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The Analysis of Dreams

From the moment human kind drew their first breath, dreams have been our constant companion. In days of old the Prophets of God claimed that the God Jehovah spoke with them in dreams. In Numbers 12:6-12 of the Bible we read were God appeared in a cloud and said that when a prophet was among them that God would make himself known to that prophet in a vision and then continue to speak with that prophet in dreams. 

Throughout the Bible, as well as other manuscripts, the records indicate the spirit of God spoke to people in their dreams. We are informed that there is more than one kind of dream as well as visions and night visions, which, though similar in nature, are different. 

In other texts we read where people were guided by their dreams though not giving credit to any higher power specifically. In some cases people followed their dreams into disaster while others followed their dreams away from disaster. The way we understand, or misunderstand our dreams is the only difference that separates the two groups. 

In the Bible, 1 Kings 22 we read where the king Ahab was told by his own soothsayers that he would be victorious in battle while Micaiah the prophet of Jehovah warned that Ahabís soothsayers and advisors were false prophets and would lead him to his doom. We read here that Micaiah was correct in understanding his message while the prophets who failed in their mission were false prophets. 

My point here is to indicate that some methods of understanding dreams are certainly better than other methods. 

Since dreams affect everyone regardless of their age or religious beliefs my purpose is not to promote religion here. I use these references to show how dreams are in fact a form of communication between us and our higher self and the universal consciousness which touches all things. I will, however, say that if we translate the word "God" to "Lord of Truth and Enlightenment" or "Truth" (as in spirit of truth) for short you will see a distinct improvement over your understanding of dreams as well as your ability to understand what is being said in this text. It was generally understood by the prophets of old that the closer they were to their God the better their understanding was of their dreams. When they strayed from their Godís will the more confusing their dreams became and in some cases they stopped having dreams. Simply put the more you love knowing the truth despite what it tells you the better you will be at understanding your dreams. A certain amount of humility never hurts either because sometimes when we think we know we can put pride before us and then we end up being wrong. 

We know that dreams have a cryptic language, a dark language of symbols and riddles. We also note that Jesus spoke in parables which were almost identical to the language of dreams. Yet Jesus said that he was the way, the truth, and the light and no one comes to the Father except through him. Once again we can translate the spiritual essence of Jesus into three things, Truth, then Light becomes Enlightenment, and these two things are the way by which one may access the "Father" who is spirit. The Father is the primal mainstream, the power of life that flows in and through all things. The Father is the basic foundation for all of creation both seen and unseen. The Father is that spirit we may call the cosmic consciousness. 

I have learned from my own experience that truth and untruths can be found in all places including the world of religion. We should remember that it was the church elders who had Jesus put to death in the first place. If this was taken symbolically as it may be in a dream, we might see a larger picture emerge from this event into a unique message. It was religion that nailed the truth to the cross. Yet it was the truth (Jesus) who came into peopleís homes (their hearts and minds) and ministered to them on a personal level. Just as Jesus taught in peopleís homes and public places despite the protests of the religious leaders. 

In order to move on into the discussion of dreams we shall basically throw organized religion out the window and deal with the subject one on one. Let the spirit of Truth be your closest friend and learn from the examples that will follow.


The Nature of Dreams

Dispelling the mystery and explaining the reasons why some concepts work better than others. 

All dreams are not created equal. There is more than one type of dream, in fact there are several different kinds of dreams not including visions, and night visions that we will describe briefly in this text.

The first kind of dream is the most common.  I call them l Normal Symbolic Dreams.  People generally dream about things they think about the most.  This is why dreams can cover literally any subject area, but usually center about the things that concern the dreamer the most.  This is also why many books about dreams tend to target certain groups rather than a wide, general audience.  If the writer/researcher themselves use their own dreams as the bases for their understanding of the subject of dreams, their view of the subject will usually become limited to the dream symbols found in their own life style, and their understanding of those symbols will be limited likewise. 

(Normal Symbolic Dream symbols will cover a range of symbols and things which the dreamer is most familiar with.  Things like houses, trees, animals, vehicles, airplanes, boats, streams, rivers, pools of water and so forth.  Meanings of these symbols will be influenced by the combinations of these symbols in a person's dream and how the symbols themselves are used in context in the dream.)

So the next time you pick up a book about dreams that indicates that nearly everything you dream about has to do with sex, and you know better, remember, the person who wrote the book may very well have had a job working for the porn industry. Or perhaps they had sexual problems that influenced their own thinking. 

Freud himself was considered the father of modern psychotherapy. Yet in nearly every case he worked, he came to the conclusion his patients either had problems because of their mother mistreating them, or they had sexually repressed traumatic episodes that continued to influence them into their adult life. If you research his life and work I believe you will discover that Freud himself had problems he blamed on his mother as well as a personal difficulty dealing with sexual subjects. Consequently, he diagnosed his patients using concepts based on problems from his own life. 

In another case, I bought a book about dreams that was written by a man who I could name here but perhaps should not. This man attributed almost everything in dreams to have sexual implications. I bought the book because I wanted to learn more about why this author and dream researcher was so caught up with nearly every symbol having sexual connotations. I thought back to my own experiences and remembered how I had learned that people dream about the things they think about the most. People usually dream about their work first and family life second. Sometimes the two collide. The author had symbols ranging from apples to pencils to peaches representing physical sexual symbols and desires. I later discovered the author of the book did in fact work for a popular porn magazine. As a result his conclusions were based on his lust for his work rather than any solid foundation that might apply to a wide range of people. 

I give these examples to show you how some books about dreams may or may not work for you. It just depends on the personal conclusions the author bases his facts upon and how closely their lives relate to your own life. 

