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Letters to and replies about Dreams.  Along with a few more examples below.

A Fairly Recent Dream that was sent to me about future disasters and signs in the heavens.
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:38:41 EST
I had a dream this last summer and I was hoping you could shed some light on a possible meaning of this dream.  First of all this dream is recurring, though I'm not sure how many times I've had it, it has definitely been more than once.  Also each time I have the dream it seems there is more revealed to me. 

It takes place at this old farmhouse in Michigan where my mother's parents used to live, except the yard and barn are a little different in the dream than in real life.  The yard is much smaller, along with the barn; and the barn has ivy growing all over one side.  The dream starts with me standing in the front yard around dusk.  I wander inside the house where my parents and aunts and uncles, from my mothers side of the family, are sitting around the kitchen table, in very dim light, playing cards.  I wander back out to barn and while looking at the side covered in ivy see a door which is not normally there, yet in the dream I know where it's at.  I open the door and walk into an old unused bathroom.  The water in the sink works, but there is no water in the toilet.  It is at this point which the dream ended previously.  When I had the dream this last summer I looked in the toilet and there was water, but it was very stagnant.  I look at myself in this mirror which is also very dirty, then proceed to go to the bathroom.  I walk back outside the barn, and notice a small crowd of people in the front yard. I walk over to where they are and realize that they are all looking up at the sky.  While trying to figure out what they are looking at I see a bright light in the sky.  I ask what's going on, and the person beside me nonchalantly replies that it is the end of the world.  Suddenly I realize that the moon is unbelievably close to the earth, it seemed less than 30 miles away and all of a sudden lots and lots of meteorites start flying through the atmosphere and hitting the earth.  I run inside where all my relatives are still calmly playing cards and excitedly yell about whether they know what is going on outside.  They calmly reply that they do and continue playing cards.  This is when I woke up.  When I woke up I had this unbelievable weird feeling-goosebumps, watery eyes, hair standing on end-and was wide awake and very excited.  I remembered everything so explicitly as if there was some monumental importance to it.  That same day I talked to at least 3 people about the dream experiencing the same weird feelings, and at this very moment while writing this letter I'm experiencing the same indescribable feeling. 
Hope you can help, 


Reply 1/14/1999

 Quite a lot of people are having dreams of impending doom in earth’s future.  I have had and still occasionally have dreams very similar to the one you describe here having the same basic meaning.  The future holds certain disasters for us. Repetitive dreams like you mention are calling for your attention, as they are very important. 

 I can analyze your dream step by step and tell you the meaning of each set of symbols if you like.  I can also condense it and give you the basic general meanings of certain selections of symbols.

 The house and relatives you see is symbolic of different attitudes of different people, some of them are very close to you, relatives, family and friends.  They have heard the warnings of impending disasters but they are unconcerned and intend to worry about it when or if it happens rather than to prepare themselves for it.  A big part of the reason for this attitude is because they have heard so many others give warnings like this for so very long and yet nothing has really happened to fit the description of the disasters being foretold.  It’s like saying, “there’s a prophet on every corner warning us of impending doom, yet where is it?”  These people are frequently in the mind that if there is a God let him show himself and then we will believe.  What they fail to understand is that disasters at a certain point in time were seen and foretold by prophets of God thousands of years ago.  The people in that lifetime never saw these disasters manifested so they became unconcerned and complacent.  What they fail to comprehend is that in the spirit there is no time as we understand it, only events that bring about change in the physical world.

 They are at a table in the kitchen, which means they are discussing these things since kitchens and tables are symbolic of places where information is made ready and then consumed, or taken in and considered.  They are playing cards as to symbolize they are literally gambling on their future and taking a chance that all will be well.  Perhaps it won’t happen in their lifetime, who knows, Right?

 The barn is significant in that barns are symbolic of places where people keep things.  Things of all kinds and in this case since your dream is speaking about the “end times” or times before the great prophesied disasters on a world wide scale then your barn also deals with past records.  You are entering the barn through a door that isn’t really there in real life.  This means you are taking a rather unconventional approach to the concepts the dreams are dealing with.  You enter not through the front but through the side door.  Meaning that you choose who you talk to about it and not everything you consider will be made public at this point in time.  The front is the public place and the back is the private place and the side is simply in-between public and private.

