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This Was the Original Front Page for this Site.  It is no longer used except for the personal and historical information contained here-in.  The active front page is the index.html page which you can access from the HOME button here.  If you are here for the Dream & Vision content of the site use the DreamLink Index Page link from the menu below.

I frequently test the search engines on the Internet to learn how and if they can see my websites.  I was somewhat surprised to discover that one of them actually saw this page which I no longer use.  Still it has some personal information about me that my visitors may be interested in and that's why I have left it on the site.  Because of that I am updating this site to avoid some confusion that may result because of it and to correct the links from this menu below to point you toward the active webpages that you may be searching for while on this website.  I'm in the process of updating the entire site as well as building a brand new DreamLink website that is totally dedicated to the subject of dreams and visions.  It is a massive effort that must be done between other jobs.  This site has received quite a few changes and I hope my visitors find the information useful.

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Historical Information

Hello, my name is Bryon Smith and I officially originated the DreamLink group and site approximately 17 years ago.  It ran on a computerized BBS called the Rainbow BBS.  The first BBS was a Tandy Color Computer that ran off of 4 floppy disk drives.  When I got my first PC I ventured to put the DreamLink on the networks like FidoNet and others.  These dream research message files went to BBS's around the world for about 14 years.  When I moved to the Internet the old BBS was closed down.  I spent countless hours analyzing dreams for people all over the world and while I did gain a great deal of information for my DreamLink book, I discovered it took nearly all of my time to maintain the BBS and answer all the the e-mail I received.  I worked at it day and night.  My wife had become a computer widow.

DreamLink site History

Moving to the Internet approximately 3 years ago I set up a DreamLink website on AOL.  AOL stunk for the most part, the service was bad, it was hard to upload and maintain the pages on AOL so I moved it to a new server here on IPA.  That solved most of my problems but the Internet presented new problems of its own just by the nature of the beast.

When I started the first DreamLink on line just a few short years ago it was the only DreamLink I could find on line.  Now there are dreamlinks everywhere and quite a lot of them have nothing to do with dreams or visions.  Some are businesses and some are XXX rated sites. 

The confusion continues to expand as more and more people log on line and use the same name that I picked for my research and book so long ago. This makes it harder and harder to locate the Original DreamLink here.  I can apologize but there isn't much I can do about it. From one search engine to the next you may find this site or you may not.  I have learned that most people, if they don't find what they are looking for in the first 3 or 4 pages of search results, will give up.  Who wants to search through 1500 hits that have the word "dream" in them just to find what they are looking for?  I wouldn't do it.

So if you managed to find the site then you may be reading this and I for one welcome you to the Original DreamLink.  Bookmark the site so you can find it again.  On an average I change or update something here every other day.  I'm also starting to build a brand new DreamLink site totally dedicated to dreams, visions, OBE's etc.  I will have a link from here to there when it is ready.


DreamLink Subjects

Since the original concept was born the DreamLink BBS and website has dealt with the subjects of Dreams, Visions, UFO's, alien beings, ghosts, life after death, reincarnation,  spirit guide concepts and other paranormal subjects.  If you don't see it posted on this website and it deals with any of these subjects feel free to send me an e-mail and ask your question.  If I have or know the answer I will give it to you and if I don't have the exact answer I will at least try to give you my honest opinion or theory as well as guide you to someone else who may be able to answer your question.

DreamLink Research History

I have been doing research into the subject of dreams, UFO's, and the paranormal since I was a young lad.

If you were to add up my experience in analyzing dreams you would come up with a figure of approximately 40 years.  I'm 47 years old now and that means I was making an effort to understand more about dreams even as a 7 year old child.  Why ?  Because I learned very early on that dreams do come true - at least mine did and I knew that dreams were a very basic form of communications between God and His people. (Numbers 12:6).

The older I became the more interested I became in the subject of dreams and other paranormal subjects. 

The Voice is the Living Word of God (Gosp. John chap.1)

Have you ever heard someone say they heard a crystal clear voice out of the clear blue when no one was there? Joan of Ark heard the voice and said it was God speaking to her.  It happened to me more than once. I can make the same statement that she made about it.  It was God's voice calling me by name speaking directly to me and giving me a message as an individual.

It's not something that happens very often, just enough to let me know the phenomenon was real as well as to deliver certain messages to me and help my ability to understand certain things that might otherwise be confusing to the average individual.  I intend to give more information about these personal experiences on this webiste when I can. 

