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    To many people, dreams are nothing more than night-time entertainment, but to others they appear to hold some special meaning.  Some even claim to have talked with God in their dreams.

    What is it about dreams that has fascinated people throughout the ages ?

    Since Adam and Eve, people have been curious about their dreams, wondering if there is some hidden message inside these night time images that may hold some special meaning for them.

    In the Bible the prophets of old believed that God spoke to them through their dreams. The Bible is filled with references to dreams as a special form of supernatural communications able to speak to people about personal situations or prophetic situations from a few days to many years into the future.

    In Numbers 12:6-12 we read that God himself said "...if a prophet is among you, I the Lord make myself known to Him in a vision, I speak with him in dreams."

    Dreams, the cryptic language of the night, filled with mystery, inviting your questions and defying your answers. Jesus spoke in parables which were also a cryptic language, just like dreams. Some say that if dreams are to be understood then it is the Master of Enlightenment who must make sense of them for us, in our hearts and minds.

    In days of old, groups of men would gather in someone's house to discuss their dreams and what meaning they might have as they tried to gain insight into their future. They would sometimes record their dreams and if a dream appeared to have some special prophetic meaning they would pass that knowledge along to their descendants.

    As a young man, I quickly learned that dreams had special meaning for me and were in fact a form of communication that could give insight into a wide range of subjects, both personal and far distant subjects external to the dreamer. I have been doing research into the subject of dreams now for about 35 years and I have collected some interesting examples for a book I have been working on called "The Dream Link".

    I ran a BBS for years with the Dream Link echoes on line working with people around the world analyzing dreams, making records, and learning more about the subject of dreams. Today I have a group on the internet where we continue our research into the subject of dreams.

    Though the Dream Link book is nearly complete, I am still collecting special dreams.

    Dreams about the Challenger disaster. Dreams that came to people before the disaster took place are called prophetic dreams.

    I will accept and review any prophetic dreams where the dreamer can give the dream and the situation that it predicted.

    If you have had a dream that troubles you and you do not know what it is about you may send it to me and I will see if I can give you the general meaning of the dream so you may find the dream subject.

    Later on I will have more to add to this web site helping the visitors who come here to gain clues as to the meaning of dreams and dream symbols. I will also give examples of these kinds of dreams FYI.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit and do check in again every so often to see what new things have been added.

...The Dream Link.

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