 The restroom can represent two general symbols.  One is that of “rest” or taking a break to gain some relief from the situation the dream is talking about.  Another meaning is to cleanse ones self, either spiritually or physically or both.  Mirrors give us the general meaning of “reflection.”  This can do with taking a look at our own selves to see us as others see us or they can be indicating that we need to reflect on things the dreams are trying to tell us and consider them more seriously.  (The exception to this mirror rule has to do with viewpoint dreams and this dream is not a viewpoint dream.)

 The subject your dreams are dealing with is not a new subject at all, in fact it is a very old subject and the barn shows you that records have been made long ago about the very same subjects.  Prophecies to be precise, about a time when disasters will hit the earth and affect the entire world in a very negative way.  The prophets who saw these things in their day had no true recollection of time.  They had no real idea when these things would take place but they knew it would be in a time just before the great battles that were foretold and these were to happen shortly (a few years perhaps) before the return of the Savior.  In fact some stood waiting, expecting Jesus to return in a few moments after he had ascended.  Dreams are spiritual and the concept of exact times is lost when translated into the physical.  This is why we were told to watch for the signs of these events to know the starting dates and then we can count the days of certain events that were fortold long ago.

 When you come out of the barn you see people looking toward the sky and you want to know what’s going on.  These are people like myself and now you who have joined them being curious and who have been given these dreams and some insight into the future.

  They are looking upward toward the sky and this symbolically means they are looking toward the heavens for answers and for signs.  Dreams are considered being a form of supernatural communications between the spirit world and the physical world.  In a sense watching our dreams is similar to watching for signs from the heavens.  The prophets of old told us there would be "signs in the heavens and upon the earth" in those days.  We are experiencing both at this time on a world wide scale.

  The moon itself is a symbolic heavenly symbol and being large and close to the earth means the time is drawing near when these events will unfold and manifest themselves in reality.  Distance in dreams is directly relative to time.  The closer they are the less time is involved.

 Keep a record of your dreams and if you like you may join the DreamLink dream discussion group and read what others are saying about their dreams and visions.

Thanks for sending your dream. 



The following is a reply to a message and question sent to me from a student who wanted to know how physical things can affect our dreams.  It was a good question and some of you may find my answer of interest.

Reply 11/22/98

Dreams quite frequently speak of physical things and a person's own mental and physical condition do affect the kinds of dreams that people have.

The first thing a person needs to understand is who and what we are in the most basic of terms.  We are two part beings to say the least.  This is to say we are part physical and part spiritual.  Something like describing a battery.  A battery is part physical and the physical parts produce an electric response.  The body is the same and part of this electric response is translated into what we might call a psychic signal or psychic response.  You might think of it as a form of radio signal.  Not a signal that can be received on a radio but a signal that connects with the source of our beings.  You may call the source of our beings the God spirit or Cosmic Consciousness if you prefer.  If you send a signal out no doubt it is translated into a form of language that can be understood in the psychic and we might expect to receive some form of response from sending out that signal.  Since most people do not believe that dreams have any real value most people do not expect this response from the psychic in the form of their dreams.  The less we pay attention to our dreams the less our dreams will speak to us.  The more we listen the more our dreams will try to communicate with us.  If it fails on the first attempt it will retranslate the message and send it again.  This is why it is helpful for us to write our dreams down and understand that several dreams may be speaking about the very same thing only using different terms or different combinations of symbols.  By compiling these dreams together we may gain better insight into what the dreams are trying to tell us.  These kinds of dreams usually happen on the same night or within two nights of each other.  Occasionally they will reach out across several days depending on just how concerned the dreamer is and how long this subject is on the dreamer’s mind.

Generally we tend to dream about the things we think about the most.  These are the most
common dreams and therefore physical events do affect the nature of our dreams.  We dream about school, we dream about work, we dream about our families and friends.  Some dream about UFO’s, alien abductions and government conspiracies.  Naturally their dreams will reflect these subjects and symbols.  We also dream about our enemies.  If you are very concerned about something in real life then you may expect to have dreams about it even as long as 3 to 7 days after your concerns on the subject have subsided.  The number of days has to do with just how concerned you are about the subject.  Generally I can be concerned about something and have dreams that night or the following night.  Sometimes I have dreams on the second and third nights after my meditation or thoughts on the subject.  It's like sending out a message to the spirit and then waiting on the spirit to respond.

