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The Washoe Club

The following news and information is from the Virginia City, NV trip.  June 7th-14th 2002

Formerly known as the Millionaire's Club

Please note the place you are about to see inside this building on this web-page is not accessible to the public.  Do not go there expecting to access these rooms for any reason.  I am sure when the renovations are complete these rooms may very well be open for visitors to see them.

Disclaimer: Though we have captured "real" ghost orbs on different investigations we can not guarantee that all the spots on these pictures are real ghost orbs.  We are trying to get someone who has much more experience to help us sort out what is real from what is not and to teach us how to tell the difference.  I recently received a message from someone who does paranormal investigations all the time and he said he has been to the Washoe club and said there was so much dust in the air that it was impossible to use IR video cameras to investigate for ghost orbs here.  We are doing our best to sort it out.  There was an archeological dig under Piper's Opera house and it is evident there was dust in the air from time to time.  There was no wind however and some of the orbs we shot were moving very quickly, some turned, returned, circled then took off again.  If the wind had been blowing that fast we certainly should have felt it.  Some of the "orbs" we captured however I am convinced were dust particles.

Reserved for outside picture.


We were allowed to enter the infamous upstairs area of the Washoe Club where in the 1800's when this club was being used the women of the night would meet with their wealthy male visitors. 

This area of the upstairs was once accessed by a winding self supported staircase from a room beyond the bar area which is just to the right of the wall at the right side of the pictures here.  The winding staircase was blocked off to prevent the patrons and other visitors from going into the upper rooms. The upstairs rooms are under renovation and would be dangerous to anyone who was not very careful where they stepped. 

No sooner had we arrived than some ghost orbs came out to see who we were and what we were doing in their space.  It seemed the longer we were there the more ghost orbs appeared.

Looking back down from the top of the stairs toward myself and our producer you now see many small ghost orbs moving about over our heads and around us.  I did not put arrows to point out all of the orbs that are visible in the picture.

Kristy is standing right at the top of the downward staircase here.

These spots on Kristy's dress are not spots on the dress.  Either they are dust partials suspended in the air creating a larger than normal footprint or they are the smallest ghost orbs I have ever seen.

Standing in this same area Laura experienced ghost orbs that touched her legs and she could feel them.  She said "They are right here!  They are touching me!"  She began to snap pictures with the digital camera and she took this picture as she did.

For awhile I thought "well some ghost of some dirty old men are up there grabbing the girls" and I said something about it and Laura said "no I think they are children."  I'm not sure why she had that impression but I do know she is sensitive to the paranormal just as I am. Kristy never reported feeling anything but cold spots and being uncomfortable in some areas.

When she moved back and continued to take pictures we see there were also some larger orbs present where she had just been standing.  One of them you can see here was very bright.  Usually the orbs are in motion and the faster they are moving the more they tend to be elongated.

You can tell the direction and position of the camera by noting the wire coiled up on the floor in both pictures.

This picture and the next one are not shurnk to 300x225 but they were captured from the photo at this size so as not to degrade the picture or quality of the orbs.  In these two you will see why I say "if you take one picture, take at least two of the same place."

Now you can see the ghost orbs in this picture were moving and the same orbs then appear over the box.

Here you see the same two orbs are in motion and which way they moved. You can see them near each other here and can judge the distance to be very close to the box and between the box and the camera.

If you look on down the hallway you will see even larger but less obvious ghost orbs are present.

Thank you Laura for the very good job you did of taking pictures with this little digital camera. :-)

Notice the shape on the floor.  I wondered why it was cut out like this but then considered we were near the area where the spiral staircase once came up through the floor.  Perhaps this area was part of the staircase and it is being converted into a room.  I believe I was told they are going to refurbish this place into a hotel in the future.  I would love to see it when they get it finished.

Once again arrows are pointing out some of the ghost orbs that were moving about the room while we were there.

As we came back down from the upstairs area of the building you can see many more ghost orbs had gathered in the hallway.

This one and the one above were taken only seconds apart.  As soon as Laura took the first picture she could see the ghost orbs in the little view finder.  Until the flash on the camera makes the orbs visible to the camera she can not see them.  The moment it flashes it emits infra red light which then illuminates the ghost orbs to the digital sensor that captures the image.  Once she sees them she knows to turn the camera in that direction in order to take another series of pictures.  You can also see that many of the orbs have moved in just the length of time it took for the camera to recycle the flash so she could shoot again.

As we were leaving these very fine specimens of ghost orbs were moving about in the staircase leading down to the door where we entered the building.

Notice how there appears to be a bubble like shell around the ghost orbs. You can also see they were not moving very fast at all when the picture was taken.

As soon as I select and create an animation for this building I will post it below.

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