This is Victoria Monroe.
She's a professional model, camera operator, video editor, and TV show host. Click on her picture to see some of Reno Rocks!
Actually she's dad's friend.
This is Jessica. She is a good friend too. She is 20 now. This picture was taken like 4-5 years ago. She has a beautiful daughter named Madelyn Faith. We call her Maddy. Jessica's very talented. She has a beautiful singing voice. Her mother works with my mom. They are good friends!
These are my celebrity Friends who I can call or visit nearly anytime I want.
Victoria Monroe
This is Steven Smith. He does many things. Click on the picture to go to the web sight. .Actually he's dad's friend.
Billy Dale Sexton
Singer, song writer, musician. Sometimes we have pool parties over at his house. He's a good friend of my dad's.