The best and clearest dreams usually come in the morning when a person is rested.  A person who doesn't get enough rest will have very few dreams they can recall and the ones they can recall usually won't make a lot of sense.  Many times people who don't get enough rest at night will claim they never have dreams.

In the Bible it was written that God would speak to His prophets early in the morning in dreams and this is also saying they were rested and just about to get up anyway.

If you read Numbers 12:6 you will see that God Himself mentions speaking to his Prophets in dreams and visions.  So you can see if God is a Spiritual being then our dreams are a form of communications between the spirit and the flesh or physical dimension.

I'm not sure exactly what you are wanting on this science project so I will try to cover a general area closer to physical things if I can.  Our dreams can tell us about our own heath conditions they can tell us about illnesses before we even know we are sick.   I have had quite a lot of dreams that have warned me of catching some kind of illness before I actually got sick.  In one I saw the sun rise in the morning three times but it came up in the North Sky and was a odd color.  I had that dream just before I woke up and by that night I was very sick with a flu.

In other dreams speaking of the same thing, a flu type illness, I dreamed I fell into a stream or pool of water.  Many times falling dreams are trying to warn a person of physical illness.  Most of my falling dreams where I fall into something like a pool of water usually muddy water are telling me that I am about to fall ill with something.  Another health warning symbol in dreams is that of the cat.  The larger the cat the more series the illness.  The cat may be chasing the person and the dreamer may be trying to get away from it.  Usually lions are not the type of cat that are used in dreams speaking of illnesses but striped or spotted cats and many times house type cats but not pets will be used as symbols of illnesses in dreams.  In other words a person usually won’t dream of their own pet cat as a symbol of them being ill.  This research has been compiled over a number of years and has been found to be very consistent.  I believe there may be some connections to the concept of witches cursing people and those people becoming ill.  The concept of the "witches" may be incorrect but the dreams of the cats in regards to illnesses back in Salem, Mass.  May very well have some validity.  Many of these dreams may have been produced since people were eating bread made of rye grain and sometimes this bread would contain a certain kind of fungus that would produce a drug like hallucinogenic effect on the person who ate it.  This lead to many concepts of witches casting curses on the people to make them ill.  I believe if you could attain dreams from that time period you may find their dreams contained cats, or black cats in connections to the warning dreams of the illness they had contracted.  This would be an excellent research effort for a school project concerning dreams.  Off hand I am not real sure where a person would find this kind of information but if you are interested and have some ideas I would like to see what we could turn up.  Where would a person find a record of dreams from Salem, Mass.  From the time period during the Witch Trials ?

In the case of excessive drinking or even drugs the person's dreams can warn them they had better stop or they will pay the price.  Symbols in these dreams cover a wide range of warning symbols.  A person who drinks to much may find broken bottles or mugs or some symbol of the drinking habit.  They may dream of falling into ditches or also into pools of mud, or muddy water.  They may dream of their friends who drink with them.  Likewise similar dreams and symbols will come to people who abuse drugs.  A person may dream they are driving down the highway and loose control of their vehicle, some may run off the road and have a wreck.  These are all warning dreams that I have received from people who have had these problems and I have documented them in my DreamLink book.  They are warning dreams trying to get that person to correct the errors in their lives.

People who work under bad conditions will also have dreams that warn them of these
dangers and will try to convince them they must change their life style to improve the quality of their lives.  One man dreamed he was on a very old wooden ship tied to a mast and a big brute of a man was whipping him with a cat of 9 tales.  This dream was influenced by the man's working conditions and is posted on my DreamLink web site.  The man whipping the man was symbolic of his boss who was driving him literally to the point of loosing his temper.  The old ship that was tied to the dock was symbolic of his job, it was going no where and had no future to advance.

I dreamed my neighbor lady had a problem and need me to give her a ride and she had a big friendly yellow dog.  The dream was almost literal in that sense because the very next day the neighbor lady came over and said she wanted me to follow her to the shop and then bring her home because something was wrong with her truck and she had to take it and leave it at the shop to get it fixed.  The big friendly dog was symbolic of the problem with the vehicle.  Me giving her a ride was literal.  In this case though the dream itself was foretelling something that I had no physical knowledge of.  That makes it a kind of prophetic dream.

I hope this helps with your research.
Thank you for asking.