Dreams will conform to your religious beliefs. If you are a Christian, your dreams may sometimes have symbols that relate to your own religious beliefs. You may see God or Jesus. Perhaps certain prophets will appear in some of your dreams from time to time. If you are Catholic, your dreams may also include the Mother Mary or some of the Saints from days of old. If you are Hindu, your dreams may not have any Christian symbols, but may show Buddha or other symbols related to the religion. If you have no particular religion, you may have dreams that are based on childhood memories. Your parents may have taken you to church when you were very young and your mind will relate to religious symbols even if you may not currently believe in God. You may also have dreams of aliens who are like gods to you. Images of beings that you can relate to in your own mind. 

Even people who have a religious background will sometimes have dreams about alien beings, UFOís, bright objects flying in the sky, landing, etc. These are more universal symbols and the meaning of dreams with these symbols may have a higher purpose. The symbol of the bright light in the sky is simply saying Ďit is a sign in the heavens." These signs in the heavens are "truths" being spoken of in your dreams. What does that truth mean to you ? You will have to analyze your dreams to find the meaning. 

The best way we learn about our dreams is from examples. You write down your dreams and then learn a few general key symbols. Find the general symbols in your dream and track out from there through past events. Once you are able to record and analyze a dream, then relate the dream with events in your life. You will be able to learn the meaning of many other dream symbols as well as combinations of dream symbols. Once you get good at this, you will actually be able to analyze a prophetic dream of future events and predict the events that will follow with a fair percentage of accuracy. 

The following is an example of a normal personal informative dream. What this means is it is a normal dream, the kind people have most frequently. It is personal to the dreamer and it contains information about the job they are working at.

Key, Light, and Motivation Dream

In this dream the dreamer found himself with a friend at a closed gas station in the middle of the night. There were two cars there, two girls and two other men who were strangers yet friendly. The dreamer and his friend were to ride two large Harley motorcycles the rest of the way home. The dreamer mounted the beautiful motorcycle and found two keyholes, one at each side of the headlight, which was on. There was a key in the left keyhole. These keyholes, however, were not the ignition switch. The dreamer removed the key from the headlight and placed it into the ignition in the left side of the engine to start the engine. EOD 

The meaning of this dream is very simple. The key to the dreamerís motivation is in the light. 

A motorcycle represents a project the dreamer takes personal. Therefore we know the motorcycle represents something the dreamer is involved with currently. It can be a job or project at work or at home the dreamer views as having a personal interest in. 

The lights, headlights, represent things having to do with the truth. If the lights are on, then the symbol of truth and enlightenment are present in the dream subject. It means the dreamer is being guided into this personal project by a spirit of truth. 

The key is simply an answer to a question. It is the answer that makes things work concerning this dream subject. The "key" in the dream can actually be called a key in real life because thatís what it is, a key that represents an answer to a question. "Am I doing the right thing here?" for example, could be the question in this case. 

That key comes from the truth. The headlight represents things having to do with the mind, the way the dreamer thinks. If you were to break this down into very simple terms it simply means the dream is telling the dreamer they are doing the right thing and they are being motivated by the truth. All the dreamer has to do is figure out what the motorcycle actually represents. 

The motorcycle shouldnít be that hard to figure out and match up with something the dreamer is involved with at that time. Find a pet project and the first thing you think of is most likely what the dream is talking about. 

There are other symbols in this dream that could be mentioned but I will save that for the Dream Link book. One last thing I will say about this dream is that "taking the motorcycle home" is symbolic of finishing something. From this we can see the pet project being mentioned by the dream is something that is nearing completion. The dreamer is no doubt anxious to finish the job.


Old Ship Tied To Dock

Another quick example of the same type of dream is.. A dreamer dreamed he was tied to the mast of an old ship that was tied to the dock. He dreamed the captain of the ship was a slave driver and he was going around beating everyone with a long whip. EOD (End of dream) 

In this dream we see the dreamer viewing his job as being something old and having no future since it is tied to the dock and isnít going anywhere. He views his boss as the captain and a slave driver. The ship represents the job itself. The captain represents the boss of the job, the guy in charge. Being whipped is a kind of driving force being applied by the boss to get the people to do their job. In this case we can see the driving force was an abusive kind of force. The beating no doubt was a tongue lashing more than anything else. 

I would like to point out here that anything in a dream that requires a captain such as a ship or airplane usually represents a job-related situation. The size of the ship or airplane will give the dreamer some idea of the size of the business. Naturally the row boat may be a personal symbol while the ship could represent a large factory type job. Airplanes and ships that have military significance denote government subjects.




Dreams like these are very simple to understand and they are the most common kind of dream there is. 

The second kind of dream we will talk about is the personal prophetic dream. These dreams are also very common and deal with events surrounding the dreamer on a personal level. Since prophetic dreams are on a higher level than normal dreams, we may rate them on a scale from basic to high level prophetic dreams. The closer the dream event is to the dreamer and the more they know about the subject the dream is speaking of, the lower the level of the dream. The more distant the dream subject is and the less the dreamer actually knows about these events, the higher the level of the dream. 

For example, if you dreamed you were on a ship and the captain of the ship made you walk the plank, you could fairly well bet you were about to be fired from your job. Remember we are still speaking about personal dreams. We will get into viewpoint dreams shortly. So the more you consciously knew about your boss and his intentions for you, the lower the level of the dream. However if the events struck you completely by surprise without warning, the higher the level of the dream. Certainly it may be possible that you were subconsciously aware of a bad situation at work that may lead to your dismissal and as a result your dream may be speaking of this. On the other hand it is also possible that your dismissal may come completely without warning. In that case it would be a high level personal prophetic dream.

Viewpoint Dreams

Third kind of dream I will mention here I call "viewpoint dreams". A viewpoint dream is one where you can receive information about other people who you may know and who have certain personal implications to you. Like family members, people you may work with and such. But the way you view the dream is as if you were someone else. Sometimes you may float in the air or move about and other people in the dream will not interact with you. In other viewpoint dreams you may appear to have complete control, you may even be lucid in your dream, knowing that you are in a dream. 

