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Piper's Opera House

The following news and information is from the Virginia City, NV trip.  June 7th-14th 2002

Piper's Opera House has a long history in Virginia City, one so long in fact that I can't possibly describe it here.  What I can do however is show you some ghost orbs and pictures we managed to capture on digital camera and on video.

Disclaimer: Though we have captured "real" ghost orbs on different investigations we can not guarantee that all the spots on these pictures are real ghost orbs.  We are trying to get someone who has much more experience to help us sort out what is real from what is not and to teach us how to tell the difference.  I recently received a message from someone who does paranormal investigations all the time and he said he has been to the Washoe club and said there was so much dust in the air that it was impossible to use IR video cameras to investigate for ghost orbs here.  We are doing our best to sort it out.  There was an archeological dig under Piper's Opera house and it is evident there was dust in the air from time to time.  There was no wind however and some of the orbs we shot were moving very quickly, some turned, returned, circled then took off again.  If the wind had been blowing that fast we certainly should have felt it.  Some of the "orbs" we captured however I am convinced were dust particles.

Plaoce Holder for outside picture of Pipers.


Upstairs balcony you can see 4 ghost orbs in this shot at the point of the arrors but if you look closer you can see even more in the picture than what I have marked.

Balcony, more ghost orbs.

The ghost orbs moved all about the building.  Sometimes there were many and sometimes there were few and sometimes we couldn't find them.

Notice the ghost orb at the top and in the picture below you see the same ghost orb has moved to the lower position and the other ghost orbs are gone.

The ghost orb has moved to a lower position.  I tell my crew, if you take one picture of an area take two this way we can compare the two pictures.  This is how we are able to determine if a ghost orb is a real ghost orb and if it has moved or still in the shot.

Ghost orb in the high attic area way in the top of Piper's Opera House.

This larger ghost orb moved away toward the bottom right hand side of the picture.  If you look close you may see several very small ghost orbs in the background to the lower right.  I have the second picture of this as the ghost orb moves away but to save time and space I did not display it here.


I think that some of the "orbs" we caught here were in fact dust particles and as I get time and expert help we are trying to sort it out.  I had a picture in there that after a closer look decided I didn't like the shape or tones of the orbs and decided they were most likely dust particles in the air.

Click here to see an animation of a massive ghost orb activity.

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you there's actually so many ghost orbs moving through this room at the same time that it almost looks like fog moving through the room.  There was no wind. No bugs, no airborne dust in the air that could have moved like these do but there were a lot of ghost orbs.  I made this clip as small as I could for downloading and yes it does mess up the quality of the video.  When I play this in actual full resolution DV it actually does look like a cloud or fog moving through the room.  Check it out!

Please note the picture on the left is an animated gif. You will see what appears to be the picture flashing here and there all over. These flashes are being caused by the massive number of ghost orbs moving through the room at the time the picture was taken. An animated GIF is not as good as the actual original video.

For those of you who are very passionate about the paranormal and have time to download a 25 meg file download this file and watch the little orb near the floor that flys from where Dawn was standing with the camera, into the room then turns around and comes back. This clip is full DV format with audio.  (Flying Like Crazy)  This smaller AVI is cropped and compressed but if you watch close you can still follow the orb near the floor as it goes out to the ladder turns to the bucket then turns and comes back to the ladder then turns again and comes back toward the camera and vanishes to the right side of the picture.  (Flying Like Crazy Small File)

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