I know that some of you will say "He's crazy" and some of you will say "I've heard the voice myself" and some will want to know more about it so they can make up their own mind.

I started keeping a log of my dreams and visions, finding the meaning for those symbolic dreams that I had.  It's actually a very long and sometimes complex story but I had a lot of help from He who sends the dreams, as you will see if you fully research the content of this website.

I am not pro-organized religion, but I am Pro-God, because I have learned there is a difference.
On this web site we discuss several interesting and controversial subjects. 

UFO's/Aliens, Paranormal, Dreams, ancient writings, scriptures, pyramids, etc. 

I also work with Mr. Bill Pitts of the New Project Blue Book that is based in Fort Smith, AR. You will find a link in the menu above to that webpage.

Some other Personal Info

I am a professional videographer and I have shot and edited several nationally aired TV shows. I also enjoy writing, science fiction, testing and writing reviews for software and hardware products. I am currently the director of a software testing group on the internet called "Independent Software Consultants" where you will find some of my reviews along with reviews written by other members of the group. Click on the link in the menu to go to that web site. 
DreamLink is © 1985, 1999 Bryon Smith

Family stuff Update

There is a family website tucked away on this website.  It's for friends and family mostly.  I was going to remove the information below since it is old enough but some of you might like to know that we do get around and see things and I do other things than just what is listed above.

1997  We went to Disney World in Florida, then for a ride on the Big Red Boat to see Jake "Flipper" from the movie Flipper with Paul Hogan. Flipper lives on Salt Cay, east of Nassau in the Bahamas. Some of you may know this island as the original Gilligan's Island where the TV show was first filmed. The same island was also used later in the movie The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. Jake is the dolphin who played Flipper in the movie. He had two other "stunt doubles" who worked with him in the movie who also live with him in the Blue Lagoon.

Jake is 21 years old now and weighs about 480 lbs. In the wild this type dolphin only lives about 15 years but in captivity they can live to be 30 and some even 40 years old.

Here is a picture of Jake and us in the Blue Lagoon. 
From there we went to Port Lucaya on the Grand Bahama Island and Laura and I went snorkling on a coral reef. From there we partied most of the night on the Big Red boat and at 5 AM I was up watching the waves out the portal in the dark as we returned to Port Canaveral. From there to NASA and from there we returned to Sanford, FL just North of Orlando. Next morning we went to Universal Studios and had a fantastic time. (More on that later) From there we went to Crystal River to see the Manatee and from there to Pensacola Beach to watch the Blue Angels put on an air show over the ocean. This is the most impressive beach I have ever seen in my life.

Things I Love, My family :-)

Things I like. SCUBA diving, Flying, Model Rockets, Science, Movies, Making things like Ceramics. Videography and Video Editing. Art, painting and drawing. Photography. Magic tricks. Sci-Fi Sightings programs. Touched by an Angel. Star Wars and Star Trek movies. X-Files. Xena. VR-5, Mantis, Millennium and shows along these lines. Computer simulation games that really work and provide the user with real mission builders such as ATF and ATF NATO. I liked AH-64D by Janes and Flash Point, best helicopter game I have ever seen but it does not provide a real mission builder. You fly all the missions about twice and you are done with the game. With ATF and ATF NATO you can fly all their missions and then make your own, fly with a friend via modem or link them direct as I do.

Things I hate, JUNK Mail and JUNK Mailers are at the top of the list along with those people who gather our e-mail addresses and then sell them to the junk mailers. Scam artists are right there with them. All Telephone Solicitors. Phone companies who call you on the phone to offer you a better phone deal (MCI). Door to Door salespersons. Religious organizations who go door to door trying to convert people. Remember it was religion and religious leaders who had Jesus nailed to the cross in the first place. Nothing has changed since that time. Amway and pyramid schemes are no good. Been there, done that. It doesn't work. Even after 5 years, never made one single dime over expenses, but did learn where and how the money was to be made but wasn't worth selling my soul for it. Magazine companies who threaten to take you to court over not paying for a magazine they never did deliver. Software companies who are really just individual programmers who sell BBS programs for Windows 95 systems and they arenít even licensed to sell software. Their programs won't work right and when you ask for help they tell you "our software works just fine" and leave you hanging without help. Software companies who have all kinds of software problems in some of their software packages and then say they don't have problems when even their own vice president in charge of software development has admitted he is aware of the problem. Then you can't get any help from them and you can't get your money back either. (Here that Nova Logic!) (See my ISC web site for more information about software vendors and developers.)

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DreamLink is © 1985, 1999 Bryon Smith