One of the wonderful and sometimes frightening things about viewpoint dreams is they can allow you to see into the past, present but relocated like remote viewing, and future. They can allow a person to have real psychic dreams where you may see through the eyes of a murder victim. You may see through the viewpoints of animals or spirits. 

Donít laugh, these are techniques that have been developed and used by certain religions in tribal rituals for years. Certain Indians used this method to go viewpoint with animals such as wolves and birds. The concept was used in the Beast Master movies. The trouble with viewpoints used in this way is they canít always be controlled or their results predicted. The more these people use these methods the better they get at it. Some of them even use drugs to help produce the trance required to enter into this viewpoint state. I am personally against the use of drugs except under the direction of a physician. Still viewpoint dreams will happen frequently all by themselves. Anyone who has ever had a dream has had viewpoint dreams. Some people may have them all the time while others may only have them every so often. 

Viewpoint dreams can also allow the dreamer to do dream "remote viewing" into places far distant or secret where they could never go in real life. Please note the information received however is not fool proof as our understanding of dreams in general is less than perfect. I believe that some people have had viewpoints of alien abductions and wonder if they were the one being abducted. I honestly believe that if they had a viewpoint of the abduction it would be very real to them even though they were not the one being abducted. Another catch to viewpoint remote viewing is that it will sometimes also have certain symbols that will slip in from the dream state. This happens when the mind views something it canít relate to in real life. Something it canít comprehend. Symbols will enter into the viewpoint and sometimes confuse the dreamer. The best way not to be confused is to understand your dreams and how they work. Remember, your dreams can be either friend or foe, it just depends on how you understand what they are trying to tell you. 

The following is a viewpoint dream that I had about a secret underground alien/human base. I had been focused on Area 51 for several days trying to enter a remote viewing dream about that area. On several occasions I did enter areas around there but did not find anything I was looking for. Most of the time as soon as I would pass the fence I would enter an area of fog and be kicked right back out of my dream. The following is a dream that resulted during my efforts to viewpoint Area 51. It is clasified as a high level viewpoint dream.


Brand New Alien/Human Underground Base 04/07/96 NOTE: This is a dream / spirit trip / viewpoint / remote viewing experiment.

I spent most of the night examining a brand new underground base. I saw humans there and I saw one alien being walking though a tunnel. The nature of the alien was that it had splotched skin. It would have been a either a yellow/pinkish gray skin with darker gray or even dark greenish gray splotches on it. It was about human size. I only saw it for about 3 or 4 seconds as I was looking down an unfinished air shaft into the hallway and it passed between two doors in that shaft. While we watched a cammo dude came down the same hallway going the other direction and when he stopped to open the door we thought he was going to look up and see us and that's when we moved away from the open shaft very quickly to keep from being seen there. There is a great deal to this dream so I am just recapping this description of the alien here at the first part and I will try to describe as much as I can about what I saw in the following paragraphs. 

I was walking along down a strange road, in fact it wasn't much like a road at all but more like a rail road track. At first I couldn't really tell, I just knew I was walking along a strange path that couldn't be a road. I looked over in the distance to my left and did see another road and there I saw something bright and shiny and while I was looking at it a strange man who looked more like a bum or someone who had been living in the woods just appeared out of no-where and told me he had thrown two canisters of something off that road. He said he didn't want to get caught with them and said all he wanted to do was get out of there alive and never look back. He said that he thought there might be something in those canisters that might be of interest to me. He said one of them is full and the other one is empty. 

I looked around and not seeing anyone else watching I took off down that road toward the place where the canisters had been tossed. I looked around and the other man had disappeared from sight. I saw a building, a gate and a rather tall fence with barbed wire at the top of it off to my right (would have been behind me as I was walking in the direction of those bright canisters). Something distracted me, someone else showed up and came to talk to me. This man was like a friend of mine or someone having like interests and he reminded me of a friend of mine. He asked me what I was doing and where I was going and I pointed at the canisters in the distance and said we had to recover those canisters as I had been told they may contain information that would help me with my research. I told him the guy said one was full and one was empty and don't get caught with them. So this person followed me along the road and we reached the place where the canisters had been tossed just off the side of the road into some leaves. This place was several feet below the edge of this road and we could not reach them. We saw it appeared they were tied together with a metal band perhaps or even a metal pipe. There was some kind of control knobs on the top of each canister but I did not understand what the knobs were for. These canisters were oval shaped, bright silver colored, perhaps 3 feet long and perhaps a foot and a half thick. I was making these determinations from standing on the road looking down at them. Then we started to find a way to climb down off the road to get the canisters and here came this guy who must have been 7 or 7.5 feet tall and reminded me of Lurch on the Adam's family TV show. 

The big man yelled at us and asked us what we thought we were doing there. We got up looked at him coming toward us and decided this was no place to be so we ran back the way we had come. We ran a good distance and finally when I looked back the big man was no longer in sight. I guess he stopped to see what we were looking at just around the corner. 

Now we had returned to the rail road tracks at the point where the tall wire gate was. Just inside the fence was a building on the right side of the road. I think it was a metal building and I know it was new. Everything there looked new, had fresh dirt turned up around the foundations, some spots had fresh turned up rocks and things like that. Everything behind this point was new, even the road looked like it had not been there very long. 

We checked the gate and saw that it was unlocked and we slipped through and went over and we were looking at the building, seeing no one inside we went inside the building and was starting to look around when we heard someone talking outside. There was two men standing outside who looked similar to that guy I saw who had thrown the two canisters off the edge of the road. These guys didn't act the same however, they acted more like soldiers who were dressed up to look like hillbillies or something. They had what appeared to either be dirt or cammo paint on their faces. As they talked they were joined by a cammo dude who spoke with them and as they talked they looked all around as if they were looking for someone, most likely they were looking for us. Then the two roughly dressed men went up on a hill to the left side of the road and we watched them vanish into the trees. The cammo dude turned around and started right for the building where we were hiding but in the middle of the road he was met by a guy wearing a bright green outfit with yellow stripes on it and a helmet. This outfit this man was wearing was evidently a protective suit of some kind. He had some kind of device in his hands that looked something like a metal detector but I don't think it was, it's just the way he carried it that made me think that. 

