Dreams of War

Dreams that Speak of War

    Over the years I have had and have received many dreams that speak of secret things concerning government intentions and war.  Some of my friends and I have recently had some dreams concerning the War in Iraq and future events for the world and for our own country.  I will post a few of them here now.  Please understand that many of the things we see in our dreams are symbolic.  If you have read all the other pages in this area of this web site you should understand that size and exaggerated symbols also have meaning but may be misunderstood.  The larger a thing is in a dream the more powerful it may be in reality.  It also has to do with the importance of the symbol in question.  So read the dreams and decide for yourself what they might be trying to tell us.

Huge Guns Hidden in the Woods 12/11/98

Rolling hills, fields and wooded areas set in the daylight.  I was in spirit and floating around here and there when I found the tracks of a huge machine.  I followed them along until I came to a place where the trees were knocked down.  I followed along until I found a huge military machine.  The thing was every bit as large as a house yet able to hide in the trees.  I went closer to see and it was a huge tank like cannon.  I picked up a small rock and tossed it at the left rear of the thing that was hidden in the trees and the rock made a sound as it hit and bounced off.  I did this three times just to be sure the thing was real and not just an illusion.  Then I turned and went another direction until I came upon more of these huge tracks.  Once again I followed them into the trees and found another one of these huge machines with the big gun.  I went on and while going a Humvee passed by in the field where I had started out but did not see me.  I found yet another one of these huge tank like guns hidden in the trees before I came to an opening in the trees where the dream ended.

This is of course a viewpoint information type dream telling me the military is once again hiding their intentions about some military action that is being taken.  I saw 3 very large guns hidden in the trees and the tossing three small rocks at it was testing it to make sure it was true, and it is.  Where and what these guns are about was not clear, take your best guess.


NOTE/Update 12/16/98: The US and UK hit Bagdad again today and the war is still going.

Please notice the dream came to me on the morning of the 11th. 5 Days before the actual event started.  It was a secret and I had no other information coming to me concerning this event.  Only my dreams.  The above message, above the sword separator is my original recording from my journal.

The dream is accurate in its symbolism's.  The big artillery like guns are symbols that mean military and also government.  They mean war.  And they were hidden in the trees which means the thing is a secret.  There is no such tank like weapon that I am aware of since these things were very bit as large as my house.  The kinds of weapons they fired were not clear to me.  I could not see the front of the tank like vehicles, only the left rear part.  They are symbolic and their meaning is now clear.


Subject:         WE'RE AT WAR!!! Nuclear bombs may be next???

   Date:         Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:35:14 EST
   From:        Dee777@aol.com

Hi all:  I was not going to relay this information because I'm trying not to be a fear monger, but now that the President has announced we are bombing Baghdad, I will tell you the visions I had last night.  Actually it was early this morning.

12-16-98 - 3:30:a.m. VISION - I was seeing a silo type construction. It was very tall.  It was as though I could see through the building.  I could see a machine of some kind drilling down through the center of this silo, and when the drill hole was complete, a nuclear bomb was dropped down the hole and it exploded.  After the explosion was over, I could see colored liquid-type jell flowing in the streets in several colors of blue, green, and yellow, and red.

Following the nuclear explosion, I saw three shorter type silo constructions.  They looked more like oil tanker constructions where oil is stored.  Here too, I could see through the constructions and saw drilling going on down through the center of these constructions.  Here too, when the drilling was done, bombs (but not nuclear) were dropped down through the holes and exploded.

When this was all over, I was sitting in a room with some other people. It was a very bare room, with no furniture but the wooden chairs we were sitting on.  The people I was with were men and women of various ages. There were no children in evidence. I made an announcement to them, that since their mates were gone, they and I would have to be a 'family' with each other. It was a very somber meeting with them. There was no joy in becoming a 'family' but one of necessity because there was no one else to be a 'family' with.

End of vision.

I cannot say when or where I was during this event, but obviously, it was not a good thing to experience.



Murderer at Large 12/17/98

Another one of my recent dreams.

 The wind was blowing, it was fairly dark, it was night time and I was flying around an unfamiliar city and I had heard of a murder and went to see what else I could learn about it.  In a short time I had learned that a second murder had been rumored and someone else started following me also wanting to learn more.  I would fly from one place to another but this other person would run and climb.    I was trying to teach him to fly as was but he was slow at learning.

 I flew and he climbed up on a building that looked something like a large house.  We climbed all around on this house because it was the location of the second person and this other man climbed up on a very steep rounded roof and pulled a section of something off the roof and looked into the building.  He said "we are too late, the second murder has all ready been committed and the police are all ready here."  He replaced the section of roof and was climbing down from the steep place as I cautioned him to be very careful as it was very steep and he might fall.  When he arrived where I was standing I showed him just how high up we were on this building.  We must have been at least 50 feet from the ground where we were standing.  The wind was still blowing and I showed him to stretch out his arms to his sides like wings and to hold his hands just so.  I told him that as long as the wind was blowing that we could fly with very little effort.  Then I told him to just jump into the air and he would fly and we took off and flew.  He did not fly very well but he did not fall either.  He followed me along across the lawn of this place down a street.  This place was foreign to me and I did not recognize anyplace in the dream.
 I believe the wind in this case is the news and the news travels on more than just the airwaves.  The news also travels in psychic channels, in dreams and in the spirit.  The news contained in this dream is not personal to me it is world class news and may affect quite a lot of people before it is over.

 The word used in the dream was "MURDER" and there’s something else going on behind the news that we hear on the TV today.  That other something they are not telling us.


Subject:         Re: [shulemna] Has it has begun?

   Date:         Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:33:38 -0500
   From:         "Enoch Shemna" <enoch144@eagle-net.org>

A couple friends of mine had dreams last night or the night before about War starting.  I had a dream last night about the nation coming under attack during the holidays or Christmas.  In my dream everyone was in their homes celebrating and sitting around their TVs and Christmas trees- the TV I saw showed war somewhere- the house I was in looked like the house I lived in as a child for some reason I dream of that house a lot - I was told once it was because I am very comfortable in that surrounding and I can go there in dreams to receive instruction.  Well in the dream as I saw the war going on via the Television my family was watching I went to my parents room and kneeled down in prayer on their bed when suddenly I heard explosions outside- I ran to the window and instead of seeing my old backyard I saw a large and spacious American city being blown apart by fire from the sky-missiles and bombs I presume and black helicopters were hovering around the city as people scattered in the streets - one of the choppers turned toward my window and blasted its firearms in my direction as the window is shattering behind me as I am running away I yell to everyone to leave the house.  I jump up and fly away as everything below is in chaos.

Then today I hear Clinton is bombing Iraq- perhaps we are next?

Watch and Pray....


You may contact the people who have sent these dreams to me if you have questions for them.
Dee has a wonderful website called greatdreams.  You will find a link to her site on my menu page and a link to her dreams of war page below..

I have other war related dreams on this site and quite a lot of them in my files but will post more of these later on here.  If you have had a dream that you believe may be war or future related please send it to me and let me consider its meaning.  I may post it on this site if it is.

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