Pictures taken at the Crescent Hotel on 4/28/2001

By Bryon Smith

Rainbow Productions

Pictures were taken with a Kodak DC-3200 digital camera.

Can you find the Ghost Orbs in this picture to the left.

How many can you find.

Here is some help. This picture was snapped about 2-5 seconds after the one above.  The camera was still adjusting the light in the picture above and it looks darker than the one here.  But you will notice the ghost orbs that are clearly visible in the picture above are not visible in this picture.  Also note I was standing in the same exact place.  No lights in the room have changed.  If you look real close though you might actually find one in this picture.
Did you spot this one in the box ?  It's in the top picture.  In this picture you can clearly see the ball of light is inside the box.  If any of these orbs had been caused by reflections they would have appeared in the second picture taken moments later, but they did not.  However I believe if you take a very close look at the second picture you may discover this orb has moved up and to the right and is vanishing from view.
This is a picture of the door of room 218, said to be the room that has the most ghostly activities.

Notice the scratches on the door.  I didn't ask what might have caused them.  I was told the door on this room will sometimes open and close at night even though it is locked.

Click on the door and be transported directly to the Crescent Hotel website.

There's a link at the bottom of their page to take you to the ghost tours website.  Tell them that we sent you.

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