Now the camouflaged dude and this other fellow had a short discussion and when they were finished the camouflaged dude went and locked the gate, the other guy started on up that road inside this fenced in area. He was searching the road for something and occasionally turned toward the hill where the other two men had vanished into the woods. We looked around for the camouflaged dude since he had last been observed right by the building we were hiding inside of and we didn't see him, we didn't know where he went but we were sure he was either looking for us or for the guy who had dropped the silver canisters beside the road. 

We knew we had to make a break for it if we were ever going to find out what was being hidden inside this fenced in area so we slipped out of the building and started along the same road where the guy in the helmet outfit was working. We moved up behind him and when he turned and looked up the hill again we ran past him along the edge of a small field and we got ahead of him and moved up into the road while he was distracted and looking up the hill. 

It was evident this road had not been there very long, either that or it had been rebuilt but it also showed heavy use like heavy trucks had moved over it many times and had damaged the road and it had to be repaired perhaps many times during the course of its use. 

We came up to the end of this road and found ourselves standing in front of a huge conveyer machine that was built up on concrete and steel and it stretched out over a hill where it overlooked a field. We climbed down on this thing and was standing under it and looking around and saw this conveyer must have been used to move concrete or some building materials out into this field. We looked down at the field and it had a strange appearance to it. Not like a farmer's plowed field made ready for planting but like something we were not sure of from where we were standing. 

Seeing as it was evident that something of a huge operation had taken place here we went down to the field and we were walking along over it. It was crisscrossed with many tire tracks, the type of tires that have a huge wide tractor type tread on them. The kind of tires that are used on heavy earth moving equipment like heavy loaders or dirt movers. It was evident this entire field had been crisscrossed by heavy machines in an effort to smooth and pack down the dirt over it. At this point it became apparent that something had been hidden in this field and then covered up. 

We walked along the right hand side if this field until we were about 2/3's of the way across the edge of the field and we decided we had better get into the woods before someone saw us so we moved up to the right into the trees and started climbing a hill. I don't know just how far up the hill we had gone when we turned back to the right again and started walking along the side of the hill. I wish I could determine directions in this dream but something tells me we had turned back perhaps to some Northerly direction but I can't really be sure. 

As we walked along this direction we came upon a box looking thing on the side of the hill and we stopped to see what it was. This box looking thing was about 2.5 or 3 feet square. We looked into it and it was a brand new concrete air shaft that still had the concrete forms inside of it and no grate on top of it. The shaft went down about half way and bent over a little bit and went on down to the floor. We could see by the light coming in from the sky but there was a light coming in from below as well. As we looked we saw a door on the right side and an open door on the left side and there was a tunnel that ran through the bottom of this air-shaft. I can't really say how far down it was from where we were, things like size and distance get screwed up sometimes when searching out information using these techniques. You look into a thing like this and the next thing you know you have "zoomed" into it and can't really tell just how deep or long it is. 

Suddenly while looking into this shaft the door on the right opened and a being walked into view. This being was not human, it was an alien being and the nature of the alien was that it had splotched skin. It would have been either a yellow/pinkish gray skin with darker gray or even dark greenish gray splotches on it. It was about human size I would guess and it had a large odd shaped head. We only saw this thing for about 3 or 4 seconds and it was gone down the other side of the tunnel. 

We stayed there looking into this air shaft thinking we might see another one and hoped to get a better look at one of them but while we watched a camouflaged man came down the same hallway going the other direction and when he stopped to open the door we thought he was going to look up and see us and that's when we moved away from the open shaft very quickly to keep from being seen there. 

We walked along the side of the hill until we came to a house and then we saw a gravel road near the house. We continued walking along in the woods thinking someone might see us if we were walking along the road. We came upon another one of those air shafts that went into the hillside but this one had a grate on it and we could not see anything in it. We went on a bit further and came to a small stream that was flowing by and we continued to walk along this path until we saw another short road like a driveway through the woods. We couldn't imagine what that road would be used for going out into the woods from the gravel road so we went a short distance to the right and there we found a rather large metal door that went right into the hillside. We stood there for a few moments observing this metal door and thinking "man there is something under this ground and it covers a huge area and it is evident they don't want anyone snooping around to find it. 

We went on along the creek that ran between the road and the hill where the door was in the hill until I woke up. EOD 

Strange enough but I woke up, thought about what I had seen and realized I was seeing viewpoint of a place which one may describe as a top secret under ground base that housed both aliens and humans inside of it. 

Then I went back to sleep and found myself right back at this same place but I was on the other side and there was a road that ran along that side of this field. I was walking back and forth in a small area that had been cleared out of the brush and had been mowed down perhaps to allow a survey crew to come in and take readings on the construction of this project. This place where I was standing was no longer needed and the grass had grown up almost knee high in the length of time that it had not been used. 

I walked out on this over-look and was looking at the field when I realized I was back in the same place and observing a real location and I thought "I had better get pictures of this place and then get the hell out of here" and so I headed back toward what might have been a car but that's when I woke up again. When I went back to sleep again I saw a very clear image of someone removing something from the back of a truck type vehicle. I only saw their hands. They put a canister on the ground that I would guess was about 2 feet tall, about 10" to a foot wide and had controls on the top of it. EOD 

When I woke up I realized my pictures were in my mind as a result of the dream and these are the records to describe those things which I saw in my dream, or viewpoint spirit trip. 

If this is a brand new under ground base there is a good chance it can still be approached on foot but if that canister is a sound and vibration detection device, once they get them all hooked up it will be impossible to enter the place on foot or otherwise. 

I can't help but to think this place is familiar to me or at least the dream of the place is a dream I have had before but I just can't place it. 

