one of the brightest orbs we saw in the bathroom that night.  It is about the size of a golf ball. I call them "child size ghost orbs."  We video taped many orbs in the bathroom of room 11 in a very short amount of time.  It was like they were playing in there until I put my EMF meter in the room.

See a ghost orb fly through the toilet and across the floor. This is an AVI file cropped to show you what ghost orbs look like in motion and how they can fly through solid things like the base of a ceramic toilet.  We also have video of ghost orbs flying through solid rock, metal, and thick concrete.  I have video of several large orbs flying through this toilet bowel in one side and out the other and it can clearly be seen the orb moves through solid mater as easy as if it were air.

After I put my EMF meter in this room the smaller ghost orbs that had been playing and flying through this room refused to go near it.  A few larger very translucent orbs did pass near it and never did set it off.  I said "they must not like the thing" and a moment later something hit me on the back of both legs just below my knees and just hard enough to let me know they were there.  I took that to mean the smaller orbs did not like the EMF meter and I removed it from the room at that time.  I have never yet seen a ghost set the EMF meter off and I am inclined to believe it was a waste of money.  It is not a good device for detecting the presence of paranormal entities.  It may work well for detecting flying saucers or UFO's or even people and stray RF but not for ghosts. (Ghost Orb)

For those who are very passionate about the paranormal and the research we are doing I am allowing you to view a ghost orb as it passes through the bowel of this toilet then moves down turns and passes back into the base of the toilet.  The file is right at 20meg in size and if you have DSL or cable modem you will do well.  If you have a regular phone modem you may be all night or day as the case may be downloading this file.  Click on the picture to the left to download the file.  Remember this orb is about the size of a base ball perhaps and very translucent and hard to see.  I compressed the file to make it smaller but in doing so the orb becomes even harder to see so I decided not to put a smaller compressed file out here for this one.

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