The hallway behind Laura and Kristy is inside the beautiful, but very haunted, Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.
If you know of any really "Spooky Places" where really strange things happen please share your story with us. Tell us everything you can about this place and as close as you can to when the event took place. Is this an on going strange place like a haunting or a spook light where a mysterious ball of light appears out of nowhere in the night then moves as if by intelligent will off into the night? Is it a place where a vehicle when shut off and in neutral will roll up hill? If you think we might find your story of interest please tell us all you can about this spooky place.
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We spent a week shooting in Virginia City, NV and Gold Hill summer 2002. We captured plenty of ghost orbs and interesting interviews.

I returned to Virginia City to help a friend working on a production she calls "Ghost's of Pipers" and she helped me with segments for Spooky Places."  I'm in her show and she's in ours.

We are still working on the show between other shows and book projects we are working on. If you like novels with ghost stories try

"The Adventures of Megan Martin."
Laura and Kristy are now in the
process of searching out all of the most interesting "Spooky Places" they can find. They will select the very best and pay these places a visit.