More to come soon. Keep checking in for more information.

    Prophetic Dream, See Prophetic Dream Page for more.

NightHawk explodes into flames, crashes into the lake. 09/02/97

I was standing near a lake in a wooded area.  There was a kind of booth to my left and my best view of the lake was to the right.  I heard a loud sound from above and looked up to see a black triangular jet having a similar shape as the F-117 "Nighthawk" (Stealth Fighter, as it is sometimes called) fly over very fast and turn to the right to vanish behind the trees.  I looked over at the women and said "That looked like a NightHawk, guardian of the night skies."  The women acknowledges my comment but didn't say anything.  She looked up as the jet flew banking to the right and then to the left until it was a black spot in the sky over the lake and once again in view.  I looked up and then at the women and suddenly I heard a strange sound from the jet engines.  A high pitched sound like one of the turbo jet fans had broken and was grinding apart inside the engine.  I looked up to see the black jet in the distance and something strange was taking place.  It was as if the thing was starting to "vanish" from sight.  Like it was not just flying away but was becoming transparent or invisible.  Then suddenly it stopped in mid flight as if it were hovering.  The a burst of light and fire and the Stealth aircraft fell straight into the water of the lake.  The color of the fire was unique.  If you have ever seen the metal magnesium burning, this is the color the fire that I saw.  Parts of the flame were bright white and other parts were yellow and blue but the bright white fire was unique to the color of a magnesium fire.  Many military aircraft have magnesium components as it is light weight and very strong.  When it catches on fire though there is literally no way to put it out.  It can and will burn even under water. 

The moment it hit the water boats came in from every direction toward the impact point.  Some large, some small, some military some private.  Boats of all kinds converged on the impact site.  Fire rose up from the water and boats came in and created a circle around the fire all looking to see what they might see.

Before I analyze this dream using symbolic terms there is one point I would like to make.  The NightHawk in the dream, though shaped like the F-117 (which I have actually seen in flight at Pensacola Beach air-show) had something else at the end of its wings.  Like added vertical stabilizers (which the F-117 does not have) giving it a rather unique silhouette. (please note that it was the vertical stabilizer that fell off of the F-117 in Baltimore that caused it to crash.)

Bodies of water in my dreams are frequently symbolic of information, either flowing or not flowing depending on the subject being spoken of.  I have recorded so many "tracked" examples of water from dreams with physical relationships to information that I couldn't possibly list them all here.  In other cases water can also represent people of the world.   And so the beast having 7 heads and 10 horns came up from the sea (people or people of the world) Rev.  Having possible meanings in hand for this symbol we move on to the next symbols. 

What is this women in the booth, what was the booth ?  It looked something like a news desk actually but it was out of place on the beach near a bunch of trees.  News desk ?  Hummm. 

Stealth aircraft.  In every one of my dreams that I have tracked having military aircraft in them I have seen a solid relationship between the symbol and the government.  In my dream with the F-14 in it that was flying over the ocean and the weapons officer climbed out onto the wing and told the pilot to get them the hell out of there.  I believe it was Navy and the symbol was saying they knew what happened to Flight 800 and they were running away.  Not that all the Navy ran away because Navy rescue did arrive there very quickly but the guilty ones and certain others who knew what happened did hurry to get out of sight.  When I saw the huge military airplane make a forced landing on a long runway, but did crash and burn and people jumped out and ran as fast as they could to get away from it.  I tracked that dream to the lay-offs of the postal workers.  They wasn't military in that case but they were government.  As such military airplanes in my dreams have a solid connection to government business. 

(If Symbolic) Stealth aircraft would be symbolic of something the government is wanting to keep secret. 

The dream is in the daytime and that is also a rare kind of thing for the stealth aircraft because things seen in the daylight are frequently things which become clear to the dreamer.  Meaning the dreamer has some understanding of the dream subject.  I say this because there is a contrast here between the natural flight conditions of the Stealth and daylight operation.  Things in the dark, things in the fog, things in muddy or unclear water are things which are not clearly understood. 

A move to the right then a move to the left are also symbolic especially when it ends in some kind of disaster.  When these symbols are used we see the relationship between the terms right as in correct and left as in error.  Meaning what ever they did at first to keep their secret worked to some degree but they made a mistake (or will or may make a mistake) that will bring down their efforts to keep their secret.  The possibility now exists that what ever this secret is the government is keeping from the people could very well become public news, but when ? 

What did we notice about the airplane just before it exploded ?  It was vanishing.  It was about to become something totally unseen.  This may be like saying it was about to be "closed" or put to rest or taken from public view.  It was almost gone when suddenly the "sound" started that drew our attention toward the object in the sky. 

I had dreams they were going to close the Flight 800 investigation without giving us an explanation as to what caused it.  I'm not saying this dream is talking about the Flight 800 investigation and cover-up but it certainly could be.  If it is then the dream is saying there is a very good chance that some evidence will come to light and be made public that will expose the cover-up and tell the people what really happened. 

If this is the case this is a high level viewpoint prophetic dream which is telling of the possibility of future events.  I say possibility of these events because the dream would not have come if the possibility of truth were not evident.  I didn't really recognize any of the symbols that mean "predestined" and "can't be changed".  So it could happen but at this point only time will tell.  I hope it does happen and I hope the people (we the people) are finally given the truth by our government, by our leaders who should be working in truth to help us rather than working to keep us from knowing the truth as they usually do in sticky cases like this. 

If any of you need some of the web addresses to read what's going on concerning this investigation just ask.  Or you can access the links from my personal web site at 

There is a web page there as of this morning with wanted posters asking everyone for help.  I would like as many of you who can to print out these pages and wanted posters and give them to as many people as you can.  I am doing the same at this end and have been printing off pages most of the morning to be given to my friends and Amateur radio users in this area.  So far it has cost me quite a bit in time and money but if some of them will photo-copy the pages and pass them along, and write letters to our leaders and representatives it will help the cause. 

