Ghosts on the Queen Mary
A Real Ghost caught on video!
The Haunted Pool Room !
Queen Mary
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The Queen Mary

What if the existence of ghosts could be proven ? What if the presence of
spiritual energy could be captured and recorded ? Our perception of these
things would change and the reality that we believe in would be altered.

The sounds of spirits speaking and sounds of the past have been recorded at
times on sensitive electronic sound recorders, wouldn't it be great if we could
also record images of these spirit beings ?

Since the invention of the digital camera with night vision the subject of ghosts
has taken on new meaning.

These new high tech video cameras can see in light spectrums the normal
human eye is unable to see. They can capture and record spiritual energy,
even so spirit energy is still quite illusive and can be difficult to detect.

What do we know about these spirits ? We know that sometimes they appear
in shapes that might be recognized as being a human form but many times they
appear as balls of light, sometimes bright, sometimes very faint and sometimes
very fast, blink and you might miss it.
A spirit orb in motion may be
moving so fast that it can cross
in and out of sight of the camera
in 3 to 6 frames of video. Normal
NTSC (USA) video format is 30
frames per second. The night
vision camera that caught the
ghost orb to the right is set for
slow shutter in order to capture
images that are very hard to
detect. In this mode it shoots 15
frames per second. The ghost
comes into view in frame one
moving from top to bottom of the
view. This ghost appears and
vanishes in about 1/4th of a
second. Blink your eyes and you
miss it when viewing in real time.
The Queen Mary has a rich history but not all of it is pleasant. Passengers,
ship's crew and many soldiers met their fate during the time when the ship was
in use. Over the years people who have worked on the ship have had strange
encounters with ghostly images and sounds. The Sighting's program and other
producers have shot on location ghost hunting programs taking well known
psychics including Mr. Peter James.

Peter James is highly sensitive to spiritual energy of the dead. He can see and
even speak to and hear spirits as they respond to his presence, and sometimes
the sounds are even caught on the video recordings of these programs.

It has not been all that long ago when people who said they saw a ghost or
believed some place was haunted really couldn't prove it and as a result may
have found their attempts to relate their information met with ridicule.

After all if ghosts do exist then life after death can be a proven fact and for
some that is frightening enough. What if there really is such a thing as angels,
demons, God and the devil ? What if Heaven and Hell are real ? Many
questions arise, if all that is true then why are these spirits still earth bound ?
Yes, the pool room of the Queen
Mary is really haunted.

Tune your monitor contrast high
and tune your eyes for this one,
it's very faint.

Immediately after the "show" for
the visitors on this tour when the
lights went out my camera caught
a ghost orb moving in the direction
of the last bright lights that were
on in a hallway leading from the