…Bryon Smith


Kill the Giant Snake 1/20/1999

A Dream Having Religious Implications
 Mike L. and I were camping in the country near a dirt road.  We had a makeshift tent and he had done something to the floor almost like heating rocks by fire then building the tent on top of it.  Then he threw down some blankets around the edge near the door and that’s where we were to sleep.  I had a western style six shooter and he had a 22 rifle.

 While trying to get somewhat comfortable in that little round “TeePee” type tent I looked out and saw there came a strange kind of darkness outside.  Like night but a bright kind of off color nighttime.  It was like an eclipse where the darkness and the light has sharp contrast.  I saw something moving in the woods and thought it was a deer.  I turned and a young man walked past me along the road.  I called to him asking if he was hunting and he said he was just going home.  He had been to see someone at the house up the road.  I lay there for a few moments after he had passed by then I heard him scream.  I ran to see what was going on and found him running across a field back toward me.  He ran up to the fence that he had climbed and grabbed a large club and turned to fight something that he said was after him.  I looked just beyond where he was standing and saw a HUGE snake.  I said “that’s a bull snake, I recognize the patterns on it.”  then I told the man “whack that thing with the club, don’t let it get you.”

 The man ran after it with the club but the snake seeing him coming back with a weapon turned and crawled quickly over a little hill like a bulldozer pile and away it went.  I was calling all the while “don’t let it get away” and “does anyone have a gun?”

 I ran back to the tent and told Mike what was going on and asked him to come help us but he refused.  I then asked him for his rifle as it would be a better weapon to kill the huge snake with.  He gave it to me.   I ran around to the South and across to the people’s property where the snake had been seen.  There was a large water hole there and the snake had gone into it and was headed South.  I flew across to a place where the snake would come out.  Others had joined the fight against the giant snake.  This thing was larger than the largest Python on record.  Large enough to kill and eat a person with ease.  I took a position on the edge of the bank near the water and near a man who was standing there waiting for the snake to come out.  When the snake came out it hesitated for a moment only a few yards from where we were standing and I fired one shot and hit it right between the eyes.  The snake lay as if dead for a few moments while others gathered around.  Then it started to move again, this time slowly.  It turned and started to move back the direction it had come.  It was all but dead and we were wondering how it could even be moving.  I ran to get ahead of it to get another shot but the gun had jammed.  I had to put another shell into the chamber.  Again I shot the snake, this time about two inches behind the first shot.  I was trying to shoot it in the brain to kill it.  The gun made an awful sound this time when it fired.  I knew it was really messed up and needed a good cleaning.  I called out for another gun and told the people get weapons and kill this thing before it hurts or kills someone.  I told them to get rakes, clubs, a gun knives and sword anything they could find to kill the snake and again I called out “I need another gun.”  Finally one of the men standing next to me said “all right then” and grabbed my gun and threw it in the water with the huge snake.  I looked at him like he was crazy but I guess he figured the gun I had was no good and I needed another one so he just threw the one I had in the water.

 At that moment the snake reached me and started to raise it’s head up out of the water and I quickly put my foot on the snake’s head and pushed it down under the water thinking it might drown if I hold it down long enough.

 Whenever you see people in dreams that you can identify you need to make a note and try to identify the characteristics of that person in order to gain the meaning of why it was him or her in the dream rather than someone else.  Once you do this you should keep a log in your journal about the different people you see in your dreams.  Movie stars, friends, relatives, and even strangers.  If you don’t have an answer right away then just make notes for now and later you may learn what that person means in your dreams.

Mike L. was a friend of mine quite sometime ago.  We would SCUBA dive together, we fished together, we went camping together and then he became a preacher.  Like other friends who took the same route it wasn’t long after that we parted ways he going his way and me going my way.  He’s the guy who told his preacher about me and that preacher was going to come straighten me out on some facts of life.  In another night vision experience this is when I saw the door blow off the hinges and the preacher conducting weddings at the back door of his church where no one could see him.  Then Mike told his preacher and the preacher decided that I all ready knew too much about him and he didn’t want to come see me anymore.  Then Later Mike discovered that everything I had said about that preacher was true.  My information came from my dreams, and yours can to.

