Great Dreams
Enoch's Dreams
And here are some links to those websites.
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Go to Dream-Link.org home page.
Dee's Great Dreams deals with dreams and a lot more.
Todd's webpages of dreams.
Cyberspace Orbit
Website full of really neat pictures of space and
other strange and controversial subjects, angels,
UFO's, pyramids, Stonehenge, and more.
What do you think that is in the picture ? Want
to know more ? Find out on their website.
Ever heard of the Roswell Rods ? They are objects that fly around
in the sky and around people all the time unseen to the human
eye and yet they were not discovered until a certain man living
near Roswell, NM caught them on tape with his video camera.
Since then a lot of people have caught these illusive things on
video and this website is dedicated to endeavor.
Roswell Rods
Fort Smith public library,
main branch website.
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The largest link page that I have is the Dream-Link.org main
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NASA is frequently inventing and discovering things
that make our lives better. See what's on the board
at their Aerospace Research Center Website.
Be in a movie!
Yes you can be in a movie to. Top Link.

Try the bottom link for Spiderman website and more
news about the Spiderman movie.
Spiderman News
I like to put up links to websites that I think are strange
and interesting and here's one that has quite a few
interesting things on it and links to other websites with
more interesting and mysterious things. This one has a
lot of info on it, more than I could describe here. I'm not
saying I believe everything linked on this site but there
are certain things that are worth a look.
It's Strange
Once in awhile I receive a report about a substance
being dropped from a UFO. It is white and looks almost
like snow flakes until it hits you or the ground then it's
more like a spiderweb. It melts the moment you touch
it. It has been nicknamed "Angel Hair."
Angel Hair
Before you buy anything check out
my reviews website for huge listing
of reviews. Yes I even have
reviews out there.
Ghosts !
Don't be afraid, no, their only GHOSTS! Real live "dead"
ghosts and we video taped them deep inside the hull of
the Queen Mary. Go to our webpage and see pictures
extracted directly from the digital night vision video.
Allen Link-UFO
Interested in the subject of UFO's, alien abductions and
the like, then here's a good place to start.
Global Vision
This website has links to self help websites, dream
websites, UFO, Paranormal and many more. Check it out
and tell them I sent you. :-)
VirtuNova website is updated frequently and has a
wealth of information covering news and UFO related
info. File a UFO sighting here.
Click here to visit the worlds first UFO-Intelligence
This is a link to a self help website that has links to just
about any kind of self help you might need from dreams to
medical to you name it you should find it here.

Tell them that we sent you. :-)
You like science and related news and
discoveries you will find a wealth of it on
this website. Try it, you might like it :-)
Sunshine Mom is your place to find products and
answers to your questions about caring for your
children, your family and yourself.

A friend of ours runs this website and she is also a board-
member with the Young Actors Guild in Fort Smith, AR.
Cydonia Mars
Martian Mysteries, a fine collection of curious pictures
of formatoins on Mars.
And here's another Link to a Mars
related website.
A friend of mine is the managing
editor of the UFO Magazine.
Check it out.
Need a Weather Update ?
Try this one out.
Spook Light
Like to see something spooky that shows up almost
every night in a small place not far from Hornet, MO. ?
It's a basket ball size ball of light and no one has been
able to explain what it is or why it exists.

If you like this do a search for "Hornet Spook Light" and
it will turn up quite a few more links to pages about this
strange phenomena.
Ghost Orbs
The Rainbow Productions crew went to scope out a
potential production area at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka
Springs, AR. We took a lot of pictures and look to see
what we caught. Ghost orbs pictures.
Do you know of any really
Spooky Places that you
can tell us about ?

Help us choose a really
Spooky Place for one of our
future production sights.

Click on the picture to the
left and come to the Really
Spooky places website for
more information.
Tulsa Radar
Spirit is the ghost hunters website.
A website dedicated to researching the paranormal.
Tell them we sent you.