My Friends are the BEST!!!
This is Morgan.
She also has a character in "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novel series.  Her character is "MiKayla" and you can see her picture on the back of novel #3 "A Christmas Story." She is one of my best friends. She is always here for me. She is a sweet lovable girl that gets along with everybody. She is very outgoing. Shes lot os fun to hang out with, she is very optimistic!
Everybody loves Morgan!
I've got more friends I need to put on here.
Kristy and Lauren
Band Camp
Melissa G. & Kendra
Kristy and Melissa
Band Camp
Celeb Friends
The person to the left is Melissa and the person to the right is Kendra. They are in band with me. Kendra was on flag line with me. Melissa plays the trumpet and Kendra plays the oboe. They are really nice, sweet people.
This is Corrie she is Amber and Hannah's sister. Corrie's kool!!!
This is me and my friend Lauren. This picture was taken like 3 years ago at the Young Actors Guild Fall Festival in 2001. Lauren is a really fun person. She is also in band with me. Both of us play the Clarinet! She is also a majorette!
This picture was also taken at band camp. This was the day everybody played in the band they were in and then left. That's Melissa, not the Melissa in the other picture but a diffrent one. She got in the 1st band. I got in the 5th. She playes the flute. She was also in the flag line with me. She's really, what's a good word... ummm outgoing. :-)
This picture was taken at an orchestra trip. from the left is Aurrielle, she plays the viola, and then Brittany, she played the violin. She moved to a different school and shes not in orchestra any more. :-( Then there is me! We are doing our Charlie's Angels pose! lol !
This picture was taken at band camp. From the left there is Rachel. She was a drum major this year. She is also on the dance team at school. Then there is Kendra. She is in the picture to the left with Melissa, and thats Megan on the right. She plays the bass clarinet. She was also a drum major this year.
This is Haley to the right, this was taken at the end of last year. Haley is also in band. She plays the alto sax. She made All Region, 1st band, 5th chair. She is really good. She is a really sweet person.
This is me and Haley. We got these pictures taken at the mall. That was this year. That same day we got our picture taken with Santa!!! :-)
This picture was taken last year when Melissa had long hair.
This is another picture of Morgan. This is her this year. Doesn't she just look so fabulous in her baby blue billabong shirt. With her long brown hair and beautful green eyes! lol I love ya, Morgan. You're the best!!!
This picture was taken at on of the pool parties. On the right is Amber. She is the one who started talking me in to going to church and now I go and I'm saved now. She is one of my best friends. I've known her since I was 3. I love ya, girly!
That is Sydney to the left. She is also my friend. I met her through Amber. She is a good friend too. I love ya too, chick!
This picture to the right is Rickie. She is my sister's friend. She's really kool!
This is Laura, Morgan, & me! We are in Missouri getting some food!!!
This is me and Morgan at Ha Ha Tonka!!! (on the right)
This is Morgan and me at my grandparent's house riding my grandpa's four wheeler! (on the right)
This is me and Morgan washing the dishes at my grandparent's house! Bubbles!!!! (on the left)
This is Morgan, me, and Laura at me grandparent's house!!! (on the left)
This was so kool we had so much fun at Ha Ha Tonka. We took lots of pictures. We saw a dog there. He was really skinny it was really sad. But he was so cute! (up at the top)