If you want to write a letter to your state congressmen or representatives you can access the entire list from a link on my personal web site.  The link is in the text of one of the web pages along with one of my letters to the President. 

Comments desired (not just welcomed :-) 



Stealth Update:  September 14, 1997

                Stealth jet crashes during air show near Baltimore  Witness: 'It was absolutely horrible'  September 14, 1997
 Web posted at: 9:27 p.m. EDT (0127 GMT) 

 MIDDLE RIVER, Maryland (CNN) -- An Air Force stealth jet broke apart during an air show and crashed into a suburban Baltimore neighborhood Sunday, setting a house on fire and injuring four people on the ground. 

 The pilot ejected seconds before the jet hit the ground and exploded in a cloud of black smoke. 

 The F-117A stealth fighter-bomber crashed about 3 p.m. into Bowley's Condo Marina on Chesapeake Bay, near the Glenn Martin State Airport. It was making its final passes at the Chesapeake Air Show and was preparing to return to its base when the crash occurred. 

 Baltimore County Fire Capt. Steve Gisriel said a man and three women at the condominium complex sustained only minor injuries and were not taken to the hospital.   Amateur video of accident from the nearby lake 

 Among them was an elderly woman who managed to escape her home seconds after the plane slammed into her garage. 

 The pilot, identified as Capt. Bryan Knight, also was treated at the scene for minor injuries to his back and neck. 

 Gisriel said the fire was contained within an hour. The plane carried approximately 11,000 pounds of fuel, he said. 

 A house, a garage and two motor vehicles were destroyed and another house was damaged, Gisriel said. A three-block area in this suburb east of Baltimore was evacuated to allow military officials to investigate. 

 The F-117A -- known for its radar-evading abilities -- is made of a top-secret material that the Pentagon would like to keep classified. 

 Witness: 'It was absolutely horrible' 

 Eyewitnesses described -- and amateur videotape showed -- pieced falling off the plane as it passed over a runway at the airport. 

 Sharon Schuchardt, who was watching the air show from a boat, witnessed the crash. 

 "The plane was flying over and the tail end just blew off," she told CNN. "At first we thought it was part of the act. All of a sudden, the plane just started going down."

 "It's something nobody in their lifetime would ever want to experience," she said. "It was horrible, absolutely horrible. ... It was huge, a total explosion, and then we just kept hearing popping sounds ... the tires or the gas tank."    Sharon Schuchardt
Witness  "The plane was flying over, and the tail just flew right off..."


 Another witness, Kimberly Chaapel, noticed "part of the wing fell off" before the plane went down and the pilot ejected. 

 "He started rolling head over tail and (the pilot) ejected probably 500 feet before the ground," she said. "He was very, very lucky." 

 She said she drove to the crash scene and found the pilot walking around in her uncle's yard and got him into a lawn chair. "He said he was fine," she said, but was rubbing his neck. 

 Andy Kunkowski said he was watching the show from a small boat near the shoreline and immediately went to the scene of the crash and spoke to the pilot. 

 "He said he was truly sorry about what had happened and said he tried to pull it out," Kunkowski said. "He wanted to land this thing in the water, but couldn't." 

 "He said everything was fine until he started to make an incline, and at that point he realized the rear wasn't doing what it was supposed to," Kunkowski said.   No F-117s lost in the Persian Gulf War 

 The Air Force said the F-117A had taken off from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, and was to return after flying by the air show. 

 The aircraft, assigned to the 7th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Wing at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, was one of two F-117As loaned temporarily at Langley to support air shows along the East Coast, the Air Force said. 

 The boomerang-shaped F-117 Nighthawk, armed with laser-guided bombs, was used in the Gulf War against the most heavily defended Iraqi targets because of its ability to evade radar and radar-guided missiles. 

 Air Force sources told CNN that this is the third major accident this year involving the single-seat F-117A, but the first this year in which a plane was destroyed. 

 The Air Force did lose an F-117A during a night training exercise in New Mexico in spring 1995. The pilot was killed in that accident. 

 Air Force sources said an experimental prototype of the F-117A was lost during testing when the plane was a "classified project." 

 There have been a total of six serious accidents involving F-117As in the 1990s, a serious accident being defined as one that resulted in a loss of life or at least $1 million damage. 

 The F-117A costs about $45 million. The Air Force had 54 in its inventory before Sunday's crash. 

 The Air Force said the plane generally has a good safety record, and in the Persian Gulf War none were lost. 

Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
     Related story:  Stealth fighter's mystique adds to its arsenal - September 13, 1996  Related site:Note: Pages will open in a new browser window  Air Force Link - Official web site of the United States Air Force F-117A Nighthawk 

External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.

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      U.S. ``Stealth'' Fighter Crashes Near Baltimore 

 September 15, 1997 6:29 AM EDT 

 By David Morgan 

 ESSEX, Md. (Reuter) - A U.S. Air Force F-117A stealth fighter broke up and crashed into three houses in suburban Baltimore Sunday after the pilot ejected from the aircraft during an air show, the Defense Department said. 

 Four people on the ground suffered minor injuries after pieces of the plane plunged into the houses, authorities said. The Air Force has launched an investigation. 

 Amateur video showed parts of the plane breaking off as it started to climb after flying level over the airfield outside Baltimore. 

 The plane then tumbled and rolled, trailing smoke and other material, the videotape showed. A sharp explosion marked the pilot's ejection and the plane then tumbled straight to the ground. 

 Local emergency officials said there were no fatalities. 

 ``It occurred during a flyover at an air show,'' Defense Department spokesman Ken Bacon told Reuters. ``The pilot is undergoing emergency treatment.'' 

 Bacon said the black aircraft designed to evade radar detection crashed about 3 p.m. EDT, about a mile southeast of Martin State Airport, which is about 13 miles east of Baltimore. 

 No one was killed in the accident, said Pam Miles of the Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department, which responded to the crash. 

