My Family is da BOMB!!!
Things I like about my family.

I love them all, even if we do argue sometimes.  My sister's really pretty and she knows it and that used to bother me but not anymore.  I see the boys look when I walk by. ;-)

Laura likes to draw, write, read and decorate rooms.  Boy does she ever like to decorate rooms!

My mom is really smart and she has a good job but most of all she puts up with me.  She's what they call a computer systems analyst programmer coordinator or something like that.  If it wasn't for her we wouldn't even be here so you go tell your mom you love her and give her a big hug and a kiss.

My dad is something like a kid in a man's body.  He knows how to do a lot of things pretty well.  I couldn't list them all here but might list a few.  He's an author "The Adventures of Megan Martin" and he's a videographer.  He's made TV shows and he's making one now called "Spooky Places" and Laura and I are the main show hosts.  He also helps me with my website. :-)

Dad's farmed, worked heavy construction, ran construction equipment like bulldozers and draglines and drove dump trucks. Built radio towers and worked on radios.  He did professional SCUBA salvage work for more than 20 years and designed and built boat docks, welding, cutting, fabrication.  And he's a licensed pilot.  Him and mom both are HAM radio operators.
Kristy and Laura
Kristy and Laura
Grandpa Roy
Mom & Kristy
Aunt Debby
Kristy & Dad Buddybreathing
Kristy drives boat
This is a picture from my Uncle Lionel and Aunt Sara's 40th anniversary! On the left is my daddy and the girl on my Grandpa Jesse's lap is my Aunt Gina, and on the right is my Uncle Lionel!
This another picture from my Aunt Sara and Uncle Lionel's anniversery. My Aunt Sara is the one in the red dress and my Uncle Lionel is the guy on the right!
This is Laura at a radio talk show!!! How kool is that!! (at the bottom)
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