Introduction to the Theatre
Young Actors Guild has four theatre classes for students.
In this class, students will learn basic elements of the theatre
including blocking, stage presence, script reading, basic
movement, imagination, and non-verbal communication.
This class focuses on audition techniques, advanced
blocking, and character development. Movement,
mannerisms, speech patterns, and characterization will be
In this class, students will receive an overview of categories
experienced in speech competitions such as Improvisation,
Reader's Theatre, Words and Music, Debate, Duet Acting,
Extemporaneous Speaking, Poetry, Prose, Dramatic
Interpretation, and Storytelling. Students will then choose a
favorite topic to focus upon. This class will culminate in a
festival to be presented to family and the general public.
Prerequisite: Introduction to the Theatre or entry by audition.
Prerequisite: Introduction to the Theatre or entry by audition.
908 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith, AR 72901, Phone 501-415-4643
Creative Writing
This class will provide students an opportunity to express
their creativity in a written format. Attention will be given to
various literary forms such as poetry, short story, and drama.
Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
When ?
March 19-May 24
June 4-August 9
Two ten-week sessions:
Where ?
Young Actors Guild
908 Garrison Avenue
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Mondays - Introduction to the Theatre
Tuesdays - Acting
Wednesdays - Speech
Thursdays - Creative Writing

4:30-6:30 p.m.
Why ?
Theatre classes can help students develop more self-
confidence, improve theatre skills, and even prepare for a
career in show business. Theatre classes are comparable to
other instruction that students can receive in our community, but
because Young Actors Guild is dedicated to making quality
instruction widely available, our classes are substantially less