 Capt. Keri Humphrey, an Air Force spokeswoman at the Pentagon, said the pilot of the downed aircraft had parachuted safely and was being taken to Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, D.C., for observation. 

 Four people on the ground -- one man and three women -- sustained minor injuries, said Steve Gisriel, a captain with Baltimore County's fire department. 

 The crash occurred as the plane was performing at the annual Chesapeake Air Show, he said. ``It was doing a fly-by for the crowd and suddenly crashed,'' he said. 

 The aircraft, which was carrying 11,000 pounds of fuel, exploded, destroying a house, a garage and two motor vehicles, and damaging two other homes, Gisriel said. 

 Fire fighters used foam and water to put out the blaze. 

 Authorities ordered the evacuation of a three block area as a hazardous materials team scoured the crash site and searched for fragments of the plane. 

 Up to 50 people were forced from their homes and were being sheltered at a local fire department. 

 Mark Hubbard, battalion chief of the county fire department, said some additional people appeared to be in shock, but no future injury reports were expected. 

 ``We don't expect anything more from what we've seen,'' he said. ``A number of people are in shock. We are counting our blessings that this wasn't worse than it has been. This is a very good event from that aspect.'' 

 Officials could not immediately determine the cause of the crash, which forced the closing of the airport, but witnesses said part of the aircraft's tail fell off during flight. 

 The F-117 was used with devastating effect to drop laser-guided bombs on Iraqi military targets during the 1991 Gulf War. The batwing-shaped aircraft is built of special composite materials that absorb and deflect radar signals. The planes are used to attack at night because they fly slower than the speed of sound. 

 There are currently about 55 of the single-seat F-117 jets, all based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, where the plane that crashed was based. 

 The planes were built by Lockheed Corp before it merged with Martin Marietta Corp. to form Lockheed Martin Corp. They were built as part of a super-secret Air Force ``black'' program; the first one was delivered to the Air Force in 1982 and the last in 1992. 

 At least two of the aircraft have previously crashed during training flights. 

 The little jets are 65 feet long and have a wingspan of 43 feet. They weigh 52,500 pounds without a weapons load. 

 The U.S. military is currently looking to the F-22, a new faster-than-sound stealth fighter, to replace the F-117s after 2000. The F-22, which is being developed by Lockheed Martin, made its first test flight in Georgia this month.


Spirit Guides Update 01/31/98 9:22 AM

 So what about these spirit guides you hear people talking about.  These "spiritual" teachers who tell people all kinds of things.  Things many believe without question because they believe their spirit guide couldnít tell them a lie. 

 Recently I received a message from a person who says her spirit guide was teaching her to understand dreams.  The errors in her text were overwhelming.  How could a spirit guide not know these simple truths about dreams ?  Either that or that spirit guide deliberately lies to her for some reason.

 A little bit of history is required when trying to understand these supernatural things.  For one thing Godís angels donít come to people as "spirit guides."  When they do come to people they come representing the Lord of Truth and Light.  They canít tell a lie, it is as simple as that.

 Therefore if a spirit comes to a person in any form (angelic, alien or spirit guide etc) and tells that person things which can be exposed as lies a person must also know that if that spirit guide had been heaven sent by the Lord of Light they could not tell a lie.  Which put in simple terms means that spirit guide was not sent by God, it came as a representation of the deceiver.

 Where do all these spirits come from ?  The scriptures tell us there was a great battle in the heavens and a third of the stars (beings) fell from the heavens to the earth.  They lost their former glory and their bodies were transformed into repulsive creatures.  Though they had been cast down from the heavens and their forms were changed they never lost their immortality or their understanding of creation.  They also retained some of their supernatural powers and their ability to lie to and confuse people on the earth. 

 Anyone who believes the scriptures contain truth must also be aware that Jesus himself told us to test all the spirits.  If all these spirits we encounter had our best interests at heart what would be the need of testing them ?  The truth is there are spirits out there who will lie to us and Jesus was well aware of that.  He was warning us to read, to study to show our selves approved and also so that we would not fall for every little trick the powers of darkness could throw at us.

 To verify these things God sent me a powerful night vision in which reference was made to a man and his concepts of UFOís, flying saucers and the beings who controlled them.  Then on paper I saw the flaming words "ask them to give you a sign from heaven so that you will know who sent them." The dream telling me to test these spirits and these people, which I did.

 Once again we see the instruction telling to test the spirits, test the people, test the words we hear so that we will know what the truth is.  If that spirit does not come from God then it comes from the powers of darkness and can't be trusted.  If it comes from God though we know it is solid truth.  Don't build the foundations of your faith on untruths people.  Do just as the good book says, test everything. Understand that if a spirit comes and is able to lie about anything then God didn't send it.  All you have to do is catch it in a lie one time and you know God didn't send it to you.

 If people believe in spirit guides, aliens and other things and if the powers of darkness desires to deceive them they will send a spirit that person is most likely to believe in.  They will send a messenger that person will be least likely to test.  If it were not so why did God warn us that the devil himself would appear to people as an angel of Light.  Now the word "light" means "truth" so therefore that angel would come to us in a form that we would trust and be most likely to deceive us. 

 Even the very term Spirit Guide is not a term that God would use with modern day people.  To my knowledge, and in reference to God the term was never found in any scripture.  Yet the world is full of "spirit guides" telling people who will listen without question all kinds of things which are not true.  A certain amount of truth must be in the message, things which the person might question, but other things which are unknown to that person may be so far out of the ball park it never even got up to bat. 

 Ever heard the term "lying dreams" ?  Search the scriptures, I have, you won't find it mentioned there anywhere. (You will find a place where God sent a lying spirit to be in the mouths of the false prophets, but you won't find any place where it makes mention of lying dreams.  If you do please tell me where to find it.)  I have delivered messages to preachers, that message given to me by God in my dreams only to have them tell me that I have had lying dreams.  If these men of the "cloth" have no better understanding for spiritual things then how are they qualified to lead and teach the people ?  They are not qualified but they hold that position.  As such several things were said of them in the Scriptures.  Jesus said "they speak of me with their lips but their hearts are far from me."  And "Some are given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, while others it is hidden from."  It was the foundations upon which the religious leaders of his day had Jesus put to death in the name of God. 

