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Update 6-13-2003

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It's the Smith Family Home Page.

Yes, it's an old website now, but you might enjoy it.

This is a special site for our special friends and family for the holiday season.  In the past we would publish a family news letter but this year we are publishing this web site with pictures and stories for everyone.  Nearly the entire web site will be created using Microsoft Publisher 97, which you can learn more about in the "What's New" web page.


I hate Junk mail and I'm fighting to save the mail at this domain by adding the ".removethis" at the end of my e-mail address. If you must send me an e-mail be sure to remove that from the end of the address.

This is a picture of us in the Blue Lagoon/Gilligan's Island with, yes, you guessed it, "Flipper".

Jake is his name.  He is 21 years old, weighs 480 pounds and he was the starring dolphin in the latest movie "Flipper" with Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee).

Looks like Kristy has a new boyfriend and Jake is a real movie star.

Laura and Kristy got to swim in the ocean for the first time in the famous Blue Lagoon which is also known as Gilligan's Island.

Be watching for the family video we are making, which will have some video in it of our
Smith Family Vacation at this Island.

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