Yes I can do some things.
Check it out.
This is me with my violin. I'm in orchestra too. I like to play, and I'm sad to say I'm not going to be in orchestra next year. But I'm going to keep playing cause I love it!
This is my band picture. As you can see I play the clarinet. It's tons of fun. I'm going to keep playing for as long as I can!
I also act. I've been in lots of plays with the Young Actors Guild. It's been lots of fun. I'm hoping to get into some more plays. I was one of the little pigs in Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. And I was also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was an oompa loompa. I was also in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The first year I was in it I was in the angel choir. Like the third time i was in it I was suppose to be someone else but I was the understudy for Gladys. But I didn't learn my lines because I knew I wouln't play it but it turns out that she didn't show up. So I learned my lines real quick and I played the part. The next year I got the role of Imogene! I was in some other plays these are just a few. I love acting!
I love to swim and dive. I use to be on the swim team but I'm not now. But next year I'm going to be on it again, maybe. I got my scuba card last year. It took lots of hard work but it was fun!
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