So what does it mean that I saw Mike in my dream.  Of all the people it could have been it had to be him because he has several different things about him that could apply in this dream.  For one thing when I asked him for help in the dream he didn’t even want to get up.  At times Mike was exactly like that and would rather sleep, yet he had built the tent and fixed it where it would be warm.  He loaned me his gun to kill the snake with.  It was like saying he was doing his part even though he would not help us actually kill the snake.  We never parted ways as enemies though, he just left and never came back.  He like I is also aware of the beings who lurk in the spiritual shadows.  He has witnessed supernatural events as I have.  If I have to choose just what it means I am going to say it has to do with religion since he had to learn a special lesson about churches and organized religions just as I did when I was younger.  You see he built him and I a little tent in the woods near a dirt road.  He fixed a special way to heat that tent and then even invited me to say with him for the night.  He has separated himself from the other people and from the churches at this point, at least in the dream.

Atmosphere is also important when trying to understand a dream and this one had perhaps the most unusual atmosphere of any dreams I have analyzed.  Instead of becoming nighttime as it would normally the contrast changed.  It was like night yet it was not night.  It was like an eclipse of the sun.  The “Sun” represents “Light” and Light represents our ability to comprehend what’s going on in our dreams.  It is directly related to our ability to comprehend what our dreams are talking about once we gain some evidence of the physical manifestation.  The atmosphere in this dream is showing us a sharp contrast is involved between the light and the darkness.  It is also telling us there Is something blocking out the light, in order to twist or conceal the truth about something.

Characters in dreams once again now we have a stranger to deal with in our dream.  The man who I saw walking by looked Amish.  The hat the way he dressed and all shows religious implications involved in this dream subject.  This does not mean the dream is speaking about Amish people or their religion necessarily but only implies that religion is a factor in this dream subject.

I asked him if he was hunting.  Yet he indicated he had been to visit some neighbors and was on his way home.  Please understand that since the “hunting” was implied by being spoken in the dream the “hunting” is also a factor in this dream subject, but he was not hunting animals, he is hunting for information. He went to talk to the neighbors just up the road from where Mike has built his tent, almost in the neighbor’s front yard.  Since a symbol can’t really do this but a real person can do this we may then believe this man is a real person and not just a symbol in our dream.

The man passed our tent and I was laying literally in the doorway of the tent looking out across the road and around at the trees wondering about the strange contrast.  There were practically no colors at all in the dream once the contrast started.  Browns were all but black and shadows were black.  Now something happened that I didn’t mention in the actual dream since I typed it up at 4 AM and it was about 50 degrees in this room at the time so I was in a big of a hurry about it.  When the man passed the tent where I was I was at the tent.  When he walked away I saw him leave but when he reached the main dirt road I was floating in the air by the side of that dirt road and I saw him turn left (toward me) and head toward his home.  As he passed by I was floating out among the trees.  The next thing I knew I was back in the doorway of the tent when I heard him screaming for help.  The next thing I knew I was at the junction of that driveway and the dirt road where I had been hovering moments before.  I then went up the road only a few yards when I saw the man running back away from the snake which had frightened him.  Now he was in the field and not on the road.  I could see some color at this time when I noticed the huge snake.  There was a fence all the way around this field and I could see his house on the hill at the top edge of the field in the distance.  I never crossed this fence but I watched calling to the lad to get something and kill the snake.  The snake then came out of the brush pile and went after the lad until the lad got hold of a long club and went chasing back after the snake.  Then the snake turned and went another direction.

There are several things we can gain from this and first of all we have some good clues that verify each other that indicate to us that religion is being implied in this dream subject.  The fence around this field is a limiting factor and only certain people might be in that field and they are people of that same religion that is being implied.  Fence = Restrictions in the dream subject area.

The huge snake came out of the brush pile.  The brush pile represents a kind of confusion where this snake is able to hide.  But our friend has been to talk to the neighbors and he has gained some understanding of the truth and armed with this truth he is headed back home.  He is able to see things differently now and I would bet that is the reason why he was able to see the huge snake that he and his friends had been unable to see until that time.

Snakes in dreams are warning symbols.  The general meaning of the snake is that of “deception” being involved in the dream subject.  The size of the snake indicates its power or the ability to control others.  It also indicates the danger involved with the subject being dealt with in the dream.  The kind of snake also can give us clues and the first thing I said when I saw it was that it was a “bull-snake” and the name now joins the meaning of the symbol of the snake.  “Bull” = lies and deceptions. 

The man now represents someone who has learned the truth about what ever this dream is talking about and he is going after it with a big stick.  He is out to set things right or at least to try to expose the snake for what it is.  I might add at this point that before his eyes were opened to the truth he may not have been able to see the snake.