 Lying spirits yes, but lying dreams no.  People misunderstand dreams, they twist them and sometimes the devil/darkness/Nata (names of powers of darkness means unknown or confusion and anything but truth) will confuse a person as to what their dreams are about but the dreams themselves do not lie.  The other thing a person needs to remember is Numbers 12: 6-12 where God standing in front of the tent spoke saying "if a prophet is among you I the Lord make myself known to them in a vision and I speak with them in dreams."

 Now I will explain to you how the twisting (Nata, demon who twists the truth) of these symbols can cover up their own tracks.  I will tell you why I look for certain things in books about dreams to know if the writer knows anything about what they are talking about.  The first thing I check is their understanding of the symbol of the snake. If they say the snake has to do with wisdom or being a healing spirit of the earth the writer is more than a little bit deceived.  From this point on everything they say will have different degrees of error and canít be trusted.

 The snake is anything but wise, it is subtle, it is tricky, it is deceptive and sometimes poisonous but it is not wise.  It is not a healing spirit of the earth even though Paul was bitten by a poison snake and later it was held up on a stick for all to see.  They were not worshiping the snake, they were showing that God had power over the snake/serpent.  He had bound the power of the serpent and had beaten it through the power of Jesus Christ. 

 So when a person believes that the symbol of the snake means wisdom or healing etc.  The more they see the snakes in their dreams the more they believe they are receiving the truth as they understand it.  In fact their dreams are telling them the truth and warning them about the snake or deception in their dreams and in their lives.  The dreams arenít wrong, only their understanding for the meaning of the symbols is wrong.  The more they error the more they see the snakes and warning symbols in their dreams believing them to be a good sign as such they build upon that error and the more they pass that lie on to others like themselves who have a poor understanding of these spiritual symbols.

 I would not have anyone to be deceived but I know that the truth of these things is hidden from very many people.  Once they are "certain" in their own minds they are on the right track they are highly resistant to the truth and the corrections that it would take to put them back on the right path. 

 Now some say that while that might be the correct meaning of the symbol of the snake for me that it might be something else for another person.  To them I say, no, it is not so because the nature of the snake and the nature of God and the battle between them and between human kind and the powers of darkness are what I call "constants".  The meaning never changes because it is a universal symbol.  The nature of the snake is not different in one country than it is in another.  The symbol means "deception" it means that something is going on without the dreamer being aware of it.  It means there is a good chance that person has been tricked into believing something that is not true. On this grounds alone the symbol of the snake can then apply to a deception about any subject you might imagine.

 The owl is another related symbol.  It does not mean wisdom.  It is the symbol of a spirit messenger for the powers of darkness.  Over the years it has also been understood as a death symbol, for good reason, since it has also been seen and recognized as a messenger of death.  All birds in dreams are messengers and messengers carry messages to and from certain points.  They are not "thoughts" as such but they carry messages which can be seen as thoughts or concepts as they move from one point to another.  The owl has also been seen as a message for the "witch" which is also a symbol of the powers of darkness.  It is a creature and spirit of the darkness and darkness also means "in secret."  And what about the dove ?  Yes it is symbolic of an angel messenger of God.  Just as the song says, "..God sends us his love on the wings of a snow white dove." " And the spirit of God decended upon Jesus like a dove."

 I was told in a dream that I would greatly offend a women who I have never met.  I am sorry because I would not wish to offend anyone but I can not stand by and allow people to believe a lie when the truth has been given to me about these things which I have mentioned here.  If a person loves the truth and desires to know it more than anything else they will test everything they hear and they will discover the truth will eventually come to them.  The Lord of Light who is Jesus Christ will give us that truth.  He does not use one set of meanings for the same symbols such as the snake or the owl to one and then another set of meanings for the same symbols to someone else.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and he will not change that fact.  But people are allowed to misunderstand and to believe a lie because that is the freedom of choice which we have on this earth. 

 And so the women asked me "So you believe the symbol of the snake is that of deception but what of these people who believe the snake to be the symbol of wisdom and healing"

And I said to her "I believe these people have been deceived."

The serpent deceived Eve using the same methods, the same message telling her that if she would eat of that fruit that she would become wise like God.  She believed and ate of that fruit and knew she had disobeyed a direct command from her God.  Then she deceived Adam repeating the words that the Serpent had used to deceive her with and Adam believed the lie and took the fruit into him and when he had, he said "women what have you done to me?"  And in this act distance was placed between Adam and Eve and their God and they were forced to leave the garden of Eden and to live out the rest of their lives upon the earth scratching out their existence by the sweat of their brows and the work of their hands, until they died. 

Now as humans we all make mistakes but we can pray for truth and understanding.  We even the Prophets of God see through a glass darkly trying to find the truth.  When we stray let us pray it is not far and that we will hear the voice of our God, our shepherd who will lead us back onto that path of righteousness and truth.  Pray that He will correct our errors and compensate for our mistakes, as He said that he would.  We as humans can be forgiven but the angels will not be forgiven if they error and stray from the path that God has made for them. 

You may believe what you like but the moral to this story is very simple, you can not find life in a lie.  You can find life only in the truth.  As such Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes unto the Father except through me."  There are no exceptions.  You may call God by other names but the facts are Truth and God are one in the same.  You may call upon the name of God or Jesus until you are blue in the face and miss the objective completely but you can't look truth in the face without seeing God looking back.  So when you call upon the name of God in Jesus name be sure your heart and intentions are true.

And I shall stand firm upon this ground until the Lord of Light tells me otherwise.   I will because I have tested it and know it to be true. 

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