I quickly returned to the tent and borrowed my friend’s 22 rifle.  The reason I took the rifle over my own pistol was simple.  The snake I needed to kill in this case was a long way from me.  I wanted to be able to shoot accurately at a distance and a rifle is better for that job than a pistol is.  I should have taken both, but as fate would have it, it may not happen.

Guns in dreams can have several different meanings, which you may read about in the dream's symbol area of the website when it is completed.  It depends on just how and what the gun is used for in the dream.  If you sight with the gun it means setting your goals or "sights" toward a goal.  If you shoot with the gun it is symbolic of a kind of attack against something or someone, etc.

On my return trip I came to another fence around that property where the huge snake is.  I saw the huge snake swimming in a pool of water there as it was headed South to find a place to hide from me.  At this point you may know the people who live in that farm are keeping the snake alive.  Few of them are aware of it who have accepted it and live with it and most of them are not, but this is like their pet and it is their religion and so they feed and care for it.  They are not about to kill it, or even to allow it to be killed if they have a choice.  The young man who has learned the truth however is like me and some of my friends.  He has learned the truth about his own religion.  Perhaps a religion he was raised into and now he knows the only way out for him is to attack the deception and the lie and he will try to set his friends free with what he has learned.

I fly over that fence and shoot the snake right between the eyes.  This takes the fight right out of it.  In fact we think I have killed it.  Remember it is not a real animal, it is a lie, a deception kept alive by religion.  It will not die like a real snake, it will live as long as people put their faith into that lie.  Moments later it starts to move again and turns away from me.  It is afraid of me and wants to seek sanctuary back in the other deeper pool of water.  I have problems with the borrowed gun but I managed to shoot the snake one more time just 2 inches back from where I shot it the first time.  Again the snake lays down as if it is dying.  I was afraid to use the gun again and the man who took it from me and threw it in the water with the snake is not my friend.  He is a friend of the snake and he hates me for what he has seen me do.  As for me the snake raises up like as if to attack me but has no strength in it against me.  This is like saying the lie has no power over me because I know that it is a lie and I will not accept it.  From this I put my foot on the head of the creature and push it down under the water as if to drown it.  In this act a prophecy is being fulfilled, seeing the head of the snake under my foot.  And he shall bruise our heal and we shall bruise his head.

If anyone has a clue who this dream is talking about please share it with us.
Thank you.

100’s Crushed in mud slide during media event.

Is this a Prophetic Dream foretelling some future disaster ? 1/20/1999
 I was floating in the air watching what appeared to be a media event like a sports event.  Some of the men working at the event were dressed in orange coveralls.  They also had a TV set and I could see what I was seeing and then some and could see it even on their TV set.  They were watching the event mostly and few of them even recognized that a disaster was being spoken off that was going to happen to them.  It was being shown to them on their own TV set as if it was happening.  The show on the TV was running a few minutes ahead of time.  Suddenly there was a rumbling sound and the ground shook.  Some of them turned to look at the TV and realized it was too late for them to get to safety.  Everyone started to scream and run this way and that but before they could get anywhere a huge mudslide came down from the mountain and pushed through the building and area where the people were.  I saw it in graphic detail from the air.  I saw the mud pushing the people along through this place.  I saw people trying to outrun it but they were caught and some of them were literally rolled up along a fence with the fence on one side and the mud on the other side.  People were drown in it and they were crushed.  Hundreds of people died in the event.

 When the mud stopped sliding I flew down and was walking around above it trying to pull the fence away from some of the people.  I could see rows of heads all together down beside the fence.  I was calling out to see if anyone was still alive that I could help rescue.   I heard a voice and pulled the fence back as far as I could trying to relieve some of the pressure on the bodies so they could breath and perhaps climb out of the mess.  Other people ran to help the victors.  I heard another voice and went on the other side of the fence and looked everywhere trying to figure out where the women’s voice was coming from.  Another man joined me and he pointed at the ground.  There in a mud hole was a women’s head.  She had literally been cut in half and then smashed there with only her head above the ground and even it was covered with mud so she was hard to see.  I became ill at the sight knowing there was nothing we could do to save her.  Our efforts were better spent to help someone who had not been cut in half.  We were having to choose who we were to save who was most likely to live if we could get them out in time.  I turned away and the other man placed a rag over the women’s head and started out to help others who he could.

 I believe this is a viewpoint prophetic dream.  See if you can figure it out and share your findings and thoughts with us.

 Thank you


That Sinking Feeling 1/21/1999

A dream Predicting Illness

 I found myself in a small fishing boat.  It had a small engine on it but this place we were in was inside a room.  There was a paddle in the boat and some other guy just setting there in the front of the boat doing nothing.  I saw my wife across this muddy water that was in the room and I got a paddle, pushed the boat off a dirt like area where it was and made my way across the water.  Almost instantly the boat was about 1/3rd full of water and slowly sinking from there.  I managed to get up beside a dead tree that was sticking up out of the water.  I was trying to hold the boat in one place so I could get out of it when I saw a large black spider on the tree that was about to jump on me.  I whacked at it with the oar but it jumped and I thought it was on my back.  I asked the guy with me to get the spider off before it bit me but he said he couldn’t find it.  Then I saw it in the boat and I whacked at it again and it got on the paddle.  I whacked the paddle in the water but the spider was faster than I was.  The next thing I knew the boat was sinking and I could not get up on the land.  The boat went on end with the front end sticking up out of the water and the back end down in the water.  I was standing chest deep in the water standing on the back seat of the boat.  I was trying to climb out but I couldn’t.  I tried to swim but it was like swimming in air.  It was like the water was there but I couldn’t feel it.  Then I saw my wife kneeling beside the water looking at me and my two girls were there with her.  I called to her to reach out a hand and help me out of the water but she wouldn’t do it.  Then she started talking to some women there in uniform.  She was like a park ranger or something.  Then my wife asked her how much was the fine for littering in this water and the women told her there was a separate fine for each item.  Then she started calling off each item, the boat, the engine the oar the other man and including me and a price for each of us.  I got mad and grabbed the smaller girl that I could reach by the leg and pulled her into the water with me and was betting for my wife to save us but she refused.  Then I grabbed the older girl and pulled her half into the water with me as I was trying to pull myself out.  Still my wife refused to help any of us.  The ranger lady said that it would cost her something like $18 just for me.  I was confused and I pushed the girls back up on the land.  It was just a dirt bank there.  I turned and looked up and down the water and could see carpeted rooms at each end but since I could not feel the bottom of the water and could not swim in it I knew I would never make it to either end like that.  Then suddenly I found myself standing up on the ground with my wife and girls and that was the end of the dream.

 It's a dream warning me that I am about to become sick for awhile.  If we know what a dream is about can we change the outcome ?  I have done it before in some cases but usually cases of dreams predicting illness the person has all ready come in contact with the germ or virus before they have their dream and before they really realize they are ill.

    I have numerous examples of all these types of dreams (and more) and what they are trying to reveal to the dreamer and in some cases of prophetic dreams they are trying to send a message to the human race.  Speaking from 35 years of experience I can say with confidence these dreams are exactly what I say they are, but I challenge the dreamers and visitors to this site to put my methods, theories and concepts to the test. The new DreamLink website will have many different types of dreams all in selected catagories where they belong.  It will also have a dream symbol dictonary directly from the DreamLink Book.  It will take quite some time to complete and this is why I am spending some time now to update this DreamLink site for my visitors and friends.

    There is a DreamLink discussion group that has a mailing list where we talk about dreams frequently.  Countless dreams go through it that are not posted here.  Some of our members are just as accurate at analyzing dreams as I am and sometimes they help me figure out what my own dreams mean.  Some of them have been at it just as long perhaps some even longer.  It is amazing just how similar our understanding for dreams is, and the reason I believe is because we all have faith in God and base our foundations on scriptural references. 

     An important thing to understand is there is a huge difference between having faith in religion and having faith in God.  It was religion that crucified the truth in an effort to blind the people so they could be controlled and it was Jesus who came to set the record straight about the "brood of vipers" who dominated the world of religion.  It is today much as it was then only there are more diverse types of religions today and it is they who Jesus said were the wolves in sheep's clothing.  They come in the name of God to steal your soul away.  I intend to have an entire page about this very subject on the new website when it comes on line.

     Remember, just because people have had visions and dreams of future disasters and have made the mistake of placing incorrect dates on them, doesn't mean what they saw was incorrect.  It just means they should have taken more care in deciding when the event would take place.

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